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Posted by Going To Try It (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 08/25/2011

Hi there, Jan of 2011 I noticed a small bump on between my vagina opening and my anus. I had a funny feeling that it was going to be GWs. However I ignored it ( SO STUPID ). In June 2011 ( 5months later) I went to get my yearly pap test and had my dr look at the bumps. She told me they were skin tags. I was not satisfied with her answer, as I thought it was something more. I went back at the beggining of Augest 2011. She told me that yes in fact they had grown into warts. At this point I had 2 on the left and 3 on the right. She has been using an acid treatment for the past month, I have been going back once a week. The acid has got rid of the 3 on the right. The 2 on the left are still there at this point but much smaller. I have noticed more bumps come up with in the last week. I am going to pick up ACV tonight and I will post how everything goes.

Posted by Acv-wart-aloe (Eugene, Oregon) on 07/29/2011

A couple weeks after getting dumped, I got a surprise... I discovered a little bump on my anal/rectal area, thought it could be a h'roid. In just a few days, there must have been 100 bumps, and my whole anal area (between the cheeks) was covered. They came on strong and fast.

Since they didn't look like the "cauliflower" shape of a wart, I was nervous it was some other STD. Good reason to get all the STD tests again, which all came back "normal" but a doctor cut-off a piece of wart tissue and confirmed they were warts. She scheduled a much more extensive procedure to cut/burn them all. Even with "insurance" the procedure was going to cost me $$$ a small fortune. Plus I couldn't get an appointment for about two weeks!?!

I read up on Earth Clinic, and decided ACV and Aloe Vera was definitely worth a try.

I'd take a shower and clean my rectal area with Dial bar soap. I'd very gently pat dry. Then I took a small hand-towel, soaked in straight (generic 5% acidity) ACV, folded handcloth in half, and placed in between my butt cheeks. Oh glory did it burn, but I felt some crazy vibe of relief in it. I removed the towel after about three hours, and everything was a bit tender. Sure enough, the bumps all turned white. I rinsed off in the shower, then liberally applied some Aloe Vera gel, which cooled and soothed the tenderness.

The next night, I did the same thing with the towel and ACV, but could only endure the burn about 20 minutes, and then jumped in the shower to rinse off. I tried it a third time, but after maybe only two minutes this time, I just couldn't take it, and had to rinse off again.

My anal region was really red and irritated, but over the next few days, the warts kept turning blackish-blue and falling out.

I let it rest a week, using the Aloe Vera gel, until the ACV "burns" had cleared up. Then I did the ACV-soaked towel treatment two more nights, but this time there was no burn, and I was able to leave that towel in-between my cheeks for the whole night.

This was working so well, I canceled my expensive procedure, and used the ACV twice more in the next week, both times for several hours.

It's been a few months now, and there's no been relapse. My anal area is completely free of any warts. I also soaked all my underwear overnight in ACV, then washed in hot water. Once your doctor confirms you got genital warts, I would highly recommend at least trying ACV and Aloe Vera gel, before you spend good money on some expensive, ineffective, or dangerous procedure.

And I'd bet you they don't say anything about trying ACV! Thanks to everyone here in the Earth Clinic community for promoting all these "common sense" cures.

Replied by N8
Denton, Texas
5 out of 5 stars

I found it difficult when trying to do my whole shaft to get a paper towel to stay after it was soaked so I found if you fold the towel up dry, wrap it around your shaft, use medical tape around it to hold it relatively tight, then slowly pour the ACV on it will soak the towel just the same but not nearly as messy and frustrating. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by 4guys (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 07/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

ACV I love you!

First let me thank all the peope that took the time to share there storys. Having an STD is not fun and because of you I am healed and feeling better than I have in a long time! Thank you so much!

Okay, I'm am excitied to say that organic in the raw apple cider vinagar really works for eliminating genital warts. And it works well, I'm talking I saw results in 24hours. Not gone but going. First they turn white 24hrs, then black 48hours then scab over and fall off. (don't pick or scratch off) should be clearing up in a week and just keep treating to be safe. You don't want these awful things coming back. Wash after the treatments.

Here is how I applied the ACV. I wetted a papertowel with it. Folded it in half. Wrapped my junk in it *( MAKE SURE NOT TO GET IT IN THE PEE HOLE ) bad bad! It will burn like fire. So, wet towel wrapped around shaft not so much the tip(cover the base well) * ALOT OF WARTS I COULD NOT SEE EMERGED THERE. You want to get it all! Then wrap in pastic wrap. It sticks to itself well and will keep your pants drier. I used two pieces one wraped around the shaft with the towel and then one with a hole pulled down around the base to stop leaks. I sat and tried to keep it pointing up. To keep the vinagar out of my pee hole and to keep the papertowl from slipping off my shaft. That is it. Keep it on as long as you can. I wanted mine gone as fast as possible. So if you got the time get some movies and sit your butt on the couch and get rid of your warts. After the first 24 it started to burn when I would reapply but so what! The warts were dieing and that was a good burn to me. I know that this doesent work for everyone :( but it absolutly worked wonders for me.

Thanks again everyone, good luck to those to try. And thank you ACV you are a real natual wonder!!!

Posted by Shannon (San Antonio, Texas, United States) on 07/06/2011

Just want to let everyone know that you can absolutely cure genital warts with apple cider vinegar. All you do is soak a tiny piece of cotton to cover each wart. Then hold them with silk tape or derma-bond transparent gauze. Leave for 12 hours each night. You should start seeing a change in color by the 2nd night. Don't stop until they're all gone. If you have internal warts dip a tampon with Apple Cider Vinegar and insert into vaginal or anal cavity until you start seeing pieces of dead warts come out. Do not do this more than 7 days. Don't be scared. Acv is non toxic to tissues although it will be painful internally. Also, don't believe those who say they're non-curable. Once you are wart free, wait 3 months before having sexual intercourse to be sure you're cured and to avoid transmission. How does it work? It just does!!!

Replied by Miya
N/a, Wa, U.s
5 out of 5 stars

I agree Shannon! This is how I cured my genital warts as well. I had genital warts 2 years ago and have not had an outbreak since. I went to the doctor and they said I had warts and so they said I had genital warts and they applied this solution to it to make the warts fall off. Beforehand, I had been doing the Apple Cider Vinegar solution soaking cotton balls into the solution and taping them to the warts before I went to bed. I would apply cotton balls in between my vaginal opening so as to not let the Apple Cider Vinegar burn and irritate the vaginal lining in my sleep. I applied the cotton ball solutions for about a week or 2 weeks before going to the doctor. Not only that but every morning, I would apply an ACV and alcohol solution mix to the warts as well. It burned but it was a good burn because it got rid of the warts faster and made them fall off. Not only that but I upped my intake of vitamin c and zinc and also practiced the law of attraction. Now when I go to the doctor and get blood tests or any kind of testing, the genital warts virus does not show up at ALL!!! Thank you it is truly a miracle!!!

Replied by Joe
Atlanta, Georgia

I have a question about the last part of your post. Is there really a way for genital warts to show up in blood tests and such? Because I was thinking that after I get rid of the actual warts, I would go back to my doctor for regular check ups to see if I had fought the virus, but I wasn't sure how to do that. I was told there wasn't a way to test the hpv in your system? So you just got blood tests done?

Posted by Liz (Reading, Pa) on 04/25/2011

I've only been hearing great reviews from using Apple Cider Vinegar on genital warts so I thought Id try it for myself. I have one genital wart... Or a small cluster... I've had it for a few years and went to the gyno... They didn't run any tests but I guess knew instantly it was hpv. But I was uninsured and not willing to pay a few hundred dollars for treatment of such a minor issue... But now after a few years I'm basically just sick of it being there.

So I'm trying acv... It's about an inch from my vagina opening and all the recommendations say to tape a cotton ball to the area... But since it is in between my vagina lips this seems sort of difficult plus it is EXTREMELY painful! So I'm trying to just dab it on basically. This is my first day doing this and I've spend probably 3 30 min to 1 hour sessions applying pressure with a soaked cotton ball for a few second to a minute. Removing it for a minute then reapplying. The wart area is already turning a whitish gray with a few darker gray almost black spots... But... My one whole vagina lip is swollen!

I've eaten/handled Apple Cider Vinegar before without any adverse effects and I'm not allergic to ANYTHING. So I'm wondering... Is the color changing a sign of good things? And is the swelling normal? The selling doesn't hurt... Basically a's soon a's I remove the cotton ball it continues to sting a little then subsides a few seconds later. Does this sound right?

Replied by Kim
Spartanburg, Sc

Yes... That sounds right. I have treated plantar warts on my daughters feet, warts on fingers and as well as the most recent cervical wart. Stick it out. If you can get past a first few minutes usually the pain will go away. Try to leave it on there for at least three hrs in the am and three hrs at night giving that sensitive area a break in between. It will change colors and it will turn black and should peel off in a matter of three days or so.

Posted by Jennifer (Rockford, Il) on 02/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I can't believe I am posting on this site. When I first discovered I had this disgusting virus I was hysterical. I immediately went online and did research and ordered some Wartol. I was so anxious however that I could not wait a couple days for my product to arrive so I began researching home remedies and came accross several sites discussing ACV. I never buy anything expensive or try anything new without reading reviews and I must say that everybody's comments were so hopeful so even though this is humiliating I want to provide that same help to somebody in my position. I came accross several comments from people working in the medical field that made it a point to state ACV has not been scientifically proven and is not an approved treatment by doctors. Most home remedies are not approved medical treatments, this would destroy the companies that make pharmacutical industry!! These people also pointed out that getting rid of the warts does not cure the virus, which I understand. We all still have to deal with the fact that we now carry a virus with no cure, need to seek professional treatment, and now will face a life of dealing with treatments and responsibility to disclose. That being said, anyone who is dealing with these disgusting warts understands the devastation it causes and the immediate desire to get rid of the existing warts ASAP. I am a female almost 40 who has been in a committed relationship on and off for almost 10 years. I have had 3 sexual partners in the last decade and pride myself on my appearance, have good hygene, and like many people never thought this could happen to me. Well guess what? It did and I don't know if it was me or my partner, but you can be the virgin mary and hook up with one person and suddenly you have an STD. It's a very sad and scary reality. I noticed several months ago a bump on my rectum on the side closest to my vaginal area. I examined it with a mirror and the bump was smooth and white. I wrote it off as a skin tag or just a raised gland. A couple months later I noticed a similar bump on the outside of my inner vaginal lip. I was concerned but tried to rationalize it in the same way, a raised gland. In the back of my mind I new differently but couldn't accept it. A month or two later I noticed the bump on my rectum started to develp a course texture and another small smooth bump was growing. The bump on my vaginal lip also began to grow in length and become more raised. At this point I had a strong feeling it was a wart but was still in denial. Then one day while I was shaving I noticed the bump on my vaginal wall had suddenly developed a cauliflower like texture and I finally admitted to myself I had genital warts. I was DEVASTATED to say the least. I immediately went online to research treatements and ordered some Wartol. I was too anixious to wait for my product to arrive in the mail so I started reading about home remedies. The apple cider vinegar treatment caught my eye because I have it in my home for cooking. I began reading all of the comments that described exactly what I had and also confirmed that the bumps on my rectum were due to the same virus. That night I soaked two cotton balls and taped them to the infected areas. I won't lie, it burned and it was uncomfortable. I took a Benedryl and a Tylenol PM to help me sleep and suffer through the discomfort. Getting rid of these warts is worth any amount of pain. The next day the areas were somewhat irritated and raw but the warts had turned white just as the reviews I read stated. That next morning I showered and prepared two more cotton balls and applied them to the area from a few minutes to let the ACV soak in. It burned for a couple hours and then I was fine. That day I went to a health food store and bought some tea tree oil. That night I taped taped cotton balls soaked with ACV and the tea tree oil and went to bed. I woke up around 2 am in a lot of discomfort and had to remove the cotton balls. I didn't sleep well the rest of the night because of the burning, but again I was willing to pay the price. That morning I showered and again applied two soaked cotton balls to the infected areas until the liquid was absorbed. The wart on my vaginal wall had turned partially black just as many reviewers had stated their warts did the same. Once I was done soaking I started rubbing up and down on the warts before disposing of the cotton balls and suddenly the warts starting coming off!! What was left was just raw skin but the warts were completely gone. It was harder to examine the rectal warts but it appeared they had come off too. By the end of the second day the burning and irritation was much better by afternoon. I gave the treatment a break to let the skin heal as I was nervous about applying more of the mixture to raw skin. I am SO relieved the warts are gone, however I do realize the warts will likely come back. But at least I know when they do I have a treatment plan. I have used pure aloe vera and tea tree oil on my face for about a year now and they have worked wonders at keeping my skin clear and helping with wrinkles and discoloration. I truly believe natural remedies are often more effective than presciption or over-the-counter drugs. As stated earlier, the medical community doesn't want to admit their effectiveness because it would effect the highly profitable business of pharmacuticals! To anyone out there experiencing this, please find peace in the fact that you can get rid of the warts, it can happen to anybody, and there are certainly worse things that can happen in life. As devastating and humiliating as it is, it is important to tell your doctor as this virus can lead to more serious issues such as cervical cancer. If you have a doctor that will judge you or you feel uncomfortable talking to, then time to find a new doctor. Thank you so much to everyone brave enough to share your stories, without the reviews I read I would have never tried this treatment and still be sitting at home freaking out.

Replied by Tryingtostaypositive
Texas, Usa

I reacted the exact way you did! I found 3 TINY white head looking things in the shower and automatically jumped to my conclusions that, to my horror, were correct. I was hysterical when the doctor said they are warts as I'm going abroad tomorrow for what was supposed to be a girls trip, but seems now is just going to be a huge effort, the way I'm feeling. Though I'm trying to stay positive. I've told 4 of my good friends who are so supportive and reassuring. I've just applied my third coating of ACV in the past two days and am just really painfully swollen. No real results just yet but hopeful. Gonna give my skin some time to rest tomorrow and start Aladara monday, a cream my doctor prescribed just to get me through the trip and then back to ACV once im back. I'm just really happy I found this blog as I feel like at least, I'm not alone with this problem.

Posted by Urkool (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) on 12/29/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I am currently using a product with the main ingredient of Apple Cider Vinegar. After 2-3 weeks total, I'm better but not cured.. My warts seem to be the stubborn ones that are deeply rooted for they all have a flat bump on them now.. My main question/concern is that my warts turned black and fell off within the first week.. But the left over bump doesn't seem to be turning black.. It still stings when I apply ACV and turns white.. But after a few hours or so it turns back to a fleshy color.. Is ACV only working to a certain point? Any one else with similar experiences? I doubt I will get an answer for no one likes to post responses.. Btw I've had my GW for 4-5 years now and I'm a male.. It seems I just have to give it more time, but every week I grow more impatient little by little..

Replied by Morphicrenaissance
Melbourne, Vic Australia

ACV works as an antimicrobial primarily by changing the pH environment to a more acidic level which ultimately interferes with the cell wall receptors of the microorganism and preventing it from replicating (A simplified explanation admittedly). From what you have described it is likely that you have managed to get on top of the localised virus that causes the warts, but ACV is unlikely to penetrate deep enough to reach the stubborn ones. The slight sting and 'bump' that you decribe could also be localised inflammation which is necessary for tissue to heal. If you have had this problem for 4-5 years, 2-3 weeks of treatment to expect a cure may be a little ambitious.

You could try a vermont folk medicine remedy of 2 t-spoons of ACV and 2 T-spoons of honey in a glass of water drunk morning and night to give a more systemic approach. You may also want to consider a more potent topical antiviral remedy such as rosemary essential oil which I have used on finger warts with great success. I wish you luck.

Replied by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa

I have gotten rid of planters warts with baking soda and Castor oil. I make a gum like substance with the two and then put it on the warts overnight. It took about 2 weeks for 9 planter warts to come off my boyfriends foot, but it was worth it, as he was told he needed surgery!

Another remedy I have tried is Camphor oil with baking soda (made into a gum like paste) - both of those worked!

Replied by Urkool
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thank u very much for ur responses.. Yes I have tried many other things before ACV.. Expensive Medical gels and creams didn't do much at all.. I have also already tried Castor Oil and Baking Soda for 2 months with pretty much the same results, reduced in size but won't go pass a certain point.. I figured ACV would be more acidic and stronger compared to castor oil and baking soda. I will look into the rosemary essential oil.. Until then I'm letting it heal for a bit more, then continuing with ACV.. I'm going to give it some more time.. These things make me hate the holidays even more than I already do..

Replied by Mrs.pib
Nunya, Mn, Uganda
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Apple cider vinegar makes a difference!

I was very skeptical but I wanted to try this because I have no health insurance and Aldara, despite being unbelievably expensive, didn't work for my partner. I developed a wart on my perenium about 5 months ago. At first I thought it was a skin-tag, and believed it for 3 months until it started to grow. A couple months later, when I realized my immune system wasn't going to take care of this, they were breaking out in more than one area.

I had about 9 in total, but it is hard to count since they tend to grow in clusters. The largest and most troublesome was the one on my perenium because it hung just like a skin-tag from a thin tether and the skin there is so thin, just wiping would cause it to bleed. The others clustered right above it just on the inside of my labia.

I started the ACV treatments 4 days ago. On the first day, I just swabbed the visible warts with ACV and left it at that. It stung for a minute or two and the warts turned white.

The next morning, I read about how most people leave the ACV on by taping a cotton ball or qtip tip to the affected areas; so that's what I did next. I tore a large cotton ball into a piece large enough to cover the affected area and stuck it on with medical tape to be left on all day. This was uncomfortable for about an hour or so. But not bad. That evening, I did it again. It stung a lot worse the second time, especially in the perenium area, but I gritted my teeth and an hour later it subsided to a dull ache. I was able to sleep but my stomach was upset from all the vaginal discomfort.

The next morning, I was very uncomfortable down there, like I was bruised in the crotch. I decided I had had enough so I decided to take a break for that day. My vagina felt a lot better by that evening but I felt sick. Turns out, I am coming down with a cold, so I have decided to stop treating the area in case it gets infected and my immune system gets overloaded.

So it's been about 2. 1 treatments, and today is the first time I've really looked down there since it all started. When it started aching, I didn't feel like manipulating the skin anymore than I had to so I hadn't seen the real changes. Well, it's amazing! The majority of the warts have fallen off completely. I am down to three warts, which is maybe more like 2. 5 because they are so small and almost be completely flat. The skin on the inside of my labia looks normal, except for one remaining wart there, about 1. 5 milimeters wide. On my perenium, I have two warts, the original and a small hanger-on right beside it. They are even smaller and flatter than the labia wart, almost invisible, but the original perenium wart still bleeds when prodded.

Unfortunately, the perenium area does not appear as normal as the labia, there is some redness and the skin looks a little raw. I haven't scrubbed at the area, applied any oils, or even wiped vigorously, so this is just the ACV's effect. There is also a darkening of the skin in one spot that is very noticeable. It is about the same size as the cotton ball so I'm guessing it's where the ball was making the most contact. I have read about hyperpigmentation from skin injuries being permanent unless you do bleaching or laser treatments to resolve it. I don't care, but it is a side effect.

Also, despite this being day 4, I still hurt enough that I don't want sex or even to sit in certain positions. I am sure I will heal but if I had to do this over again I would make sure I didn't have much to do. Not just for the pain, but the smell is noticeable, so if you're going to be around people you might want to employ the use of a scented panty liner, or menstrual pad to contain it.

Posted by Fed Up! (Kingston, Ontario) on 12/01/2010
1 out of 5 stars

I have tried everything for these little annoyances! Nothing was working so I kind of gave up for a while. Except now I have recently met someone and I need to give getting rid of these suckers another try. I'm sick of seeing no results! I tried to ACV for almost a month with no results, I've just tried the aspirin and ACV paste so we'll see how that works. Is there ANY other option out there?! I'm desperate and getting seriously ticked off!

Replied by Special01
Indianapolis, In, Usa

For genital warts try vitamin e internally (3 capsules) and an aspirin, blistex paste. Watch your caffiene intake.

Replied by Cmorgan642
San Diego, California

Check into using colloidal silver for it perhaps?

Replied by Steve

Nay, don't give up. I was skeptical in this method but it truly does work. Make sure to get done Organic apple cider vinegar. The key is consistency, I felt no burn for first two nights but on 3rd it started burning. On 2nd day of treatment, warts turned into black specs. So hang in there and give it another chance. Make sure to use medical tape to tape the soaked cotton balls to the warts. And again, best time to do this is when you go to sleep.

Replied by Julie
New Jersey, US

So I diagnosed myself with Genital Warts sometime in spring. I was too ashamed to go to my OB. I'm a worrier and go every 6 months and get paps and blood tests for STDs so me finding out on my own something slipped by my OB doc kinda freaked me out. Hell, im still freaked out because I'm careful and don't sleep around. Yeah... Kinda missed my 6 month; annoying my OB and they keep calling for an appointment... I can't go. I'm too ashamed plus what would I say? Your tests didn't work?
I told my boyfriend I could have it and he could get em too so he needs to be checked out but he hates drs. I've done the ACV treatment but on and off. It was working till It burnt the hell out of me so kinda stopped. Now they have spread. Anyways, I can't stop thinking about it. I have em, I can spread em, idk when or where I got em and can't seem to get rid of them. I cry myself to sleep because I'm so worried about my bf. I feel worse because I'm his first and have documents stateing I'm clean when appearently I'm not. Its so depressing. Sex should be happy and I should feel great after, but I feel terrible. I just don't know what to do. I don't want meds for it. I don't want em cut off or acid... I'm a new vegan and dropped all meds except my meds I cant live without... But even cut that in half. So I deff wanna be herbal about curing these. Any suggestions that are effective yet not so burny?

Posted by Laurie (Chicago , Il ) on 08/31/2010
5 out of 5 stars

So I figured I needed to do my duty and help spread the word to the others that have genital warts and have not found relief... So I found out I had contracted genital warts from my boyfriend in May. I was completely devastated and could not function. (I still feel horrible when people reference STD's because in my head, "ohhh yeah I have one... Blah! " I got itchy one night and thought I had a yeast infection. So I started to itch down there! To my horror I found bumps! Holy Shit, this is not happing! I saw the warts on my boyfriend prior and asked him about it, he said it was razor burn. Secretly, I thought it was warts, but I went against my better judgement and disregarded it. Bad move, although I'm sure even if we used protection I would have gotten it since it's so contagious. Anyways, I went to the doctor and she's like "no biggie I'll freeze it and give you Aldara and it will be gone before you know it! " Yeah I wish! I was on Aldara with no results for 3 months! So she said give it one more month and if it doesn't go away I can't help you and would need to see someone else! I do not have the time to be running around with warts on my crotch! So that's how I found this site! Needless to say, I now love ACV not only for genital warts, but for many other things that I found on this website can be cured by it! To my story.... I started the ACV thinking it would be gone within 3 days! Well it really took about 9. So I have warts just inside my vagina, so the area is always moist. I had two warts that were about half an inch in when you opened up. So what I did was soak cotton balls in the ACV and leave it there over night. Days and days passed I did see much improvement, but it was still there around day 5! I was freaking out worrying it wouldn't work! So my skin started getting bad because I was burning it every night. So I decided to take a few days off to heal the area. I went out and bought tree oil and vitamin E oil! Soooo glad I did. After a few days of laying off the ACV I realized they actually had gone away, but my skin was soooo swollen and irritated I thought it was still there. Let me say, they never turned white or black or fell off. Since they were inside my vagina it was too moist. They just "naturally" disappeared. Needless to say, I'm wart free in August and after a 9 day treatment! My advise is use try the ACV! Yes it stings a bit, but would you rather have warts?! ?! ? I recommend doing treatment every night for a week then let the skin heal and see where your at. I'm sure it will at least make it better! Don't give up! Genital warts severely suck! But realize that life could be worse! So think and hold on to what do you do have that is positive and good in life! Understand once you figure out how to get rid of the warts it will not rule your life! Just stay upbeat and healthy. I hope I have helped someone... If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask.

Replied by Rebecca
Vernon, Ct

Colloidal silver works better and faster with no stinging. Use it the same way, soak a cotton ball with full strength colloidal silver.

Replied by Carey
Miami, Florida

I was using the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment but went a little overboard and soaked the regions next to the wart as well. I am worried now that they will spread to the tender parts I affected with the acv. Will it spread, what are the chances?

I'm going to continue the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment but now I'm going to use a q-tip directly on the wart. My wart seems a little tough though, its not a cornflour shape but rather it looks like a wart you see on hands and fingers. Are these tougher to treat?

Any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Replied by Jena
Dubai, Emarite

Hi. I have genital warts from 3 months and I just know before 1 week. The problem is I am pregnant and I cannot do freezing or using aldara. Can I use Apple Cider Vinegar inside the vagina and during pregnancy? plz anybody can help? Thank you

Replied by Emma
Baltimore, Md, Usa

I've had warts on my labia and inside my vagina for 3 years now. I tried ACV treatment for the past two years and it works wonders on the outer stuff. They've never come back. It even worked on one right on my clitoris (painful? yes.) But, I have a lot inside my vagina and haven't found a way to get rid of them yet. I tried ACV last summer by soaking a tampon in a diluted ACV/water mix, but it was SO PAINFUL I couldn't help but scream for the first 5 minutes each time. I tried this for a week or two and then quit. Has anyone found a better way? I'm running out of patience with this. I could deal with it if it was just a couple, but this is just too much. My immune system seems to be great otherwise. I never get sick when everyone around me does. Maybe HPV has benefited me by raising my immune system response? Either way, I need a new solution. Ideas???

Replied by Strawberryred

hi emma! That's also my concern with acv. That's why I'm also visiting forums to find a better solution. So far what I have is wartscide solution. Liquid topicl treatment. No prescription needed and according to their site, it prevents the warts from recurring. I'm still checking on other products but I think using otc products is more convenient--no mixes, pain, side effects, etc.

Posted by Kayla (Troy, Mi) on 08/03/2010
5 out of 5 stars

After months of dealing with what I thought were hemorrhoids on my rectal area, I finally went to the Gyno for my yearly with the idea that I might have HPV. Sure enough I had warts. One patch was a nickel-sized cluster that was quite thick, and I had additional ones from my butt area to the front area. The nurse practitioner said I could burn or cream them, but she recommended burning since I had such a large cluster and then some. I scheduled an appointment for the next day. Once I knew they were warts I couldn't stand them! The next day I wasted an hour of my time, waiting nervously for my procedure. When the actual doc came in, she assessed my warts and decided that the patch was too thick for the machine they had, and I needed to schedule an appointment at the hospital. I was told I would suffer third degree burns and I would need about a week off to rehabilitate from the pain. This scared the heck out of me. Then on top of it I had to wait for THEM to call ME, and let me know when the whole thing would take place. AHHHHHH! This only added to my devastation, but it inadvertently led me here!!! So I took the matter into my own hands, and after reading these posts, I ran to the cupboard and grabbed the ACV. First I did spot treatments with a cotton swab, although I wasn't too sure if that was going to give me the results I sought. I did two spot treatments before I bought some cotton balls and did hourly soaks. I did my first soak overnight, shoving the soaked balls in between my butt cheeks and leaving them there. I also spot treated the ones on my vaginal lips with a cotton swap, holding the swab on the wart for a few minutes at a time. That first night I woke up five hours later from the burning. I pulled the balls out and cleaned the area with soap and water before going back to bed. The next morning I felt okay to try another soak. This time I covered the soaked cotton balls with a bandayed. I kept these on for about 2-3 hours before I took them off, cleaned the area and left for school. The used cotton balls had a brown color on them, I guess from the warts. Walking wasn't too hard, the burning was definitely tolerable. Later in the day I began to find parts of warts on the toilet paper after I wiped. NICE. However I would get small spots of blood too. That night I did my third soak. By this time I decided not to hassle with a mirror, and I just felt around for the warts. I can feel them all or at least tell where they itch. Plus, by this time I knew where they were located. I slid a soaked cotton ball around my vagina, and soaked half a cotton ball in ACV, leaving the half for the bandayed dry. Then I Bandayed the ball to the cluster, and repeated the same thing for another area. I went to bed with Much less burning than the first night, and I fell right to sleep. Today, while taking a shower I noticed that the Nickel-sized cluster has been reduced to 1/3 of its original size. YES!!!! In feeling around I noticed all my bumps are either gone, or quite reduced in size. Looking in the mirror the bumps look soo much better. I am so thrilled by my fast and relatively painless results. (Compared to the surgical burn and a week off work)

Although I think I could very well stand another treatment this day, I think I am going to wait until tonight, just so I have some time to heal. Hopefully, using the ACV and my current diet change I can keep these warts from returning. No more pop and sugary things for me. And a lot more veggies.

Replied by Frustrated_27
New York, Ny, Usa

Up until last week I was definitely a success story. I caught mine in November of 2007 and just had one tiny one inside that I didn't even know about until my doctor said something. I didn't care until late 08 when a couple visible ones showed. Aldara was crap... Of course it didn't work. Smh. Oct. 2009 I found this site and I was reeeeally skeptical but was willing to try anything at that point... And it really truly worked. I still can't describe that feeling of RELIEF. I felt like a normal person again. I'm 23 (was 22 at the time).. Fresh out of college, working hard... This was really messing with me.

Then with just raw ACV, cotton balls and bandaids they left. I did not have ANY reoccurance at all. And let me tell you... I was SICK as a dog for like 2 weeks at one point... Stressed like you wouldn't believe at another point... Not getting a lot of sleep at another point... Had cuts (from picking at pimples) at another.... Rough sex... Everything and NEVER did anything pop up.

Now out of nowhere... When I've LOST 26 pounds and couldn't be healthier... Not much stress... A little less sleep but still at least 6 hours... I'm having a CRAZY outbreak! Every single one came back (4) plus another... Plus so much discharge... I am FREAKING out and I DON'T UNDERSTAND. This is so beyond emotionally draining. I think the worst part is really having to mentally grasp the fact that I DIDN'T cure it like I thought I did. I don't mean to discourage anyone but I just need some ADVICE! WHY do you think this is happening?? Ugh this is so so so so awful :-(

Replied by Lola
Seattle, Washington

Hey frustrated_27 can you leave your email on here so I can contact you?

Replied by Denise
Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Frustrated I feel your pain! I was diagnosed when I was 18 and haven't had a single outbreak! Now 5 kids later been married for 13 years (faithfully on both ends), hysterectomy, and not I have 1! WTC??

Replied by Frustrated_27
New York , Ny

Well I have an update and not a good one :-/ I was doing some thinking and realized that the one and only time I've had unprotected sex in years --July--I think I caught it again and that's what this is. I think I cleared it last year since it had been the average 2 years. And te fact I broke out in september.. 2 months after raw sex.. It makes sense. I even tested pos for HPV which I hadn't ever before so I wonder if he gave me multiple strains :-/ they keep popping up around my period every damn month now! The tingly sensation! I get it away with AVC and a diff one comes next month. Ive been having sex about once a month too so idk if it's taking the month to give me another wart or it's hormones from my period. Either way this is beyond awful! I can't deal with this every MONTH!! What am I supposed to do :'-(

Replied by David
Vancouver, BC

In application for genital warts. I've found the best way to apply to affected areas. Use paper sticky medical tape ( NOTE; use 3-m brand because it works better than cheaper stuff!). Also get liquid bandage.

Cut any long hair from affected area/ 1/4inch is ok
Cut a square of tape/ poke small hole in center/ place small of cotton in center/
Apply liquid Bandage to outside corner and apply. Keep firm pressure on about 30sec.
When dry then apply Apple Cider Vinegar to center.
You may want to apply light olive oil to area below to limit skin irritation.

When open sore developed I found it good to apply tea tree oil to it to help in healing. It also seemed to speed up skin rejuvenation and pealing.

Im having success .. Hope this helps

Posted by Peter1900 (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/20/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I caught HPV about 10 years ago and I have tried everything to get rid of them. The only thing that worked well was laser treatment and this is when I had over 12 of them on my penis. But a few months later, one popped up, then another. I kept them in check using Podophyllum Resin, which is also natural, but the stuff can have deadly side effects. So I gave ACV a try 3 days ago. I had 3 warts. Day 1 - I took off the cotton from the end of q-tips, soaked them in ACV, and taped them on the warts using a band-aid. I found that you need to use the sticky part of the band-aid to cover them. Don't use the bandage part in the middle. It's too lose. After Day 1, the warts turned white and I could see that they were actually 9 warts! ! OMG! Clusters of 3. Day 2 - They got softer and softer. Then the clusters merged together in one big white spot (like a zit ready to pop). Don't touch it or poke it! ! Leave it alone. Day 3 - My skin was starting to get tender and sore even though I kept the ACV on the warts almost the entire time. My skin took very well to the ACV. Some people don't, so tread carefully. When I woke up, the warts looked like they were hurting - like I had the best of those bastards for once in my life. They were turning to a grayish color. I took a long bath - about 30 minutes in warm water. When I got out and dried myself off, one of the warts was gone! ! And this was the bugger that was a real pain. It was on the edge of my foreskin and shaft. It's gone. I applied one more treatment of ACV on it to make sure.

WARNING: the ACV was harsh on my foreskin and I had to make sure to protect my foreskin by covering it with a band aid first, then nailing the wart next to the foreskin with ACV. The problem was the head of my penis would naturally retract a bit and the foreskin would get hit by the ACV. I used vitain E cream on a band-aid and covered by foreskin. The shaft of my penis, where the other warts were, coped very well to the ACV but that was me. I've read about other people who reacted badly so try a 2-3 hour application and see how you do to start. Day 4 - That will be tomorrow. I will update you. I am taped up as we speak and going for the last kill. The warts seem to be dying and actually look like helpless little things now. What shocks me is why this treatment is not more well-known. A few months ago, I read on the Internet that it was a myth. Then I stumbled on this site and a few others. Thanks god I did. I know I might get some warts again in the future but it is only a simple 3-5 day treatment to crush them. And to think, for 10 years I struggled with this crap. I'm just glad it's over.

Posted by Minnie (Confused, Somewhere) on 07/13/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Genital Warts Remedies

I have been having genital warts for I don't know how long. But have lots of it around my urethra, hymen, the lips of my vagina and the opening. Its very disgusting. Well, I went to the gyno and they treated me with some acidic stuff but it only peeled of a few warts. I then tried soaking ACV into cotton balls and have been using them since. It has been around 3 weeks now and many of the warts has gone. It somehow melts and forms into discharges or has gotten smaller in size. Some of the skin are very raw and some are still white. I'm still treating the white parts though. I have also been using acv soaked tampons for 2 weeks now to treat the ones inside (I don't know if I have them inside but just to take precautions) It doesn't hurt when I insert the tampon inside. It only hurts around 1 inch from the vaginal entrance because of the bleeding - it turns white after I remove the tampon. I know they are warts (first 1 inch from the opening) but does it mean that I have more inside even if I don't feel the pain after 2 weeks? Should I continue treating the ones inside? Please Help. Thank You

Posted by Lily0423 (Reading, PA, Usa) on 06/19/2010

I was very skeptic that ACV would work for me. I have approximately 11 GWs. 5 or so in a cluster and the rest being a bit large and on their own.

I was diagnosed with GWs about 3 months ago. I was given an acid treatment and nothing changed. I actually went from about 8 up to 11 of them. I have no health insurance and knew I couldn't afford much more than continuing with that.

After researching online, I found out about ACV. I ordered ACV online and started the treatment yesterday.

Day 1 - I soaked a cotton ball in acv and then taped it to one singular wart with a bandaid. Initially, there was no burning and I was concerned that it wasn't working. After about 45 mins I did notice a slight burning but it was definitely bearable. After about 4 hours I removed the band-aid and noticed a slight change in color of the wart. Later that night I decided to do the routine again while I slept. This time I put the soaked cotton ball on the cluster of them that I had. Again, I used a band aid to keep it in place. This time I felt a burning sensation and it kept up - but again, was bearable. In the morning I checked the situation and noticed that the cluster and the singular wart were now a whiteish color.

The only cons I can think of are A) Obviously the burning but thus far it's not horrible. B) The smell. I, unfortunately, always hated the smell of vinegar but both mentioned cons are worth putting up with if it helps remove the sight of the GWs from my body.

I will keep up with my progress and let you know how it goes!

Posted by Bob (Edmonton, Canada) on 04/22/2010

Hi, I have a question. About 6 months ago I Used ACV to get rid of a few Genital warts I had on my penis they turned white then black and fell off, their still not back.

Lately I feel that I have got a few more but i cant tell if it is the scar tissue or GW. Before i Knew about ACV i went to get them froze off and he said that the area in question was scar tissue from my circumcision. I am second guessing him now because the area that its in is very lumpy and almost looks like GW and if isnt might be small ones growing on it. Is it normal to have this lumpy scar tissue under the inside tip of the penis? I feel like i cant tell the scar tissue and a potential GW apart. And my last question is, I have been putting ACV on the areas i think are infected over night then a couple hours during the day, nothing has turned white on me, and i know that my last ones that i killed before turned white. Feed Back would Be appreciated thx.

Replied by Jujubee
Stockton, Ca

First of all I want to thank everyone on this site that posted their experiences with hpv. I was diagnosed with hpv two days ago, and like alot of ppl, I dont know who gave it to me. I was hurt and upset and didnt know what to do. I had recieved incorrect information about this virus, so I got on the internet and did some research. So anyways I called a few doctors seeking treatment for my condition and to my dismay, they were very costly and none of them accepted insurance. Discouraged once again I got on the internet to see if I could find any doctors in my area that accept insurance and could treat me... None.

I happen to stumble upon this site and began to read everyones posts and I came across this Apple Cider Vinegar thing. I havent tried it yet, but I will start tomorrow. I will also make updates once I have finished treatment. I was surprised to find out that hpv is the most common sti, ... Hmmm why hadnt I heard of this before, too little too late. For everyone having sex, please practice safe sex, because there are things out there far worse than hpv. Thanks everyone.

Posted by Eve (Somewhere, Mi) on 03/29/2010

I also got this virus while only practicing safe sex .. what the heck are condoms good for then .. sheesh ..
I was diagnosed on Thursday of last week .. I flipped out couldn't believe it .. The Dr. suggested to start treatment immediately .. she cut off one .. and used acid test on three other spots .. OMG .. the pain was terrible when she was using the acid test to burn them ..

She said come back in two weeks for another session .. and she also prescribed aldara.

I am not just going to sit around and not do anything for two weeks and let these ugly buggers live on me ..
I researched and found this site .. and from what I read about aldara it could take weeks and months to show any improvement.

My research took a couple days .. I started the ACV treatment on Saturday afternoon .. here is what happened:

Thurs 3/25 diagnosed

Sat 3/27 first treatment: ACV in the afternoon .. put it on for about 4 hours .. burned but not bad... scary how many are there .. more than 20 that's for sure .. but most are really tiny, I want to kill them now that they're small .. applied it again at night before bed .. OMG burning like HELL .. now remember .. the Dr did a small procedure (cut) me .. I had open wounds ..

Sunday 3/28: washed everything in the morning .. again nothing was gray or black or i figured I have to wait to see results .. applied some vit E oil.. let it rest for a bit .. then Sunday night .. did the ACV over again .. this time it wasn't only burning it was hurting like hell .. the area the dr treated with acid is now cracked and bleeding .. and I applied the ACV on it ... you can imagine ... I did suck it up tho ..the pain lasted all night .. and I mean all night .. not 10 minutes not an hour or two .. but was burning in pain all night ..

Monday 3/29: Washed everything in the morning .. was bleeding a lot .. applied some vit E oil and left it alone all day .. it was beginning to look slymy .. like the skin was burned .. again .. no gray no black they all still look almost the same .. I applied some castor oil to the entire area .. hope it heals a bit but not burn .. just got my period .. bummer I hope this will not hinder my process .. I'll stop the ACV but keep applying Castor oil hope it helps a bit till period is done then I can resume the ACV .. but I will do the paste with the aspirin and Castor oil .. I don't' think I can bare the pain again .. since the entire area is cracked and bleedy ...

Please let me know if you think I am doing this correctly .. anything else i can do differently ?
I am a healthy person overall .. don't drink or smoke .. work out regularly and eat fairly healthy ...
I started taking multi vits .. Vit C .. cut garlic in half and swallow it .. about 3 gloves a day ... I also ordered some Vit E and Aloe vera supplement that promise to heal you and remove the virus from the system completely .. I will start that as soon as I receive it ...

Advice please I need it

p.s: crazy fact is .. a week before I broke out with these .. I went to the same gyno and complained to her about discharge and pain down there .. she did a pap test and said everything looks fine and that i only had an infection? why didn't the HPV show up there ? I can not explain this at all..

Replied by Mercedes
New York

Eve the reason why it didn't show up on your Pap is because the strain of HPV that causes warts are low risk and don't cause cancer. The pap only screens for high risk strains of HPV that can lead to cervical cancer. The same thing happened to me. I had genital warts but my pap smear came out normal

Replied by Worldcrawler
Vancouver, Canada

i really dont recommend putting any more apple cider vinegar on there until your skin is healed. 15-20 min treatments 3 times day is really all you need. People want these off fast, but you also don't want to divert your body's energy to coping with second degree burns instead of fighting that virus. Give yourself a week.

Also, getting some anti-bacterial ointment is a good idea. If the skin starts to look infected find a way to get it checked out by a professional. Warm baths are good. You want this skin healed before resuming little treatments.