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Natural Cures

Natural Cures for Arthritis

Last Modified on Nov 15, 2015

Devils Claw
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Posted by Pat (Coventry, England) on 10/07/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have been on devils claw now for around 3 to 4 weeks. I take 1200mg ( 2 capsules) morning and night. Since being on the medication my pain is still there but much less. It is definitely worth giving it a try. It is widely used in Germany and France and has undergone clinical trials.


Dietary Advice
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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 04/05/2012

Here is an excellent article for anyone with arthritic type complaints. It is entitled: "ARTHRITIS, A NEEDLESS CRIPPLER" by Dr. John R. Christopher

From the article 3 things can improve the condition even if nothing else is done.

1. eliminate meat from the diet
2. eliminate refined sugar from diet
3. drink plenty of "distilled water"

The article is excellent. It talks about how inorganic calcium in water builds up around the joints. Red meat contains uric acid which exacerabates the problem. ACV helps to dissolve the calcium build up. Herbs to take are also recommended.

I also recommend Dr. Christopher's book on natural healing. He was somewhat of a guru on natural healing and also has an amazing personal story.

Posted by Bibi (Fairhope, AL) on 12/29/2005

Eliminate ALL dairy products if you have arthritis. Eliminate other mucous causing foods like flour as well. Arthritis is a disease of toxicity so it is about getting the bad stuff out more than anything else. Consider colonic irrigation if you are unable to do a juice fasting. If you eat meat, do so with proper food combining (do not eat protein with starch, eat fruit alone, etc.

Posted by Michelle (Sun prairie, WI)

Eat no raw tomatoes or peppers to get rid of arthritis. Eat grapes and pineapple to counter act arthritis. Stop taking advil or other pain relievers. It will take time.

Dried Dates
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Posted by Edward (Norwich, United Kingdom) on 02/14/2009

[YEA]  I have suffered from arthritis for years and have tried several types of medications.Most give pain-killing results but with side effects. Feeling hungry one evening, I ate a large handful of dried dates, and next morning I felt like a different person. All pain had gone! Why is this? Have I discovered a miracle cure? Could others try this, to confirm or refute. I double checked the food I had eaten the previous couple of days, but the only item that was unusual was the dates. Your's Edward.

Emu Oil
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Posted by Suzy (Eugene, Or) on 08/29/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I ordered Emu oil and Emu Oil cream for my 92 year old grandmother from Amazon and had it shipped directly to her. The oil arrived yesterday and she applied it to her knees and feet using a kleenex. She reported to me that the pain from the arthritis in the knees vastly improved within 15 minutes. She said she did not notice improvement in her feet (neuropathy) but she is going to continue to use it on both areas. The cream was shipped separately and she has not recieved it yet. I have asked her to keep me updated on her symptoms and perception of the pain decrease.

Epsom Salts
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Posted by susan (brisbane, australia) on 01/19/2008

[YEA]  I have been taking epsom salts all year every morning a few spinkles in my 500m water bottle (room temp water) and my aches and pains have all but disappeared. I remember my grandmother always put epsom salts in her tea each morning just a few sprinkles and she said so she did not get arthritus. Well I have to say I think it works but what I want to know is too much bad for you internally anyone know thanks.

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Posted by Pareetp (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/07/2009

[YEA]  best remedy for arthritis would be 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds soaked in 1 cup of water....boil it all together in morning .....drink the water and eat the fenugreek seeds.......gr8 for arthritis...tried n tested by my grandmoms

Fire Ant Bites
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Posted by Teresa (Nacogdoches, Texas) on 09/13/2009

[YEA]  Fire Ant Remedy for Arthritis

Back in the day when doctors weren't readily available people who worked in the fields had to find ways of healing themselves. If someone has a really bad case of arthritis the best thing to alleviate the swelling and pain are bites from fire ants.This has been done in my family for four generations and has always worked.

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Posted by Ken (Now Colorado, US) on 07/20/2014

[YEA]  For arthritis, research knox gelatin. 35 yrs ago I had no knee cartilidge. Went on knox, in two months pain was subsiding. In 6 months almost grown back. In a year I was fine. I couldn't walk up or down stairs, run or anything. I am now 72 and knee cartilige is fine. Still take one packet every week or two as joint insurance. It has worked for many, many people!!!!? Ken

Posted by Nicholas (Edison, Nj) on 12/08/2013

[YEA]  A couple of days ago I awoke to find pain in the area of my left hip, in the front. I'd not felt any arthritis pain in my hips since I gave up eating grains about six years ago to heal adrenal fatigue caused by stress.

Anyway, I came straight to EC's arthritis page and decided on gelatine as the remedy, especially since I had gelatin packets hanging around for 10-12 years. I emptied one packet into my morning smoothie...what amounted to a level tablespoon...drank it all down and was relieved of the pain right away.

That afternoon I felt a hint of pain and drank another packet of gelatin in half a glass of water. It was kind of uckie, but it went down and I got relief.

Next morning (yesterday) I felt a hint of the pain again and had another gelatin packet in my smoothie. Got relief right away. In the afternoon, to play it safe, I had half a teaspoon of turmeric in a little apple juice. (Also from EC.) The taste was very palatable.

This morning, to play it safe, I had another packet in my smoothie. I am fine, no pain since yesterday morning.

I am 76 y.o. and I'll be putting gelatine in my smoothie from now on. I'll have the turmeric when there is no smoothie. B.T.W. on the box it says "The Original Unflavored Gelatine" ... spelled with an e at the end.

Now I can keep on bragging that at my age I have no arthritis, no prostate problems, and I can still make babies.

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Dear Nicholas,

Well, after reading you whole post about using gelatin for arthritis...and especially reading the last sentence of your post...what I want to know is...

What is in that smoothie???? Gonna run out and get me a big box of it!!!!

Replied by Nicholas
Edison, Nj
Had a feeling I'd be asked for smoothie ingredients. Got most of it from Dr. Mercola's site.

  • 1 large ripe banana (overly ripe, if possible)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/8 t-spoon powdered clove
  • 1/4 t-spoon powdered oriental five spices
  • 1/2 t-spoon powdered cinnamon
  • 1 t-spoon bee pollen
  • 1 t-spoon honey
  • 1/2 cup apple juice
  • 1 cup water

I watch my diet, do daily exercise and take a ton of supplements based on what I learned on EC. I also eat chyawanprash daily - Indian jam made of healthy herbs and spices.

General Feedback
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Posted by Sara (Sacramento, Ca, Sacramento) on 09/02/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Yesterday, I bought a "Heat Wrap" for my mom who is 76 years old. This Heat Wraps is for powerful pain relief and deep muscle relaxation. She is pretty much healthy, but she suffers from Arthritis on her back and both knees. As soon as she put the wrap on her back the heat wrap started getting warm, and she could not stand it for more than 45 minutes. She had to remove the wrap, and she felt a burning sensation on her the bases of her both feet. Now, she suffers from a great amount of pain and she does not have any energy at all. I called to take her to her doctor, but he is on leave till next week. What do you think is the problem and what natural remedy will be helpful in her case?

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Sara has your mom tired apple cider vinegar for her arthritis. If you look at the arthritis remedies page on this website many people have cured their arthritis by drinking ACV with honey and bicarb of soda.

Also for the deep muscle pain, magnesium oil rubbed in the area should help with that or magnesium chloride in bath water or even epson salts would help, although magnesium chloride is better and longer lasting.

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
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A short term remedy to help the pain is castor oil with DMSO. That means one part castor oil and one part DMSO, for simplicity. Applied to her leg it will relieve pain in minutes, if not then she needs allopurinol 100 mg x 3 times a day. A long term treatment is needed, but we'll discuss later. The energy is required CoQ10 300 mg to have any effect.


Posted by Chris (London) on 02/14/2011

Hi thanks so much for all the info you've researched and shared its making what I think is a big difference as a someone only recently diagnosed with RA.

My query is I am taking along with probiotics vit k2 vit d3 and borax with magnesium tablets as well. The magnesium supplement is a mag calcium complex with the ingredients as mag. As oxide citrate. Is this right as I am worried that taking calcium as bottle label suggests is interfering with the healing process.

Many thanks Chris

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Posted by Mel (Calgary, Ab, Canada) on 03/17/2012

I have only checked out a few things in the last few days but so far I love it. I am a 50 yr old male and have really bad knees and arthritis all over the place. I have tried a few different things but the one that has worked the best is the candied ginger. I went and bought some and had a few pcs while I did stuff in the kitchen and had forgotten about it and noticed about 2 hrs later my knees did not hurt at all. I am also using the ACV and honey and will try oil pulling in the morning. So far very happy with everything. Thanks to everyone that has given these home remedies. Mel

Posted by Scarletty (Champion, Nebraska) on 05/04/2010

[YEA]  My brother has had excruciating back pain for years and was researching natural cures last week and came across an article that said crystalized ginger would help. He went and bought some saturday night and by Monday morning he was walking around without any pain!! I thought that was pretty amazing! Best wishes and God bless!

EC: Crystalized ginger is a popular remedy for sciatica too!