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Bladder Infection
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Natural Cures for a Bladder Infection

Last Modified on Nov 25, 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar
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Posted by Mary (Nevada City, CA) on 02/06/2007

[YEA]  I had great luck last year with d-mannose - and when I told my friends about it, they tried it too - ext me they needed it. They were also amazed at how quickly it worked. But I gave so much away that I didn't have any left when I felt a UTI coming on today. Normally these haven't reversed themselves and I was concerned - so I came back to your site wondering about ACV for a UTI. I have had a few doses today (2 TBL in water) and I think the problem is almost completely gone!

Replied by Gigialex
West Sacramento, Ca, Usa
I am a huge fan of Apple Cider Vinegar. I read on this website awhile back that it is effective in treating sinus infections. I now drink it daily mixed with tea and local honey which has made a HUGE difference with my sinus infections. When I recently ended up with a bladder infection I decided to try to apple cider vinegar to treat it since I do not like taking antibiotics. In the meantime, I went in and did a urinalysis and urine culture (which ended up coming back clear). The ACV seemed to help immensely with my symptoms. Whenever I started to feel bladder symptoms I drank a glass of tea mixed with apple cider vinegar. I was amazed that my symptoms seemed to get better until I started to have back pain about couple of weeks later. The back pain started as a general achy feeling in my back... Almost like the flu. I had been exposed to the flu at my daughter's birthday party so I figured I must be fighting it off. I probably wasn't drinking as much water as I sould have been at this time either. I went for about a week with the sore back when I suddenly developed a low grade fever, nausea and severe fatigue. I started to put two and two together that maybe I had developed a kidney infection. I went back to the doctor the next day and did another urinalysis and urine culture. The urinalysis came back with white blood cells and a small amount of protein in my urine which meant kidney infection. Two days later the culture came back with the specific bacteria so they knew how to treat it. I am now taking a disgusting antibiotic called Cipro to treat the kidney infection. I hate taking the antibiotics and certainly prefer natural remedies but I won't mess around when my kidneys are involved. My warning is to listen to your body. Even if you feel as though all of your bladder symptoms are gone, if you start to feel back pain or flu like symptoms or have blood in your urine, contact your doctor ASAP.

Posted by Michelle (Kanab, Utah) on 01/30/2007

[YEA]  I had a kidney stone and was having a hard time passing it. I started taking apple vinegar cider in red raspberry tea after the second cup almost all my pain was gone. It also helps clear up blatter infections.

Posted by Anonymous on 10/07/2006

[YEA]  Organic Apple Cider vinegar, with the "mother" (the floating pulp) in the bottle, for a urinary tract infection. Two tablespoons to eight ounces of distilled water. Drink at least four times a day, but more if possible. Also, for a really sever UTI, try four tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar to sixteen ounces of distilled water. It cured my UTI last year, in less than one day. I felt relief almost instantly. I just got another UTI this past week, and the Apple Cider Vinegar worked again.

Replied by Julia
Box Elder, Sd, Usa
[YEA]   I have had a uti for about a week thought I had it under control with cranberry pills, but I was wrong it came back with a vengence! So I tried ACV and WOW! This ACV works fast, I feel so much better now, I'll keep taking it for a few days and then see what happens but I feel so much better "thanks ACV".

Posted by Rami (Santa Cruz, CA) on 09/07/2006

[YEA]  This is how I cured my bladder infection. I had such frequent urge to urinate, and burning sensation I was going nuts. I could hardly fall asleep, and I could not be comfortable the entire day. After the initial infection, I had a low grade fever, with soreness and chills that lasted for three days. I followed the natural healing perscription based on my studies of the theory of Toxemia and disease, and as soon as I acknowledged my fever, I stopped eating, I also had little appetite.

After three days, I stayed really warm, and took very hot bath's, my fever left. But the burning urination only improved about 20%.

The improvement was largely from Apple Cider vinegar which I was consuming as often as I could tolerate. I noticed it was not helping too much, so I tried Echniacea tincture, and Goldenseal Tincture, frequently during the fast, they where of little help. My kidney's where aching, and I could feel my veins pulsating throughout my urinary system and lymph system.

I was getting desperate, I bought Oregano Oil extract from Gaia herbs. This instantly made me feel about 50% better, and my whole body relaxed. Even though I was gradually improving by this point, the Oregano Oil was not working as well as I would have liked.

I consulted with an acupuncturist, she recommended Uva Ursi and the Chinese formula Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan, which also has a different name, but is the same formula. Anyway, both of those last two treatments, especially together, where magic. Thank you to all the people in the world who created Chinese medicine and its herbs. Instead of the typical dose of three pills, I took like 8-10. After I took the pills, my body would feel feverish, and it would feel like I was getting worse, in reality, the pills helped expell the toxins, a few hours later, I would feel much better.

It took about 2 weeks to heal. I never went and saw a doctor. I am still at 95%, but I keep getting better every day, and I no longer feel sick, and the urge to urninate frequently is almost entire gone. I hope this helps you!

Replied by London
Sandusky , Ohio
[YEA]   Apple cider vinegar IN CONJUNCTION with Echinacia herb pills 3 350mg pills 3 times a day cured my bladder infection. Also, I drank lemon water thru out the day too with this. 1 lemon a day

Posted by A Falco (Hamilton, Ont.) on 10/12/2005

[YEA]  I have re-occurancces of bladder infections. I either used anti-biotics or pills from a naturalpath doctor--but I have discovered acv and it works. 2tsp. in a glass of water 6 to 8 times a day for 3 days and reduce as you feel better. I feel more active as well.

Posted by collette (gaway, ireland)

[NAY]  hi,this is a great site,just found it yesterday as looking for a relief from recurring sinus problem including painful sores on inside tip of nose...not nice! also had just finished taking medicine for cystitus and was all clear. took the 2 tblsp/8oz water and honey last night....loosened mucus almost immediately. but woke at 5 this morn with that burning urinary pain and wonder did the acid in the vinegar trigger the problem again? drinking cranberry juice now..... would really like to give the acv a good go but dont know what to do now!!! please help and god bless

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
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Posted by Gale (Clifton, Nj) on 03/21/2015

[YEA]  After experiencing sleepless nights owing to UTI urgent bathroom visits even after days of antibios - found baking soda in water and organic apple cider vinegar in water suggestions. First I tried them separately because couldn't imagine them together. Two tbls. ACV in 8 oz water. One tsp. baking soda in 8 oz water. Each 2x a day. Bladder cramping stopped after a few hours after waking and each subsequent slept longer without bathroom visits. Finally, tried 1/2tsp. baking soda in 2 tbls. ACV(organic) in 8 oz. water and was delighted to find it was not salty or vinegary but like an unsweetened mildly carbonated soda. I was planning on using Stevia if necessary but it wasn't needed at all.

I don't know about arthritis, constipation, or blood pressure but the UTI is under control. I was literally losing my mind from lack of sleep and discomfort even with 10 days of antibios. It was the BS and ACV in water 2-3x a day that made the difference. First, separately and now together. I intend to continue this as part of my diet forever.

Amazing! Thanks.

Replied by Nplife
Ohio, US
Hello, I am new to this site but I was just researching UTI and accidently came across this site, and wanted to offer some advice. There is a natural way to treat UTIs that is supported by evidence based research; it is call D-mannose. It is a sugar that binds to bacteria and is eliminated through the urine. It has been show to significantly reduce UTIs. It is safe enough to use daily and helps to prevent reoccurrence. Hope it helps.

Posted by Norm (Asheville, Nc) on 12/23/2013

[YEA]  I'm a 67 year old male who had ignored a urinary tract discomfort until it woke me up at 2:30 with acute pain. I read about the apple cider vinegar and baking soda cure, and went for it with 2 Tbs. of vinegar and the touch of baking soda. Back in bed it felt as if my whole body were being alkalized. After continuing with the treatment for 3 days, all the symptoms have gone, and I am grateful to this site for it's simple, effective wisdom.

Posted by Sasha (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 12/10/2012

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda cleared my UTI infection. I had two urine tests done before I started taking it and it showed that I had a UTI. Went here on earth clinic to search up remedies and started taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1/4 baking soda in a full glass of water. I did this 2 times a day after meals... I wanted to do it 3 times but I didnt want to drink after 6 pm (because I would be urinating all night). I did this remedy for 4 days. I went to another doctor to take a urine test and they called me to tell me that my test came back negative! Which means my urine was normal! Oh my god, I was so happy!! So it really does work! I'll keep you updated because I still had an appointment so see a Urologist so i'm going to double check one more time with him which is good. So please, try this remedy - it is AMAZING. Thank you earth clinic!

Posted by Tupelohonee (Tupelo, Ms) on 02/02/2012

[YEA]  Thank you for this site! I don't take any prescription medicines unless absolutely necessary (pain med for tooth extraction - only needed it for one day), so I really didn't want to have to do antibiotics for a bladder infection. I was having painful urination, and there was mild discomfort before and afterward.

I tried the baking soda in the morning and noticed that my frequency cut down first, from an hour to two hours between bathroom visits. By that afternoon the discomfort that stayed with me after a "visit" had diminished. I took another dose in the afternoon, and this morning there are no symptoms at all! I can imagine the acidity in my system came from too many desserts. I'd also had a shot of ACV mixed with lemon juice, water, and Stevia after something sweet yesterday, to keep my blood sugar from rising. I hadn't been doing that for a while.

Today, I'll continue both, since I've seen sites since then that said to mix the two. I'll rinse with water afterwards, (to protect tooth enamel), and skip two days after 5 days, as suggested on one of these sites. I need to make sure my ph level is more alkaline.

Thanks, Earth Clinic, for having such a great place to go for natural remedies. I'm adding you to my favorites bar!!

Replied by Molly
[YEA]   I never usually write comments on websites.. BUT in this case I just wanted to write a huge thank you to everyone who has put their advice on about UTIs. It has been such a help with my battle, both emotionally and practically to know that others are also going through the same thing. So thank you for all the tips. For those just starting with their UTI: I would suggest if taking antibiotics, to firstly make SO sure you are also taking probiotics. In conjunction, I used a combination of diluted hydrogen peroxide in baths, and as a wash (check label for dilution required), apple cider vinegar in diluted water daily, drunk lots of water, (did not drink cranberry juice due to high sugar levels, ) cutting out all caffeine and cut down significantly on sugar, took probiotics - the ones specifically designed for women. I also made sure not to use any shower gels etc? There is hope! It has got much better and am waiting to go get final check with the doctor. Good luck everyone. Also as one final note, although the doctor will be helpful in prescribing an antibiotic - they do not seem particularly interested in recommending alternative solutions.. so don't be surprised if they ignore anything that you quote that is not 'prescription medicine'!!! Stay strong!

Posted by Jenk40 (Seattle, Wa, USA) on 08/28/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Warning: ACV and Baking Soda for UTI. I woke up and realized I was getting a UTI this morning so I came to EC site to find out what I could do without having to use antibiotics. I saw all the positive responses for ACV so I tried that. I put 2 tbsp into to 2 cups of water and drank it down. 20 minutes later I was still in pain so tried again; 2 tbsp ACV in 2 cups water. 40 minutes went by, nothing. Then read that some had needed to add baking soda to the mix. So I put another tbsp of ACV and mixed with 1 tbsp baking soda. In less than 15 minutes the pain had subsided. However, shortly after started having watery diarrhea. I had read in another persons post that people who are experiencing stomach problems should be careful with the ACV/baking soda mixture because it can act as a laxative, but for some reason didn't pay attention. Well, my stomach has been touchy lately and this definitely made it worse. It helps with the infection, but may cause other problems. I don't recommend this cure to someone with stomach issues.

Replied by Jenk40
Seattle, Wa, USA
I have a question for Ted. I took 1 tbsp ACV and 1 tbsp baking soda together for UTI and it has caused watery diarrhea now for over 24 hours. Can you please recommend anything that will help?
Replied by Cena
Glendale, Az
To the person who commented saying they drank a whole tablespoon of baking soda, that's probably what messed you up. The recommended dose is one TEASPOON baking soda per one CUP of water. I lowered it myself to an 1/8 of a teaspoon and 2 tablespoons of ACV in the tallest glass I had full of filtered water. I did this twice a day and it cured me of my bloody urine within 24 hours and I barley notice anything anymore when I pee. I think one more day and i'll be good as new. Thank God for this site!

Posted by Margaret (Ucluelet, British Columbia Canada) on 02/05/2009

[YEA]  I looked up your site after a bladder infection came on quite suddenly late in the day. I havn't had many of them so my first response would be to immediately get in a doctors visit especially since there was blood in my urine.This couldn't happen until the following morning but having to work I needed something right away. I remembered reading about baking soda helping but then I read all of the successes from your site about acv.I had some on hand and I followed the advise from one of your postings to start off flushing the bladder and voiding by drinking large quantites of water- 8 oz. or more and after an hour or so I started with the acv. I used two tablespoons in about 8OZ. of water and did this almost on the half hour. After about four hours I was still experiencing painful urination and blood but the urgency was easing up some. It was getting close to bed time and I decided to try some baking soda - two teaspoons in 8oz. of water. Within half an hour the urgency was definitly subsiding. Before bed I took on more dose of acv and took two anti- inflamatories. I slept on the couch so my husband could sleep. Amazingly I only had to get up twice to urinate and the pain was definitly better with much less blood.I was able to sleep and in the morming - much to my grateful relief I had no pain and the blood was gone. I took another dose of baking soda and after about a half hour took another dose of acv. I called to cancell my doctors appt. I made it through my day at work even though I wasn't drinking as much water as I probably should have because I couldn,t take all the bathroom braeks- I didn't have the urge to go. Today I am home flushing my system some more and feeling very good. I will continue with the acv . I took the baking soda this morning and will take another dose this evening. I am so impressed with my recovery and the power of this remedy. I will be using acv for its tonic and curative effects daily in my life.

Replied by Linda
Los Angeles, California
Yes! This seems to work!! Its only been three days, but I'm feeling back to normal, and I had another one my SEVERE UTI episodes, to where I thought I would need Cipro again as my usual herbal remedy techniques including just staright apple cider vinegar, were not working at all. It felt the way it did before I got a kidney infection, so this was an advanced bladder infection. What I did::

I've been drinking a TON of fluids, constantly. Fruit juice and ice with dilited purrified water, TEA, water, Apple cider vinegar staight, 1/4th of a cup first thing UPON rising in the morning on an EMPTY STOMACH, (very inportant). Most people cannot do this, and it is, indeed, highly unpleasant, especially if you have stomach/heartburn problems/issues, but this has worked for me and UTI's in the past, but I pretend in my mind that Im drinking at the bar and taking a shot of some crazy strong alcohol, lol!

Then twice a day, I fill a large glass of water, and two capfuls or more, apple cider vinegar, than 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, and drink throughtout the day. The first day, (while you are in extreme and uncomfortable pain) I just chugged it. Once in the morn, fixed another concotion, nursed it thru-out the day, (along with other fluids, juice tea, etc) then chugged another concoction before goin to bed.

I'm gonna continue this for another week, altho I feel completely symptom free. I'm not chugging anymore, I'm just gonna nurture 2 glasses of this thru-out the day, (morning evening) I am so glad to be pain free, my God. I feel like Im going to die, it gets so bad, I was crying!

Also, becuz I'm fighting a cold, Ive been taking goldenseal tincture, and Grapefruit seed extract in empty gel caps twice daily aswell. Ive read before, both these herbs do indeed help with UTI's =, so they may be helping aswell. I feel a dropperful of goldenseal tincture in a gel cap in the morn, and about 6-10 drops grapefruit seed extract in another cap and take that in the morn, and do again both in the evening...

Posted by Harriet (Milton, GA, USA) on 01/10/2009

[YEA]  Baking soda and ACV cured my chronic Urinary Tract Infections. I was desperate to find relief one weekend, when I didn't want to go to "Urgent Care" which costs three times as much as a regular co-pay, so I consulted Earth Clinic. I took 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda (the organic kind from Bob's Red Mill with no aluminum) mixed with a tablespoon of ACV four times the first day, then 3 times the second day, twice the third day and it was completely gone!! Thank you for this amazing site!

Posted by Dominique (Seattle, Washington, USA) on 11/07/2008

Re acidic level of urine in helping finding the status of UTI. My pharmacist told me thet it should be acidic 6 or below. I was surprised that he felt ok with the vinegar but not the baking soda which in his opinion could cause acid reflex. I would love some feedback on this. I just bought some strips to measure the acid/alkaline levels in my urine and sure would like to a second, 3rd or more opinion in this matter
Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Replied by Leilani
Seattle, WA
[YEA]   I woke up with what felt like a bladder infection. These are my journal notes:

Day 1:

These used to be a massive reoccuring problem. Unfortunately I have been neglectful of the things that keep them at bay for me [which include regular vitamin c and good water intake.] So, I'm trying an at home remedy today and if it persists, I swear I'll take the uristat [pain drugs] and go to the doc for some antibiotics. We'll see how it goes... So far, this is my plan for the day: no sugars, less carbs, more water, vitamin C, and drinking a shot of plain unfiltered organic ACV [apple cider vinegar] in a big glass of water every other big glass of water. Drinking teas with no soy milk no sugar or honey that are natural as well. *fingers crossed*

This morning: deep bladder ache feeling [stitch in side kind of pain]. Frequent urge to urinate and barely no flow when I did. Ache increased when urinating and afterwards. No back pain [whacked myself just to be sure.] Also realizing I ate a ton of sugar last week when I had a cold virus including - cough drops, sipping honey stuff constantly, etc.= Self- diagnosed UTI. Haven't had one in years...

The home-remedy regime:

One 16 oz. glass of water, 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, and 1 tsp. baking soda
Followed over time by 2 16 oz. glasses of water

Then 1 cup of herb tea.
Additionally no sugars or extra carbs today - just eating chicken soup I made this weekend.

So far I've done the above twice today.

Other things I've done today:
+ 1x a day 1 tsp sea salt in warm water 6 oz or so
+ taking ester C - 500 mg at every meal

By the end of the day:

Very mild, deep pressure pain in bladder. Urinating large quantities and reasonably often every 30-60 minutes. No pain with urination.

I'd be interested in getting some cranberry extract or capsules and oregano oil as well in the home remedy options. Oh, well there's a bright side to all this. Two things: one I'll probably loose more weight as result of this.

Day 2:

So I did my thing yesterday as I outlined 4x total yesterday with the baking soda & ACV. [ack that s*** tastes bad].

Wrapped up the day yesterday with a hot bath with yet more baking soda and ACV. Yes, I didn't just drink it I bathed in it. It's actually kinda nice for a bath. And lastly, I took a ester C every time I woke last night to get up to pee because believe me I had to get up a couple times.

Today, I started the day with more ACV & baking soda. uck! And tea and water. I'll try to down the ACV & baking soda mixture three times today with lots of water as well. Continuing with the very minimal carbs and no sugars.

How do I feel: pretty much fine. No urgency. No discomfort when urinating or after. Very very mild awareness of my bladder which could be infection related or could because I still am peeing every 30-60 minutes since I'm drinking so many fluids. Oddly, yesterday I was wired after all that water & ACV.I slept in a little today. I'm hopeful at this point that I'm kicking this and it's going away. *fingers crossed*

Day 3:

I tried to exercise a little [light of my normal routinge = pushups and a number of situps, squats, etc.] That and the dose of apple cider vinegar & baking soda this morning made my tummy unhappy. But other than that, I now seem to be feeling generally ok. I had a little sugar today in my tea [as in sweetened rice milk] and had Vietnamese feast including rice noodles and table sauce which includes sugar. I feel a little hyper from all the good food but my tummy has stopped hurting [all that damn apple cider vinegar] and carbs taste good! I still had a couple esterC's today with lots of water today. Generally, I'm feeling mostly ok and not so damn scatter brained as yesterday [two days no carbs & sugar makes me dumb.] I seem to be going to the bathroom like a normal highly hydrated person and eating pretty ok. *fingers crossed*

Day 4:

I'm feeling even better today. Eating normally but less sugar over-all. Still taking ester C and doing 2-3 doses of ACV & baking soda a day. Mygoddess real food tastes good. Oh, and I realized I could sweeten the home remedy with stevia. doh. It's still nasty but not nausea-making. I'm thinking I'm through the woods but just being careful.

Over Day 4-6 drank unsweetened cranberry juice with stevia.

After Day 4 on...

Continuing to drink good amounts of water, take normal doses of Ester C, and taking at least one shot of ACV [2 tsp.s] every morning followed by big glass of water. Stopped ACV & Baking soda combination.

After Day 4 symptoms, seem to have gone. It's been a week since my first symptoms. And I feel normal and good. I've lost some weight which is a nice side benefit. Hope this helps someone else; it's nice to have to take antibiotics and throw off the whole system.

Thank you for this website!!!

Posted by Martha (Chantilly, VA) on 10/27/2008

[YEA]  ACV cured my UTI. I have had UTIs before so recognized the symptoms. 9 PM Saturday two wks before this post, started having minor symptoms. By Sunday night, knew for sure it was a UTI. Started drinking lots of water, which I should have done earlier. By 4 AM, pain was terrible and couldn't sleep so logged on the Internet and found your website. I tried the ACV with a little baking soda. I used 6 tbsp ACV the first dose and then 3tbsp ~every 6 hours with water. I consumed 10 oz over 48 hour period. The pain was gone within 2 hours of the first dose. I also started having back pain about the same time I got the UTI. Two days no coffee, very little sleep intense back pain, I thought maybe the UTI had moved into my kidneys. I went to the doctor on the 3rd day, doctor confirmed no UTI. And he said I could have coffee - life had meaning again. The back pain turned out to be unrelated from physical activity I had done on the weekend. More importantly, doctor confirmed UTI was gone after 3 days of vinegar. Since then, I've continued to consume ACV - just a few teaspoons to my diet each day. Add a little stievia and water with the unfiltered ACV, add a little baking soda and it makes a fizzy drink. Not bad. Thank you for your website.