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Natural Cures for Arthritis

Last Modified on May 29, 2016

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Posted by Bill Donate
(San Fernando , Philippines) on 07/15/2011 | 1230 Posts

Hi Everyone... Here is a research paper by Dr Rex Newham, an Australian botanist and his own quest to discover the cure for his own arthritis at age 35 in the 70s and 80s. This is a demographic nutritional study, worldwide, which contains some very interesting facts and statistics about the demographic distribution of borax or boron in the soil. He also allays any poison fears about borax. He also gives good reasons why most modern soils today lack boron or borax in the food chain.

Here is the link:

Borax vs. Boron  

Posted by Linden (England) on 03/22/2015

Hi there, Is there any reason to take Borax powder rather than boron supplements, other than the price? (The Borax powder is loads cheaper, obviously.)

I have arthritis. Boron supplements seem to come in no higher dose than 3mg capsules. I'm thinking of taking 4 x 3mg capsules daily (I have read that 10mg plus daily is recommended for curative purposes, then drop down to 3 - 6mg daily for maintenance). Will this give as good results as taking the diluted Borax powder at the recommended dosage? (I intend to take magnesium citrate at the same time - how much is recommended?)

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere Usa
I know that there is so much info on this site it can take months of reading and research to find your answer, so I will do the best I can remember.

Seems this was asked to Ted on here and his response was, that the Boron Pills seem to be full of Fillers and not as easy absorbed by the body. Unlike the Borax Twenty Mule Team with is all natural and no fillers making it more easy for the body to absorb. This is what I remember to the best of my knowledge.

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Philippines

1230 Posts
Hi Linden...It defeats me why people even bother to buy the boron supplements from the health shops because dosages of 3 mgs to 6 mgs are way to small and it's expensive. You are better to just buy the borax off the internet -- even technical or lab grade borax is dirt cheap and you will get more for your money. Taking 1/4 tspn borax in a liter of water per day means that you are taking 1000 mgs of borax. But if you work out the actual content of boron in the 1000 mgs of borax -- it only comes to about 115 mgs of boron. Similarly women should take 1/8 tspn (or 500 mgs) borax in a liter of water. That works out to a daily dose of only 57 mgs boron per day.

I've been supplementing borax regularly for about 9 years. I now usually just add a pinch of borax(same as a pinch of salt) to my coffee or tea twice a day. I do this because the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for borax has about the same toxicity level as common table salt. More info on borax for you here.

Best Regards,



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Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 10/24/2011
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Boron helps certain types of arthritic joint pain. I take 3mg once or twice a day in pill form, along with Magnesium 400mg / D3 at 5,000 IU / and some Calcium (as I don't eat dairy). I know that taking CA is under dispute by some - but I find that I get muscle aches when I don't take it for a few days, so I must need it to some degree. I try to take less CA than I do MG however.

Boron is the key to relieving joint pain though - It is nothing short of amazing.

Google "Boron and Arthritis" to read about it. Lots of info here on EC too.



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Posted by Kristina (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/01/2010
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Hi! Fantastic page. My husband sleeps on cabbage leaves placed under the bed linen. He suffers from back pain. Helps, helps, helps. Please try, you will happy. Kristina

Posted by Victor (USA) on 06/26/2007
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Raw cabbage and cabbage juice relieves joint pain and swelling in my hands, and it works fast.

Calcium and Magnesium  

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Posted by Jill (Aptos, CA) on 11/21/2007
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I am taking calcium and magnesium gluconates for osterporosis. I am a 71-yr-old female, and have related symptoms--pain, stiffness, and don't take any meds. I have been having great success taking this supplement which I mix in lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or vit.C, add hot H2O and honey. After only a week, I no longer have pain in my wrists in yoga class. I now sleep better and can better withstand stresses w/o shaking. I plan to take the citrate forms in the future, as they are better absorbed. I also plan to resume x-country running and other activities which I've had to quit from pain. These minerals are giving me my life back.


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Posted by Peter (Slate Hill, New York) on 10/16/2008
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I read that cayenne pepper could alleviate excruciating pain of arthritis that I had in two fingers on my left hand. I'd awaken daily in pain to find my pinky and ring finger locked in a bent position and it would hurt very much to straighten. I would run hot water over them and it would get worse as weeks went on. I had been playing the piano several hours daily and most likely was the cause of this very painful arthritis, a common piano players ailment that if left unchecked would end my piano playing and use of two fingers. My fingers were dying it seemed. I met several ex-piano players who had exactly the same symptoms and quit playing because of the pain. Anyway, after reading Edgar Cayce's remedies with topical use of Castor Oil I thought it would be good to mix the Cayenne Pepper with Castor Oil so the mixture would stick to my fingers. So before bedtime, I'd take a paper hand towel and cut it to about 10x6 inches, wet it and squeeze excess water out until just very damp, then fold it to 10x2 (triple thick); now I'd mix some cayenne into some castor oil until very orangey/red and smear it on the first four inches (to cover both sides of fingers) of the paper towel and also smear some on my fingers; then I'd wrap my fingers with this bandage and excess paper, and finally a rubber band not too tight holding it all together. Every night I'd do this and take it off in the morning and there was noticeable reduction in pain immediately first day and more use of my fingers and after three months I was 80% normal and within nine months I was completely healed.

Replied by Erin
Pensacola, Florida
I've been using finger supports for arthritis that you can buy rather than building your own, and I dip my fingers in castor oil and pull on the support. It does quite well for me, but your idea of cayenne included - well, I just now opened one of my cayenne capsules (I take a lot of such things) and dropped it into my castor oil. I love all this great information on Earth Clinic and am forever recommending it.

Posted by Yvonne (Wentzville, MO) on 09/16/2006
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I'm 74 have arthritis in my shoulder-can't afford the creams, when I found out the main ingreatent was the same as cayenne pepper, I stared buying hot sauce that is made from aged cayennes, rub it on my shoulder couple times a day, it stains your clothing, but sure helps, and it is a lot cheaper.


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Posted by John (Auckland, New Zealand) on 08/17/2009
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My mother has tried various things to treat Arthritis but nothing worked well enough till she heard from someone else that 6 cherries a day works to fix it. (I have heard cherries are effective at fixing gout too) She tried it with near perfect success, she has to keep taking them but as long as she does she is pain free.

She has told other people and they have had success.

It was noticed that my aging cat was no longer willing to jump up on the arm of my chair and would take longer to get up in the morning, it is defiantly arthritis. So I mushed up some cherries into hit cat food which he happily ate and after a week he was freer and freer and found it easier and easier to jump up.

While fresh organic cherries are obviously the healthiest canned or bottled cherries and the surrounding cherry juice works fine even with the added sugar and is cheaper and can be obtained year round without great expense.

I have also heard of someone who took 1 tsp of Turmeric a day for 5 days and wiped out their Arthritis for good.

But I must give Cherries the highest marks for being enjoyable, amazingly effective and cheap/easy.

Replied by Valerie
Cleveland, Ohio
She's right about cherries. I'm not sure if 6 are enough, but cherries are very anti-inflammatory.

Chicken Cartilage  

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Posted by Veronicah (Kenya) on 06/10/2014
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Try gelatin, I read on internet and tried it on my mother who has been suffering from arthritis, after one week the pain was gone. The unsweetened gelatin they sell on supermarket to make Jello. Good luck

Posted by Mooney ( Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada) on 06/19/2012

Regarding Arthritis Remedies and Chicken cartilege. I recently read a book written by Adam Huber of Salt Spring Island Canada called Red toe Red door. Mr Huber cured himself of ankylosing spondylitsis which is a crippling form of arthritis largely using the broth of chickens feet and vitamins b6 and b12. I think there's definitely something to this chicken cartilage cure.

Replied by Bobbie Hill
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Knox Gelatin, the unflavored gelatin that is found in grocery stores is chicken cartilage. Mix with orange or any type of juice to make it taste better and drink three times a day. I drink it and it's works well for me. I had pain going up and down the stairs or even a step. Bending, squatting any thing that involved the movement of my joints. I think it depends on how bad your arthritis as to how long it will take to cure or make it a lot better. It took about a week for me to not feel pain but only a couple of days to feel relief. I feel that my joints didn't get that way in a few days so I gave it time and it worked. I have heard of others taking longer, as in three to six months to completely stop feeling the pain but they got relief before that time.

Replied by Dee
Tulsa, Ok
Knox Gelatin is NOT chicken cartilage. Knox Gelatin is produced from pork. It will work to some extent (any gelatin is better than none), but there are better products out there. Real chicken cartilage gelatin is supposed to be the best because, as far as I know, it's the only was that has been used in scientific studies, so if you can afford it, by all means use that. However, there are plenty of reports from people who use pure beef gelatin with very good results. Also, pure beef gelatin is a lot cheaper.

Posted by Margymckenzie (Mombasa, Kenya) on 12/24/2011

i have just read that dried chicken cartilage is good for arthritis. How can I make this myself? Can I just place the cooked bone in the oven to dry it and then crush it? Any suggestions?

Replied by Dud
The Woods Of, Wv, Usa
In reply to: Margymckenzie from Mombasa, Kenya -

The part that is used by the supplement industry is the thick rubbery breastbone cartilage, that is in the middle of the breast, and can be cut off easily. CHICKEN STERNUM CARTILAGE.

According to clinical trials, a 10 milligram dose is as effective as a larger dose. This is a very small amount. But it can not be heat damaged, or cooked. Only low temperature dried.

However: I chop it up with a knife into fine pieces, put these into a blender with water, blend the chicken sternum cartilage to a slurry in the blender, then pour the blended cartilage water into a ice cube trays to freeze them into cubes. I then use 1 cube of iced slurry as a dose, one time per day. [for someone else]. I estimate each ice cube contains 10 to 100 miligrams of actual cartilage. Rough guess.

I find this method much easier than trying to dry the cartilage out and grind it up, due to spoilage problems, bacterial contamination.

I add the ice cube of raw chicken cartilage to a bone broth, etc, which has a flavor to it, to cover up the raw cartilage flavor. I do not let the cartilage get very hot, which would ruin it. But a hot broth, not boiling, should not harm its active principle.

The patient, has poly-arthralgia, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, with symptoms changing daily; that it is difficult to judge how effective this has been for them. [probably from a fluoride based poison, ]

I hope this information is of help you.

Posted by John (Auckland, 0626) on 10/21/2011

Hi, I was sharing the Cherry cure for arthritis I shared on here previously with someone and they told me about a doctor who did a trial and found that chicken cartilage cured arthritis in people who were in such a bad state some were schedualed to have limbs amputated, in just weeks they were playing sports!

While looking for info online I found this which I suspect is a different study but might be the same one:

Harvard medical school did an experiment on 29 people, giving them a tablespoon full of chicken cartilage a day. After 10 days all of the patients had relief of pain and swelling, after 30 days the patients could use joints with no problems and after 90 days 28 of the 29 patients were clinically cured. But what gets to me on this, Harvard said that the "drug" was beneficial. How is chicken cartilage a drug??

BTW I also heard from someone else that reported that fruits that start with P are great for helping breathing problems for what it's worth.

Cinnamon and Honey  

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Posted by Lou In Texas (Somewhere, Texas) on 07/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My husband began taking 1 tablespoon of Really Raw Honey and 1 teaspoon of ceylon (sweet) cinnamon about 5-6 weeks ago for his arthritis in his knees. He takes this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and does not eat for at least an hour afterward. He could see a definite improvement after the first week and every week since. He now has no pain in his knees at all, unless he stands up too long at one time. Before, his knees were always in pain.

Posted by Steven (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 02/13/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I started Honey and Cinnamon a month ago, and the pain in my knees stopped bothering me after two weeks, but not all the way. At four weeks, no pain. I tried stopping the Hon & Cin, and after one week, the pain was back. Does this mean, I have to take it for life? I'm 69, and plan to live another 33 years. Thank You...