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Genital Warts
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Genital Warts & HPV: Home Remedies for STDs

Last Modified on May 21, 2016

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Posted by Gina (New York, New York) on 03/01/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  i've had vaginal warts b4 (thats when i found out i had HPV) and went to the gyno because i was 17 and scared to death. The doctor treated it but they came back. i was too embarassed to go back for more treatment so i decided to try the garlic remedy. i placed 1 crushed clove of garlic on the warts 3 times a day (cleaning with peroxide between treatments) along with taking 6 garlic pill a day. Now the inner lips of my vagina are very small so basically the garlic got all over and badly burned the surrounding skin. i kept up with the garlic treatment for 3 days but on the 4th day i was very swollen and there were cuts all around my vagina so i decided to stop. however some warts are noticably smaller so i guess it was working. i'm still taking 6 garlic pills a day though. it has been 2 days since last treating my warts with the crushed garlic and i'm still very sore and swollen.

I went out today searching for APV (I currently live in beijing so i ended up going to 5 different supermarket chains before i found a bottle)

i'm hoping i can target the GW directly with minimum damage to the surrounding skin. in the mean time i'm still waiting for my sores to heal

Replied by Leelannee
Sussex, Nj
Apply Vaseline (or natural substitute) to your delicate areas (inner labia, underneath the outer labia, perineum, anus) or any areas where you DON'T need the garlic; this will form a barrier so that your tissues will not be irritated. Any oil will probably work, but Vaseline tends to stay put rather than drip. A zinc or diaper rash cream also works very well--note that it is meant to keep the skin dry even when there's a wet diaper against it! I've used this method when using hair removal creams in the bikini area. If you do garlic, then Vaseline, the garlic will in effect be "trapped" underneath the cream & will be difficult to wash off, so be sure to apply the Vaseline first!

Posted by C (BFE, Ohio) on 03/28/2008

[YEA]  I have been reading this forum on the different ways everyone has tried to cure their GW's. I was diagnosed with GW's a few days ago. I've noticed many here have said about the raw garlic burning them. The best way to use the raw garlic when you apply directly to the skin is to soak the clove (score it 4-5 times) in olive oil for an hour or so. I've actually inserted a whole clove up inside my vagina (to treat yeast infections) (use a clean needle and thread, and make like a pull cord, kind of like what's on a tampon) and that way you can leave it in all night. I am for sure going to use a number of the ideas given here, along with the garlic to try and clear my GS's up.

Replied by Melanie
Subbury, Ontario
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   It works but be very careful, I used it for 3 days in a row. They were turning black on the third night the tape came undone and the garlic was on healthy skin and burnt my skin about 2 inches long. I had to stop and my one wart that I really wanted gone is now back to pink and bigger.

Posted by Bill (Texas, TX) on 02/01/2008

[YEA]  ok this worked for me and i had clusters of them and they itched really bad all the time. i used garlic, slices of it. and put it on the warts. its burns for about 10 min. but i woud leave it there all night. with tape. use any tape it doesnt matter. aways do it over and over intill it looks like you have herpes! it gets really red and looks like its scabing up. i dont know what happens but some of them turn black and just fall off. and some just disappear with the scab with it falls of. this works. it seems like they get bigger at first. but just keep using it. mine got bigger the first 3 days, but i had to get rid of this things so i just kept on. it really works at least i know it works for the clusters. i only used it a week or a little more.

Replied by Hapless
Brooklyn, NY
Hi, bill, i recently discovered that i have Genital Warts, and i have used the garlic treatment three times now, but like yours, my warts have swollen up, gotten really dark and look like herpes, and the skin around my shaft is extremely sensitive and painful to the touch. Should i still keep using the garlic treatment for another 2-3 days or should i stop ?

By the way, i'm 23years old, never even had sex, and don't have medical insurance or any money! I got infected with HPV from my father, who has a bunch of these on his neck and does not seem to care, he's had them from years (got them from someone he worked with), and he che's tobacco, which probably explains why he has not developed immunity to the virus.

Please advise if you can.
Replied by Niko
New York, Ny
Bill. It sounds like you just actually had herpes. That's literally the natural stage of a herpes outbreak. It blisters and then scabs over and goes away. I doubt the garlic did anything for you.

Posted by Janna (New York, USA) on 01/02/2008

[YEA]  I'm sure like everyone else who first discovers genital warts i was confused! i always thought i was being so careful, but i guess somewhere along the line i wasn't. So i went straight on line to research my options, my are just inside my vagina and i noticed everyone explaining how they had used the doctor prescribed medicines with very little results, i needed something to work and take them away without the stress of returning visits to the doctors. I first tried the natural oils you can buy on line, and they don't work at all, not even reducing them just a little. I then came across this great web site, and people explaining the great results with garlic, i decided to go out straight away and buy some liquid tablets. I found in a health shop that you can buy liquid garlic which you can add to your drink twice a day. I thought it would work far faster that way. So only at the weekend i started taking 2 teaspoons of ordorless liquid garlic in to any drink once in the morning and once at night. Within 3 days i saw that they were reducing in size. I now have started to soak a cotton ball into the garlic liquid and placing onto the warts for 10 mins twice a day. I have seen a huge difference, i am going to continue to do this until they are cleared completely, i did buy a immune boost tablet just for good measure which i'm taking 3 times a day. If you are also suffering with genital warts i would really try this, its a cheap option and it is really working! i'll keep you posted.

Posted by Maja (Vancouver, Canada) on 09/14/2007

[WARNING!]  Thanks so much for creating this forum. i was diagnosed with genital warts 3 years ago and have podophyllin, liquid nitrogen, and attempted to use Aldara but was too scared after i bought it and read side effects. i'm now going to try home remedies. i attempted to put garlic on the wart however i felt a crazy burning sensation. has anyone else experienced this? i could only manage to keep it on for 5 mins before i started sweating. i will continue with ACV, Hydrogen Peroxide, and everything else...i want this chapter of my life closed. thanks!

Posted by Jasmine (Arima, Trinidad) on 08/19/2007

[YEA]  Just 3 weeks ago I noticed that around my vaginal opening was feeling a bit rough, and on further investigations I realized that I had genital warts (no need for a scientist to break the news). I immediately got online and started looking for home remedies because I knew that I just didn't have the cash to go to a doctor's office. The first "remedy" that I found was those at home Wart freeze kits. It sounded promising but very painful so I didn't bother. And plus, they took two long weeks to deliver to the Caribbean...I needed something NOW!! I then discovered tea tree oil. I ran out and bought it and tried it as I had read online(by dampening a cotton swab and applying overnight). After the first night they were almost gone! I got really excited and did not use for the next few night and then POW...they were all over! I came back with the tea tree oil with a vengence applying every night till I was almost raw. Just as they started to go away from around my vaginal entrance I one day took some forceps and inspected my vaginal canal. I had warts all the way inside and some were huge! I then discoverd garlic can be used for warts. I used to use garlic for my yeast infection and it worked like a pro. I just peeled and scored the outside of the garlic, wraped it in some gauze and tied the both ends with dental floss leaving one long so i could pull it out. I made it in a long sting and shoved it up the canal and just changed it every 24 hours (really stinky). I also kept using the tea tree oil on the outside at nights and also included the ingestion of powderd garling mixed in warm water every day and a herbal clense. In 2 weeks flat, all were gone, both internally and externally. I then applied 30,000 IU vitamin E cream in-between the tea tree oil applications , which is a miricle against the irritation. My life is back!!

Posted by JJ (Monroe, Georgia) on 05/20/2006

[YEA]  After being let down by so called genital wart treatments online I searched up home remedies and found one that actually works. So i went out and bought it that night and tried it with myself and with my husband. Garlic liquid pills. We took about 6 a day. 3 in am and 3 in pm. After 3 days they got smaller and smaller. In about a week, if that, they were so tiny it was unnoticeable. I was so scared, didnt wanna have any sexual contact or look at my husband. I was so afraid my kids would contract it. But now im so happy I learned what wonders garlic does. Its a virus killer so it attacks the virus inside. Its also alot better then having to tape something on your vagina! How are you supposed to do that?! So just swallow some garlic pills until theyre gone, which is about 2-3 weeks the latest, then drop down to 2 or 3 to be safe they don't come back. I have not seen another wart or have felt one in about 2 months. It makes you feel good again and brings back your esteem. Pretty sure this aint a cure cause theyre are no cures for this virus,so just play it safe when you do have sex and always wash your hands after going to the restroom. This virus is very catchy so please be careful. Do not use same towels or wash cloths with others.

Replied by Cndace123
Okay so two to 3 weeks, while taking 6 pills of liquid garlic they were gone??! :) then after that did you take 2-3 pills a day or is that more weeks?

Posted by TC on 01/28/2006

[YEA]  Garlic really works on genital warts too. I didn't know about banana peel or potato so i bandaged crushed organic garlic [the strongest garlic] every night before bed and if i stayed home during the day too, sure it's gonna smell down there but who cares, it works! I also eat a few raw garlic cloves every day until symptoms, and did a whole body detoxification for 30 day- herbcleansing capsules u can find in every health food store.. in a few days this garlic and cleansing pushed the wart out from the skin, it got really big and it seemed like it stopped growing now i just had to figure out how to dry it off, i was reading a lot about sulfur for warts that it dries any wart off and i remembered i have a sulfur acne cream from an acne complex kit the "acne spot treatment", 3% sulfur..and put this on a bandage all day, change it about three times or so a day until it dries off compleatly leaving a small hole where the wart was. then disinfect the hole with hydrogen peroxide until it heals. It took about 3 weeks and the wart was gone in 3 weeks.

ps:i was also applying an oxygen facial mask on it and the oxygen helped too push the wart out too and i think probably just pure hydrogen per., could do the trick too since it creates an oxygen reaction if applied but i didn't know that than and i heard fluor toothpaste dries off acne maybe it dries of wart too- i don't know this for sure but i know it works for pimples for sure.with this emberassing problem i didn't even show this to a doctor, i just cured it at home, without telling anyone, but i'm telling this now to anyone who is reading this site, no worries there is cure for genital warts too, u can do it..

ps2: this what i wrote down it only worked on a wart that looks like a bug bite or has that big pimple look, it didn't work on a wart that looks like a skin tag or "roosters hair", with that i did have to go for nitrogen treatment. [maybe the banana peel,potato or hydrogen peroxide works on that too..]

ps3: oxygenate your body with with drinking oxy water every day, or put oxy drops in your water from health food stores,or doing the baking soda -citric acid mix half and half will oxygenate your body or hydrogen peroxide in your water-why oxygen? because no virus can live in an oxygen rich body, helps to destroy viruses and bacterias as well.

ps4: I also think that going to a tanning salon during the outbreak helps. I noticed after tanning it pushed it out even more. [i think this is because Uv light also kills viruses and bacterias]so it helped to push the virus out. BUT PLEASE IF YOU HAVE THE OUTBREAK ONLY GO TO A STAND UP MACHINE-NO BEDS!- so your genital will not touch the machine-who knows if they clean it properly, for your protection also, with an open sore you can pick up something.So if the stand up machine is busy when you go, just wait for it, don't use the bed! Do the tanning maybe 2 times a week [or 3, if you don't burn], naked-don't cover the wart, don't touch it make sure your genital don't touch the bulbs. You'll see doing this too will help to speed up the healing process.

Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil  
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Posted by Bryanryan (Arizona) on 08/08/2015

[YEA]  Okay so I went a little "cure" crazy and tried everything in two days. My results are amazing. The doctor said go to a dermatologist as I was just diagnosed last week. He also said many may not want to treat me....I read that most medical cures didn't work anyway....and I'm not a fan of doctors in the first place. Sooooo I hit the net.....

1st thing I tried was mincing garlic and compressing the affected area which is the foreskin on the bottom side of my penis, directly beneath my urethra.......sensitive location.

Garlic hurts like nothing you can imagine....and then washing with water hurts as well.....not sure the garlic did anything but make me suffer but I won't rule it out as a starting point. I followed that up with fresh aloe I cut from my plant at home. I slept with aloe on the affected area. I added quite a bit and frequently.

The 2nd day (yesterday) I applied garlic first....ouch...then aloe to soothe. I then applied Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It did not burn right away which means it is penetrating the warts....however the second application that night did start burning. I cleaned up applied several drops.of tea tree oil and aloe and went to bed. This morning I noticed the area around the warts had turned a purplish black....I thought I killed my penis.....all the while I'm drinking 3-4 tablespoons of of the AC vinegar diluted with water for the 2 days....

Tonight I exfoliated with a homemade oatmeal scrub soap bar and 80%of the affected area rubbed away entirely. It isn't 100% gone yet but it looks 1,000 times better and by tomorrow will likely be gone completely. It is now a bit raw from the exfoliation, I applied more aloe and I will see what tomorrow brings. You can likely skip the garlic.....don't get ACV in your urethra, feels like death....tea tree, ACV, and Aloe work and hurt much less than garlic....

Garlic, Job's Tears, Tea Tree Oil, Diet  
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Posted by Repentent (singapore, singapore) on 11/11/2007

[YEA]  After two months where I was inflicted with Genital Warts, I had begun on an oral remedy for Genital Warts.

01) Job's Tears
I had the Job's Tears soup, the white beans boiled in water, eaten whole with the water based solution without sugar.
1 pint per day, 3 days a week.

02) Raw Garlic
I had 3 mini cloves of crushed raw garlic which I swallow with water.
3 days a week.

03) Cut Down on Sugar

04) Brocolli Carrots
(Water Boiled for 2-3 mins)
3 days a week

Note: I applied Tea Tree Oil for 3 weeks continuously where growth of Genital Warts did not seem to retard. In addition, I applied H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, which in one occasion caused bleeding at the inflicted wart area.

To date, 2 months of the above remedy, no sizable Genital Warts re-appear in the Penis Region.

Using tactile touch, I spot some very small warts at the anal region.

But generally, I am glad that either the Raw Garlic or the Job's Tears Solution is working to improve my immune system which would counteract on the viral infection which brings about the Genital Warts (GW).

As it is, as research has shown as GW is a viral infection, I do believe an oral remedy instead of a topical remedy is more effective as it seeks to correct the problem at its 'root'/cause.

This is my final update, I would seek to update the readers of my progress of the continued oral application of cocktail of
01) Raw Garlic 02) Job's Tears in 6 months time.

Just take note, every sex encounter you have IS A RISK TO STD, condoms don't have.

Just find someone and be faithful to each other... it's hard, but it beats getting weird dieases like warts and herpes!

Summary, I stopped sex activities after this experience. And will opt to be much more careful with the next confirm life partner... getting STD from flings, etc is not worth it!

Replied by Scott
Anaheim, CA
Repentence, I'm curious to know your results of Job's Tears and Garlic consumed 3x weekly. You said you would touch back in 6 months, but I haven't seen another post. I also believe the virus needs to be killed internally, to prevent recurrence. I've read a lot about garlic and how it has antiviral and antifungal properties. Do you still have warts or did the cure work for you? Thanks.

Posted by Repentent (Singapore from Singapore) on 09/15/2007

[YEA]  For the Non-Oriental Reader,

please note, Job's Tears is Chinese Barley. Please do not confuse this with Barley grown in the west.

To ensure that you bought the right item,

these are its several names, Yi(4) Ren(2), Job's Tears, Coix lacryma-jobi, Coixseed, Adlay, Hatomugi or Adlai.

Please note, if you managed to buy it in its original form, (from the Chinese herbal shops or any other TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine shops) it is in the form of hard White Beans.

You need to boil it in water for an hour and drink the solution. You do not need to eat the leftover solute barley, drinking the solvent barley water is good enough.

Just for extra precaution, I am drinking the water and eating the boiled seeds.

The Job's Tears is a home remedy used by Chinese for 2000 yrs for warts treatments.

I am currently undergoing a cocktail of 3 Raw Garlic (mini) Cloves a day, (If you are eating it raw, pls mix it with food, or else it would burn your tongue). And I am drinking the Job's Tears boiled solution as often as I can. In addition, for topical application, I am using 100% Tea Tree Oil on the warts.

Please note, this is the 7th day since my first liquid nitrogen wart treatment. After the nitrogen treatment, I was very frightened as I saw new warts growth from areas on my penis. I did not do a visual inspection for the next 2-3 days. After my dosage of garlic (Raw cloves, orally taken) the warts growth has retarded into white sore spots. Through my reading, genital warts is a condition due to viral infection, as the Chinese TCM beliefs, it is important to treat the illness at its root, and thus, I believe from the above experiment (sadly on my own body, but I do not intend to have kids anymore nor sex as I am reluctant to inflict the girl I love with my dieases) it is more important to have a diet change to ensure that one has an input of food that have Anti-Viral Properties. The input of diet would ensure that the wart at its 'root' beneath the skin would be controlled, since it may / may not be eliminated totally.

in summary, I am undergoing a cocktail of

3 Mini Raw Garlic Cloves
2 500ml (Pint) of Job's Tears solution (You may want to add sugar for it to be sweet)

3 Topical Applications of 1-2 Drops of 100% Tea Tree Oil on the Wart.

(Upon application of the Tea Tree Oil, I try to allow the oil to dry before dropping another drop)

NOTE: Job's Tears can be obtained Cheaply at the Chinese Herbal Stores.

If you really can't find any near your area, try www DOT euyansang DOT com

Garlic - Supermarket? I opt for raw garlic as I think that the pills / tablet forms would not be as effective.

For 100% Tea Tree Oil, please go to your local pharmacy. NOTE: I am using the 100% pure, not diluted with water type for TEA TREE OIL, it's more expensive, but at least it's natural and more potent compared to the water diluted counterpart.

I hope this helps.

Posted by Repentent (Singapore, Singapore) on 09/14/2007

[YEA]  To the despaired reader, I am very shame and regretful that I have contracted Genital Warts of which I am not sure which of the 2 girls I had sexual relationship with had the HPV virus. I went through the Liquid Nitrogen treatment which to me was painful as my threshold of pain in very low. I also feel very regretful as I do not know if I can lead an honest healthy life again whereby my future gf would accept me as I am. I tried the Garlic remedy for a period of less than 5 days. I had been eating raw garlic cloves placed in sandwiches and I have also had the Job's Tears which I believe is simply Barley (to the chinese), and I am amazed to see that the genetal warts are gone. I believe I still have the virus but the growth has disappeared. Thank you, Earth Clinic for this info which is where I found the info, I promise in return to return to the society in other ways. Thank you EC and God. Regards

Replied by Houston Patty
New York, Usa
I tried the home remedies too but I stopped when I noticed a stinging sensation from the apple cider vinegar remedy. I have a pain tolerance of a little girl (LOL) so I looked for something else that is painless. After researching online, I settled on trying Wartscide. So far, so good! It says to wait for about two days for the warts to blacken and then fall off. Mine are getting there... only a matter of time before they fall off.

Garlic, Red Wine Vinegar  
2 User Reviews | 2 YEA

Posted by N.D. (Montclair, NJ) on 06/16/2007

[YEA]  Red Wine Vinegar and Garlic cured my genital warts. I recently discovered bumps around my vagina and thought they were pimples, but when they didn't go away for 3 weeks, I went to my doctor and was told I had genital warts (HPV). I was devasted. I felt nasty and dirty. I was actually crying in the office. My doctor gave me a perscription for Aldara cream. The medicine had so many side effects. I used the medicine for one night and to my surprise, I discovered MORE WARTS spreading....that was one of the side effects listed on the instruction sheet! After searching online, I read on this site about garlic and apple cider vinegar for genital warts and wanted to give it a try. I started off by doing a cleaning of red wine vinegar every time I went to the bathroom, dabbing each wart with a q-tip or cotton ball... it stings like crazy... but afterwards if feels like it's working. I washed my vagina 2-3 times a day with "neem"(a healing plant from india) soap. I also bought a bottle of liquid garlic, I puntured one capsule and applied the liquid garlic on each wart before bed. I also began taking 3 capsules of liquid garlic in the morning and 3 before bed (6 a day). By the fourth day, the warts were extremely small. My confidence in these remedies are soaring and I am continueing on this regime until I am healed. For added bonus, I have also applied the essential oil Tea tree oil to each wart at least 3x's a day with a q-tip (3 drops on the q-tip). I was careful to keep my hands and nails very clean while treating myself. For the future I plan to share these remedies with my doctor and I plan to practice safer sex with my life partner.

Replied by N.D.
Montclair, NJ
[YEA]   I would like to give an update on the garlic and red wine vinegar treatment for genital warts. Shortly after posting, all the warts were completely gone by the end of 2 weeks. I have also gone to my gyn for a follow up and i was told that my pap smear was normal and that I did not have HPV anymore. I was advised to make sure I get an exam every 6 month. I also shared with my gyn how I used natural remedies to get the warts off and she was impressed!

General Feedback  
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Posted by Melanie (Boulder, Colorado ) on 11/04/2014

[YEA]  I have recently discovered I have 3 small warts and I am going to start using the method everyone is suggesting, but I have one question. I am allergic to aspirin. Will this apply if I am just applying it and not swallowing? I really want to get rid of these things since they are making me feel horrible about myself. Is there any other pill I can use?

Thank you so much! Reply appreciated.

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere, Usa
Hi Melanie. I don't know about the aspirin. But if you can stand the smell of Tea Tree Oil. I was able to get rid of a huge wart on the bottom of my foot in the crease where the big toe bends down. I applied TTO to a cotton ball every night when I went to sleep. Put the cotton ball on the wart and covered with athletic tap, then put a sock on. Next morning I would just remove, shower and go to work, again at night repeat....

This was a really big wart and had a black center. It went away within a couple weeks if I remember correctly. It got smaller and smaller and I don't even know when it actually come off. I just noticed when I went to apply TTO it was gone. No scar or soreness.

The smell of the Tea Tree Oil was awful though. It would bother me until I went to sleep.

Posted by Denise (Richmond, Va, Usa) on 09/15/2012

I have visited this sight many times and have tried many of the remedies. Has anyone tried Papillex for the treatment (cure) of HPV? Did it work?

Replied by Kt
Los Angeles, California
Yes Denise, I tried Papillex for HPV and it worked. I had three consecutive abnormal pap's followed by a colposcopy and I was scared. The doc booked me in for a LEEP procedure to get rid of the cervical dysplasia (CIN) lesions from HPV. I booked the appointment for 4 months later so I could try to get rid of it naturally for a short and intensive time frame. I used 1) papillex 2 caps twice a day 2) eliminated refined foods from my diet and 3) ate 8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. In 4 months when I went back for leep the HPV was gone. The doc was shocked and I've never been happier.