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Mite Infestation Cures

Last Modified on May 22, 2015

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Posted by Elly (Colorado, US) on 12/29/2014

I finally found a combination that works. Get a large spray bottle and fill it 3/4 full of high ph water (soft water well), then fill the rest with Jack Daniels whiskey. Spray your body, your hair and the inside of your clothes. After you shower, get a bar of sulphur and re wet it putting that all over your body and wear it all day. Drop small drops of peppermint oil or wintergreen oil on your scalp but be careful because too much burns. You can use some gelled Skin so Soft in your hair along with that. Then spray Jovan Musk on your body. I tried everything and this is the only thing that worked for me. The whiskey/water, peppermint, muskcombo really kills them.

Posted by Elly (Denver, Co) on 12/14/2014

[YEA]  Here's some things that worked for me to get rid of mites. I got Gene's Soothing Cream and put 2 Yellow Dock Root capsules (open them up and pour out) and put a heaping teaspoon of table salt in it. Put this all over twice a day. Also, a spray bottle with dissolved salt water, yellow dock root, cedar spray and Grower's trust concentrate (an oz of cedar and Grower's trust) really helped. I sprayed it on my clothes as soon as I took them off, then let them sit for 48 hours before washing. I also sprayed my hair with it. I also put table salt in all of my shampoos. You can spray sheets, sleeping bags, pillows and just about anything else. I tried all of the other stuff and found that this combination really kicked butt!

Replied by Maria
Spencer, WV
Where can I purchase yellow root and growers concentrate? Thses things are driving me and the dog crazy, not so much my husband. I'm on a lot if medications for my health and think that's why I have such an issue. So plz help help. I've tried a lot of things so far. Coconut Oil mixed with Tea Tree Oil has helped my itching. Just started it yesterday but need something for laundry and house.
Replied by Mariam
Brooklyn, New York
Maria, I have been battling mites infestation since August 2014. I am committed to sharing to help anyone who is suffering. I have previously posted. I am currently seeing a cure from ingesting fresh garlic, rubbing fresh garlic on itchy areas, drinking ACV, alternatively with a few drops of food grade Hydrogen peroxide. I have read many posts on this...try diatomaceous earth for the dogs and floors, also check out Kleen Wash or dawn detergent. I have only used the diatomaceous earth on myself, it gave some immediate relief when I drank it with wormwood tea. Best wishes, peace and healing, Mariam

Posted by Elly (Denver, Co) on 12/11/2014

I tried a lot of the oils and none of them seemed to knock down these mites. After a couple of weeks of experimenting, this is what worked for me. I took a large spray bottle and put 1/2 water, 1/3 Ben's cedar oil indoor formula, about two teaspoons mint Listerene, two capsules yellow dock root (open them up and dissolve). Shake that up and spray on everything. Treat your clothes as soon as you take them off and leave them sit for two days before washing. Wisk detergent was the best I found. Then I added 20 Mule team borax. If you can hang your clothes outside, do it. Then bring them back in and put them in the dryer on high heat. Then, spray them again with the bottle.

Lint roll your rugs and pets. Spray your mattress, turn your ceiling fan on to dry. Then encase it with a cover. After that, get yourself a nylon sleeping bag and spray that. A sleeping bag in easier to clean every night and you'll stay warm without much cover. The African Pride Olive oil leave in conditioner was awesome. I also sprayed my hair with the spray bottle concoction. Bed head products are awesome to wash your hair with but be careful as they will make your tub really slick. Until you can get some of this stuff, get some mineral oil and garlic oil capsules. Mix about 10 of those in the mineral oil and rub on. If you have kids, get the baby oil gel and mix with the garlic. You can also mix a spray bottle of water and yellow dock extract to spray on their hair and body. Make sure they wear slippers so their socks don't pick them up from the floor. If you have cats, yellow dock root capsules are the only thing that they can tolerate that will kill these beasts. I put on gloves and rubbed it into their fur and ears. It worked quick! Yellow dock extract can be found at most vitamin stores.

Posted by Janet (Ft. Wayne, Indiana) on 11/01/2014

[YEA]  mite infestation: 1/16 to 1/8 teaspoon tannic acid (see below)

in water, internally 3 to 4 times a day. Reduced itch from mite infestation.Make sure to add 3-4 drops mag oil to prevent constipation. I have not slept or been able to function since this started over a year ago. While reading an old post of Ted's 3 nights ago, he said you can spray this to dry up eggs and mites, its not good for spraying due to staining. I started taking internally. The itch has stopped, I am on my third day and am able to sleep longer, think straighter. I am the only person in my household of 5 people that is having problem, along with 2 of our 3 dogs. (I believe due to, I am the only person with metal fillings in teeth.Ted mentioned somewhere metal can create an attraction for mites.)

Other things that work:Ted's borax edta peroxide formula. Diatomaceous earth on grass in yard. ( Dogs kept reinfesting from yard, I just figured this out.)

Most important step in my opinion, keeping ceilings sprayed with borax, edta, peroxide formula. Use garden 1 gallon sprayer. I had gotten rid of this twice in house and on dogs, using his method, just couldn't get yard done well enough. Thats when I realized missing component of DE. MY favorite way to reduce tannic acid for use in dropper rather than as a powder, my recipe(Tony Panteleresco's actually.)3 teaspoons tannic acid powder in about 8 oz. to 12 oz. of white wine or brandy blend 10 minutes in (osterizer blender) on med to high for 10 minutes . Strain into jar thru clean hankerchief, use 10 to 20 drops in 1/2 glass of water with 2-3 drops mag oil. Drink 3-4 times a day.


Replied by Janet
Ft Wayne, In
I would like to add info to my post on tannic acid. I just received a new batch of tannic acid, it seems weaker than my previous order so I am going with blending to color rather than amounts. I mixed my tannic in 1/2 white wine, 1/2 distilled water, then mixed in enough tannic powder till mixture became a brown very simular to an amber glass bottle. Also tried some on skin in a very irratated area, between breasts, it did not stain after 4-5 applications in one day, I am very pale naturally. Also tried this on eyelashes and eyelids to test for those with them in eyes. It dries really fast, so a thin layer a few times, allow to dry on closed eyes, should give enough relief to go about the business of eradicating in house etc.

Posted by Smilepayal19 (California) on 05/15/2014

[YEA]  I have been suffering for a year now, but am finally getting better. I am the only one with this problem in my entire house, and some think I'm crazy because I'm explaining problems cause by "invisible" bugs--and being a teenager doesn't help with that situation either, since adults don't really believe us. I got the problem when we moved into a new house that had dogs, and the problem was only in my room's carpet and I unknowingly spread it to my bed after doing situps. After 11 months of suffering, I finally realized I needed to go online to get rid of these white mites. And I found the cures!!! Here's what I have been doing:

Buy Kleen Green. This is 75 dollars from amazon but is concentrated and lasts a very long time because you have to mix it with water in a spray bottle. It comes with instructions as well. Spray everything with this, even your body! It is chemical free and has not hurt my teenage skin at all! Take a hot 30 min bath with 4 ounces of it and soak your entire scalp too. Stay in for 30 min. You can also spray this on body and scalp at any time of the day and not have to wash your hair after. It is just made of enzymes and smells like kid bubble soap. Spray everything, even carpet, and wipe or vacuum. Do this for your car too if needed. I have read that a substitute for this is the BLUE dawn soap, and am gonna try that too for my scalp, since that is the last site of problem for me. Also, wear clothes once and use towels only once or twice. IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP AGAIN: Put all bedding in dryer for 30 min, even PILLOWS. Do this ENTIRE cleaning process for at least three weeks in order to break their life cycle.

Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda all mixed in water every other or every day to cleanse your insides.

I had felt very alone and scared through this fight, I even had slight thoughts of suicide sometimes. But I always tried to stay positive in order to maintain my happiness and higher than a 4.0 GPA. And now I can see an even greater future for myself! Now I don't have to worry about spreading this to my possible future college dorm either. Just have persistence and perseverance, even if people think you're crazy. If you stay positive, and do this process CORRECTLY AND THOROUGHLY, then you will get your life back. I promise. <3

Please talk to me! I will comment back and we can help each other! You are not alone!

Stay happy and positive,
A friend :)

Replied by Laura
Las Vegas, NV
Hi smilepayal19, I was so glad to see your post maybe you can help me. I have had mites for seven months and can't get rid of them. I think I got them from a stray cat that I rescued who happened to pick up bird mites somewhere. These things are on me all the time and biting me. I had to quit my job and leave my home. I have to go from one hotel to another because the bugs on me swarm so badly, I can't stay in one place. I have considered suicide myself, but I am hoping and praying somehow I will beat this terrible thing.

The bugs I have are invisible, they seem to live on me all the time. In my bed I see small black specs and black tiny hairs and sometimes even webs. Were your bugs like that? How long after starting using the Kleen Green and other treatments did the mites go away? Are they still gone? I hope you are doing well. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated, I am very depressed and I am running out of money and can't go from hotel to hotel forever, I want my life back. I am now living in a low humidity area, I swim in a chlorinated pool every day and I have changed my diet and cut out sugar, but I still have the bugs. I have tried many creams and oils on my skin. It kills the bugs, but more come, it never ends. I even have taken several doses of ivermectin, but that no longer works either. I am hoping you will answer this post, I really need to talk to someone who has been through the same experience. Thank you for reaching out to others, God bless you.

Replied by Coy
Toledo, Ohio
Need help, don't have any monry to buy. Anything but vinegar. On fixed income it's taking every penny I have.
Replied by Rebel
Somewhere Usa
Go under ailments on here and just start searching and reading. You may find a friend that has some supplies. I have often bought things little bit by little bit and never seem to use it all and leaves me with extra stuff in a time of need.

If it is truly a mite, you may be able to cover the area with some finger nail polish and smother the mite.

Replied by Terri
Ny, US
My friend has been dealing with this for over a year now. Literally, everyone thinks she's crazy!
Replied by Rick
Birmingham, Alabama
I was beginng to think I was alone in my suffering. It's been a year and no relief.
Replied by Suzy
Guadalupe Ca
I know how that feels. I had relief for a little over a year but I had a family member's son stay at my house and unknowingly was infested with scabies. Now im miserable and no one understands
Replied by Martha
To Smilepayal19. I'm a grandma and I'm very proud of you. I've been dealing with these things for about a month now and its driving me crazy. your advice sounds like the most logical. My biggest problem is I only have a shower, not a tub. Also, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm glad you're the only one with them. Hopefully, that means they are not scabies, but the ones that start with d, which I think mine are, as well. Thanks.

Posted by Mertle (Indianapolis, In) on 04/22/2014

For skin mites, skin parasites

Three things: buy MMS online, use 20 activated drops per 32 oz spray bottle plus water, add more, with caution, if ineffective... Spray house/contents, carpet and bed/bedding daily... Spray washed/dried clothing and dry again; test fabric to make sure it isn't leaving spots! Spray chairs before/after sitting on them, toilet too... At home and esp in publuc; nvr sit on public toilet... Hover over it.

Second, fumigate your body with one cup sulfur powder mixed into bath with a cup of sea salt; buy sulfur on ebay; powder body with it, too, and mix into most natural lotion u can buy and put on trouble spots... Might need bandaids for some; can use tea tree oil, rosemary, citrinella and camphor drops in bath and on body; above all, do NOT give up!!! We are in a battle and we will win by God's power. Your life is not over, it's just a hard trial... A temp handicap... Get inspired by people in wheelchairs etc. Eat natural healthy foods! What Would Jesus Eat by Don Colbert is affordable and healthy. God bless us and heal us by His great holt grace and love and power!!! In Jesus' Name amen!

Posted by Buggedout (Texas) on 03/19/2014

[YEA]  Horrible Biting Mites

About 2 years of my life was wasted and spent on getting rid of these horrible bugs. Doctors didn't believe me. I literally became a hermit and hardly went out as I was afraid I'd infect someone. At night I could feel bugs crawling inside my ears, nose, in my eyes, genitals, butt, and on all over my skin. During the day I could feel pinprick bites. Sometimes I'd see a white fly going through the air (other people have described the same thing), whilst inside my home or inside my car and yes they do communicate with each other these bugs. What worked for me and finally cured me, I found here on your website. This site is a true god send, and all of you I sincerely appreciate your help. What worked for me, was bathing in peppermint soap everyday, putting almond oil in my hair and scalp and leaving on a long time. I would also put an equal mixture of clove oil and almond oil on my hair and skin and left it on awhile. I also started drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz glass of water at night. Also, eating garlic regularly.. lightly sauteed and sometimes a raw piece. My mattress was replaced, I discarded most of my clothes, my car, and living like a hermit for almost 2 years. DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT! I don't have a husband and kids so I fought this battle alone for a long time and was afraid. If you don't get rid of the bugs from your clothing and environment you will battle the bugs indefinitely. Treat your environment and yourself then you can be on your way to a cure. Goodluck!

Replied by Dibs
Lancaster, PA
I am so confused as to the treatments...seemed this began with fleas, lice, then mites. I live with my dog and mom. It has been a year since we have had had our clothes in bags, once a week of vacuuming went to every day or every other. We just reinfect ourselves. I think it is mostly from the car. Do you have any suggestions on that? I've seen a lot written on clove oil but I think I tried it once it it was extremely burning. Any suggestions about the car and cleaning of the house would be greatly appreciated***
Replied by Carah
Fresno, CA
Hi, I would use turpentine. You can google for more information "Walter Last." He has an excellent website with excellent information on that topic. As for the car, I would sell it. To eradicate them out of every nook and cranny in your car...Especially if they are deep within the fabric of the seats and the carpet on the floor would be near impossible. Turpentine is instant death for the mites and you can even take internally in small doses. It has a long history of uses. Good luck!
Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Dibs,

You are right...that the infestation is likely coming from the car.

I use a product from the oil of the cedar tree. There are numerous companies. This one has a product that has worked for me again and again.... ...the main product being what they call "best yet" and I even spray on myself when I work in the yard during the summer. It helps as a temporary mosquito repellant.

Replied by Brenda
East Texas
To rid them from my car, I try to vacuum it thoroughly once a week. I spray with either Windex, 91% alcohol, or Lysol every time I get out of my car when I return home and I try to spray it about 15 minutes before I get in it. I spray under the seat, on the floors, under and on top of the dash, doors steering wheels, ceilings. Borax will probably work, but it clogs my sprayers so that they become unusable. Using a towel soaked in Borax should work. Be sure to try to spray in all crevices of the car like where the back of the seat meets the seat bottom. Your car can reinfect you if you do not treat it daily.

Posted by Guyb (Reading, Uk) on 11/25/2013

[YEA]  Try the following, nothing else worked in my experience, but this worked:

1) 100% tea tree oil
2) 100% alcohol Buy large quantities. Mix the two; apply to every itch. Apply to eyebrows and eyelashes, but be especially careful using alcohol near your eyes!
3) Neem oil. Add some to bath ; it will bring them out of the hair follicles. Don't bathe before bed, because all the young ones will come out and start to itch, so you need a couple of hours to treat them. Adding nice smelling essential oils will help neutralise the bad odour of the neem oil . Submerge head fully.
4) Bleach Add a few capfuls to bath for immediate relief, but not to be used more than once every few days. Wash your clothes and bedding every day.

If you're reading this, you're probably going through hell. I feel for you. Doctors probably won't help, so don't waste your time. It took me months to work this out, but trust me, this should help you get your life back. Good luck :)

Replied by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca
Thanks for sharing Guyb. In wanting to help others, I've found that Demodex mites manifests differently in everyone, and that - most likely - there are many different species. Can you please share what your symptoms / manifestations were before you treated? How did you discover that it was indeed a mite infestation (demodex)? Many Thanks.
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Meeya!

Some info on demodex since you are info gathering!

Demodex mites are species adapted, which means while there are many species of demodex mites, the ones found on dogs only live on dogs and the ones found on cats only live on cats, etc. There are two species found on humans - D. folliculorum and D. brevis. The species is not zoonotic - you can't catch demodex from your dog, however there is one documented instance where a boy and his dog both had the same species of demodex - folliculorum; in that case it appeared the child gave the demodex to his dog.

Replied by Meeya
Sunnyvale. Ca
Thank you, Theresa! Wondering also how one knows for sure that it's the mites that are causing their symptoms - other than looking under a microscope?

What are the typical symptoms of an infestation? Would love to hear others experiences.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Meeya!

My experience with demodicosis is with dogs - not people. I have tried unsucessfully to verify the stories I read on the internet where people say they 'caught' demodex from their dogs. There are many stories but only 1 verified incident of a zoonotic transmission, and in that case it would appear the dog caught it from a child. [Note: in the plentiful stories on the internet the cases are not verified, the species not identified, so you cannot say for certain that the species that infected a particular dog infected the person who handled the dog who also broke with demodex.]

The only 'sure fire' way to diagnose demodicosis is by using a microscope - it doesn't need to be super powerful as demodex mites are fairly large. Keep in mind that *most* of the time the demodex mites leave peacefully on their hosts; its when the hosts body is .. out of tune in some way... that the mite populations are permitted to over grow which then trigger symptoms in humans.

The mites are typically active at night; afflicted people report feeling them crawl on their skin [the mites come out of the follicles to mate] - and the by products of the mites - their wastes and when they die their decomposing bodies - appear to be what creates the intense itching some individuals experience.

You can google "demodex in humans" and then select the IMAGES tab to see pix of folks with demodex related rosacea and acne.

Replied by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca
Thank you Theresa! Very helpful.
Replied by Ann
I have been very unhappy. I have gone to the doctor been give way to much money. To the pharmaceutical. Side of this. A guess what now apparently. I need "some one to talk to. Ugh.. Its been 4monrhs now I ache All the time my vision has gone way out there they said there's no reason for it. I have list my job after being home for about 2 months without pay and I am so miserable. At night I would sell a kidney o and by the way I am truely offended by the medical community. As a whole just because you can't figure it out does not say I'm crazy... Ok I vented and feel much better

Posted by Buggedinoregon (Portland, Oregon, Usa) on 06/02/2013

I suffered with birdmites for about 1.5 years. Here is what worked: 3-4 drops of concentrated oregano oil under the tongue (sublingual) before bed. Do not swallow this. It is absorbed into the bloodstream via blood vessels under the tongue. More is not more effective. This will stop the biting at night. Two products made by a company called NuSkin. One is simply called Immune Formula, the other is AE10. Take them together as directed on the labels. I had to take these for about 6 months. You have to take a drug holiday for 2 weeks in between taking them daily. It is good to take some yogurt each day to keep intestinal flora alive while taking these formulas. Put any mites you pick off yourself or clothing on masking tape. Keep wide masking tape everywhere--next to bed, in car, bathroom, etc. The stickier, the better.

Daily vacuuming of home and car. They colonized my keyboard at work, so I wore surgical gloves while using my computer. Also, daily bathing. Some instant (but temporary) relief can be obtained by applying Listerine externally head-to-toe before showering. Baths with Borax, 1/2 cup of bleach, or OxiClean can help. Do not combine bleach with OxiClean. Scrub body with Scotchbrite sponge under the water. Put sponge in microwave oven for 1.5 to 2 minutes after bathing. This will kill mites that got captured in the business side of the sponge. Keep skin moistened by applying coconut oil after bathing. The mites don't like it, and you can catch any that escaped the bath by applying it everywhere on your body.

Daily laundering of sheets & towels. Wearing clothing only once before washing. Keep all clothing items in their own plastic ziplock bags. Express air from the bag when sealing them. If possible, wash items with chlorine bleach, Pine Sol or similar pine oil product, Borax, and hot water (140 F minimum). Most modern laundry equipment has temperature limitations on the hot water, so you have to find a way to override this or do what I did, and buy an old laundry set (toploader) via classifieds. Dry thoroughly. If clothing or linens come out a little damp, it is not dry enough. I can now get away with laundering sheets about every four days, and towels, every 2 days.

Get rid of carpeting. Keep humidity in your home low. An insect growth regulator called Nylar was moderately effective. None of these measures will work by themselves. You must be diligent in hygiene routines. I did not find dietary modifications to be all that effective, but I do not consume a lot of sweets. The mites do seem to go crazy if you eat fruit, so I cut back on it some, but it did not make them go away, just kept them from having a biting frenzy after I ate. Sulfa antibiotics can also be effective, but if you are allergic to them, as I am, you cannot use any sulfur product. Externally applied sulfur applications, such as used on dogs or sheep may help those who are not allergic.

Have your thyroid checked. Lab tests do not always show hypothyroidism. You can be hypothyroid and have a normal result, but if your result is abnormal, you can get help from an MD. Otherwise, see a naturopath or doctor of Chinese medicine to get thyroid. Mites are attracted to those with hypothyroidism.

NOT helpful with mites were: medical doctors, enzyme preparations, steaming things, insecticides based in neurotoxins, and ozone generators.

Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile Tn.
BUGGED, did everything you suggested to little avail. MD's are useless with these things. Mites die in 120 degree heat. I heated my FIR SAUNA to 160 degrees and was cured in a week. Some folks have used hair dryers.

Posted by Saved But Still Battling (Baltimore) on 04/06/2013

Hello. Reporting back. Been using the essential oil therapy for about 70 days. It has been helpful in reducing the crawling sensation on the scalp but I fear I am back to being as contagious as ever. Also starting feeling extreme cramping and diahhrea. I was able to resolve this by eating something like a banana or boiled egg about 15 mins before taking the treatment. Unfortunately it seems they are getting used to this and I can feel increased digging and am experiencing twitches all over my body. I am going to give the oils a break for a while and use the transdermal magnesium therapy along with taking tumeric. I also have some iodine and grapefruit seed citricidal on the way to me along with some powdered vitamin c as I saw a post that said that most vitamins contain magnesium stearate which is used to keep the ingredients solid or something but causes poor absorption of the supplement you're trying to get into your system. I would love to find a holist doctor but am afraid of infecting someone who's trying to help me. Thanks to earth clinic and everyone here, I would feel all alone without you. Best wishes.

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
Have you tried imersing your hair in olive oil, and leaving it on for five to ten minutes? then repeating in five days, apparently this suffocates the mites.
Replied by Saved But Still Battling
Hi Gavin, Thanks for your response. I've tried the olive oil and since I have had this so long I had many numbers to get rid of. It helped but didn't get rid of it. I'm sitting here with coconut oil in my hair now which I left on overnight (they say oil/vaseline or whatever you choose to use should be left on at least 8 hrs as the mites are able to shut down there systems for a time - I'm not sure how long). I am much better than I was when I started this battle in September 2012, but still get the feeling that my brain is being devoured and I experience soreness in my neck and shoulders. To help with this I use the sea salt and baking soda remedy Ted recommends to reduce swollen lymph nodes which I also had during one of the battles, and it helps alot.

PS This was a follow on post to my response to the essential oil therapy reported by Sherry below from a radio show called Horokane.

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
Sorry to hear that the olive oil didnt work for you... Over in this neck of the woods if you have a really bad infestation the common cure is kerosene, but you have to be carefull and make sure theres no open flame. If this is combed through the hair it will kill the eggs as well.
Replied by Saved But Still Battling
Hi Gavin, Thanks so much for your feedback. I happen to have a container of lamp oil I bought as a last resort. Thanks for the tip about combing it through the hair. I have long thick hair but am preparing to cut it short for the summer. I think I will try the kerosene ( I think lamp oil is the same thing) once I cut my hair as it will be easier to comb through. Should I wrap my head in cellophane and leave it on overnight? Thanks so much for your gracious assistance!
Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
I really dont think that you should leave it on that long, Kerosene is petroleum based like petrol. I think over here they comb it in and leave it for about half an hour, then wash the hair well. Its basicly a light oil. It will take all the natural oil out of the hair as well, so it might be wise after its dry to comb some coconut oil back in.

Posted by Jb (Carson City, Nv) on 02/24/2013

[NAY]  Pests on scalp, face and eyes: I have battled these things since July '11. I've had 4 perscriptions of permithin, they are gone about 2 days and back again. I've tried oh so many remedies to no avail until now and have started Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cider Vinegar, and water;so far no relief. I am also using this solution on my head as well.

I am not bitten on other parts of my body other than these things getting into my very fine, thin hair. They had burrowed in my scalp and have caused crusty type scabs. I also had cataract surgery on my left eye in Apr '11 and have problems with it ever since, not healing as it should but around July after the surgery is when I started having the "pest" problem and they absolutely flock to that bad eye. I feel them all around and in the eye. I think they have burrowed on top of my nose and under the eye sockets too. Since reading how they reproduce about every 3-10 days I realized that my nose would look "bumpy" and have a couple of small round pouches under the eye socket and then would feel these things zooming all over my face and head, then the areas would be normal again for a couple of days but start all over again.

I have lots of digestive problems and am afraid to try the Borax remedy of drinking a very mild solution of it every day.

I also have used a mild house hold bleach/water mixture on my body and am wondering if I can use it also on my scalp? Since I don't have bites on my body, that may be the reason why because I put the bleach/wtr on my body but not my head?

I'm a senior and never had a bug in my life! Not even my 3 children ever had head lice or anything like this stuff and am about to lose it!!! How does one get in touch with Ted? I sure would like to hear what he would suggest... I try to say "have faith" but at this point, "have a shot" of something real strong!!!

Replied by Sandy
Monroe, Washinton
Dear Jb, please dont use any bleach solution in your hair. It could fall out or change color... Find out from the opthamalogist if you can use a dry eye ointment, it will say nightime on it. I shut down my house completely my bed is all ready and I have one light on, closet to my bed. I go to the mirror and put a fine line of the ointment in my lower eye lid. It keeps them out of my eyes at night. When I feel them in my nose or eyes I use a netty pot. The salt solution brings me almost instant relief. If I feel them on my eye lashed I use my spit like a salve and it works to keep them off my lashes. To so my hair, I will use about 4-5 tsp. Of shampoo in my hand and use 5 drops of each of these essential oils-tea tree, clove oil, and lavendar. I dont add hardly any water, I just wet my fingers and run them through my hair and shampoo. Then I wrap my hair into a towel. I leave it in up to an hr.... Now at bedtime with my hair I use olive oil, yes its a mess or mayo w/olive oil. The mayo will be cold but it does stop them from moving. Vaseline in the eyebrows helps alot. God bless you, keep fighting. :)

Posted by Sherrie (Tampa, Fl) on 01/06/2013

[YEA]  Dear fellow sufferers,

l still can't believe it, but l am sitting here with no itches. I lucked onto this radio broadcast online of a woman who cured herself of Morgellons, caught after her daughter rescued a wild bird. She suffered thru over $10,000 of medications and stated her docs were at their wit's ends with her. Thru her medical contacts, she was given a remedy for infectious disease from an aromatherapy practitioner. She took it for a long time because she didn't know to kill the mites in her environment. It worked, because she kept taking it until she no longer had any itches or sores show up. One marvelous thing is that after only the first day of treatment, wonderful healing occurs. This is the remedy to take: essential oils from the health food store.

clove oil, cinnamon cassia (bark) oil, oregano oil, lemon oil, red thyme oil, and rosemary oil.

Use 5 drops of each oil in just a little water, take it 3 times a day.

Even the first night after l did the treatment, l had only taken 2 doses, but l sat there and suddenly realized all my itching had ceased. It was a warm night, l had been exposed to a large bunch of them, but -total calm.

If you want to hear the interview, look up horokane interview on Morgellons. By the way, l took this after a meal, as clove oil is strong, but l did not get an upset stomach, in fact, the opposite occurred. Best wishes.

Replied by Sherrie
Tampa, Fl
l forgot something important in the essential oils remedy.

You use 5 drops of the essential oils in a little water, take 3 times a day for 3 days, then take 2 days off, then take 3 times a day for 3 days again. That's 3 days on, 2 days off, for as long as necessary.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx
That's interesting you should say that. Whenever I would get sick, I would make some Constant Comment tea, and add wedges of lemon and orange. Top it off with some honey. Great for a cold or sore throat. Maybe it keeps the critters at bay too.
Replied by Saved
Baltimore, Maryland
Dear Sherrie, I want to thank you with all of my heart for your post. For those who are not suffering from this, just be thankful that you don't understand the nightmarish symptoms of this affliction. Just to summarize, it can make you suicidal. I had contemplated it many times, but just couldn't do it to my family, although to see my family afflicted even though they don't know it, sometimes I wish I'd had the courage to do it long ago. But anyway, to those willing to try this, it is practically miraculous the result. I've had this condition which had gradually increased in severity for about 11 years. The extreme scalp itch since about 2008. I tried the borax and peroxide, paragone, oregano oil, clove oil (topically), lemons, beets, etc. After feeling like I had fleas all over me they were eventually under some control, I thought, until I saw a women five feet ahead of me begin to scratch her head. It was at that moment that I realized I had become even more contagious. When I took this oil remedy not only did it practically erase the itching, the number of people that began to itch around me also went down significantly. I highly recommend this to those suffering. Be sure to take theraputic grade and try to elimate sugar. I've been doing this for about a month and at first I was afraid that the days off would bring back the intensity I had suffered before, but it was so much more endurable. I take it on a tablespoon like a cough syrup and follow it with a few swallows of distilled water. At first I only had oregano, cinnamon, and clove oils and this was effective too. What I have found is essential is the cinnamon oil. I tried it without the cinnamon (I had run out) and it burned my throat; that lasted a couple of days. So please ensure you take the oils with cinnamon oil (even just cinnamon spice is helpful if you're desparate). I take it like I'm licking the spoon, it seems the tongue is less senstive than the lips. And boy is it potent... I tried it in a paper and plastic cup and it melted the bottom off. Then I took it in glass but it seemed like most of it would stay on the cup. The spoon works pretty good.

Sherrie, I would like to thank the universe for bringing you to this site and moving you to write your post. I love you and may God bless you.

Replied by Marilyn
Pembine, Wi
Using 5-6 drops essential oil "in a little bit of water" burns like crazy!!! Do not do that. If you want, mix all six oils, put 5-6 drops in 1-2 oz of olive oil, then use!

Posted by Monte (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/07/2012

About 3 yrs ago we experienced mite infestation, tried many things to no avail. I read on EarthClinic that diatomaceus earth and Arid Extra Dry Deodorant Spray was recommended. I purchased DE from the internet and meticulously dowsed with DE every part of the house, bed, sofas and every place I knew there were mites, ( I don't know if they were bird, or other kind of mites) and used the deodorant in both our cars as it was also infested. Closed the cars and the house for about 21 days. Took a long trip. Came back and the house was without mites, however, to this day I occasionally feel mites crawling in my face at night. I still think they are living inside my nostrils and ears. My husband does not feel them anymore. What helps me is a mixture that I put on my face every night that I know it prevents them from moving about my face.

In the palm of my hand I mix 1/16 of a teasp. of Mustard Flour ****(important, read below)
1/16 of Borax....... (I grind it finely in a coffee grinder about a 1/2 cup will go a long way).
2 drops of Clover Oil
2 drops of Eucalyptus Oil
2 drops of Pine needle Oil
2 drops of Cedar wood Oil
2 drops of Orange Oil
Mix it with a good hand lotion about a peanut size dab
then spray with a couple of squirts of 3% Hydrogen peroxide
Mix it and spread on you face, inside nose, inside the ear cavity. Not in the eye area. (*****)Be very careful with the strength of the Mustard seed flour... it can burn your skin badly..... So start with very small amounts first to test your endurance. It should just feel tingly. Using this nightly has freed me from these mites...... Sometimes I don't feel them for weeks, but I know they are not gone but in control. Please be careful with the children's skin.... Make sure it will not burn. You can find all these ingredients at Whole Foods or a Health food store. Wish you much success, Monte

Replied by Sherry
Bangor, Maine
It is impossible to still feel scabie mites in your face after 3 years without any other symptoms and reinfestation. And others around you would have symptoms too. Geez! I know because I have recently been battling the horrible creatures myself. I caught them caring for a woman at the nursing home. Practically everyone did. She had the crusted kind which is most contagious. So I know how they spread, etc. Just one female can cause quite a bit of infestation, and they do not stay in one place either. Especially the head and face! So to anyone with an "actual case of scabies"..... "bug spray" yup, I know it sounds unlikely. As anyone with this mess would know though, you get pretty desperate when you have spent money on creams and oils that don't work. Or harmed their skin with bleach, peroxide, borax, etc.

The relief that I am getting I can mainly thank the bug repellents with at least 25% deet in them, such as deep woods off, and other strong ones. I make sure I wash them off at least once a day, but reapply a little while later. I also find that lysol spray antibacterial cleaner stops them on contact, and doesn't hurt your skin. When I get in my car or get near anything with them on it, I can feel them. They DO bite! But if you spray immediately and scratch the area lightly, you don't get infested. The spots are almost all gone... I'm just a normal woman who has pretty bad luck sometimes, so what I am telling you is genuine. Don't waste another dime on stuff that doesn't work....

Posted by Newnorcia (Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom) on 10/30/2012

Hi to everyone going through Mite Infestation problems. I know exactly how you are all feeling. Isolated, depressed and despairing. And when your houses are warmer the problems seem to reoccur. My family and I have suffered like most of you; about 2 years with attempting to understand exactly what we had. From Headlice, Fleas to finally understanding they were sum form of mite, albeit dust mite, bird mite or whatever. Like yourselves going to Doctors or talking to others that were not suffering became embarrassing. Most of the time people brush under the carpets. I mean things are getting bad because you see people scratching in the supermarkets, at work you name it; the invisible scratching is taking the world by storm. However like one entry I have read already on this site I believe in the Power of Prayer. And so I sat down, in despair having tried many things mentioned in these blogs except for something that was right under my nose. I began to pray and ask the Lord what had I missed. We had used Foggers, Lice Treatments, Flea Treatments everything (they have helped but not cured). Spent an absolute fortune on every spray imaginable until one day.... Lord help me I am at my end, show me what to do. The answer came; and this is what was said to me...... Through my heart and spirit within me.... That calming voice of the Holy Spirit, full of wisdom and comfort spoke...

Whatever insect you are dealing with; remember this, they thrive on warmth. Every time you wear your clothes, your body is warmed up and they hatch. The mites are in your clothes. You have tried everything on your bodies but have forgotten your clothes. Here is how you combat mites on a large scale.

N.B Insects love the warmth..... Elimate their comfort zone. The source.

1. First of all - Clean clothes hang all your clothes up on hangers and place in the wardrobes or on garment rails. Leave nothing on the floors.

2.All dirty washing keep in laundry bags inside black bin bags or clear bags. Did the black bin bag thing and threw things out by mistake. LOL.... :) Very frustrating. Found clear bags better.

3. Ensure the bags are closed inside the laundry baskets and get all of your family in your household to ensure they place dirty clothes inside the bags and keep it covered. This contains any, cuts off oxygen eventually and stops them just running for cover anywhere they can find. This helps with most unwanted insects from Lice, to Fleas to Mites you name it.

4. Each time you come to wash clothes... Be prepared in advance. Get large Plastic flexi-tub like containers : Asda sell large flexi Plastic storage tubs, walmart for USA will have them. All different colours. We chose Blue for Clothes. Now prioritise what needs washing first. The day before you want to wash (so soaking overnight): Fill a couple of Tubs with ice-cold water I. E let it run from your tap. Now dunk white wash items in one Tub and Coloured items dunk in the other tub. Ensure all of the items are fully submerged.

Leave overnight. You will need nothing else but ice-cold water. Insects of any kind HATE the cold. Our clothes harbour the vast majority of mites unfortunately. They burrow into the fibres and feed off dead skin and the like. They do not need a constant host. We frantically wash our bodies, cut our hair and chemically poison ourselves yet all the time the mites live happily ever after in our clothes.

We think when we have just simply washed our clothes at high degrees in our washing machines we have killed them off. Not so to all. They have a unique method of self preservation and fight to survive anywhere they can be undetected. Even in your car. And so on we go, reinfesting from Car to House, House to Car and so on. Will get to the Car in a jiffy....just dealing with House and Clothes at Moment..

5. Ok next day... Wash on Washing Cycles as normal. Do not do Cold Wash Only. This does not help with bacteria. Remember you have already cold soaked overnight. As you pour away the ice-cold water and wring your clothes out over the bath or shower tray (if you haven't got a bath) or sink whatever. Notice how many little black specks appear in the water. As you repeat this method for your clothes you will begin to notice the itching, crawling feeling that eventually gets back on your skin eases off and eventually little tickles, pinpricks will lessen. Don't give up. And keep praying through it. Prayer changes Things and People. Might take a few fall outs with each other as it can be frustrating to learn new routines but eventually each one of you in your household will learn to function as a Team. And don't worry if you find yourself swearing; just ask the Lord for MORE GRACE because He knows you are going to need it and wants to help. His Mercy is new everyday and is love lasts forever in a True Heart for Him.

6. OK.... Once machined washed, dry your clothes on Airers, Airing Cupboards on the washing line on a good drying day. Once completely dry.... Here is what you do next. Shake all clothes off outside. Fibres and bits will shake off (so that is why it is best to shake off outside if you can). Winter can be a bit more tricky. But wrap up, and you will be ok.... So shake off each item (also keeps you fit without expense of Gym...LOL)

7. Place all dry clothes, shaken off in fresh Clear Bags ready for ironing.

8. To Hand when come to Ironing......

Lint Rollers....... Make your own when shop tape has ran out. Buy rolls of Parcel Tape, Masking Tape (Thick Wide not Thin mm wide). Sticky side down on to roller to get it attached; then wind back on itself with sticky side facing up, so the roller is constantly sticky side to touch. Wrap on as much as you want then leave a lip folded over so you can always find the edge. Before you iron.... Lint roll the item first. Then proceed. Once completely ironed. Hang up and place clear bag over item. Just like they do at the Dry Cleaning Service.

9. When you are ready to wear the item. Shake off the clothes and maybe lint roll again. Use your ironing board to help hold the item of clothing so you can lint roll.

10. Spray the bag the clothes came out of with say... Bob Martins Flea Spray (kills mites as well). This way you can re-use the bag for dirty washing and can add extra killing power before soaking your next batch of clothes.

I know it is an expense on plastic bags but it works.

I have done this with my clothes continually now... For past 3 months and we have had less and less by the day, by the minute. A HUGE SUCCESS. It has been amazing how many specks and flecks of whatever comes out of the clothes as they soak. I look at the water on a weekly basis now as I do not have to get through heaps of clothes like before. This has saved us a fortune on buying new clothes. Admittedly in the beginning, some of our items were beyond help and we had to get rid. But now 3 months on as we Bag (for Dirty Clothes), Pre-ice Water Soak for Washing to be done, Wash Cycle.... Dry as normal and then follow the above for shaking off, ironing, lint rolling etc etc. Our Clothes are now saved as well as us.

Now the Car....

1. Rug Doctor will help degunge your car. Follow instructions. Use Anti-Foam and Upholstery Cleaner. Use on the Car Carpets, Chairs all over. It works.

2. Let dry thoroughly.... Ok this may take a couple of days to dry out. Choose a weekend you are not doing anything in particular. People may look at you strange, but who cares... may be they will get curious and want to do the same for their cars? Doesn't hurt.

3. Once thoroughly dried out..... Vacuum and use Mr Sheen (Anti-dust Trap) to clear up excess dust particles on dashboards, stearing wheels, levers etc and handles. If you take the time to read the can of Mr Sheen (Anti-dust Trap) it will give informaton on what dust actually consists off. Yes it is gross but better to be educated me thinks. (use Mr Sheen in your house regularly).

I think over time it would be safe to say that in this life we have tried to become to au-naturelle and it has caused these things to thrive. Like the old school of thinking one of the blogs mentioned..... They dealt with these things years ago. Mr Sheen isn't here for no reason, nor any other product that we use to keep ourselves relatively bug free. I know we can get out of balance on all scores but same as the old saying goes.... "Everything in moderation."

4. Ok.... Moving on. As you have hired the Rug Doctor for the Weekend. Rug Doctor your House Carpets and Rugs also. It will help a great deal. Again allow to thorough dry, vacuum and hey presto. Another step forward to mankind's sanity returning. Admittedly Hoovering your house on a regular basis will continue the good work so don't slack off.

For us we invested in Two Hoovers. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. We hoover our beds and pillows on a daily basis. We change our bedding once a week and pillow cases twice a week. Winter gets a bit harder in drying stuff but we have a routine and it works well enough now after 3 months. It is always harder to get a routine going when it is something new but you will get there I can assure you.

For continued House Protecton...

Every 3 months, use a Fogger for each room. If you have Pets; use Flea stuff available (this also kills mites and other insects... So this is how you help your Pets). Flea Treatments in Tablet form are now helping others alot more than surface sprays for the animals. Some surface sprays are less effective now unfortunately. Whilst you are going through this. Bathe (if you have a bath) once a week and put some Dettol for Hygiene purposes in your bath. This saves all the other chemicals you are applying especially Hydrogen Peroxide which is so dangerous if mis-used as some of you have found. I love chemistry and so know how these chemicals work and it made my hair stand on end when heard what some concoctions you guys are mixing up. Be careful with all that.

Anyway...once you have used the bath water. Bath your dog or cat in it... Saves on water that way and as the dettol is diluted in the water they will be ok to. Just don't get it in their eyes. Once you have thoroughly washed and dried your pet off. (Best to use 3 or 4 old sheets rather than Towels... Towels are thick fibres and more likely to harbour strong resisting insects or eggs etc). We found using the sheets so much better, Can also machine wash on highest degree by themselves. (Don't mix your washing with the Pets).

Ok....great tip. Blow dry your Pet with hair dryer. Dogs may find a bit strange but they will love the pampering in the end. OK once your pet thoroughly dry use your Topical Spray for Flea Protection and offer a Flea Tablet once or twice a week. They really work. Pet will scratch unusually more in first hour but will be at peace from then on.

Another cheap method for your body and hair. Make up a paste of conditioner and table salt or sea salt if you like. Just to note some conditioners will go liquidy when adding salt something to do with the chemical equation of adding salt seems to alter the structure of the conditioner. Best to add conditioner to salt in a tub and mix until you have a workable paste. Once you have shampooed your hair in the normal fashion. Take a good handful of the conditioner paste and salt scrub your scalp. It works best in the bath because then you can dip under the water and wash out. Always use a lice comb or spikey brush or both to comb out under water and above. The lice combs have been great in the shower and the bath and I recommend the use of them each time you shower or bathe. The salt scrub helps to remove larvae off the hairshaft and the comb will aid in the removal of eggs of any kind no matter what insect they are from.

If you have trouble with eye lashes, ears and eyebrow hair as one blog said... Baby oil works. Cover your lashes and brows with baby oil without getting into eyes and offer a bit in your ears with a cotton bud. This helps for night time sleeping. At first it can be a bit frustrating as it tickles but keep at it, eventually it will calm down after a few uses. In the morning wash your eye lashes and brows with handwash soap and thoroughly rinse off with cool tepid water to ensure no suds get into eyes. Can be a pain to start the routine but once you get going, everything mentioned above and then some will get on top of these things.

Also for added help..... Invest in a Electronic Head lice Comb. Once you have blow dried your hair go through with the comb as this will aid with any stragglers or remaining larvae that might be on the hair shaft. It really works. If you hold the comb up to the light you will see in the prongs light shapes from small speck dots, to squiggly fibre like shapes and whatever else. Mostly will be white but there may be a few black dots when you first start out.

Tackling each area above like I have shared has minimised our mite problem and given us better nights sleep than ever before.

We live in a rental and quite frankly we possibly walked into this situation unbeknown. The carpets are minging and if we could we would throw them out but being as this is not our house we have to do our best in keeping on top of things.

We sprinkle a mixture of Table Salt and Bicarbonate of Soda over the carpets and let it settle in for most of the day then hoover. We repeat this process twice a week. Hoovers will never pick up everything so any salt particles left behind sting the larvae of hatched eggs and get on the skin of any crawling insect. It is a really cheap way of combatting insects in the home.

In the summer use Table Salt and Bicarb. For Ants. It really works.

Well I believe I have shared almost everything I know to help keep this cheap for you... however here is a quick list to go shopping with....

a) Lint Rollers and Extra Parcel or Thick Wide Masking Tape (use for when ironing).

b)Large Plastic Flexi-Tubs: Asda - Wall mart or use something similar that you can pre-soak clothes in, in ice-cold water.

c)Clear plastic bags, black bin bags. For use for storing dirty washing. Clear Bags for hanging over ironed clothes or storing ironing ready to iron later. Once used.... Then recycle for dirty washing. It will become easier to work out your own routine as you get going.

d) Table Salt and Bicarbonate of soda (mix up and put in a salt shaker or old shake and vac bottle). Stick some masking tape over label and write what you have now got in it - this helps family to understand what you have done). Sprinkle all over carpets, stairwells rugs etc, even your car carpets as well (see how you feel about that). Obviously it involves lots of hoovering but as it is white you can just brush it in with a stiff brush and not have to hoover constantly.

e) Shopping List for You.... i)Headlice Comb (plastic or metal nit-free comb) ii) Electronic Headlice Comb - £20 iii) Dettol (for bathing) iv) Conditioner and add table salt to create a thick paste for salt-scrubbing after shampooing, using the plastic and metal combs to comb out in the running water of shower or in bath (first using brush to brush down the hairshaft above water and then use the comb underwater to comb out under water)

v) Hairspray stronghold (girls) Hairgel (boys). Use after you have blow dried hair and used the electric comb. Anything that then tries to come out or get in will meet a sticky doom ready to be combed out in the shower from normal washing. No need to use all those chemical concoctions .

Just one note when blow drying your hair. First place some cotton wool as ear plugs in your ears. First moisten ear plugs with your own saliva. Heard Mites do not like our saliva. So it all helps. God knew exactly what He was doing when He created us.

Anyways Mites like to take cover and they will run and take refuge in your ears. It is the same when using the electric comb (plug your ears first). Use Electric comb only on (DRY HAIR) had to state the obvious. Obviously Electric and Water DO NOT MIX; laugh out loud. Easy way to clean out electric comb. The brush doesn't help but a baby wipe will. Turn comb off and using wipe push prongs through the wipe and press hard down on either side of the wipe with the prongs clutched in your hands then pull through, this cleans out anything stuck between the prongs. Let it dry naturally for 30 mins or use paper tissue to dry. Turn back on; the noise will be faint but will build back up again. Don't use Water. Wipes are best.

Ok I think that just above concludes your shopping list except for one final thing.

Buy yourself some Vitamin C Tablets this will aid your immune system because through anxiety and hard work we become run down and naturally our bodies cannot produce Vitamin C.

Oh....almost forgot. When cooking keep your head covered to stop anything jumping off that you have missed in all of your routines. Pillow cases are easy to use. Less chance of eggs harbouring after you have used the washing methods first mentioned in this Article. Towels are harder to work with as the fibres are millions.

In the first instant of getting to grips with all of the above, you may have to buy new towels but you could try to save them by doing the pre-soak ice cold water thing. It may take a few goes to completely be free but it can't hurt. For us we actually bought some disposable hairnets for cooking until we had passed the majority of the infestation. Now we can cook in peace without stuff joining us in our food and crawling down our faces. For some reason mites can smell food and they come running. Sorry don't want to put you off but it is true. Anyways covering your heads and wearing a plastic apron during cooking can help.

Now for your Kitchen....Mites get into all your cupboards to. The best checking system is looking for black specks on your white surfaces. Usually inside your cupboards and window sills.

There is hope in sight, because once you taken on board all of the clothing issues in how to reduce mite infestations and you have used a rug doctor to clean carpets etc with right products then you will find you have dealt with the largest housing harbouring city of source for these insects. Black specks will begin to reduce rapidly.

Ok for your kitchen cupboards clean out with Kitchen Paper because this can be easily disposed of. For us we totally emptied the kitchen. Sprayed with Foggers and Bob Martin mite sprays then we wipe all over kitchen with wet paper and then dried out. We sprayed cracks and crevices and put salt powder/bicarb in cracks and crevices. Anything crawling would meet a horrible doom as the speckles of salt etc got on their legs and bodies. Then we hoovered thoroughly and continued once everything was back in cupboards to keep surfaces clean using kitchen paper and milton spray.

IT ALL WORKS... But takes time to get your routine together. That is the only hard part.

Praying for you indeed as we continue with our routines on a lesser scale now. It took 3 months to master but we got there in the end. Now we just keep up good maintenance. It was a hard thing to go through but after constantly praying and asking for the Lords strength and grace to combat it... We have made huge progress. Now we can turn and strengthen You.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx
That was all good information. A pre-soak cycle on the washer may work just as well on the clothes, unless you're really curious about seeing what comes off of them. Also, I know an old woman who told me that baby shampoo is good to wash your face, eyebrows and eyelid margins with. It works well. Suave makes a dye free one. As far as the car goes, is it possible we are getting these bugs from our cars that sit in the garage or outdoors? Maybe a shot of flea spray on the car's carpets would be good.

Posted by Helpforfree (Asheville) on 09/16/2012

Combine 2 tsp Tea Tree Oil, 4 tbs Coconut Oil and 4 tsp Neem Oil together in a bottle where you will have about four days treatment ready. After showering, apply from head to toe and allow to sit over night or even longer. Shower before each treatment and try to leave in for 14 hours or more while touching up areas that may have biting activity.

Very important: Steam clean your bed twice a day. Before going to bed and upon waking up. Clothing should be washed and dry on high heat everyday. Steam clean bathroom, shower, door handles. Steam cleaners are cheap and worth every penny.

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