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 Re: Supplements for High Cholesterol/Triglyceride and High Blood Pressure

Mon, 04 May 15 11:06:44 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (St George Island, Fla.) on 05/03/2015

HI U ELLE, good for you. Suggest you read the new book out .......PEO SOLUTIONS. Fish oil is bad news Charlie, not an opinion, fact. The supplement industry is almost as bad as the Pharmaceutical folks. Before you respond, read the book. This book is just out and should receive the Pulitzer prize for medicine. This revelation is even more better than when the New Zealand doctors said that ulcers were caused by e-coli and were ridiculed for 10 years by their peers.

That is until they received the Pulitzer prize for medicine.

As the book says, medicine is not science, it is an opinion of folks who do the study and they all have a self serving agenda. It's a money thing.


 Re: Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Mon, 04 May 15 11:05:59 -0500
Posted by Hopelessinpa (Pa) on 05/04/2015

It's nice to see some remedies working for some - congrats on those who have overcome infertility.... I wish I could add myself to the list but unfortunately both my tubes have been blocked with bad scar tissue for almost 15 years and 3 fertility specialists have told us there is no way to unblock them.. that wouldn't solve my problem. Anyway, I also have ashermans syndrome so about 3 inches of my uterus is scar tissue. Sorry to be rambling on, just wanted to say congrats to those who have overcome infertility

 Re: BHT for 4th Stage Hepatic Cirrhosis

Mon, 04 May 15 11:04:51 -0500
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/03/2015

Dear Bill, Just so you know: BHT has been proven to occur naturally in at least 4 different forms of phytoplankton and a growing number of other plants.

BHT is the most powerful antioxidant available. BHT does NOT prevent oxidation: It more readily oxidates than say vitamin E by as much as 320 tjmes more readily. This is why BHT is the compound of choice by said phytoplankton and other plants exposed to UV rays.

BHT is the number one choice as a food preservative for that reason. These reactive oxygen species and free radicals that BHT deactivates are extremely destructive to all living cells.

 Re: Container Gardens

Mon, 04 May 15 10:59:35 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (St George Island, Fla.) on 05/03/2015

HI U SWEET PEA GIRL, , , , , , , , you have heard the word... play-like, well I would play-like I knew who Ruth Stout was, but you would see through me PDQ. So, I looked her up and now 'bout half smart.

Sounds like a good method for a small garden and hopefully you have sparked some others to join in to grow veggies for a better health.

What most don't understand is that in our ancestors' lifetime, the men took care of the bulk crops that fed the family and their livestock and the wemmins took care of the small vegetable garden.

Anyways, there seems to be an interest here, so tell us more about this system.


Candida Diet Protocol - Questions for Bill

Mon, 04 May 15 10:58:55 -0500
Posted by Seren (Uk) on 05/03/2015

Hello Bill,

Please can you provide guidance??

I am in the process of trying out your candida protocol.... thank you for all your work and to other contributors too:)

I have seriously impaired digestion/malabsorbtion leaving me underweight, sinus/pnd issues (clear signs of infection), brain fog, depression, inflammatory issues in joints (shoulder cysts and knee pain), etc etc!

Some questions;

1. If I'm already taking digestive enzymes would the proteolytic enzymes (serrapeptase) still help?? On reading up about proteo enz it seems they really do assist inflammatory issues!

2. To push up glutathione levels, What is your opinion as far as doing coffee enemas and castor oil packs, as opposed to the milk thistle, ala and selenium approach? or both?

3. I'm following the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates - no starches / sugars, no dairy, gluten, etc! However she explains non-gluten grains are acceptable! Your thoughts on these - millet, buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa?

4. Day 3 of your protocol and digestion issues are improving slightly.

5. Please clarify the following - you say LI not to be taken on same day as borax, I'm interchanging between them, however, are both not in the system at the same time, even when alternating?

I'm taking - turp daily and only sometimes with castor oil, molybdenum, oil of oregano, alkalising protocol twice, 3000mg vit c, b complex, fish oil, chlorella + cilantro, NO liver support atm??, iodine and borax - it all seems a lot however, I'm interchanging as much as possible!

I actually started your protocol months back but kept cheating with sugar craving that I've now stopped!

Look forward to your reply. I'll keep you posted with progress to ensure it helps you and others!

Regards, Seren

 Re: BHT for 4th Stage Hepatic Cirrhosis

Mon, 04 May 15 10:43:00 -0500
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/03/2015

Dear Ugo from Italy: S. from Sacramento's statement is:

Replied by S
Sacramento, California
03/23/2012Hello everyone, I would like to post my results after a little over a month of BHT 2x a day 350. These results are amazing. I have normal liver function thanks to this forum. Thank you, Oscar!!


Ast 19 (13-39)

Alt 30 (7-52)

Ggt 20 (9-64)

Bilirubin total 0. 2 Low ( 0.3-2.0)

Before I was told in 2006 that I had stage 4 liver damage due to my hepC that my counts were in the millions with this other test done by oncologist.

 Re: BHT for 4th Stage Hepatic Cirrhosis

Mon, 04 May 15 10:42:36 -0500
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/03/2015

Dear Ugo from Italy: S. from Sacramento's statement is:

Replied by S
Sacramento, California
03/23/2012Hello everyone, I would like to post my results after a little over a month of BHT 2x a day 350. These results are amazing. I have normal liver function thanks to this forum. Thank you, Oscar!!


Ast 19 (13-39)

Alt 30 (7-52)

Ggt 20 (9-64)

Bilirubin total 0. 2 Low ( 0.3-2.0)

Before I was told in 2006 that I had stage 4 liver damage due to my hepC that my counts were in the millions with this other test done by oncologist.

 Re: Parasite Treatment Needed For 2 Year Old

Mon, 04 May 15 07:58:16 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/04/2015

Dear Rhondaswar,

Regarding your 2 year old's watery stools and poor appetite, are your certain that the problem is parasites? I am also wondering how long this is going on and if he has seen a doctor about it. Watery stools makes me especially concerned about dehydration. Hopefully I can offer some more helpful things to consider with some more information.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Type 2 Diabetes

Mon, 04 May 15 00:37:38 -0500
Posted by B (San Fernando, Philippines) on 05/04/2015

Hi Kimberly...If you want to reduce your blood sugar safely then you could just take Chanca piedra tea + 1/4 tspn cinnamon (from Ceylon) 4 times a day.

Or just supplementing regular daily doses of vanadium and/or chromium supplements will hugely help people suffering from diabetes type 2.

To also improve your insulin resistance problem, supplement the Iodine Protocol with all companion nutrients. And in case you think all these nutrients in this protocol are trivial or unnecessary, here is evidence concerning the usefulness of some these nutrients wrt diabetes:

Lugol's Iodine or Iodoral

Zinc -- Needed to actually make the insulin hormone. Usually deficient in diabetics.

Magnesium -- Usually deficient in diabetics. Low magnesium = High calcium in the body(dangerous).

Selenium -- Needed to manufacture glutathione which is the body's master anti-oxidant and detoxer.

Niacin or niacinamide (higher dose)

B Vitamins -- Diabetics can have major B Vitamin deficiencies -- especially B12

The Guide to Supplementing Iodine

 Re: Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar for Hypothyroid Condition

Sun, 03 May 15 21:50:08 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/03/2015

Dear Sheryl,

When I am taking Coconut Oil for medical purposes, I take up to 3 Tablespoons a day. But less may work fine for you. You could up it slowly and see what you think.

A total of 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar a day is helpful for many people for a variety of conditions. Others end up taking 2 or 3 Tablespoons a day. Again, you could increase if you like and see what you think.

The calcium build would make me suspect the body needs more magnesium. If so, you could try a Tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses a day, frequent Epsom Salt baths, or Natural Calm. I take about 1.5 teaspoons of that each night. (If you get loose stools, cut back some.)

Yes, getting a biopsy is scary! Let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: What Can Help Impetigo Rash Spreading Rapidly?

Sun, 03 May 15 21:43:36 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/03/2015

Dear Skullryder,

There are lots of different things that people naturally -

Here is a link

We have dealt with Impetigo a couple of times. We have used multiple things to cure it. 1 teaspoon (or four capsules) of turmeric daily, with a glass of water, each time, internally, is very helpful. But as bad as yours is, you may want something topical too. Check out GSE on the link above, it gets lots of positives. I have also used colloidal silver spray and tea tree essential oil in coconut oil, topically. (about 5 drops tea tree per teaspoon coconut oil.)

Epsom Salt baths may help to dry it up.

Stick with it. It can be really stubborn! Hope you find much improvement soon.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: BHT for 4th Stage Hepatic Cirrhosis

Sun, 03 May 15 21:37:17 -0500
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 05/03/2015

Hi Ugo...The BHT therapy that Oscar recommends is not compatible with the therapy that you have devised for yourself. The reason for this is because BHT is a xenobiotic.

Your own therapy, as well as being highly beneficial for the liver, also contains nutrients that will actively remove xenobiotics like BHT. A xenobiotic is a substance or chemical that the human body does not recognize. So nutrients such as ALA will also actively remove BHT from the body, thus neutralizing any beneficial effects of both the BHT and ALA -- not what you want!!

Your own protocol seems to be very loosely based on Dr Burt Berkson's Triple Anti-oxidant Therapy which, from the research, has been highly successful against Hepatitis C, Liver Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer and Cirrhosis.

In a nutshell, Dr Berkson's therapy consists of :

* Oral ALA (300 mgs twice a day with meals)

* Milk Thistle -- 450 mgs twice a day with meals.

* Selenium -- 200 mcgs twice a day with meals.

* Low dose naltrexone -- up to 4.5 mgs taken in the evening with water.

* ALA by IV or injection -- very important.

* B Complex Vitamins -- Taken daily because ALA depletes thiamin, niacin and riboflavin.

* Clean diet

See Dr Berkson's research here, here and here.

The other thing that I must emphasize in your own protocol is that to have a greater measure of success against your cirrhosis and cancer -- you must also take the ALA periodically and regularly by injection or by IV. And since you are a doctor -- this should not really be a problem for you.

So the gist of the above message is -- No, you should not combine your own therapy with BHT. If you decide to take the BHT protocol that Oscar recommends then its best to take it on its own with no other nutrients for best effect.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for Eye Irritation

Sun, 03 May 15 18:29:56 -0500
Posted by Shalita (Jackson) on 05/02/2015

[YEA]  This is from the Bragg's apple cider vinegar book: 1/2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar to 4oz of distilled water. page 71 "Apple Cider Vinegar." I boiled the distilled water, let it cool, add acv, then place in sterilized dropper or eye cup and submerge affected eye. Cleanse 2 to 3 times daily.

Supplements for High Cholesterol/Triglyceride and High Blood Pressure

Sun, 03 May 15 18:27:38 -0500
Posted by Elle (Fresno, Ca) on 05/02/2015

[YEA]  45 yr old female- In January 2015 my numbers were- 128/84 Blood Pressure (BP), 358 triglycerides and 238 cholesterol. Tested three months later in April, my numbers were 108/72 BP, 150 triglycerides and 170 cholesterol. My activity and weight remained the same (180), and I cut out a few servings of red meat and junk food per week. My nutritional supplements were: 1000 mg fish oil 3xday, 500 mg krill oil 1xday, 500 mg garlic pill 1xday, ACV pill 250 mg 1xday, 2000 iu D3 1xday, Now sunflower lecithin 1200 mg 2xday, and 200 mg COQ10 1xday and a multivitamin 1xday.

My doctor could not believe the results! High BP and AS run in my family. I am now at low risk for and heart or stroke issues.

 Re: Removing Seborrheic Keratosis Like a Wart

Sun, 03 May 15 18:24:05 -0500
Posted by Mary (Boston Us) on 05/03/2015

[NAY]  I have tried this and the bumpy skin turns very white and separates so I peel it off but this does not kill the white seeds that start the whole process over again. Any suggestions?

 Re: Eggplant and Vinegar for Skin Cancer

Sun, 03 May 15 18:23:11 -0500
Posted by Chuck (Fresno) on 05/03/2015

I too have what I suspect are melanoma on my back. They differ from the pics I've seen but have the itchiness and burning I've heard about. I stopped using the eggplant/vinegar after the pain was gone and after they started to heal. I still have some newer ones in an area that has several and there is definite pain and so I will continue until the pain is gone and the skin wants to heal. The ones that I treated earlier are gone. Most importantly I should go to a doctor, I haven't, personal reasons but this is our lives we're playing with so if you can go to a doc do.

 Re: BHT for 4th Stage Hepatic Cirrhosis

Sun, 03 May 15 18:22:46 -0500
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/03/2015

Dear Ugo [ Italy ], I have thought about you a lot since I last responded to you. I am concerned that the two doses of 350mg of BHT per day may be too much. Weight and age are important. The less you weigh and the older you are: The more careful you need to be with taking BHT.

Careful monitoring of your liver function tests should provide meaningful answers as too how much BHT you should be taking.

You discussed carefully ramping up your dosage of BHT. I do suggest at whatever dosage of BHT you are taking be leveled out at whatever dose you are taking once your liver function tests start to get worse if they do. Two 350mg of BHT does seem like too much unless you weigh more than 200 pounds.

I weighed about 170 pounds when I successfully treated myself for hepatitis C. I was only using TWO 200mg capsules of BHT at the most. So that is 400mg of BHT per day. I was close to 48 years old at that time. When I started the treatment I was 47 but became 48 in a few months of starting the BHT treatment.

Careful monitoring of your liver function is required for successful treatment for people in advanced stages of liver disease as you are.

Now you are a doctor and I do expect you understand what I am talking about. So again: If at any given dosage of BHT your liver function test results get worse, LOWER THE DOSAGE OF BHT TAKEN.

Look, I am very much hoping for the best for you with this BHT treatment. And careful dosing with those all important liver function tests is the ONLY way to establish what is the correct dosage for YOU.

Now you asked me about the advisability of 7 different compounds. From the feedback available: the selenium, and monolaurin should work fine taken in reasonable dosages. The others I really do not know about.

All I have to work with is the feedback available. NO one has ever done ANY clinical research as to what works with the BHT treatment and that which does not work well with BHT.

On a positive note: There was and is an: "S. from Sacramento" who did have stage 4 liver damage and also seemed to have liver cancer as posted in this forum. S was seeing an ONCOLOGIST [ CANCER DOCTOR ] and had very good results with the BHT treatment.

S. from Sacramento is the closest case history of the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C, I know of as to your situation.

This case history is there in the EARTH CLINIC`s archives SOMEWHERE. I will try and find it and if I do find it post a follow up to this response.

Also Ugo, Please never confuse me as being a Medical Doctor. I am NOT an MD or anything close to being one....Oscar

Riboflavin for Essential Tremors

Sun, 03 May 15 17:21:28 -0500
Posted by Howard (Westminster, Md. Usa) on 05/03/2015

[YEA]  If you suffer from essential tremors, you might consider riboflavin. Riboflavin alone seems to mitigate this condition as I was seemingly going into full blown Parkinsons before I took this and only this. The b-complex was not therapeutic btw. I hope this post helps someone!

 Re: Earth Clinic's New Organic Section

Sun, 03 May 15 17:18:35 -0500
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney Australia) on 05/03/2015

Thank you, can't wait to see it up and running

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