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  Re: Ankylosing Spondylitis
Sun, 27 Jul 14 15:54:57 -0500

07/27/2014: Anna from New York: "HP may also have something to do with heart diseases based on studies done in Spain."

  Re: Help for Depression
Sun, 27 Jul 14 15:48:49 -0500

07/27/2014: Kelly from Cambridge, Ma: "I am so very sorry for your loss, Dave.

My heart broke for you as I read your post. I am all too familiar with the emotions you are experiencing.

You are in my thoughts and prayers."

  Re: Urine Therapy
Sun, 27 Jul 14 15:48:35 -0500

07/27/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada: "Just wishing you success as you are on the right track. When ingesting urine, the body will immediately manufacture the means to counter balance and heal whatever is needed.

I have done it for years and in my case I use it also to heal diabetes. Massaging or using packs with urine is very effective . I am vegan and my urine tastes like a slightly flavoured fruit juice. It balances hormones and is very effective for numerous diseases. There is much research but it is suppressed. In fact, in the middle ages when the gnostics, very spiritual people, were found out doing UT they were beheaded because this practice nurtures strong spirituality cleansing the many energy path ways in the subtle body. As now, power that be do not like free thinking/living citizens. The world is like that.

Namaste, Om"

  Re: Help for Depression
Sun, 27 Jul 14 15:48:07 -0500

07/27/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada: "Hi Timh ---- well said. This is what counts. The Golden Age is not far off and there is enormous effort to deceive souls and keep them focused on media, etc.

These are tests. Practising keeping in the light and doing good works without expectations. That is for this age as well repeating the names of the Lord for protection.

Remember the story of Lot in the bible when they fled the city. She turned back and became petrified. This goes for all the evil effort today. Be in the light and be the light.

Namaste, Om"

  Re: Help for Depression
Sun, 27 Jul 14 15:47:52 -0500

07/27/2014: Lilac from Northern Usa: "Hello Bess, I'm pleased that you found the information on blue light waves and sleep helpful. Thank you for letting me know. Because the blue--and to a lesser extent green--waves are small, they more easily penetrate our eyes and disrupt the melatonin that is crucial to good sleep. People are generally not aware that the energy-saver light bulbs we now use have more of these blue waves than the older-style bulbs ("incandescent"), and thus are not good to be around near bedtime. Even stronger are the blue waves from TV screens, computer screens, cell- phone screens. An amber or red lens will block these waves, either by putting such a lens on the screen or wearing the glasses or goggles for an hour or a few hours before bed. (I got inexpensive red and amber goggles on Amazon.)

One can spend thousands of dollars on supplements, but health still comes down to these basics: good sleep, the right food, and exercise. That is the golden trinity of good health.

Here are a few more things I have found helpful for depression: Vitamin D, either from the sun on one's skin or from taking D3. (Avoid synthetic D2) Vitamn C--as I said before, it is needed by the brain. Eating lots of raw vegetables, alone or in a salad. Raw vegetables rarely fail to give me a boost.

Also, pay special attention to your digestion. A happy gut = a happy head. If you have digestive issues, look into cures, like the low FODMAP diet."

  Re: Proving the Effectiveness of H2O2 for Cancer
Sun, 27 Jul 14 15:37:31 -0500

07/27/2014: Timh from KY: "Kristin: I must note a critical factor when battling Cancer and also in using H2O2; one must first ALKALIZE the body. In severe cases of C I recommend beginning w/ Baking Soda + Epsom Salts hot baths. Without alkalizing one cannot defeat cancer or raise the Oxygen levels necessary to beat cancer.

Lipospheric Vit-C is also one of the top 5 single nutrients effective against cancer. Hemp Oil (CBD) is also in the top 5 as it repairs immune disorders AND directly influences cells defense against DNA mutation."

  Re: Pycnogenol Purchase
Sun, 27 Jul 14 15:18:37 -0500

07/27/2014: Timh from KY: "Diamond: Many online health food stores sell all kinds of antioxidants including Pycn and should be no problem shipping from within the usa.

In severe cases, like one I have, getting enough antioxidant nutrition has been very challenging ---until I discovered Lipospheric or LET nutrition starting w/ Vit-C. Most recently I LET's Grapeseed Extract + Resveratrol w/ profound effect. It seems the Pycnogenol is not as easily available as compared to Grapeseed Extract, and I have no doubt that combined w/ Resveratrol that Grapeseed is in any way inferior to Pycynogenol (or commonly known as Pine Bark Extract).

I mention all this in particular for folks w/ severe cases where they cannot get proper levels of antioxidant nutrition. The LET forms of A.N. are absolutely the best. It may also be noted that digestive disorders can be at fault in unresponsive cases.

Oh, the 2 major www retailers Amazon and Ebay will have listing of hundreds of the items you need and they provide shipping info like tracking numbers where you can view the progress of your package.

Let us know if you have any luck."

  Re: Using Baking Soda
Sun, 27 Jul 14 09:40:15 -0500

07/27/2014: Rosemary from Az, US: "Ed2010 from Canada, thank you for your reply. I was wondering because a similar warning is on the baking soda box (I believe the box says 2 weeks, actually) and there are additional statements on other sites of similar warnings/suggestions. Those websites are not as numerous as ones like this that do not mention pulsing or staying of the baking soda for the same length of time that one was using it. Although, I do recall a posting on here somewhere where Ted recommended 5 days on and 2 days off for a particular ailment. Anyhow, thanks again for your reply."

  Re: Magnesium-Rich Drinking Water
Sun, 27 Jul 14 08:18:47 -0500

07/27/2014: Jony Park from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa: "Can't find carbonated water? Try CO2 from paintball tank, pressurized CO2 directly into pure water. It works well & easy. Need more info? contact jdparkUSA(at)gmail(dot)com."

  Re: Using Baking Soda
Sun, 27 Jul 14 06:49:15 -0500

07/27/2014: Ed2010 from Canada: "There is no reason explained why ascorbic acid and baking soda mixture should not be taken more than 3 weeks.

Moreover, ascorbic acid and baking soda combines to form Sodium Ascorbate which an alkaline form of Vitamin C.

2 C6H8O6 + Na2CO3 = 2 C6H7NaO6 + H2O + CO2

(above is the chemical reaction equation)

You should understand most of these websites have authors who are paid to write. Even if he is a qualified author, still there is no explanation for why a person should not take more 3 weeks.

Good Health"

Re: Castor Oil
Sun, 27 Jul 14 06:38:26 -0500

[YEA]  07/27/2014: Diamond from Mass., US: "Castor Oil is listed and used as a laxative, but it also has many other helpful additional properties listed in this web site. I have such bad inflammation it is flowing out of my ears like a sticky substance, doctors didn't know what it was from, then by luck I came across a web site stating inflammation also flows out of your ears and the very best treatment is Castor Oil. I tried it today and I feel great. Here is the web site, read on & enjoy.

Good Luck, I hope this works for every one, I have found it to help me a great deal as in the past year or two I was having severe headaches. There are many more web sites on this info."

  Re: Pycnogenol Purchase
Sun, 27 Jul 14 06:34:55 -0500

07/27/2014: Diamond from Massachusetts, US: "I would like to find out where I could order Pycnogenol as I have severe inflammation as well as poor blood circulation. I also have a problem having packages delivered to Massachusetts via other countries, quoted via the US government. Thank you for any help offered."

  Re: Help for Depression
Sun, 27 Jul 14 06:32:45 -0500

07/26/2014: Carly from Usa : "Dave,

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. She was a lucky woman to have had such a good and thoughtful husband for so many years. Bless you both."

  Re: Baking Soda for Cold Sores
Sun, 27 Jul 14 06:31:47 -0500

[YEA]  07/26/2014: Suzanne from Fort Wayne, US: "Inez from Kent UK. Inez, I too suffered from cold sores till I started taking baking soda mixed with water in the morning on an empty stomach. I have 1/2 teaspoon baking soda with a cup of water four to five days a week. I have not had one outbreak since I started years ago. there is much written on the subject here on EC. It works, it's cheap and I feel great."

  Re: Proving the Effectiveness of H2O2 for Cancer
Sun, 27 Jul 14 06:30:37 -0500

07/26/2014: Kristin from North Carolina, US: "Get these two books IMMEDIATELY from Amazon. (They sell used books). Dr. Leonard Coldwell, , , , "The Only Answer To Cancer", , , , , and Ty Bollinger, "Cancer - Step Outside The Box". They both explain how to use H2O2 35% Food Grade. Or you can Youtube Kevin Trudeau, "The One Minute Cure"! I have (or had cancer) and am determined to survive. This along with Vit B17, Turmeric, the Graviola plant (or soursop), and many other vitamins, along with minerals from a 70-80% raw/organic diet, excluding completely red meats, processed food, fast food, pesticides, hormone-free, etc! I don't believe in luck but I wish you the best with God's Hand!!"

Re: Urine Therapy
Sun, 27 Jul 14 06:28:25 -0500

07/26/2014: Cindy from Illinois, Usa: "My original comment was July 3 and today is July 26 and even though I keep forgetting and have only massaged my feet with urine 6 times, 1 plantars wart that I've had for years - I don't know, 20 years? - it's about half the size it was.

I rid myself of 3, several months ago with banana peel (Thank you Earth Clinic! ), but they came back plus a new one and I don't ordinarily buy bananas so I just forgot about it for several reasons - with the habit of having them for so long, I just didn't notice, plus I don't often buy bananas, plus I never did figure out how to apply them so that they weren't just a mess - point is, I plum forgot about it.

Anyway, the urine is different. It's not doing what it's doing in the same way the banana peel did. For one thing, since the first massage and application, they haven't hurt when I walk. I could push up and rest on the balls of my feet, where they all are. The callous is still there, though about half the size, but the "root"(?) seems to have died with the very first application. I don't know.

Anyway, it's not "killing" the warts from the outside in, like the banana peel did. I'm pretty sure it simply stopped their life cycle and the good skin is taking over because they're simply going away the same way they came. The small one is nearly gone, leaving no hole or discoloration or anything. It's like a small spot of thick skin, is all.

Something else I noticed is that the skin stays "wet" longer than seems possible, but not anything like "oily" wet. Just wet. Like "water wet". And to top that off, it exfoliates! If you massage it in and then keep massaging - which is easy, because, like I said, it stays wet - in just a couple of minutes you can feel the dead skin under your hands as it begins to shed and ball up. A LOT of dead skin. And I use a pretty rough exfoliating mitt on my feet, in the shower. I couldn't believe it!

So, of course, you KNOW what I did next, which was massage my face with it and the same thing happened!

Anyway, I've used it on my feet and on my face. I still haven't drank any, but I've put a few drops under my tongue, twice. I gagged something terrible, the first time. But not the second. I THOUGHT I was going to, but I didn't. And I ALMOST drank some, but couldn't get past the color of it. LOL

Another thing I want to say is that all of the "instructions" about eating right and all of the other "healthy" stuff they always say, no matter how well something works - don't worry about all of that! My diet is atrocious with many processed foods, I DO eat meat, I AM overweight, I drink coffee by the gallon and I've smoked for over 40 years. If ANYBODY needs the benefits of urine therapy, it's people like me who DON'T live the 'healthy lifestyle"!

Even so, I have no other illnesses or health issues and I seldom get sick so it will be interesting to see what effect I experience when I do begin drinking it. Which I'm still trying to talk myself into. I think I'll get some Perrier and use an empty green bottle so I can't see it...LOL

Oh! I DO still have swelling in my foot, which I broke a few weeks ago, so maybe it will take care of that. I totally forgot. I broke my foot in half and it healed really fast, but that was before I heard of urine therapy, so...must have been something else. I don't know what. About the only healthy stuff I consume is grape juice and cayenne. It was a bad break. I basically folded my foot in half, right at the instep. Flexing it, now, there's just a little stiffness, so maybe the massage HAS helped, I don't know. When I had the cast, I "washed" my feet with coconut oil by sort of massaging it on, lightly, and then toweling it off, which may have helped the healing process.

This is long! I'll report back about the urine therapy...if I can find me some courage, LOL!"

  Re: Turmeric for Gynecomastia
Sun, 27 Jul 14 06:24:41 -0500

07/26/2014: Hamza from London: "Rahul, you should take up to 20 grams of turmeric with a fat such as oil, it absorbs better; or if you can try and buy standardized turmeric capsules and take around 3-5g of the standardized turmeric.

hope this helps"

  Re: Help for Depression
Sun, 27 Jul 14 03:14:04 -0500

07/27/2014: Timh from KY: "Lilac: Thanks for the wonderful literary references. One line in particular that's always stuck on me is "heart for any fate" by Longfellow. More recently the prog rock Yes's "children of light - don't be afraid".

As for the NDE's, I bought & read one of the first publications on the subject authored by Gallop editors back in the late 70's as these reports kept coming in and validation was mounting for empirical after-life legitimacy. Then another from a Christian publisher in the 90's, and recently after loosing my mother, my kitty family, and what little health I had left, began reading all NDE accounts on the web. Some of mom's last words, as she glimpsed into the heavenly realms, were "It's beautiful - so beautiful".

Not to fall victim of liberal or romantic idealism, there is certainly cause for caution & alarm for people who live lawless and corrupt lives. Move on to all the horror stories of Alien abduction, livestock mutilation, and reptilian overlord mind and planet control. I have always been rather conservative and careful in assessing such nonconventional subjects but a long-standing disability has put me in the cross-hairs of what's really going on. It's where living w/ your back against the wall gets truly educational as suspicious after suspicious events are unambiguously validated.

To conclude, it is most imperative to do one's best at living an honest and sincere life, as there are spiritual beings that will absolutely deceive the blind into yet another slave world existence. I think they call it "energy harvesting" where these (trans-dimensional and thousands yrs old) overlords continue sucking the awareness directly from sentient beings consciousness, leaving the subjects not knowing the difference between what is and what is not. What's the Biblical New Testament record from St John "Little children, let no one deceive you".

I don't like making such long post of extraordinary subject but the importance cannot be overstated.

I particularly loved Andy's NDE account were millions of little lights grew closer and stronger until they were felt as wonderful spiritual beings that proclaimed they had known & loved him from all eternity. Then as the folks back on earth were reviving him from drowning an angel told him he was going back home, but Andy declared this place was his home and he didn't want to go back to earth."

  Re: Acetyl L-Carnitine for Anxiety
Sun, 27 Jul 14 02:26:11 -0500

07/27/2014: Timh from KY: " Zander: I think your testimony about the two mentioned nutrients makes a fine illustration of how the modern western life w/ all the stressors and toxins can deplete our nutritional & antioxidant status.

I would recommend broad spectrum nutritional supplementation w/ extra antioxidants. Also, many herbs w/ many benefits for your health. I have been using nutrition (supplements for many yrs and am still learning new stuff and have literally spared my life from severe environmental illness."

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