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 Re: Try a Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

Wed, 26 Nov 14 16:35:48 -0500

Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 11/26/2014

Gabby, have you tried sitz baths?

I never, in my wildest imagination, thought that something as simple as soaking in warm water a few times a day would heal hemorrhoids, but somehow, it does!

You can pick up a sitz bath at any pharmacy store for under $15.00. You put it on the toilet (after lifting the lid) then fill it with nice, warm water and sit/soak for 15-20 minutes a few times a day. You can do it as often as you like--the more, the better. You'll find that you want to do it often because the warm water itself is very soothing.

You could also put about 1/4 cup of Witch Hazel in the water for additional benefits, but you'll be pleasantly surprised at how just the warm water soaks alone will help you.

Hope you'll give it a try. Feel better!

 Re: Oregano Oil For Blocked Salivary Glands

Wed, 26 Nov 14 16:29:36 -0500

Posted by Nanowriter (Hotspot, Texas) on 11/26/2014

Lissa, try looking up iodine and parotid stones. Iodine is a classic treatment for these stones, but what amount should be used I don't know, but some research should tell you.

I Have Severe Pain After Tooth Extraction

Wed, 26 Nov 14 16:28:53 -0500
Posted by Smitha (Bangalore) on 11/26/2014

Hi, I got my decayed tooth extracted and the doctor has put stitches and he has given me very strong dose wherein after taking those tablets the pain goes off for a while but comes back again after few minutes.. so could you please suggest me any home remedies which can help my pain go off..which should not also affect the stitches...?

 Re: Questions on Iodine and Grave's Disease

Wed, 26 Nov 14 16:20:01 -0500

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 11/26/2014

Dear Michael,

I am hopeful that the essential oils will help a lot, especially the frankincense you just got.

Castor oil massaged into the area may be helpful. It is good for cysts.

Another option would be to use charcoal poultices over the area, especially overnight.

Herbalist Rachel Weaver, in her book, Backyard Pharmacy, recounts a story that Maria Treben, another herbalist recounts. A woman with a large goiter gargled fresh chickweed tea daily many times a day and over time the goiter was completely gone. But fresh chickweed may not be easy to come by.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Questions on Iodine and Grave's Disease

Wed, 26 Nov 14 15:14:40 -0500

Posted by Michael (Orange County, Ca) on 11/26/2014

Hello All,

I recently posted my Goiter issue and got some instructions regarding using Lugols Iodine and taking Iodine co factors and some vitamins.

I tired the Iodine for several days with about 6 to 8 drops a day and made me uncomfortable, still am taking 2 to 3 drops a day.

I also am applying mix of LemonGrass, Peppermint and clove essential oils diluted with olive oil in a rollerball on the Goiter and another rollerball for the feet. Also just got Sandalwood and Frankincense Essential oils to apply.

I feel The nodules pushing on the throat and this limits my talking to few minutes at a time and after about 20 minutes I feel I have a sore throat with pressure on the windpipe and can't talk comfortably.

Any suggestions and quick remedy to help me to be able to talk with no difficulty? and cure this health issue?

Thank you


mnjalili at hotmail

 Re: Atrial Fibrillation and H. Pylori

Wed, 26 Nov 14 15:13:28 -0500

Posted by Pat (Pa., US) on 11/26/2014

Thank you Hawkmn! I understand what you're saying because I think the same thing but I think Bee is right and there is a little something causing a dependency on it. I will get off it, I'm sure. And believe you in that it probably won't affect my afib to be on or off it. I will just take it when I have an episode, like I do the fleccainide sometimes. I don't believe that there is any drug they have that will keep me from having the afib because they don't know what causes it! Just make the BP companies money giving us useless drugs and telling us that they will help! If they helped maybe I would take them! And to Bee, thanks for the tip that is what I am doing now! Try the BSM, too it really calms things. Just 1 Tbsp. a day! Will keep posting. So happy to find all of this help! Happy holiday!

 Re: I Have Very Painful Neuropathy on My Left Side

Wed, 26 Nov 14 15:11:52 -0500
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/26/2014

Mom of 2, look into the activated charcoal poultices that Mama to Many advocates.

Is Coconut Oil Effective for HIV?

Wed, 26 Nov 14 15:07:49 -0500

Posted by Mike (Lebanon) on 11/26/2014

Good morning, concerned about my health... Being diagnosed hiv positive... I don't wana go to medication! I have heard about coconut oil and I have received from chivaz some bottles... How much shall I take per day and is it effective? Thank you

Lectin Proteins 'BanLec' Combat HIV

Wed, 26 Nov 14 14:56:42 -0500

Posted by Sean (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 11/26/2014

Greetings. I am HIV+ and was diagnosed in 1996. The past 4 months I have been off of my HIV meds and I am healthy. I read a recent article about the effectivness of lectin proteins in blocking HIV from infecting T-Lymphocyte cells. Lectins are found in many foods, but are especially high in grains, legumes, potatoes and bananas. Recent discoveries have found that a lectin in bananas termed "BanLec" was very effective in blocking HIV from infecting T-Cells. The way it works is, lectins attach themselves to carbohydrate or sugar containing molecules or anything that contains a sugar property in your blood. HIV has a glycoprotein shell, or sugar coat and attach's to them as well. When the lectins attach to the virus, they block it's receptors from attaching to and infecting T-Cells. So I have been eating plenty of whole wheat bread, beans, bananas and potatoes and so far I have been quite well. When I eat wheat bread, I first mince an entire bulb of raw garlic and then sprinkle it on the bread after putting some butter spread on it. Raw garlic is also powerful against HIV and has been proven to kill HIV in vitro. There are several HIV/Lectin related studies from medical journals you can read online. A certain pharmaceutical is currently looking into making HIV meds from BanLec. I hope that I have been helpful.

God Bless, Sean. :o)

 Re: Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Wed, 26 Nov 14 11:06:15 -0500

Posted by Kish (Hong Kong) on 11/26/2014

[NAY]  Dear Prioris,

As per your suggestion, I started my mother on Biocel ( Doctor's best brand), it's been a month or more, but no significant relief. Kindly advise if there is anything else she can try? Regards, Kish

Mama's Baking Soda Remedy Cured Canker Sore

Wed, 26 Nov 14 11:05:25 -0500

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 11/25/2014

[YEA]  I had a canker sore in my mouth last night. It was red and inflamed and had a white patch in the middle. But my son had just put a coat of finish on my kitchen floor and I couldn't access any of my herbs, charcoal, etc, since they were in the kitchen. I was looking around my bathroom for something I could try and saw my home made tooth powder. Baking soda!! I put some on the spot three times before bed. Tonight I realized it must have worked. I looked in my mouth and saw no sign of the sore! For the record, my tooth powder also has bentonite clay and peppermint essential oil in it. But I think it was the baking soda.

~Mama to Many~

Is Arginine Contraindicated for Hepatitis C?

Wed, 26 Nov 14 11:04:21 -0500
Posted by Nina (Uxbridge, Ma) on 11/25/2014

Does anybody know for sure if Arginine can be taken when hepatitis c is present? I have read conflicting things. Thank you.

 Re: Help Needed for Cancer Causing Esophageal Stricture

Wed, 26 Nov 14 11:00:29 -0500
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 11/26/2014

Hi Nancy, my heart goes out to you & I pray you have the support you need at this time.

I have been having spasms also and can't swallow, clear mucous build up nowhere to go but out the mouth but muscles won't allow spitting. When this happens I wet my finger & dip it into some epsom salts or magnesium citrate powder & put my finger under my tongue & let the magnesium dissolve sublingually. After 1-2 mins I can spit. I usually repeat and can then swallow. Then take a few mouthfulls of water. when going through these periods I will do the magnesium before the next time I eat. This may be worth a try before you eat.

It would be worth searching selenium including sodium selenite as there are now studies that prove a link between low selenium and this cancer. it is also being used in treatment when chemo fails and getting remission results.

All the best in your journey, God bless.

 Re: Urgent Help for Father Filling with 20 Pounds of Lymph Fluid in 2 Days

Wed, 26 Nov 14 10:59:15 -0500
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/26/2014

J., seeing as your father is on concentrated medical help, I don't know if a plain ol' household solution can help, but here goes anyhow: when anyone around here gets swollen we take a glass of water and a lick of grey sea salt (we have celtic but himalayan or any such sort is good) and get into bed for a bit. After less than 1/2 hour the urge to urinate is strong and that pulls out with it some of the extra water hanging around in the body.

We only do it twice a day for mild swelling, so, if you want, take this info and do as you understand.

 Re: Needs to Decalcify Calcium Deposits on the Neck Vertebrae

Wed, 26 Nov 14 10:57:54 -0500
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/26/2014

Marty: Sodium thiosulfate seems to be promising for removing excess calcium from the body.

 Re: Oregano Oil For Blocked Salivary Glands

Wed, 26 Nov 14 08:22:54 -0500

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 11/26/2014

Which ingredients are you talking about Lissa...suggestions off the remedies section of EC?

Sounds like an infection to me.

 Re: N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, Colloidal Silver for Cataracts

Tue, 25 Nov 14 22:41:44 -0500

Posted by Gb (Ak, US) on 11/25/2014

I just saw this on Amazon

 Re: Oregano Oil For Blocked Salivary Glands

Tue, 25 Nov 14 22:40:07 -0500

Posted by Lissa (Alberta, Canada) on 11/25/2014

Hi, there! I was told by my physician that I have a stone(s) blocking my submandibular salivary glands. It swells up when it eat, is very painful, and not to mention, very cosmetically disturbing. Who wants to go around looking like they have golf balls hanging from their double chin? :P When I came upon this page, I was excited as it seems no other webpage has posted anything really, regarding home remedies that would seem affective. My question is what do I do with the ingredients listed above? Do I ingest them? Let them sit in my mouth? Further clarification would be much appreciated!

 Re: Help Needed for Cancer Causing Esophageal Stricture

Tue, 25 Nov 14 22:30:09 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US) on 11/25/2014

Dear Nancy,

You apologized for your long post...but it was really helpful in getting a picture of what you are going through and dealing with.

I am by no means an expert or experienced in what you are dealing with. But I am someone who cares and likes to study and apply natural treatments. I have read your post a couple of times and the thing that I think of is: activated charcoal. It is very gentle yet amazingly effective. Since you are having such a hard time with getting things down and keeping things down, it might be helpful to do things externally. We have used charcoal externally for years with great success.

If you go to this page, there are several cancer/charcoal stories.

If you decide to try and charcoal drinks, be sure to take them 2 hours away from any supplements or medication. Poultices can be used any time. I like to use them overnight for convenience.

The other thing I have wondered about for you is Essiac Tea. It has Slippery Elm in it, which is very gentle and healing to the digestive tract.

I hope that others here will have some ideas for you and that one or more of them will bring you healing and relief.

~Mama to Many~

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