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Genital Warts
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Genital Warts & HPV: Home Remedies for STDs

Last Modified on May 25, 2016

General Feedback  

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Posted by G-wubs (Madison, Wisconsin) on 06/01/2012

I am a 21 year old female who was told 5 years ago (after receiving the vaccine) that I had HPV after an abnormal growth was found on my cervix. They did not mention that this growth was a wart (which I think is pretty safe to assume now). I cried and the doctor told me that the strand I had goes away on its own and does not really have any symptoms.

Three months after the abnormal pap I no longer tested positive for HPV and was like HOORAY!!! I thought I was cured, what my doctor failed to mention was that it can lay dormant for many years. Although I have practiced safe sex I have since then been in two long and monogomous relationships, both with mutual testing (after the HPV scare, I was rather obsessed with never getting another std).

Then I started having thyroid storms and my health took a drastic turn for the worse..... Lowering my immune system drastically.

About a week ago I noticed a spot between my vagina and rectum that was a little hard. I originally believed it was just a scar from some adventerous sexual intercourse but I kept an eye on it. It was so small I had a hard time getting a good look at it so I took a picture with my camera and zoomed in on it on my computer just to come to the conclusion many of you have. I read online that a good way to test to see if a spot is indeed a genital wart is to apply a gentle acid. I have used apple cider vinegar for cooking in the past and have dranken it for its health benefits years ago, so I had it readily available (a huge gallon) in my kitchen.

I dabbed it in the area and to my horror, pretty much my entire vagina, pernium, and rectal region turned white!!! I had no idea how microscopic those darn little boogers could be.

After a day of intense crying, researching, and debating over what do I do... I decided to confide in my best friend, who happened to be a male of non sexual relations. He instantly made me feel better by saying that if he met a woman he was in love with, genital warts would not be a deterient. He was actually impressed by how I was coping :)

I then told my mother who took it surprisingly well and showed up with another gallon of apple cider vinegar :) I don't think I could use this much vinegar ever!!

Today I went from smoking half a pack of smokes a day down to 3. I am also choosing not to drink. Both of these life choices should have been made as soon as my health decreased.... But it took GWs for me to make this drastic life change. I am also taking all sorts of vitamins and oral Apple Cider Vinegar pills as well (it tastes so bad to drink)!

Pretty much I found out my entire genital region was covered with them and started of by dabbing them with q-tips of Apple Cider Vinegar making them turn white and many of the small ones I had no clue about have bled. I have read that the bleeding is normal so I was not too worried about it. The bump on my pernium has turned a dark grey today and hurts like hell, I think its because it wants to fall off. But many of the other spots turned red and completely flat against the skin but have a white center in them? I don't really know if this is normal but I am guessing it is like the root possibily?

The treatments have also been rather painful for me the entire duration, but I think it might be because many had not even started to grow, so there wasn't much tissue it had to penetrate.

I have been using a regional medicated ointment by Rawleigh, that is actually for colds and congestion (much like vix) but also heals cuts, wounds, burns, and even hemorroids. It is a life saver!!! It has menthol in it so the area is immediatly cooled down to an almost pleasurable level. It contains Camphor, menthol, oil of eucalyptus, in a base of petrolatum, mineral oild, paraffin, ceresin, and cocoa butter.... I don't know if it can be bought online but I would greatly recommend it. Legit takes pain down like no other. I also have an extremely swollen genital area and it helps with that as well.

After all the pain I have put my vagina through this past week, its like a spa retreat :P

Also, I found that for me soaking cotton balls in the avc, lining them from clit to all the way past my rectum (rather be safe than sorry) and then putting on a pantylined thong has helped me keep the avc where I would like it... I can't even imagine attempting to use bandaids or tape!

But please if you have any questions feel free to ask, also if anyone else has had any of the white spots in the center I would greatly appreciate hearing what you think!

Remember, we are still worth while and sexy individuals, regardless of these pesky GWs!!!

Replied by Mya
Gates, Nc
i do have discharge and I think I have a white spot on the inside of my vagina, ive just notice that I have some white bumps around my cloitors and a large patch on the bottom opening of my vagina I have been drinking green tea and 2multi-vitamin and 800mg of folic acid also I have gotten Lipton Pure Green Tea bags cut one open and mix the tea with apple cider vinger I did this for 3 days and the fell off, I thought I was done so I (stupidly) stop everything no vitamins no green tea/acv paste EVERYTHING and they came back but I have started a more developed method that I will do for 2 complete weeks I have now included

500mg of garlic pills, and 500mg apple cider vinger pills 3 in the am and 3 pm OF EACH ( so thats 6 pills each morning and night) on lunch I will take my 2 multi vitamin and 1 800mg of folic acid pill so I can kill the virus from the inside out

on the outside I have been applying tea tree oil on the vagina, on the bumps and around my entire bottom so the warts dont spread and I have been applying the pure green tea bags/apple cider vinger paste I clean the areas everytime I go to the bathroom with hydro proxide and while at work I just apply coconut oil and tree tea oil with q-tips(bc I cant stay 30 mins in the bathroom at work lol) ill update this again after my two weeks I started 10/3/12 so my 2 wks will end 10/17/12 after the 2 wks I will continue the garlic pills and apple cider vinger pills but will only take 2 pills/each (so 4 total in the am) and again 2 pills/each in the pm (so again 4 in the pm) so this helps

Posted by Ice (Philadelphia, Pa) on 03/12/2012

I would like to say thank you to all of you. I have hpv I felt like dying when I found out I have my leep done however now am having out breaks of genital warts am so afraid. I want to get better for my kids and all the info you guys have given is inspiring me to continue. I have the worst gyn and now am going to see an ent just to make sure my throat is find. Please keep me in your prayers for I have been getting throat infections for the past six months. Thanks again.

Posted by Lily (Abuja, Nigeria) on 01/12/2012

Am from Nigeria and just as u guys have said, doctors don't help a lot. I didn't even know how or when I got infected with GW but I went thru a lot of trouble just getting a diagnosis. Had to open myself for up to 5 doctors b4 they told me anything. Never even heard of genital warts before and it seems the doctors were surprised I actually came to the hospital. I was given ink-like podophylin and I've been using it 4 more than 10 months now. It's been a very, very painful process and most of the warts have gone but a big one in my anal area is still there and I got tired so I stopped treatment for some time. Am happy I've seen this site and I'll go and try this Apple Cider Vinegar. Thnx guys so much. If it can go in 1 week why have I been suffering these 10 months?

Posted by Frey (Bath, Britian) on 11/29/2011

Hi I've had gw now for over 2 years with frequent outbreaks. I'm 20 and I've been to the doctors and to clinics and asked for pap smears because I have hpv but they always say that it's ok and that I dont need to have a pap until I'm 25, should I be having regular paps? Also does anyone get abnormal discharge when warts appear I'm having quite a bad outbreak and I'm having so much discharge that I need to wear a panty liner also it's quite yellow but with no odor. But I have been applying castor oil to calm them down and sometimes tincture of thuja. Could this have caused thrush maybe? Is that what could cause the discharge? I never knew that you needed to take vitamins and such to boost your immunity so I will start today. When I have been to the doctors they don't seem to know much about hpv and just give me more warticon each time (which I have a bad reaction to). Anyway I am very grateful for this site and have read alot and will start to take folic acid and vitamins. Thank you

Genital Wart Advice  

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Posted by Caliber0414 (Staten Island, Ny, Usa) on 09/09/2010

When I first reached down and felt bumps around the opening to my anus and lower part of my vagina close to my anus I was mortified! I got a mirror and began inspecting these bumps! They were nothing like I had ever seen before. I was always in a monogamous 7 year relationship that recently ended. I had unprotected sex with 2 guys.

Back to the bumps... I began researching genital warts on the internet and looking at pictures of them. Many of the pictures I looked nothing like what I had going on. I thought maybe I was chaffed or irritated from my thong underwear. I work as a waitress and wear thong underwear and polyester pants. Not much air circulates. The bumps started to go away on their own.... But in a week came back ten times worse than before. I came online desperately searching for some type of relief. I have no health coverage and was completely humiliated, disgusted and scared. Lucky to have an extremely close relationship with my sister-in-law I had her look at them. She confirmed that they looked just like cauliflower shaped bumps protruding from my skin. I wanted to cry and scream.

I came across the posts on this site written by people who used ACV. I went to the grocery store immediately and started treatment. I would soak rolled gauze in the ACV and wedge it between the folds in my vagina where I found the warts and my anus. I slept with it on 5 nights in a row. The entire area turned white and was extremely sore... I mean it hurt like HELL! I was in tears.

I started researching again and went to the pharmacy. I purchased bleach, tea tree oil, vitamin E liqui-capsules and vitamin C with Rose Hips (because I learned this is an immune system thing). I started taking the vitamin C orally every 8 hours 2 days ago. The tea tree oil acts as a natural anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and astringent. Trust me this felt like a complete relief compared to the ACV. Here's what I did: Soaked Q-tips in bleach and placed it over the larger warts for about 1 minute. I wiped it with a baby wipe and put tea tree oil on my finger (wearing gloves). I rubbed in circles about 20 times or so. I then snipped the end of a vitamin E capsule and rubbed that all over. Later that night I did the same procedure with the rolled gauze but soaked it in tea tree oil. This also burned but I endured it because I want these gone! The following day I had to work so I just rubbed a little tea tree oil and vitamin E on the spot. When I got home I looked in the mirror and realized my skin was coming off. It looked burned and there was fresh pink skin underneath. I decided to give my skin a rest and just use the vitamin E that night and a diaper rash cream. So I woke up this morning and the larger more stubborn warts almost disappeared.

I have been repeating the same bleach, oil, vitamin, ACV procedure every 3 hours or so. I wash the area with a feminine sensitive skin wash, blow dry it with a blow dryer and do the steps. I am so happy with the results as I am taking a vacation in 1 week and want to be rid of this headache before that. I have been using the ACV for about 10 days and the other treatments for 3. The only difference is that my warts never turned black only white. I could feel them coming off in the shower. It's important you stay clean, keep the area dry, wear cotton panties and have persistence. You can beat this. I was so heartbroken when I discovered this and now am overjoyed to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Replied by Mary
Sacramento, California
I'm happy that your method is working for you. Are you using laundry bleach? will you please update on your progress... Most people do not follow up over the next few months. It is important that people who are going through the same thing and are seeking answers know what has worked for other people. Thank you and good luck
Replied by Sue
Ny, Ny, Usa
1 out of 5 stars

I am leaving a note because I am concerned that other women will read this and try it out with the exact same steps. I urge everyone to think of apple cider vinegar like the 5% acid it is.

A more cautious approach: I strongly advise trying one small area (size of a pea) for 30 minutes or less 1 day. Giving it a break. Examine the damage. If your are comfortable try that 2x day the next day and try a couple other spots. These treatments are cumulative and you can suddenly have a few layers of skin come off with one short treatment. Once you see how you react, then decide. I strongly advise against covering a large area of inner labia tissues with vinegar for long stretches on the softer genital tissues. Over night is out of the question in my opinion - especially on the delicate tissues of the internal parts.

Infection can happen. Remember, this area can get very raw if you are covering a large surface. There are specific anti-biotics that might be prescribed. It's a catch 22. Might kill the wart, but put yourself at risk of infection. Putting anti-bacterial oitment inside the inner folds of your vaginal area (labia minora and labia majora) as someone else recommended might guide you right into a yeast infection. Scatching might spread your warts. If a yeast infection does happen because of this process, FeminaFlora (product by New Roots) herbal supplement - no personal affiliation at all (about $20-$25 for 10 capsules to be inserted in the vaginal opening) is really a product that should be more well known.

It's not the end of the world, even if it feels like it. Killing the wart is one thing, but getting the virus into submission is how you are going to get the results you want. Eat natural things, curb your sugars (including white pasta, rice, patatoes), sleep well, drop the cigarettes/alcohol/chemical street drugs). Suppressing a virus is a good trade off for vices that are harsh on the body. Good luck all!

Replied by Emm
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
PLEASE do NOT use bleach!! It breaks the bonds in our DNA-- which can ultimately cause CANCER!!!

Genital Warts Procedure  

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Posted by Charlie (Houston, TX) on 12/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Real simple and quick procedure to remove warts that worked for me. I got my warts frozen at the local clinic and they are all gone. Its only been a week so i dont know if they'll be coming back.

Replied by Ali
Just go to your doctor and use cryotherapy to have them frozen off. It really doesn't hurt that much. You may have some discomfort for a day, but thats about it. This is a really common STD and is nothing to be embarassed or ashamed about. If your doctor makes you feel that way, go to a new doctor! Mine were in my anal region and when I told my doctor I was worried about telling my boyfriend I had HPV she assured me his reply would be "well who doesn't?" And guess what she was right!

I had them frozen off but wanted to make sure they didn't come back so I used apple cider vinegar. This seriously burns and I don't think it helped out much. So I then used a Q tip with tea tree oil. Again- ouch! If you do you use these, buy some baby oil to help the skin recover of you will be walking with a limp and in pain for a couple days!

I wish I would've just left the area alone. And if they did come back, just returned to my doctor to have them frozen off because it is seriously a quick and easy fix.

Gential warts are just a different strand of HPV that also causes warts on other parts of your body. Any skin to skin contact can spread them. But if you actually have the symptoms appear depends on your immune system. So start taking a multivitamin, echniea, vitamin C and whatever else you think will help boost your immune system.

But I strongly advise you to use apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil sparingly. Maybe dilute them with water if you are going that route.


Posted by Burner (Newcastle, Nsw, Australia) on 05/02/2012

HI. ACV treatment seems interesting I will give it a go. If nothing else to see white spots to burn. I am a long time sufferer of warts, Even when I think I'm good if I rough up the area they come back pretty hard. So obviously I have had a lot of depression concering it and never had a relationship since my early 20's. I have them on my face as well and it is messed up. I use a lighter and tweezers to get rid of them. It works good. Just heat up end of tweezers and prod the warts out. Then use the tweezers to pinch the area and grab out the white suff there that is virus stuff. Then burn that stuff whislt heating up tweezers for second dab in the same spot to hit the core that was under the skin. IF I want them not to burn afterwards, I run it under cold water for awhile. It leaves a little red mark but nothing too bad that wont heal UNLIKE the doctors heat guns that fester for weeks and scar forever. It may not be the best treatment but I tell you it does work. Especially for face so you can front the world :) Just don't burn for ages just a few dabs. Love


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Posted by Himanshu (Delhi, Delhi India) on 10/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 25 yrs old. Three months back, I discovered a little pimple to my penis (near the bottom of pink head). I just used to clean it with water and few drops of dettol. But few days back I examined and found dat there had been few more grown on penis. by tracing the foreskin back, I could see few lil warts scattered at the bottom of penis head and 2 or 3 warts on the foreskin inside.

i was bit depressed to see them and had no idea... Wats dese?.... I never had a pimple on face or a scar on body.... It was just a hell.... The whole day I used to think abt dese ugly warts.... I just googled about the infections of genital areas and came to know dat I have GENITAL WARTS..... got more information on dese .

was completely depressed as it is caused by hpv..... Virus. I just kept on searching about its details and treatment..... I gave my whole three days just sitting at home and googling it. gone through every allopathic, homeopathic and home remedies.

i detail here few. Firstly I read on few sites dat this virus is not cureable but the warts are, sometimes dese warts go away untreated but sometimes requires treatment. They may reoccur. In some cases they havn't reoccured, some says dat they reoccured after 2 or 3 years and sometimes few months. some have complained dat they had been suffering from past 10 to 15 years but not removed till now.

i read somewhere dat this virus do not enter blood streams. the warts can be removed and the body can bacome free of virus within few months or a year by developing immunity in the body.

some of fellows here have tried ACV, tea tree oil, etc. And have provided good results. But with few scars or burning of sensitive skin. Few have said dat they have removed without any scars. thers no scientific proofs for dese all.

I have seen dat people dont go to doctor and feel ashamed of it. i too felt so, but i thought, i must consult a doctor first and then decide what to do. why should be i ashamed, ... its my body and i have to take care of it..... having sex is not bad.. its a very essential part of life.... but what i s bad is ignoring the safety... take precautions........... unknowingly we can acquire few diseases but we cant sit and get depressed from dem... standup and treat them

today i went to homeopathy doctor... he is 68 yrs old and i trust him. he has cured my asthma.... it took me around few (4 to 6)years to get rid of this alleregy.. today m absolutely fine and had no ashthma attack(it had been 7 to 8 years now). i just went to him and told him about genital warts. he used to see few cases daily regading genital warts. i queried him much. he told dat dese are cureable and our body can become completely rid of this virus. thers only cure in homeopathy. he put two drops of some medicine on my tongue and gave me few more medicines which are to be taken after 3 days regularly for next 15 days. a thuja lotion has been provided which to be applied twice a day. i asked him will dese warts go or when will i get rid of this virus completely. he replied dat within 15 days u will have no warts or continue for next more 15 days days. he said dese warts will be completely removed and the virus too will be kicked out of my body. he was 100% sure. at last he told dat till now all the cases of genital warts have been completely cured and no reoccurance.

while returning i was very happy, confident and i know dat i will kick out this virus from my body very soon.

so guys thers nothing to worry about. dont be shy. consult ur doctor. do not remove them with hands (u may increase the infection). warts can be cured and virus can be kicked out of our body completely.

will update my experiences very soon.

Hot Tip of a Lighter  

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Posted by Carl (Toronto, Canada) on 11/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

genital warts remedy

this has worked for me 100% it can be slightly painful but heat applied to the wart will kill it. easiest way is to heat up the tip of a lighter by simply keeping it lit for a while, (i recommend at least 20 seconds) or as much as can be tolerated. the more you squeeze the skin around the wart when you apply the hot metal onto it, the less you will feel the burning. hold until not hot anymore and repeat 2 to 3 times. i did this a few times some years back and didn't have a recurrence so its hard to remember how fast the wart disappeared but i think it was only a matter of hours for the smaller ones.

Replied by Traderjosie
Maricopa, AZ
One definitely has to have them frozen but then-- soak in the tub daily with baby oil in very hot water---Johnson's lavender baby oil--and upon rubbing them they will come off. I was able to pick mine off. It takes quite a while, 1-2 weeks of this bath ritual but little by little you can get them off.

How to Tell a Partner  

Posted by Advise Seeker (Olathe, Kansas) on 02/03/2013

Hi everyone firstly I think its great that people are so open and willing to share their stories about this issue. I know that when I first found out a month ago I freaked out to the point of seriously considering suicide but then I somehow stumbled across this site and it made me feel so much better especially when I tried the remedies and they worked. One thing that no one has shared yet is how to tell a current/future partner about genital warts I am really embarrassed and am unsure how to bring up the conversation any advice? Thanks.

Replied by Nt
Okay, this is what I'll say... when it is time to tell a partner, I would really just be straightforward with it. what I would also do, is be ready to inform your partner on what it is, how it affects women (puts us at risk for cervical) and how it will affect them (may put them at risk for oral cancer if you have oral hpv). just be ready with the facts and be ready for the possibility that they might not want to be with you. I'm not saying that it will happen but it is a possibility and you should be prepared for that. I think that most people would agree that just because you have HPV doesn't mean you slept around a lot or that you're a bad person. So if the person you're telling doesn't think that you are worth it, then they don't deserve you. hope this helps. I have told a partner myself and he didn't think anything of it.

HPV Vaccine  

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Posted by Nice (Miami, FL) on 12/14/2008

hey, i am a female with HPV and GW, my gyno told me that it was too late to get the vaccine bc i was already infected, i had hpv when i was 22 with pre-cancer cells and had surgery. Now i'm 28, then two years ago i had an outbreak of rashes all over my body. i was told it was an immune system breakdown then after i discovered a wart, my gyno told me my HPV was dormant and is now showing with the warts she burned it with acid it was very painful, but gone, again last year i discovered more warts alot in my anal area, i went to the gyno months later after being in denial and self treating. She gave me immonoquid this is my second batch in 5 months each treatment is 16 weeks long. It IS NOT WORKING i have more. funny that medication is to treat Cancer and HIV patients who have outbreaks. DUNNO, I am glad i saw this post I will try the method. BUT you guys should tell all your friends and younger female 13-24 get the vaccine, funny when it came out I was 26 and out of range and already had a scare/ GYNO said if your over 25 you already have it dormant in your system. SCARY

Replied by Rosy
Orlando, Fl
1 out of 5 stars

Please do some research before you get any vaccine! HPV vaccines have horrible side effects, which have killed, and caused people life long disabilities. I don't believe that every woman over the age of 25 has been exposed to HPV. I have had tests done, including blood work, and I am over the "limit" and show no signs of this illness. I would suggest checking for a correlation between your outbreaks and things you eat, use, or are exposed to. Herpes outbreaks react to environmental factors, and HPV ones might also.

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Buck (Bucktown, Al) on 08/22/2011

Does h2o2 help with Genital Warts? Will it kill the virus and symptems? Do I take orally or topically?

Replied by Midwest Sufferer
Midwest, Usa
4 out of 5 stars

After discovering the growths, I too, like many of you on here scoured the internet for natural or home remedies.

I've tried ACV, and it worked, temporarily. I think I just didn't follow through enough. I've tried black salve, and that stung like crazy, and the warts became bigger instead of smaller. I've tried freezing several times which would cause the area to turn black and the wart to come off, but the bigger ones kept coming back. I used tea tree oil, but that didn't seem to work at all for me, and I could always smell it.

Then I read posts on just warts, and saw many posts on the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide, and since I had some food grade H2O2, 35%, on hand I thought I'd give it a try. This strength of hydrogen peroxide is not recommened, but I didn't care. It has been 6 months since I first noticed them, and I want them gone. I would use a q-tip to apply directly to the warts, and it would sting like crazy. I would apply at least once a day, but usually twice, and sometimes more depending on if it was a workday or weekend. After the first couple applications, the warts were noticeably smaller. Now after a week there is no raised area left. I still will apply to the pinkish area left until there is no immediate reaction from the hydrogen peroxide, just to be sure I got it all. At least thats what I'm hoping. I will post again in the near future with updates, but as of this post, I'm pretty certain its going to work! Best of luck.

Hydrogen Peroxide Baths  

Posted by Gwgone (KY, US) on 08/21/2014

Hi, Heard this second hand, hope it helps. A friend had an outbreak of Genital Warts and when to the md first, then came home and soaked in a tub of Hydrogen Peroxide. Not sure if she pre-medicated for pain, I would test this on a small area first. She did this everyday as often as possible and on her return check up she had no more warts. She had had them outside and inside of the vagina and they were totally gone.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil, Iodine  

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Posted by Maika (Philippines) on 07/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

hydrogen peroxide, iodine 10%, virgin coconut oil, garlic oil

Hello everyone I just want to share my experience to help others, I am suffering of GW for 3 years until now. But then after a long research I try hydrogen peroxide JULY 1 2015 the opening of my vagina turns white, then the next day today I repeat the process some of my warts shrink and others just disappear and while the big warts is start to get little I am very excited and happy with the result in just two days I got the result WOW right? I will continue using this 10% hydrogen peroxide, iodine and coconut oil. I know there is a cure just don't loose hope and believe in god's power.

How to use it. 1. Put hydrogen peroxide on the cotton ball in the warts 3x a day. 2. After you put peroxide put iodine on it to stop itching. 3. Put coconut oil overnight night . P

s. I'm sorry I'm not good in english but I know you guys understand what I am saying . Use hydrogen peroxide and give it a try. God bless us guys. Hope for our fastest recovery in this such things best luck to all of us.


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Posted by Den313 (Mesa, Az) on 01/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am writing to share an alternate remedy I used. I was Around 20 (1990s) years old when I first learned I had GW and was really scared. I however didn't wait and went and seen the doctor. Doctor confirmed and started to use boric acid (?) I had a few warts running up the shaft of my penis the pain for me then was immense. Nevertheless the warts came back. And started to spread. I was freaking out. As panic would dictate I was desperate to try anything. For whatever god guiding reasons I had a massive headache and found a bottle of ibuprophen and was just reading the uses, headache, inflammation etc... The key word that got me was inflammation... What the hell I thought to myself might as well double up. So I took high doses of ibuprophen. They were orange 400mg doses, so I took 4 pills for 1600mg with milk! I took 1600mgs everyday for 7 days. Could've been less as this was so very long ago. But after a week I started to notice they were going away and has disappeared. Years later I caught on the news that something in the coating of ibuprohen Helps with GW. I figured I got lucky... It's been 23 years since that time and never had a single case or outbreak and has never returned. I am now Married and with kids. Of course, I decided after that ordeal to change my promiscuous ways. Never slept with another woman until I thought she was the one... I have no clue why I'm even writing this after so many years, but woke up with this subject on my mind and wanted to share. Hopeful this can help someone before trying some painful surgical procedure or acidic method. I'm no doctor or herbal Methodist, only a person sharing his experiences.... Good luck