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Bladder Infection
Natural Cures

Natural Cures for a Bladder Infection

Last Modified on Jan 12, 2016

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Posted by Terrisa (Lubbock, Tx) on 12/17/2009

[YEA]  Urinary Tract Infections

Between the age of 7 and 10, my daughter had multiple urinary tract infections. Our pediatrician even had us have the bladder and kidney ultrasound done! After her last UTI, she began having symptoms around 5 PM--after doctor's hours and I didn't want her to have to sit in an ER for hours suffering, so I went and got her that pyramidine that turns the urine orange, but makes the symptoms tolerable, when I found a new product that has the following ingredients (since we can't mention the brand name here): benzoic acid, methenamine,sodium salicylate. I gave her just 2 tablets and she started feeling better within 30 minutes, and urinated with a normal volume within an hour. The next morning when I took her to her pediatrician, they did an in office lab test and the test was negative for bacteria. Since then, I've felt the symptoms coming on myself, and so I've taken 2 tablets and it's taken care of the infection. I asked my daughter's pediatrician how it could work and she looked at the ingredients and said she didn't see how it works just by looking at the ingredients--but, it does and I'm very thankful--and, it didn't make me get the yeast infection that I would get from taking antibiotics. Hope this helps, and thank you for this website--had a horrible toothache at 4:30 this AM and read about using cloves powder so I packed my tooth and it worked miraculously! The two ibuprofen didn't work, but the cloves worked within 2 minutes. I love this website and have it in my favorites. Thank you, Terrisa

Pilates and Chiropractic Treatments  
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Posted by Jo (London, Uk) on 10/17/2009

[YEA]  recurrent bladder infections and irritable inflammed bladder beaten!

I struggled for 2 years to get this under control with antibiotics and natural remedies but I have finally been cured with pilates and chiropractic treatment. Also, you need to get the right antibiotics if you are willing to take them again but i wouldn't touch them unless you are willing to work your pelvic floors muscles and the easiest way is pilates. Your bladder may also be displaced and the nerves from your spine to your bladder may be trapped in some way. its worth getting checked. I was shocked to find i have scoliosis which explains my back ache and corrective treatment and pilates is giving me my life back from recurrent bladder infections. If you do not wish to take antibiotics again then you can use golden seal tincture. you can make it into a warm douche (let any alcohol evaporate first) and hold it inside for 15 mins, do this until you feel the infection is gone but do not use to long periods of time. I actually take oregano oil every night before bed 8 drops mixed with a tablespoon of codliver oil which is also good for inflammation.

if you do nothing else then do pilates and work those pelvic floor muscles....after only 3 1hr sessions 1 x per week my bladder feels like it should! I'm 31 by the way so I can't imagine how bad this could have got if I didn't treat it. please email me if you would like any more info as i know how desperate you can feel when these infections won't go away! best wishes

Plantain Tea  
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Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky) on 02/21/2013

[YEA]  I woke up in the night with terrible pain that I knew from previous experience was a bladder infection. Usually I take cranberry, but someone had recently told me about using Plantain Tea, so I tried it instead. I boiled water, poured it over a T. of plantain leaves, steeped for 15 minutes, and strained. I sweetened with a couple of drops of Stevia. I drank about 4 cups of it that day and felt fine by night. I had several cups a day for several more days to be sure. I also make sure to drink a half a gallon of water a day.

Probiotic Suppository  
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Posted by Sheila (Boise, Id) on 12/03/2012

[YEA]  I was feeling that 'twinge' of a UTI coming and I didn't want to take an antibiotic, or cranberry anything (cranberry can make things worse for some women due to an intolerance to d-mannose). I found someone's blog who wrote about the pH level of the vagina, with recommendations on staying healthy; one recommendation being the use of a probiotic suppository.

I tried drinking diluted ACV, but it wasn't catching on fast enough, so after rushing to the healthfood store I administered the recommended probiotic supplement as a vaginal suppository. After 30 minutes I wasn't sure if it was working, but after an hour the 'twinge' was gone as well as most of my stress. A vegetarian gel cap takes longer to dissolve, unless there is sufficient stomach acid.

For the first 3 hours, one capsule every hour, or each time after urinating. I'm using one capsule every 2 hours now. Drinking water. I also took a capsule orally figuring it wouldn't hurt to have one in the digestive system. The suppository was enough to nip the UTI in the bud, and urgent care office was avoided.

Be well, Sheila

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Posted by Kate (Kalamazoo, Michigan) on 02/03/2015

[YEA]  Hi everyone, I'm a long time reader on Earth Clinic and thought I'd post in case anybody is experiencing what I have been going through. Sorry for the length, I tend to be a bit wordy.

This all started 5 years ago when I got a new partner. I had dated this individual before and had gotten regular UTI's when intimate with him. This time, I got 3 (tested positive) UTI's in a row, over a period of maybe 6 months. So I spent a lot of time on serious rounds of anti-biotics. The symptoms would subside briefly and then I'd have another infection. After about 7 months, the tests for UTI's started coming back negative, but the symptoms were still very, very strong.

The doctor told me I had "cystitis" which if you don't know is an "incurable" inflammation of the bladder. I learned to live with the symptoms. It was quite unpleasant to say the least!

I also began to develop on and off vaginal yeast infections, which I treated with yogurt suppositories mostly. I began getting kidney pain, having regular shortness of breath, random abdominal pain and migraines. My previous partner and I had broke up at this point (infidelity issues on his side, which may or may not be relevant.) I went to the urgent care for random kidney/abdominal pain, who suggested possible appendicitis. That didn't feel right to me and I went home and continued having issues.

I became friends with a nutritional healer who told me I had a systemic candida infection. I went on a very strict diet for about 10 months, and all symptoms improved dramatically. Less pain with urination, much fewer headaches, abdominal pain gone, etc. However, when I recently went off the diet, all of the symptoms came rushing back! Kidney pain, yeast infection symptoms, and UTI symptoms. Well, all of these together do of course point to an infection of the urogenital system. But I had seen maybe 7 doctors and gotten nowhere.

I looked into trichomoniasis (which despite being incredibly common is not usually tested for), yeast, scar tissue in the vagina, bacterial vaginosis (even though I didn't have symptoms for that). A common way to treat all of them is with a hydrogen peroxide douche, 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed half and half with distilled water, 1-3 times a day. I told my nutritionist friend that I was going to do this - he recommended doing a douche with probiotics at night to re-inoculate the vagina.

I went out and bought one, I know we can't say the brand name but its very important that it's these specific strains so I'll write the strains: Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuter RC-14. I think I read years ago that these two strains were actually initially cultured out of the vagina of a healthy adult female.

I did the hydrogen peroxide douche last night, followed by two probiotic capsules orally and one in a tablespoon of water vaginally. This morning, I douched with the hydrogen peroxide again and took another probiotic orally. I'm planning on douching twice more today and doing a probiotic douche before bed.

The yeast infection symptoms are 98% gone, and the UTI symptoms have also subsided. This is the first time in 5 years that I've been without the UTI symptoms. I just browsed this article, which is about fungal infection in the bladder, kidneys, and vagina.

My guess (although of course it is a guess) is that I developed a fungal infection from all of the anit-biotics I took to clear the documented bacterial UTI's. Although I ate extremely large amounts of probiotics through supplements and fermented foods while on the candida cleanse, I think I did not get the right strain to colonize the vagina in all of my efforts.

I hope the good effects keep lasting, and hesitate to write so early as I don't want to get anyone's hopes falsely up. However, when I look at the reviews of this specific probiotic on amazon, it seems to help SO many people with any sort of women's troubles - UTI, yeast, vaginosis, that I thought I would write now just for that. It seems as though it may be akin to having a fecal transplant for patients with severe intestinal issues. I believe that the probiotic is helping more than the douching.

I hope this helps someone; this site has helped me so much. Good health and blessings to all.

Probiotics, Uva Ursi, Teapills  
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Posted by Dlin (Usa) on 01/18/2015

[YEA]  For me there are 3 components to successfully getting rid of a UTI or bladder infection in addition to drinking more water and cranberry concentrate (unsweetened). The alkaselzer method will help with reducing pain but won't actually kill the bacteria causing the problem.

1. Probiotics are absolutely necessary to keep this type of infection away. Adding Probiotics can be as simple as the kind you get at a healthfood store or a specific kind for females. Females have 2 specific kinds of friendly bacteria that are not found in males. The jarrow brand FEM is fantastic at assisting repopulation and the only one I have found with the female related probiotic strains.

2. Uva Ursi assists with antibacterial properties - the liquid form is best for acute UTI - be aware it may create a herx (healing crisis) feeling/symptoms if lots of bacteria is present.

3. 8 Righteous Teapills

For me, it takes 5-10 days to get rid of the majority of the symptoms.

Red Fruit Herbal Tea  
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Posted by Leah (Jerusalem, Israel) on 08/05/2012

[YEA]  During the last year, I've gotten several very painful (with blood also) Urinary Tract Infections - I've never had them in my life before this year.

I have found a GREAT way to prevent them. When I start to get the symptoms, dull pain during urination, totally *clear* urine - I IMMEDIATELY drink a hot glass of red herbal tea - cranberry tea is the best, but any red fruit herbal tea does the job just as well. It's really a race against time because the infection comes on fast, so I always carry the tea bags with me in my purse. I only use 1/2 glass of boiled water so that the tea gets more concentrated and I drink it down as fast as I can. It stops the symptoms right away. Amazing. Hope this helps you also!!

P.S. - This site has *literally* saved my life and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I really feel the love coming off these pages. You really do care about saving your fellow human beings. May God bless you all with only good things in life!! Shalom from the Holy Land. :)

Remedies for Recurrent UTI  
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Posted by Merrykaylady (Tempe, Az, Usa) on 06/21/2013

[YEA]  free ---from uti and bladder infection at last!!!

i have been dealing with this a long time= years... here is what i did and it worked by trial and error.

first of all i don't think you can ever be completely cured but you can help yourself a lot doing the following right when it starts. if this is chronic for you... you will know when it starts as i have. i hardly ever have a problem now by following these things.

@@@@ i recommend something that no one talks about---correct wiping. ladies even tho you are wiping correctly---be sure to buy some wet cloths so you can properly clean yourself after a b. m. if any bacteria is left on the outside it can work it's way to the front. this is critical and so easy to include in your daily habits. no one ever mentions this and it is so important.

@@@@ buy (now) slippery elm herbs and when your uti starts take two at night every night until you feel better. slippery elm will draw bacteria out of that area. it is true if you are having a colon toxic build up, and don't know it, bacteria can work it's way to the bladder hence uti.

@@@@ buy hibiscus herbs.... not just any though--it must be gaia and take as directed. increase if need be as i did. i went through three bottles of this and now i'm 95% cured. same as with slippery elm.

@@@@ keep your bladder flushed out with water and lemon or just water. drink two glasses upon rising in the morning to flush impurities out.... then one or two glasses before retiring.

@@@@ buy uva ursi extract and take 30 drops day and night.

@@@@ during the day do not hold your pee.... get rid of those impurities asap.

These are simple things to do and not very complicated. If you need to email me please feel free to do so. I have been wanting to post this for a long time but couldn't remember the website... I'm so happy I did my human duty for everyone... I really hope I have helped those that are in pain----as I said I am free---95% free and I am overjoyed over that! I just keep my eye on it with the above plan. God bless everyone.

Replied by Kathy
The Usa
I use witch hazel.

Rock Salt  
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Posted by Beth (San Francisco, CA) on 01/15/2008

[YEA]  UTI and rock salt. I so did not believe this would work, but it did I was shocked.

Sea Salt  
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Posted by Darlene (Otto, Nc, Usa) on 08/23/2012

[YEA]  A couple of nights ago my 83 yr. old mother was complaining... Whenever she went to urinate she was burning very badly, and felt she had to go constantly. I looked up Ted's sea salt remedy and made her a glass (1tsp. Sea salt in glass warm water) to sip on before bed; the next morning she said there was no more burning, and she felt much better... And not having to constantly go to the bathroom. Thanks Ted! So thankful to have you and earth clinic.

Replied by Conni
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I suggest being very cautious using the sea salt remedy. I tried using just half a teaspoon, and within an hour had blood in my urine (or something pink, with a few lumps). This cleared up in about 3 hours, drinking more water with no salt. (I found that now I had an aversion to salt.) Some of us may be more sensitive to salt and I am guessing it was overloading my kidneys and creating stress. I'm not sure about this--just suggesting caution. Seems to me that large quantities of water everyone thinks is good. Stick with this and instead of using a whole teaspoon of salt (or even half like I tried), just add a little soy sauce to taste, and make it to your taste level. Your body will know if you need more salt or not to replace electrolyte balance from the water drinking.

Posted by Kendra (Richland, Wa) on 11/27/2011

[YEA]  Hi Ted,

Just wanted to thank you for your site again. I forgot to vote "Yes" for the sea salt remedy for UTIs. Last January, my family was moving and everyone but me was on antibiotics for one ailment or another. I don't like to take antibiotics because I tend to get candida flare ups, so I started drinking pure, sugar-free cranberry juice like I normally do to make a UTI go away. Plus, I take one cranberry pill, probiotics, and pre-biotics on a daily basis at night.

Well, surprisingly the cranberry juice did not do the trick this time, so I found your site and read about the sea salt remedy. I think I took 1 tsp in one glass of warm water before bedtime. The next morning, things felt 85% better but not 100%, so I repeated the process the next night. Voila! It was gone and I didn't have to go get antibiotics. Now I throw a little bit (maybe 1/8 tsp) of sea salt into my water every night before I go to bed as a preventative measure. I don't use salt on my food, and I only use sea salt for cooking. I haven't had a UTI since even though there have been times (holidays, birthday parties) when I've eaten a lot of sugar. However, as I mentioned previously, I take acidophilus, a candida-eating probiotic, prebiotics, and cranberry pills every night along with my other natural supplements. I hope this info helps everyone! Oh, btw, I am a 40 year old female in good health. Thanks again.


Posted by Octavia (Knoxville, Ga.) on 04/12/2011

[YEA]  Thank you, thank you, thank you Ted!! I have been suffering for a week and a half with a TERRIBLE bladder infection. I have tried every remedy in the book, not wanting to resort to antibiotics. I tried D - Mannose, Uva Ursi, Baking Soda, ACV - NOTHING would touch this! As a last resort yesterday, I decided to try the Sea Salt Remedy. I did as Ted instructed and took 1 tsp. of sea salt disolved in a glass of water, then I purchased some unsweetened cranberry concentrate (100% juice) from the health food store. I drank about 3 or 4 glasses during the day, of the juice mixed with water, according to the directions on the bottle, and by yesterday evening everything was SO much better. I woke up last night and went to the restroom and for the first time in nearly two weeks - NO PAIN! I have just drank water since last night before bedtime, and each time I have gone to the restroom STILL NO PAIN. Everything feels pretty much normal now. No bacterial odor in the urine, no burning upon urination, no painful bladder cramps or urgency - NOTHING! I really believe that this infection is GONE! Ted you are a lifesaver. Thank you for this WONDERFUL REMEDY!!

Replied by Lacey
Allegan, Michigan
I hope this works. I have been in pain all day, and it came out of nowhere. The pain us women go thru is terrible!

Posted by Grannyguru (Oro Valley, Az, Usa) on 04/06/2011

[YEA]  This is the first time I have ever had a urinary tract infection. I hope it's the last time. I took the ACV but it still hurt. Then I read Ted's sea salt remedy and tried that. Wow! The pain is entirely gone! In just minutes. So far it has stayed away, just a hour or two later. I'm going to continue with cranberry juice etc. Thank you Ted! Alice

Replied by Wishingyouwell
Gentle Earth, Ks
I believe Adele Davis, in one of her books, recommended magnesium for bladder infections.

Posted by Kd (Lexington, Ky) on 11/12/2010

[YEA]  I had my first bladder infection in years and it was miserable! There was no way I would go to a doctor or take antibiotics so as usual whenever I have a health issue my first stop is Earth clinic! I knew some of the things to try, like the ever reliable ACV and D-mannose, but also learned about Uva Ursi. I faithfully took all these and they did provide a lot of relief from the symptoms but nothing was completely curing it. As the week dragged on I thought there must be something wrong with me since I wasn't able to get it to stop and so many had written in that ACV cured them in just a few days.

So I decided to give Ted's remedy of drinking sea salt in water - Thank you Ted! After just one glass it was cured and I waiting several weeks to write this just to make sure it was gone. While all the other remedies did help and I would definitely recommend them for relief, the sea salt water ultimately was the cure. If you're reading this you are probably feeling completely miserable so give it a try, it can't hurt!

Posted by Anonymous (Spokane, Washington) on 05/05/2008

[YEA]  A while ago I had a bladder or urinary tract infection. (I am unsure because I didn't go to a doctor.) There wasn't much pain except for when I was done urinating. It seemed like my body was trying to push more out than it had. During this time I always had the strong urge that I needed to urinate. When I'd go it be a very small amount of urine. This had went on for a little more than a week when I then noticed blood when I wiped. Knowing that that was a very bad sign it was either a trip to the doctors or search the internet. I came across the remedy of drinking Sea Salt. That night I drank a teaspoon of Sea Salt in water. About an hour after doing so it felt as if my body was trying to cleanse itself. It gave me a loose stool and urinating felt the same. I decided to wait a couple of days before attempting either more sea salt or if it had gotten worse to go to the doctor. A couple days later I was fine. No more discomfort or blood in my urine. A teaspoon of Sea Salt in warm water did help a lot. I would recommend trying it.