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Bladder Infection
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Natural Cures for a Bladder Infection

Last Modified on Feb 09, 2016

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Alka Seltzer  
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Posted by Dana (Fort Worth, Texas) on 12/16/2007

[YEA]  Hi! I had the definate beginnings of a UTI last night, and it was getting worse. I took magnesium and zinc, tried to drink sea salt in water (didn't make it too far, since burning pee is bad enough w/o drinking an emetic), and then took the alka seltzer. So, it could've been a combination of these remedies, but as soon as I took the alka seltzer it was GONE. Woo-hoo! Just thought it needed more emphasis as a possible remedy, it's something you might have around the house (b/c these things always seem to hit at night! Why is that?!), and it won't hurt anything to give it a try, as compared to trying to drink salt water or ACV, either of which to me are worse than the infection. Oh, and I just remembered I also drank some lemon juice in water last night, so maybe that helped some too. Hope this helps somebody!

Posted by Mari (Santa Cruz, CA) on 08/12/2007

[YEA]  After drinking a whole bottle of 100% cranberry juice to cure a bladder infection, I tried the Alka-Seltzer cure I read about on this web-site. It worked almost immediately! Thank you for supplying this useful information.

Posted by TINA (OAK PARK, MICHIGAN) on 06/05/2007


Replied by Lia
Atlanta, GA
[YEA]   yes, it works right away!! just tried the original alka seltzer and soooo glad i did. well worth a try!!

Posted by Vanessa (Orange, NJ) on 04/27/2007

[YEA]  I suffered from Urinary Tract Infection because my boyfriend and I kept passing it to each other. I read of Alka Seltzer to do the trick and Thank God ! I recently had an episode where I thought I had to urine and only a few drops of urine would exit and uh-oh! I started to feel the burn again-Alka Seltzer immediatly flushed it out.

Alkaline Diet  
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Posted by Mystikat (Lv, Usa) on 11/04/2012

[YEA]  Been having a terrible time with the UTI symptoms and same as everybody else doctors try one thing and then another. Finally found a good doctor who took a lab test for kidney, did not show anything major, just a slightly elevated creatinine, not considered anything to worry about. I give all the credit to the doctor for at least focusing on the cause of the problem. I read all about kidneys on my own, came across renal tubular acidosis (does not show a high BUN or creatinine) and the explanation and cure is very simple and it is highly treatable--just raise the pH to 7.5, but for awhile go on an 80%/20% alkaline to acid forming foods diet. After achieving proper balance maintain 60/40 alkalinity. Important thing, potassium citrate very important to work with calcium and to prevent kidney stones which can cause burning like uti. Only about a week and feeling much better. Hope this helps along with the other alkalizing remedies etc. people say are helping them.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash
I read that magnesium citrate also alkaliinizes the body. I found that it heals muscle atrophy. Ted also said in here somewhere that it is the one form of magnesium that goes directly into the muscle tissue. My muscles have responded nicely and also removing the lines in my brow and forehead. I have found I need less progesterone cream, since the mag is bringing my body into balance. No more vaginal atrophy. I also had the prolapsed bladder and recently found that coating the vaginal cavity inside with wicth hazel when ever I notice the bladder down.... Re apply the witch hazel with my finger. HOPE THIS HELPS FOR MUSCLE, VAGINAL ATROPHY AND PROLAPSED BLADDER (CYSTOCELE).

If you can't pee drink cranberry juice to get the flow going.

Posted by Jess (Riverside, NJ) on 04/09/2008

[YEA]  I've had a reoccuring bladder "infection" for a month. My tests came out negative for an infection and show to be yeast related. I suffer from chronic candidiasis with systemic symptoms. My pain is fine during the day but in my sleep my body goes acidic very quickly and I painfully wake at least 2x per night to pee. The things I find most helpful for pain releif are listed below...

Eat lots of Celery and cucumbers! Very alkaline, and helps releive pain w/in 20minutes. Drink lots of water to flush out your system. Eat all vegetables (be creative, yes asparagus helps too) with no meat proteins and use generous amounts of ACV along with EV olive oil or my choice, capryol (coconut oil). Oil of oregano helps a bit if you can stomach the awful taste. Oh yeah, NO SUGAR, carbs, or Dairy. Get unsweetend cranberry juice concentrate & mix a small amount with a glass of water, not the store brand juice.

Try replacing milk with Almond milk and a tiny bit of Stevia sweetener with some cinnammon...mmm.

Alkaline diets will help with the pain and if your problem is related to yeast, it helps prevent an overgrowth of the fungus. There are plenty of websites with lists of alkaline/acidic foods. Check em out.

Hope this helps!

Replied by Aimee
New Brunswick, NJ
I am very curious after reading your comment. I have suffered from chronic (and I mean chronic) bladder infections for nearly 8 years. They totally control my life. My "infections" are not always infections as years of tests have often shown negative results. I drink more water than anybody I have ever met, I am religiously hygenic when it comes to intimacy, I wear loose clothes, etc. but I still get a bladder infection or at least all the symptoms about once a week.

It's awful. My symptoms are tied to stress; if I cry or clean the house or sweat or stand up too long or don't get enough sleep, I am sick within hours and I have to sit with an ice pack between my legs, drink tons of water and wait it out. I have been prescribed seriously strong antibiotics for this condition, which I have recently stopped taking due to horrific adverse reactions. I took them for years though (sometimes they helped, sometimes no) I also have a related condition called vuluvadynia, which is an irritation of the skin and nerves in the vaginal area. I have no STD's, have been to many specialists and participated in university hospital studies. They told me I have a pelvic floor disorder.

I am 29 years old and beside myself with grief and frustration in dealing with this problem. I currently live in Mexico and it is difficult for me to find many of the remedies listed here, although I have been experimenting with some herbs. I know this site is to discuss treatment, but if you or anyone reading this could help or point me in the right direction, I would be sinserely and enormously grateful.

Replied by Whinny
Cache Creek, B.C., Canada
Reply to 10/31/2008: Aimee from New Brunswick, NJ .... you said: They told me I have a pelvic floor disorder... vulva soreness, etc.

My reply - any chance your bladder and/or uterus have prolapsed? with prolapsed bladder you can get much irritation of vulva and labia. as one or both push down, especially when the bladder is close to pushing it's way out of you, or has pushed out, you can get very sore, raw, and achy.

'Things' rubbing on your clothes and the extra pressure, in general, can change the blood flow and put pressure on the nerves all around your genital area.

I hope you get this as your post was several months ago. The type of doctor you want to see is a gynaecologist. A good one. you can read about these problems on the web. the more information and awareness you have of your body, the easier it is for them to find what is wrong. you should be examined while you are standing and pushing, like you were lifting something, as this problem can go on for many years before it is detected if all they do is give you an interal exam while lying down and asking you to cough. GOOD LUCK.

Replied by Cynthia
Kitchener, ON
To reoccurring bladder infection sufferer:

All your symptoms seem to be related to candidiasis...the crappiest thing on earth to have, but often, reoccurring bladder infections, skin rashes, extreme fatigue, moodiness... all can be related to this condition. Go on a strict diet for 2 weeks and see if your symptoms are allieviated. There are two amazing books you should read, which I can't put on here because no brand names. But if you google CANDIDIASIS, you will find which ones I'm talking about...

Good luck!

Replied by Been There
Kerrville, Texas
To Aimee of New Brunswick: I have found personally that hormones, specifically low progesterone, can mimic bladder, yeast or any pain or tenderness of the female organs. The doctor never tested for it, a nutritionist told me about it. Finally, a female doctor well versed in naturopathic medicines wrote me a prescription to have a high dosage compounded. It is particularly common when you are under stress, or your body thinks you are. The precursers for the stress hormone are the same precursers for the progesterone, so when stress goes up, your body essentially "robs Peter to pay Paul", as the saying goes. You can try the stuff at the health food store and put in directly on the offending area. I hope you have already solved your problem and don't need my advice.
Replied by Connie
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
I had the opportunity to try taking a progesterone pill some months ago. I felt fantastic the day I took it, but the next day or so I had terrible pain in the areas of my ovaries. I then took estrogen to counter it, mimicking a birth control pill, and the pain went away. I would love to be able to keep taking the progesterone. Maybe a lower dose would be better? Or is this just a bandaid for a larger issue? Any ideas?
Replied by Aimee
New Brunswick, Nj
[YEA]   It has been a while, but I wanted to say thank you to all of the kind people who had responded to my post and to EarthClinic. I also thought that an update might be helpful for anyone else suffering from similar issues.

I have been feeling much better and though I must devote some extra energy to keeping myself healthy, the relief is well worth it! Here's what has helped me so far:

ACV- This has been a life saver!! I couldn't find the organic where I live in Mexico, so I just got the regular kind and it still worked wonders. I add a couple tablespoons to a large bottle of water which I sip over several hours. During an acute attack, I would drink a more concentrated solution and continue to drink a lot of water. I say would drink because I seldom experience the severe kind of pain that I used to feel. I can say pretty confidently that ACV has been one of the most helpful things in combatting these issues.

Water- I try to drink about 3 liters a day.

Probiotics- I take a strong probiotic everyday- helps to keep the general area in order, limiting vulvadynia symptoms and also keeps me more regular.

Fiber- speaking of regular... This helps with my bladder and female issues. If I am ever constipated, pushing at all can cause problems down there. I try not to push.

Kegel exercises- I contract the muscles and hold for a few seconds. I do this pretty regularly, but also when I am in the midsts of pain or discomfort. It really does seem to help.

Loose clothing- I used to wear tight jeans, sometimes a thong... Not anymore! I wear lots of skirts or dresses, cotton underwear and I make sure to wear pants and leggings that don't have big seems right through the crotch.

Stress- I know that avoiding stress is difficult at times, but it is paramount to reducing the severity of my health problems. So, I just pay close attention to what my body is telling me. If I am cleaning and start to feel a bit of pressure or stinging, well guess what- its time to stop for the day or maybe I just need to move slower. Lower back strain can make things worse, so I will try to sit more frequently, bend with the knees, that sort of thing. And I only cry when it is really worth it now. I think about whether or not what I am crying over is worth the pain it will cause a short while after. Usually its not. I am not a robot and it may be strange to say I choose not to cry-- but when you cry or worry or panic, the body tenses up and puts pressure on those nether regions. Sometimes the onset of my symptoms was enough to start this chain reaction of worrying and stressing and honestly it made it all much worse. Thinking too much about my symptoms never helped. I do what I know has worked for me and then try to keep calm and distract myself.

Things I try to avoid: sugar, lots of bread, alcohol (I immediately feel stinging in my bladder), really spicy foods, strong chemicals (bleach is the worst for me), pollution, cigarette smoke, lack of sleep.

Ice- I have several ice packs- I wrap one in a hand towel and place it down there when I start to feel swolen or stinging. It's instant relief.

Intimacy-Anything that touches down there must be clean. No after the game, after a long day anything with my husband. And right after, I make sure to pee and then rinse everything off. Maybe it hinders spontanaeity, but not as much as several days of pain.

I hope this is helpful. It's my arsenal and I'm sure that everyone needs to find what is specifically helpful for them. I have gone from having weekly bouts of severe pain, sometimes for several days... To having a problem once every couple of months.The first hint of discomfort and I am combatting it with everything Ive got. I really feel for anyone experiencing ongoing discomfort or pain of any sort and I wish you much peace and relief.

Replied by Kp
Hanover, Nh
Aimee from New Brunswick : I had ALL of your symptoms for years. Finally a urologist diagnosed IC (Interstitial Cystitis)- google it;lots of info/suggestions there. However, in my case the root cause was wheat/gluten. I eliminated it COMPLETELY (even hidden sources like soy sauce) and my bladder completely healed. All my symptoms have been gone for years now.
Replied by Erin
Tacoma, Wa
[YEA]   Here's what I do when I get a bladder infection:

Little to no sugar during treatment

Raw veggies/juice and a little fruit only

Unsweetened cranberry juice, sip throughout day

Every two to three hours, take:

one chopped clove garlic

one tsp coconut oil

2 Tbsp acv

If you are not used to lots of garlic, you might want to throw a gas-aid in there per instructions on the box because it can get pretty painful! Once I can wake up in the morning with no discomfort (usually day 2), I continue this regiment for another 24-48 hours to make sure there are no lingering bacteria.

Hope this helps!

Replied by Mana
Sydney, Australia
To Aimee: I hope you would also give it a chance with homeopathy. I've suffered from UTI's simmilar to yours for years and a friend who is a homeopath gave me Apis 30C homeopathic remedy. I still can't believe that after years of monthly UTI's and loads of antibiotics a simple 3 little pills helped me resolve this issue. Give it a go. It worked magic for me especially for that stinging and burning and swollen feeling.... All gone. Now clear for 2 years. If I ever get a remotely stingy feeling, which happened only once, I take Apis and within 10 minutes all clear.
Replied by Silver Star
Palo Alto, Ca
CURED... I was getting UTIs all the time until about 5 years ago. then I discovered the baking soda remedy. I'm sure the alkaline diet is a much healthier way to go but I needed an instant remedy and haven't had a UTI in 5 years. All I did was take a few pinches of baking soda (Very Alkalizing!!! ) with a glass of water every 2 hours for the first day or two (not while I slept of course), then when the pain went away I took a few pinches with water as I felt any tiny bit of pain. Baking soda made me retain water while I was taking it and I would be careful if I had high blood pressure. Those are the only issues I know of so I'm a huge supporter!! I was so tired of antibiotics!!!

Antibiotics, Cranberry Juice  
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Posted by Sy (Scottsdale, AZ) on 06/28/2009

[NAY]  Question - 3 different occasions (2 at my Dr. office and once at home)I took a test with test strips to determined a UTI and they all came back positive. My Dr. has recently had my urine cultured but it came back negative.

HISTORY*** May 12,09 I got a UTI, not diagnosed by a Dr. but by knowing what it feels like. So, I started with an over the counter cranberry med. that has worked for me in the past. After a couple of days the UTI felt better but it was obvious I still had it. I then added pure cranberry juice to the remedy but that did not change a thing. I read on this website to try apple cider vinegar, so I started with the pill form ( I can not drink it) again it felt better but still did not cure the UTI. I then went to my Dr. 7 Jun 09. That is when I was tested for the first time at the Dr. office and the test came back positive. The Dr. put me on a 7 day antibiotics at the end of the 7 days I still had the UTI. Thinking it was all in my mind, 2 days later I took an over-the-counter UTI test and it came back positive. I then made an appt with my Dr. once again, the Dr. took another UTI test and it came back positive and started my on a 10 day antibiotic. In the mean time the Dr. had my urine cultured and to our surprise it came back NEGATIVE. I am still having pain and AT A LOSS!! CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?

Replied by D
Oz, KS
Mangosteen juice really seemed to help me, and other times drinking lots of water with lots of fresh lemon juice did the trick.
Replied by Liz
Sydney, Australia
Just in regards to the negative culture. A few years ago i was bothered by many bladder infections where the culture test was negative. Turns out i had endometriosis over my bladder, quite severely. I went to the gyno for what i thought was an unrelated problem who sent me to an endometriosis specialist who did surgery and found that my bladder was covered. Endo on the bladder can cause symptoms that mimic bladder infection but you will get a negative culture. After the operation the problem went away although it can return as there is no cure for endometriosis. Just a suggestion on a possible cause.

Apple Cider Vinegar  

Posted by Kathy (Santa Rosa, Ca) on 02/09/2016

[NAY]  I agree. This site recommends apple cider vinegar as a cure for just about everything and it gives me very painful bladder symptoms. I thought I had a bladder infection after taking it. Doctors did a full scope and tested for any sign of infection and found nothing, but I was in severe pain. Thankfully I found a product (containing D-Mannose, Uva-Ursi leaf extract, Blueberry, Cranberry, Dandelion Root, Taraxacum o cinale, Goldenrod, Goldenseal, Hydrastis canadensis, Parsley juice) which cleared it up. I didn't connect it to the ACV, though until I tried it again about a month later in warm water with honey. Bam! Pain was back again, so I made the connection. This is the first time where I have seen anyone else reacting poorly to ACV. My nerve pain is from a slip and fall in 2009 and I think I have an entrapped pudendal nerve. Can't sit very long without nerve pain. Have had nerve blocks, PT, chronic pain classes and am on Topomax and hydrocodone. Could really use some relief. I'm afraid of any surgery as any error could make it worse. Boo hoo. Everybody's got something, right? God Bless!

Posted by Poppy (Auckland, Nz) on 08/29/2015

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I drink Apple Cider Vinegar water EVERY day as a normal health tonic to keep my PH right and I drink home made Kombucha ( probiotic tonic) to keep me healthy. I love it!


I got a bladder infection, and I decided to really up the amount/ strength of drinking ACV per day, to attack it. I took an ACV bath. Yes, It took away the serious immediate pain quite soon, but it never got me cured. It MASKED the worst symptoms for 4 days, where one just feels on and off, a bit of a fever, drinking loads of fluids to flush, some extra sleep..still thinking I was going to get on top of it. And then the pain/ infection grew, bang! With a vengeance. I had to go to A and E at night, after 5 days, with a serious full blown bladder infection, white pee, which showed its severity within just a few hours. I had to get intravenous antibiotics.

I was on ACV, ACV and baking soda remedy, tried 2 tsp of sea salt in a glass of water, then half a tsp of baking soda in water several times...but after 5 days my bladder got really sick.

This is the second time this has happened, where ACV helps yes, getting rid of FIRST real painful signs. It gives one time to think and act...but it never cured me for good. I always need antibiotic help after 4 or 5 days, because infection is growing out of control silently, then blows up really fast and is excruciating. In the end I have lost a week feeling not great, and still need antibiotics.

Maybe ACV doesnt help with my UTI because my body is always alkaline due to ACV use every day? I do not understand why I never have good results.

I do not like using antibiotics, but it did a necessary job twice.

First call for me is always Earthclinic, and it has helped my family and pets heaps over the years. Thank you!

Replied by Bj
[YEA]   Poppy,

While I am a pro-advocate of ACV, it was not a protocol that worked for me for UTIs or bladder infections.

Having had too many UTIs to even count in the last 40 years, I researched long and hard to find something to prevent them rather than just treating them. Knowing that use of antibiotics caused me to have chronic candida issues, several years ago I began using Ted's borax protocol to eradicate the candida. The positive side effect that I have had is I have not had a UTI in 6 years. I have not had a recurrence of the kidney stone issue that I once had. (Once was more than enough).

I used the woman's dosage of 1/8 teaspoon in a liter (quart) of water, sipped throughout the day. I did 4 days on, 3 days off. I did this for several months. Then reduced it to every other month for several months. I now use the protocol several times a year, for a week or so, particularly before during and and after traveling as I tend to have issues with water in other parts of the country and the world. I take a small container of borax with me while traveling and just add a small pinch to water that I drink.

If I get even a small inkling that a UTI may be starting, I start drinking borax water, right away. And within the hour it disappears. In such cases I usually add a pinch to every glass of water throughout that day. It has always taken care of it.

No UTIs in 6 years, no antibiotics in 6 years. No craving sugar or starches either.

Hope this may,


Posted by Caroline S (Midwest, Usa) on 07/07/2015

[YEA]  Cured UTI twice with ACV. Once, right before a beach vacation I felt it coming on. Took 1-2 TB for 48 hours in 8 to 16 oz water for about 72 hours every 4 hours including at 3am. It was gone! Felt great.

Started a UTI feeling after antibiotic rounds. Again, cured using 72 hours of 1-2TB ACV with 8 oz water 3 times per day. I also chugged water. I did add 1 TSP of baking soda on day 1 - but it made me throw up! Ugh. Pure ACV works just fine.

PS - Most recently, I also use echinacea tincture. A few droper fulls into the mixture.

Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh
1 teaspoon of Baking Soda is way too much in 8 ounces of water. I put 1/4 teaspoon in a 33-ounce bottle of water with 2 Tablespoons of the organic ACV, and no problems at all, I.e., no throwing up!

Posted by Kasra (Terhan) on 03/07/2015

[YEA]  My girl friend woke me up one night told me she had:

- sharp, unbearable pain in her urether .

- a blocked urether, she couldn't pee although she felt her bladder was full

- blood clots in her urinate for days when she could pass urine .

She got UTI once before, she went through a long painful antibiotic therapy, and because of this experience she was so scared that it's going to get repeated .

She told me she used a pill called phenazopyridine which alleviates the pain in urinary tract and makes the color of urine reddish , we went to pharmacy and bought it just to buy some time to think and find a remedy, I came to this site and as I knew the benefits of ACV and I seriously believe in its magical results, she started :

- taking ACV diluted with water and sipping on it everyonce in awhile as much as she can

- washing her private parts ( specially the urether ) with higher concentrations of ACV than what she used to drink , let it stay in that condition for 10 minutes and wash herself with water .

she couldn't believe it , just after some hours :

- pain subsided

- she could pass urine ( not very fluently , not her whole bladder got emptied , but yet very much better than before )

She continued the process until she completely cured and reached to a fluent urination with a very clear transparent urine without any feeling of pain at all .

Thank you earth clinic and everybody sharing their priceless experiences and hope for a drug free world .

Posted by Carolyn (Nj) on 01/24/2015

[YEA]  I woke up in the night with urgency and within a half hour was urinating blood and unable to get off the toilet. I have had many UTI's before so knew immediately what it was. Got online and saw the apple cider vinegar remedy. I drank 1/4 cup of organic ACV with water and honey. I also filled a pyrex cup with half vinegar, half warm water and then (in the shower) held it cupped around my vagina for about 8-10 minutes (it's a bit awkward but worked). I have to say the relief was almost immediate and I could actually go back to bed and sleep for a bit. I did follow up with my Doctor this morning. I will definitely use this technique at the first inkling of trouble again.

Posted by Janine (Montana, Us) on 10/13/2014

[YEA]  Wow, I can't believe how much better I feel! I was getting a bladder infection tonight and went online to seek natural remedies for it after sitting on the toilet for half an hour trying to pee. I found posts about people taking baths with apple cider vinegar as well as taking it internally.

I didn't have much apple cider vinegar left in my bottle to be able to fill the tub with water and ACV, so I improvised and found an oval tupperwear container that was quite shallow. I filled 1/4 of it with Apple Cider Vinegar and the rest with hot but not scalding water. Then I squatted/perched over it, soaking my private parts in the Apple Cider Vinegar water. It eliminated the burning within 2 minutes. I stayed in this humorous position for about 10 minutes. I feel NO BURNING or PAIN or URGENCY TO PEE right now! I also took a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of water so I think that is going to help as well.

If you need immediate relief from a bladder infection, try this remedy. The immediate relief is truly amazing! By the way, I couldn't help but think as I was squatting in the tub that this is what women must have done in the olden days when there were no pharmacies to go to for relief. It feels like an ancient and comforting remedy, I must say. God Bless.

Replied by Janine
Montana, Us
Just wanted to follow up my post from 3 nights ago. The ACV bath worked! I have had no more bladder infection symptoms... zero! I did drink water with 1/8th teaspoon of baking soda for the next 24 hours to help with alkalinity.
Replied by Marciam
Michigan, US
[YEA]   I tried the apple cider vinegar with baking soda. After about a week, my bladder infection was gone. In addition, I used the soak which helped relieve the symptoms. Thank you! I don't like the medical treatments because I usually get a yeast infection afterwards.

Posted by Hellolove123 (New York) on 03/23/2014

[YEA]  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: 1 tbs diluted in 1 cup of water; twice a day.

Would get a UTI after sex even after peeing. Many times bleeding occurred. Medications helped, but who wants to rush to urgent care everytime you have sex?! Cranberry juice works, but would give me a yeast infection from all that sugar.

Went to the ER twice thinking something serious was wrong with me but it was just my acid reflux. Hospital bills sucked! I knew I had to do something quick.

I began taking ACV at the first stage of a UTI. My urine began to smell and would go to the bathroom more frequent. I knew it would be blood and pain soon after. I took a chance and began drinking apple cider vinegar 2 cups per day. UTI never came back and it's been months! CAUTION: During treatment, DO NOT drink coffee NOR tea, it will come right back. I didn't know about tea, and it began to come back. I had to take 3 cups that day.

Since taking ACV, my acid reflux have subsided! No bloating, no nausea, no heartburn, no acid build-up in my throat. I feel normal again and don't look pregnant!

Apple Cider Vinegar has been my savior! I continue to take the same dosage everyday as preventative. Try it out!

Posted by Teresa (Hiawassee, Georgia) on 03/17/2014

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar for UTI

A little over an hour ago I woke up and had the urge to pee. I could tell from the feeling it was going to be bad. I was right. I immediately put sea salt in a glass of water and gagged it down. It didn't help as much as I remember it helping previously, so I pulled up the Earthclinic site and read many of the ACV remedies. I put equal amounts of ACV and water, about a 1/4 cup each in a glass and drank it over about 15 minutes. I also had a tall glass of water to chase each gulp with. I read more testimonies while I waited for the time to pass. It's been about 45 minutes now and I feel about 85 percent better. If it is not completely better in a couple of hours I plan to try putting it in the bath and soaking. I will continue with ACV for several days, but based on multiple comments I don't think I will take it long term. I want this remedy to work when I need and I am concerned about building up a resistance to it. Thank you all.