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Posted by Daisy 6 (Aurora, Co) on 05/23/2012

I have invisible mites, and they get in my hair, face, eyebrows, eyelids, and also on my ankles, and the bottom of my feet are always numb. What would I do to get rid of this problem? Also, would the ACV help to clear away the mites from my scalp and face?

Posted by Ruth
Skaneateles, Ny
I'm surprised you haven't had any responses yet, Daisy! Most of the treatments on this site are very good. Your first line of defense is "dead-sea salt soap" or sulfur soap. Wash all over and leave on for a good 5 minutes before rinsing in your daily shower. A lotion with sulfur or store bought MSM lotion (a form of sulfur) is best for your face. There is a ZZ cream you can get on line which is fantastic for the face, but it is expensive. Ted's borax bath = (20 mule team borax @ Walmart near laundry detergents) (receipe found on this site) is a great bath soak, you can add Epsom Salts or Vinegar to the water too. Tea Tree Oil mixed with 50% mineral oil kills the mites, add a big pinch of sulfur to the mix and its great to battle them. Good luck! We all have been there. It gets better but it takes persistence and perseverence. :)
Posted by Lynne
Wrentham, Ma.
I am so relieved to find this site!! I received a very nasty spider bite last Memorial day weekend/2012 the bites came a few weeks later as mt doc thought I had an allergic reaction to the venom. I have been trying everything to suffocate the twisted little problem-solving back biter!! I have Fibromyalgia & for a very long time now, I wanted to write & recommend beeswax & banana hand cream, I tried it one night & just as one of you mentioned, as the bugger in my arm struggled to break free I felt another react rapidly squirming , so of course I covered my self head to toe, even around my eyes & into my ears, I awoke the next day not only feeling no bites but actually refreshed from my 1st good night sleep since May, I have to put all the other solutions this brilliant group of colaberators has put together but the light is finally in sight at the end of the tunnel, Thank you all so much for being so honest & forth-coming w/your research success as well as failures. I can't tell you I have been looking 6 mths daily 4 hours for an answer & this is the best Christmas gift I have ever received... I will right back w/ my research success & failures to keep the information flowing so we can help the next person who comes along needing a little hope, a little "FINALLY, YES!! "I am not crazy this is really happening to other people & by the grace of God they have all come together to give the cure others couldn't find not even the Pros. Thank you All & Happy New Year to all of you <3

Posted by Teresa (Ridgeland, South Carolina - Sc) on 01/08/2012

Hi We found a puppy in are yard starved and itching really bad. We took it to the vet the vet gave it some meds and sent it home with us. Well in one day I broke out in little bumps everywhere like redbugs almost. I took it back to the dr and they said this was something he has never seen in his 40 years of practice. Sarcoptic mange mites the only reason he knew that it had it because I caught it. Well everthing reads that it don't last long in humans but it seems to be spreading. I cannot afford to go to the dr- is there some kind of home remedy that I can get to clear this up on myself? I am going crazy, cannot sleep it is horrible please will you help me find something to clear it up that I can afford and that I can get today and not have to wait weeks before it comes in the mail. thank you

Posted by Tamara (Venice, Ca) on 12/20/2011

My new 4 month old Persian kitty started itching and is biting and pulling fur and chewing away at his sides and belly. Not his ears. I don't see any fleas at all. On the 15th I put a drop of Advantage on him. Shortly before the itching started, on Dec 9th I brought in a second hand couch that might have had bedbugs or mites, as I began to feel something crawling on me during the night and then finally I have been getting little bites on me three in a row. I had put the couch next to the bed and when I brought it in, the kitten was playing on it while I vacuumed and cleaned it. It looked like a dog had been sleeping on this couch. I have thrown it out and an exterminator is coming tomorrow to inspect, but I do not want him to come in here with bed bugs all over him and give them to me - I might not have them.

Can a doctor look at my bites and tell me what I have? What type of doctor? Also, there have been pigeons nesting on my two balconies for the past two years. There is one baby bird right now. I keep the kitten off the balcony, but a couple times he got out there in the pigeon crap - briefly. I also have a 5 year old Maltese who was recently on steroids for itchy scabby belly before I brought the new kitten "Kozy Mel" home.

Should I get Advantage MULTI? Holistic people say it is deadly, and that antibiotics cause allergies and itching. My kitten has never had antibiotics except tiny drops of flagyl a couple of times when he had diarrhea. Is this bed bugs mites, allergies?? My main question is about not treating my home with chemical bombs. What is the HOLISTIC way to get rid of bed bugs and mites? He is eating Prescription i/d dry and wet and switched his wet food from i/d to Wellness chicken in a can a few weeks ago.

Posted by Indigo
Los Rios, Ca
4 Posts
For your kitten and animal mite problem, get some food-grade diatomaceous earth. This can be used internally and externally on pets and people, and shaken into carpets, etc - completely non-toxic. Do a google search on "food-grade DE" and you'll find a company who sells it over the internet cheaply, and who also give good information for usage (for pets and people) on their website. Farmers have used DE for pest-control for their animals for years - it's actually good for their health, being comprised mostly of the mineral silica, which not only removes pests internally, but builds stronger bones, nails, and hair. Great stuff! The only caveat I know of is to beware the diatomaceous earth that is manufactured for swimming pools, etc (which is crystallized) - you want to make sure you are getting food-grade. Good Luck!
Posted by Rene
Santa Cruz, Ca.
I have been using a wonderful product to get rid of mites, fleas, spiders, flying insects, that is not toxic to animals or people and does not leave oil stains on furniture, walls, or carpets & woodfloors. I love it. It is called Best Yet by Cedarcide. It is cedar oil with something in it that causes it to disappear in about 3 days. Fleas just die upon contact. I have been using it for two years when we had to move to an apartment on the 2nd floor and our 8 year old outdoor cat became an indoor cat with fleas. I do not sell it can be found online. Do a search and you should be able to find it.

Posted by Maaka (Auckland, New Zealand) on 12/15/2011


I am not sure whether a got some sort of tiny mite while in Thailand, or is something else. It first felt like mites between my toes, after a roadside walk in sandals. The skin between the toes became hard, and it felt like little fast moving mites were there, even nipping me at times. Now the crawling sensation has moved to the rest of my body, my back and hair, up my nose they crawl about, and in my ears, everywhere, but do you think I could find any even with a looking glass.. There appeared a hard crystal like pimple, almost like a splinter, and when I finally extracted I noticed thru a looking glass two tiny tiny pin head size white mites movng about in the crater that was left.. I am almost convince they live under the skin, and if you run your finger across your forehead, its feels like a field of little mountains.. It seems like they have a 4 day life cycle or something like that.. They generally come on worst at night as soon as my head hits the pillow.. I have tried everything saltwater to meths yet I can't stop this crawling sensation and after two years its driving me crazy.. I met up with an old flame a wee while back and slept together, and next she is feeling the same...

I once had rats living in my house while I was away, and they had been all over the bedroom room. I cleaned up, but two days later I woke up in bed and it felt like there was a million ants on my face... So whether it was thailand or rats, or mites. I have no idea.. I do remember seeing local thais with pock marked faces, as if they had a mite problem.. Any ideas would be grateful.. Thanks.. An interesting website.. Keep up the good work

Posted by Syracuse
Syracuse, Ny, Usa
MSM Lotion from Health Store (orange bottle is best) used as daily moisturizer helps a lot. It works well on face especially around eyes and eye lids (where these things hide) and around nose. At night if you do not have any other regimen, use liberally on face. Can be used anywhere as a body lotion. This will not cure them all, other treatment will need to be included in your protocol. But it does help, especially good for eyelash mites, always keep lotion on lids, around eyes down to nose, and on eyebrows. Very easy lotion to use. Keeps me sane. (Blue bottle smells not so great, orange bottle smells nice). I understand that MSM itself is 35% sulfur, but 15% MSM lotion calculates to only about 5% sulfur content.

Posted by Kelly (Catawissa, Mo ) on 10/12/2011

Demodex mites- Ted, Why does EVERY doctor-at least 10, tell me demodex mites can NOT attach to people??? It's obvious to me that this is what my dog and I have, no one else in the family. Yet I am immunocompromised. None of them listen. They keep refusing the idea, treat the itching and inflammation and say it's eczema!!! I am getting so frustrated. Is there a particular type Dr.I should see besides a dermatologist? This has been going on 1 1/2 years!!!

Posted by Naomi
San Jose, Costa Rica
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Hi, I am wondering if your diet is different than the rest of your family? I have lived in places where I was the only one NOT bitten by a bug. I had a more Alkaline, whole foods, organic diet. Also, have you already tried eliminating wheat/gluten and dairy and consuming brewer's yeast in your soup or hot cereal or salad dressing daily? You can contact me at msnaomic(at) if you put "MITE solution help" in the subject line. Besos.
Posted by Lou
Tyler, Tx
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Now this is an interesting theory, only I'm the one eating healthy. I get everything. My husband eats all the fried foods, mashed potatoes and not a single veggie and the bugs hate him! Go figure.

Posted by Bette (Williamsburg, Va) on 09/28/2011

I just found out I have high humidity in my house, and am allergic to dust mites, but they are everywhere I assume... Keeping a clean house must not make that big of a difference, so my question is there a product to spray or put on carpet that has been known to kill or reduce dust mites that can be vacummed?

After a hurricane here a few weeks ago, water damage was revealed with mold, and am sure dust mites have gone up due to the high humidity... Allergic to both, and hope I will not have to succumb to the immunotherapy shots, but that seems to be the only alternative I have... Unless I can lessen these things in my environment... Getting mold and water damage repaired but dust mites are another issue... Also, is there a good cleaner that can assure mold is dealth with accordingly for home use after a major clean up?? thanks for any help... I'm new here....

Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
211 Posts
Hi Bette, When you get the mold removed don't forget the underlay. If the underlay has been wet and left damp, mold grows there and will eventually cause health problems. Good luck.
Posted by Bonnie
Ravenna, Ohio
6 Posts
I have allergy indused asthma, ER three times in three months. Went to an allergist the other day, did some allergy testing and came out I was allergic to dust mites. Also told me to check the humidity in my home, so I did, living room was 55, but my bedroom was 60.

Found that dust mites like a moist place, got a dehumidifier for the bedroom, washed sheets etc. Adding eucolyptus oil, then made a diltuted spray and sprayed the carpets, bed, furniture---guess what, slept 7 hours straight for the first time in a year, sinuses more clear no coughing no itching. House smells nice, will continue to do this. I have two dehumidifiers in the basement, but surprised I needed it in the bedroom. Go by one of those gadgets at Walmart, to check the humidity-- only $3.29 find the cause then treat. I also have two large air purifiers which also help.

Posted by Linda (Phoenix, Az ) on 08/31/2011

[YEA]  I want to know how to cure these mites, I bought borax and baking soda and am drinking them both but how long will it take to get rid of these and how do I wash all my bedding etc. I know these are bird mites I got them when visiting my brother who owns lots of exotic birds but they only got on me the only female I will do anything to get rid of them I see white dots everywhere I look. Linda

Posted by Tab (Lexington, Ky) on 08/14/2011

PLEASE HELP! I have treated for lice with only a few days relief. Apparently I must have mites? My head, hairline, around ears, nape of neck, arms and legs itch intermittently. Now I am waking up at night itching. I cannot take much more I feel like I am losing my sanity. Please please please send any info you can!!! Thank you! Tabitha

Posted by Jumpingjackflash
Mckinney, Tx
My children came down with lice. Lice are quick to lay eggs and so even if a treatment kills all the lice today... 10 days later you're back in the same boat. We bought a couple of jars of the cheapest mayonnaise we could find and then pasted that in my kids hair at night, put a shower cap over their heads and that's how they slept. This suffocates them and makes the hair slick so they can't travel around your head. Make sure also to get a nit comb -- specifically used for cleaning the eggs out of your hair and go through your hair after every treatment. Do this until you know their all dead and then wait a few days and do it again.

Bag up your pillows or anything else they can take residence in and put them in the garage for the next two weeks. This was one of the most frustrating experiences so I definitely feel your pain. Hang in there and be methodical and you'll get through it.

Posted by Kelly
Catawissa, Mo
11 Posts
This link is from, but the remedies work for almost all mites. VERY HELPFUL! Also, use Ted's remedy for mange under the pet section for yourself and any animals. Mange are mites! If you want to keep them away, not only take care to follow the directions explicitly for you and your animals but also your home!

When my kids had lice years ago, instead of bagging everything, I washed everything on hot and dried everything in the dryer twice. That will kill them! One thing I haven't seen anyone mention is Bounce fabric sheets kill mites. Remember mange, lice etc... are mites.

Posted by Candace (Ny, Ny Usa) on 04/25/2011

I have birdmites in my house and I'm getting bit!

Posted by Kelly
Catawissa, Mo
11 Posts very helpful site for bird mites and all mite problems for that matter!

Posted by Justin (Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) on 02/05/2011

I have been using ZZ ointment for the last 3 months in an attempt to kill the deomodex mites that I believe are causing my itching, tickling sensation, and weeping/crusting bumps on my face. I went on a mont vacation and my symptoms began to clear up. When I returned to my apartment in South Korea, the symptoms returned. As a result, I believe the mites are living in my linens, clothes, pillows, or furniture. Could you please provide any information on how to elliminate these mites? I do not have a dryer unfortunately, but I have ordered 21 Mule Borax and homepathic borax. Any other suggestions would be greatly apprecitated. Why aren't there any over the counter or prescriptions available for this by the way? Thanks again, Justin

Posted by Anita
Hi Justin,

Are you sure that it's not herpes simplex and stress related rather than in your linens? Your description sounds like cold sores. I used to get them on my cheek and under my nose (not the typical place on the lips). Try adding granulated lechithin (2 TBS) to your daily diet and Lysine (2-3 g/day) when you have a breakout. I do ice when I get a tingling feeling and after the ice melts I dry up the area with h2o2. It's worked for me so far...don't pick! And good luck.

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Posted by Andoy (Boise, Id) on 11/02/2012

Thank you Antonio-- I rubbed my saliva on my itching skin and after 5 minutes no more itching.

Posted by Antonio (Santiago, Reg. Metropolitana, Chile) on 01/16/2010

[YEA]  SALIVA Kill DEMODEX mites and it's structure


I am not a doctor, as Ted's contributions I would also like to help out with my survey and solution for this problem according to my own experience :

a) Uncomprehensible dermatologists does not know about this...and you lose lot of time with wrong diagnosis, problem getting worse, wrong treatments, being contagious,...

b) Skin thickness is a factor on the effectiveness on treatments

c) Stage of evolution of this insect is another factor on the effectiveness of treatments

To start with:

Babies: as they have thin skin, alcohol (ideally on gel to last more over the skin) kill the mites. Apply very small amount three times during one day and they are dead. Apply them to red dot supposed to be a mite attack. Caution: as the skin is so thin any product applied is absorbed so take caution on the amount of surface covered and on the amount and concentration applied, be very conservative on this.

Adults: When the mites are only superficial on a very early stage of development you can use alcohol too to kill them. Important here is to reach the wrinkles.

As you may notice the face skin is usually more thick than the rest of the body so it will be more effective on the rest of the body than the skin.

At an more advanced stage of development of the mite:

It will penetrate more deeply and form some structures so you can not reach them with alcohol and can not reach them with most of the products. So here we have the Ted solutions and I will introduce you another one:

Have you ever wonder why the mite does not develop inside the mouth or why they are destroyed when attack our lips ?

Well it's the SALIVA that degradates them.

So a solution for Demodex attacking our face is to apply Saliva on our face... but there are more strongest saliva than others. If somebody have very good teeth without too much care effort it shall be bacause their saliva is more concentrated ... this is what we need to use. Apply it and let it dry before a new application. If you are accumulating saliva you may keep if on cold at the refrigerate in order it to maintain it's properties. (of course it's a good advice to wash the teeth carefully before accumulating saliva in order to have it the cleanest possible). A good saliva is the best solution it degradates the mites and it's structures, it's safe, no toxic, acts like a miracle...

A product that works similar are the enzymes that are sold concentrated and you dilute in order to apply to your body. As they are composed of about four types of enzimes you have to make shure you are receiving a good balance of them, I mean a well mixed products because not all of them acts nor are they all as effective.

I hope I am helping here, any feedbak will be appreciated

Posted by Ruth
Hobart, Tasmania
7 Posts
Yes, that makes sense to me I've found that as soon as a dab them with saliva from my finger they stop crawling, it's the invisible perpetually hatching eggs that I wish I could dissolve...I hadnt thought to collect saliva holus bolus! I will have a go at regularly cleaning around my ears more consciously with saliva and see. Anything that works! I tried a USA product for a long time that is an insect enzyme source, with relief but like I said gotto get those eggs.
Posted by Antonio
Santiago, Reg. Metropolitana, Chile
2 Posts
Hello Ruth,

Regarding your comment on the USA product you tried. I understand we can not post the name here, but if we are talking on the same I would like to comment that as discussed with them, they have improvement their mixing, so you may want to try another new bottled from them. Talk to them before purchasing.

Posted by Antonio
Santiago, Chile
Hello, Fast solution for clothing mite cleaning:

Just put them into the microwave oven, always with a cup of water (so you prevent a fire! ), this for 1min 30 or 45 seconds.

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Posted by Nikki (Seattle, Washington) on 05/25/2011

[YEA]  I also thought I was infested. Interestyly, I started itching again 2 years to the date of my last 'infestation'.

Last time I was treated with permithium (sp) cream and so was my family. My Dr. thought I had scabies. My family showed no symtoms. This was a 4 month long ordeal of washing, steaming, vacuuming etc.... I probably spent $1000 on cleaning alone.

I went back to the Derm and she did a skin scraping, so that she could take a look under the mycroscope. She said that I do not have scabies, that it must be some sort of alergy. I was going out of my mind, and by the end of summer the rash was gone and we went back to normal.

Fast forward to spring of this year. I really feel the crawling sensation and find it hard to believe that an alergy can feel like a bug and a bite! But, I beleive her. We did a skin scraping again.... And nothing. No bug, feces, legs... nothing.

Something is blooming in my yard that has triggered an allergy. I am starting claritin and a night time antihistimin to get my system to calm down.

The moral here is to get the skin scrapping before self diagnosing and going crazy thinking that you have some sort of parisite.

I love this sight, but wish that the mention of getting a skin scraping FIRST was mentioned somewhere.

Sincerely, Nikki

Posted by Sheila
San Diego, Ca, Usa
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I'd get an IgE blood draw. That will tell you just about everything you're allergic to. There is also the ALCAT. It's pricey and you can pick and choose groups of allergens to test.

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Posted by Misty (West New York, NJ) on 08/02/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  For the past several months I've had unexplained itching sensations on my arms, legs and trunk and it was absolutely driving me crazy. When I looked with the naked eye, I couldn't see anything, but felt ceratin it was some type of mite. I started to apply blue painter's tape to any area that itched and then examined the tape with a magnifying glass and saw minute red specks. The only thing I could find on the internet was that it could possibly be bird mites. We do have a lot of pigeons and sparrows around my building and I have noticed tiny white moving lice-like bugs on the cement sill outside my window. These are the steps I have since taken: 1.vacuuming the whole house a minimum of three times a week, in addition to vacuuming my own body when I just feel itchy all over. 2. Spraying the carpets and upholstery with alcohol and Eucy oil. Bought a hot floor steamer to apply super hot steam to all carpets. 4. bought a hand held steamer for mattress and bedding. 5. Sprayed entire house with a popular residual insecticide that is nontoxic to humans and is orderless . 6.Increased my hot water temp. to 140 degrees for laundry. I'm going to try the vinegar solution tomorrow! Hope some of my ideas help.

EC: Eucy oil is (Australian) slang for eucalpytus oil.

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Posted by Terry (Dallas, Tx) on 12/31/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I mix equal parts of Tea Tree shampoo with 100% strength tea tree oil in a small bottle. Then, I step into the shower, pour about 1/4 ounce into my hand, then work through my hair (very short), massage my face, eye lids, eyebrows, ears and neck. I leave in place for 2 minutes, then turn the water on and rinse off. I repeat this once more, then continue with the shower. I shower like this twice a day, once before work and once before bed.

My blepharitis is clearing up. The skin itching and crawling sensation has stopped. I read that I should continue this for at least 4-6 weeks, then maintenance, to kill and keep the Demodex from returning.

Tea tree oil is very strong, but you get used to it after the first few times. It is worth the hassle to get rid of Demodex.

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