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Genital Warts
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Genital Warts & HPV: Home Remedies for STDs

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Posted by Sam L (Denver, CO) on 04/24/2009

[YEA]  ACV Cures HPV (GW) in one week after 12 years.

Just the fact that I am here astonishes me. I rarely post anything on any forum more or less my myself swayed enough by one to take action. In this case the success others had with ACV for gential warts was compelling. I have had GW since college and they have come and gone but for the most part been consistent for more than a decade of my life. They really never spread and for the most part i had he exact same warts the whole time. I tried freezing and aldara as well as the store bought kit for freezing. None of them worked for any long period of time.

After going through a divorce and wondering how i was ever going to have a normal sex life again, I decided to try this ACV.

Here is what I did:

First, shaved off the outer layers with a normal disposable razor (gently and painlessly) I've not heard anyone else mention this although some mentioned using a file? This worked bet for me and it brought them down to almost a surface level.

next took a cue tip and snipped off the tip

next dipped it in regular ACV from the grocery store

band-aided it to the wart with a small round band-aid went

repeated for all warts - went to bed


day 1 - warts turned white / grayish color. pale. little to moderate pain

day 2 - repeated process. burning sensation much stronger. woke me up at 3:00 am with stinging. removed bandages and washed off and then treated with aloe directly from the plant warts turning to more of a scab color... lots of little scabs / specs appearing

day 3 - repeated... similar burning (totally bearable given the fact that it appeared to be working) next day removed bandages, showered and applied aloe. All had turned black / scabbed over.

Day 4 (today) - gave ACV a rest to see what was happening. By end of day scabs / dead warts came off easily... like a scab ready to come off. whats left is smooth although quite pinkish / red skin..... there appears to be no sign of any warts. skin is smooth to the touch....


I hope you have the same luck I did... i will update after a week to see if any follow up will be needed. Also, using ACV Tonic for blood pressure and cholesterol and also seem to be allergy free this spring thus far which is a first since childhood? Placebo??? Phsyco-sematic? Who knows... but i am very grateful i found this site indeed.

Posted by Pablo (Mexico) on 04/24/2009

[NAY]  I first noticed 8 warts on my penis in November 08. I went to the doctor and after having been on Aldara treatment for 3 + months, the warts on my penis shaft and in my scrotum started to spread instead of disappear. I counted more than 20. Then I found this site and started the ACV and HP treatment. First responses were great, but I got too excited and applied the treatment to large areas of my penis with ACV and I actually burned most of my penis skin, so I had to lay off a bit. Then I resumed, but what has been happening is that as soon as the warts I focus on have fallen, others start to grow in the nearby areas. I've been going like this for 2 months now, and it seems a battle I cannot win. I have also been battling the lesions left behind by fallen warts : they're like craters, and it takes some time for them to heal.. I have lots of scars, but worst of all is that I still have lots of warts. Any ideas ? I need some urgent advice.

Replied by John
Boston, Mass
I am having the exact same problem, the warts get better at first, but then seem to multiply into other non-affected areas. I am starting to lose hope at this point, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Rodrigo (Mexico, Mexico) on 04/18/2009

OK First I wanna thank you all guys because it was such a relief reading all your stories and knowing I'm not alone on this... It's been like hell since I discovered this tiny bump on my penis shaft like 1 year ago... It is the size of a grain of salt maybe, not too big but it's definitely noticeable and it has reduced my sex life to self pleasure... After being hesitant (and reading each and every post on One Earth regarding ACV and GW's) I decided to give it a try hoping I wouldn't end up disfiguring my buddy down there... Today I bought ACV 5% (dunno if a more concentrated vinegar would work better... anyways it was the only Apple Vinegar I could find) I came back home, had a shower, then I cleansed the area with HP as suggested... then applied the ACV with a cotton swab (the wart itself is like 1/8 the size of the cotton ball on the cotton swab) so it was almost impossible to avoid surrounding area... but what the heck! All I want is get rid of this ugly bump. I then cut a piece of the cotton and damped with the vinegar and finally covered with a band-aid it's been like 3 hours and I haven't felt any itching, burning, whatsoever... I dunno if that means it is not working... I guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow... and see if there's been any color change or anything.
I'll keep u posted on the progress... Wish me luck!

** I've got a question... Is it only the Apple Cider Vinegar which works? or any kind of vinegar?? like white or balsamic vinegar... **

Replied by Rodrigo
Umm well I've applied the ACV for the 3rd time and I haven't notice a change on the GW. I take a cotton swab and apply the ACV on the wart and then cut off a small piece of cotton and I just put it on the GW and cover it with a bandage... then I would just leave it like that for 8 hours and take it off and clean with HP. As I'm telling u I didn't notice any change on the GW itself, but the skin around got darker... like blackened or something... I wonder if this is normal... I'm not sure if keeping with the treatment or not cause I haven't seen a diff on the wart. It got whiter but not like chalk white and it definitely hasn't got black ... I'm kinda lost at this point and a bit disappointed... I thought it would work faster as many of the people here said it would do its magic over an average of 3 days... Ok I've read it worked slower for some people but the darker marks of the vinegar on the surrounding skin is making me a bit scared... I mean it doesn't sting or hurt at all... it just became blackish... but it's not where the wart is! the wart is still "intact" I'll keep on applying ACV for some more days and I'll keep ya posted

Posted by shlda-stayd-a-virgin (Houston, TX) on 04/16/2009

[YEA]  Yeah - So I was really shock to learn that I had contracted HPV when I had my yearly pap smear since I had just lost my virginity 3 months back. I had waited so long and right out of the gate I get an STD. I was very much disturbed but my gyno said since I was young (24) I should get rid of it rather easily (even though it will always be in your system). Fast forward 2 months later, I find razor bumps between my bum, or I think they are razor bumps, don't think much of it until I find this rather odd looking skin tag at the top of my labia. I go online looking at pics and my random skin tag still looks pretty innocent until I noticed that time passes (2 weeks) and it never wants to leave. Did the vinegar test and find out its GW (believe me you know when you have GW they turn white as chalk). Do another vinegar test and find out that my random razor bumps between my bum are clusters of GW from my vaginal opening all the way to my anus.

I felt pretty horrible but decided to do something. Found this AMAZING website and this is what happened. I have done the ACV treatment for 5 days now. I just wanted people to know that for some (like me) ACV might take a bit longer than expected. I didn't feel any burning until day 3, I am on day 5 and I feel like I have just wiped my a$$ with cyanide because it hurts sooo bad but things have gotten smaller, grayer, and at time even black. The GWs (3 of them) on my labia are nearly all gone and the others are hanging on for dear life. I give them one more week. I at times put a little tree oil but I really can't stand the smell so make sure you put some on when you are staying in.

All I can say is, stay strong and stick to the program. It might take a while but I promise you, you will notice a difference. I am taking a break this weekend since I do not think my skin can take so much ACV but come Monday these suckers are going DOWN !!

Stay safe, healthy and strong and for goodness sake DO NOT FORGET THE VITAMIN E!!!!!!

Replied by Nena
L.A., Ca
Dear "shlda-stayd-a-virgin from Houston, TX"

I was wondering if you could tell me how exactly you did your vinegar test, ACV treatment, how you placed it internally, and what your results are now. I have GW inside the vagina (skin-tag look-alikes), and I'm just not confident that anything will work. I've tried vinegar before, but all that really happened was that the vaginal area got really swollen. Maybe I needed to keep it up for a while longer, but it really hurt. Also, the interior skin is so pink, never turned white like you mentioned. I can't even imagine the warts turning gray or black. It's not like its a dry scab on the exterior skin. Anyway, any help or feedback on your end would really be helpful. THANK YOU! :D

Replied by Shlda-stayd-a-virgin
Houston, Tx
Replying to Nena from L.A., Ca

Hi Nena,

This is DEFINATLEY too much TMI but you asked.

Well there were two versions of warts. One version outside: like on the outside labia (lips), the area between your vaginal opening and anus, and between my butt cheeks -- then the inside where its all pink. For both I got a Q Tip dipped in ACV and just went over all the interesting looking skin areas and held it there for a bit. Yes it is going to burn (especially inside)but just breathe through it. After you remove the qtip just wait like another 30 -60 seconds and see if things turn white. Mines turned white, if they don't turn white then I don't know what to tell you.

The outside ones went away in basically 3 weeks. I had to go another round with some pesky ones so all in all more than a month. I would soak up a cotton swab, break it up and then literally tape it to the warts using clinical paper tape, I think. ((The tape that is easy to tear off, especially on your sensitive areas. You can find everything at your local grocers.)) NOW the outside ones turned gray, sometimes black, and literally FELL off when I showered or wiped.after 2 weeks. It was a FABULOUS feeling. You are going to turn really red and sore, so make sure you have Vit E gel to ease the pain as that was the only thing that helped.

Now the inside ones. I would do the same thing, soak a cotton ball and tape the ones I could reach. Those turned white and as strange as it sounds, disappeared out of then air. One particular tag (a large one) only took 2 weeks. Like literally the tag was there one day and then it shrunk and went away. The inner ones don't turn gray or black like the outside ones, they just leave. I did another ACV test inside and noticed I had really tiny specs here and there and tiny/med bumps that turned white. Those were the hard to reach ones so I would try my best to leave pieces of cotton swab (after I soaked and squeezed the excees ACV since it would hurt TOOOO much if it was drenched) inside and literally breathed through the pain but at times it just hurt so much I just had to stop. So what I did was douche with DILUTED acv. Yes it may take longer since it is really diluted but it hurts less. I would buy a douche kit, empty the contents - mix 2/3 water and 1/3 acv and douche. I did this ONCE a week for 2 months and it worked wonders. No more tags or white spots of any kind. All in all it probably took 6 months ONLY because the inner warts and outer warts didn't happen at the same time. I had outer wart problems and then like 2 months later I had inner ones. {That was a blow to the ego.}

HOWEVER a whole year after my first pap I am clear, even my paps are clear. My first three paps were positive but after I started douching it finally came back negative. I really think douching did the trick. I was even taking ACV pills and I would still have positive paps.

I no longer douche and have actually thrown out all of my supplies because nothing has felt or looked weired but I do occasionally do a ACV test once every 2 - 3 months and I am glad to say, I am good.

There were some dark moments, especially when I took care of the outer ones and then the inner ones came, but if you keep going you will get them all fixed. It might take a while, hell it took me months, but it happened and I am clean and healthy but more importantly CONFIDENT. You may feel like you will never get this taken care of but believe me you will.

I know it took me FOREVER to respond but I just hope someone else might get something out of this. Heres to a healthy life.

Posted by The Senator (Madras, Oregon) on 04/09/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  After self-diagnosing myself with genital warts I wanted to find a way to rid myself of them without having to deal with the cost and embarassment of approaching a doctor about them. For a long time (almost a year) I remained skeptical about trying any remedies, and as I wasn't sexually active and the wart never got big and didn't really bother me, I left it alone. My girlfriend has known about it since we met and first became sexually active and it has never bothered her, but it bothers me as having even this small wart was embarassing. So I have tried ACV for the past 3 nights, applying more than I think I should've to a cotton square and bandaging it to the area of the wart. The first day it turned white as expected, and throughout that slowly got darker. This is after spending a night with it on. The next night before bed I did the same thing, and woke up about 5 hours later with a burning sensation. So I removed it and throughout the next day the area had burned slightly when in a irritating position. The wart by then was blackened, and the unseen warts under my foreskin had started to become more visible and take on a rough feeling. After a third night of doing this; once again I woke up and had to remove it because it had burned enough to wake me from my sleep. I am currently on the third day and about to goto bed. By now the wart has become more flattened, and very obviously has gone down in size as I can graze my finger over it without it actually moving very much. I'm scared however though I may have damaged my skin doing this. I don't know if I have burned it badly or not as there is no discoloration to the skin, just darkened warts. It burns somewhat if touched, and the wart is still there along with it's little hidden friends. I expect it to come off soon hopefully as I am doing my regular STD testing and trying to remain without the doctor finding a wart.My main concern is not the ACV working or not, as by all of the posts I have read it is clearly working. I just am scared that I may have hurt my shaft by either having it on too long or by having too much ACV on the area of my shaft. I've applied HP tonight to try and make sure I haven't done any damage as I have nothing else to apply to the area. So I guess the purpose of me writing this was to confirm that the process is working, but I really want to know if the sensitive area is normal to the point of me touching it and being in pain, or if I have burned myself. Keep in mind I didn't read fully through I guess when I found this and may have applied too much.

And I also would LOVE to thank this website for helping me find a somewhat painful but very effective way to remove this. Hopefully it will be gone by the next two days.

Posted by Miss (Abby, Canada) on 04/06/2009

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone that has posted. I recently found out that I have genital warts, I was mortified! My Dr applied a topical medication that worked for 1 of them and prescribed me podoflim I think it was called which worked for my boyfriend but has not completely work for me. I've tried burning the last stubborn 2 which are barley noticible anymore but are still driving me crazy and causing me a lot of stress. I'm going to try the ACV TONIGHT and I am hoping and praying to see some progress with the last little bit soon. Again thank you everyone I was getting to my witts end and now I'm more hopeful. I will repost hopefully with good news!

Replied by Miss
Abby, Canada
So I've used the ACV once and was a little tender in my morning but no burning or broken skin, the warts turned a little bit white and the next day I used the podofilm again and today it is very tender and I'm dreading using the ACV tonight because tomorrow will be hell but I am determined!

Posted by Miss (Abby, Canada) on 04/06/2009

I've been searching for an alternate cure because I've gone the doctor route and so far it has not worked. I was so happy to find this site because as anyone that has posted knows this is not something that is easy to deal with. I've used the ACV and I'm going to bed with my fingers crossed that I have as much luck that everyone else seems to have had. I can't wait for this to be done and over with. I'll keep you posted on the results!

Posted by Marcel (Tokyo, Japan) on 04/04/2009

[YEA]  Everyone's comments have been helpful so I wanted to share my own story. Found some small skin tag-like bumps around the shaft of my penis last year. Went to the doctor. Told me it was nothing. I tried dabbing it with Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil. The ACV turned it white, and the TTO made it dry, but it didn't really go away. I was in what I thought was a great relationship so I didn't worry too much... we were okay with it even if it was GW.

About 7 months later, visited a dermatologist in my home country. She diagnosed it as molluscum contagiosum and froze them off. They came back and seemed to come back in larger clusters.

Went to a third doctor who thought it was HPV and gave me Aldara. The Aldara got rid of some but just about burned a hole in one area and I had to stop using it. That area has healed but it's still a little discolored.

Went to a highly recommended dermatologist who finally told me for sure, this was HPV. She burned them using a strong concentration of trichloric acid. They all scabbed up, but mostly they were still there. It really just seemed to burn the top off, but not deal with the underlying wart.

By this time I was fed up with the doctors. None of them seemed to even understand genital warts and HPV. I would read and read about how common it is, and yet I'd been to 4 different doctors and everyone just seemed to be winging it. The relationship I was in when this all started was over. I wanted to move on but really couldn't. I was a mess.

So I got back online and found sites like this. Previously, I had never taped the ACV to the affected areas...I had just held it there for like 5-10 minutes. This time, I got a bunch of cotton balls, medical tape, and ACV. I taped it to the worst affected area and left if overnight. When I woke up, there were a lot of white spots, and the one most stubborn "wart" (it's weird for me to call it that because it has never looked like one, more like a skin tag), was black on the inside.

I've read a lot about warts falling off, but these things were more like skin tags. I repeated the treatment a second night and a few warts turned black in the center and started to scab up. They later turned yellowish on the inside, and instead of something falling off, what I'm seeing is the core of the wart hollowing out, as if there are mini-craters where the main warts were. They are healing up now, but it's going to take a few days.

After that I wrapped my entire penis and found other areas that I thought were fine seemingly having some activity below the surface. Lots of white spots. After leaving the ACV on for several hours, there were a couple areas where you wouldn't have noticed anything which had turned black like the larger wart.

I really, really feel like this is working. Unlike the freezing the and the trichloric acid and the aldara cream, which seemed to treat the areas from the top, ACV seems to get down to the root of the wart and kill it from the inside out. It also helps me identify where there are...there are plenty that you don't really see. And it makes sense. From what I have read, these are essentially benign skin tumors that feed on blood vessels, and I think the ACV acts upon those blood vessels the wart is feeding upon. I think. Who knows...certainly not the doctors I visited.

Everything is clearing up now and I'm just waiting for the skin to heal. I'll do a second round of ACV and then I'm planning on doing this every month, forever, to make sure it doesn't come back.

I'll try to check back in.

Posted by Slappy (Newark, New Jersey) on 04/03/2009

[YEA]  I had a single hemispherical wart about 1/8 inch in diameter on the shaft of my penis. It was about 1/16 inch tall. I tried the cotton method using ACV, and it turned part of it white, but not the whole thing. I kept applying ACV often, trying to only get it on the actual wart. The skin around the wart became very tender, but if I kept the ACV mostly on the wart, there was little or no pain.

The most interesting thing is that the wart didn't disappear all at once. Only half of it turned black, and that part fell off. With reapplication of the ACV, another section turned black and fell off. Over time, the entire wart disappeared. It seems that the ACV can only penetrate so deeply, so it can only "kill" a layer at a time. As that layer falls off, the ACV can get to the next one. Patience is the key here.

Even though I had to go through 4 different cycles of having a layer die and fall off, the whole process took no more than 3 weeks. It helps to be merciless with the wart by applying the ACV directly to the wart (with a swab) as much as possible.

I hope this helps.

Posted by Immunity Man (Cleansville, China) on 03/31/2009

ACV working on Genital Warts. I remember having some big f---ing warts on my feet and hands when I has a teenager and getting them cut out but the doctor, leaving a big scar. The was one on my palm which i poked with caustic soda every day after school and it eventually went. Much to my shock and disgust 17 years later I found 3 warts on my penis. 2 at the base and 1 on the foreskin. The doctor froze them of but one kept coming an i eventually got rid of it using some over the counter wart acid. Over the last 7 year i have been getting warts in increasing numbers and places and using a combination of acids, cryo and illimobium. About a month back I got sick in China and warts started popping up on the inside of my leg and scrotum. Then i read some bad side effects about illiqimobuim and wondered if that was making me feel sick. Any way I just want the f-----s gone for good so i can get on with my life. So 3 days ago stocked up on Vit C, Mens Multi (with zinc) an antioxidant with selenium and garlic tablets/ and taking a dose morning and night.

Got the ACV from supermarket and some plastic medical tape. I layered the medical tape into the shape of a cross and then stuck a small square of cling rap to the overlapping parts if the tape. Then I pulled the cotton off from a cue tip soaked it in ACV, placed it on the wart, then put the tape cross on top with the cling rap touching the cotton.

First i did this on an almost invisible wart which i know is on my finger and left over night and on one of my penis warts for about 4 hours. Next day all looked okay so i completely shaved and stuck about 8 little crosses over my big boy, legs, scrotum and finger. This morning when i took the tape off. my finger was white but then slowly turned pink when it dried out. Two of the warts turned white, the others just red. No real pain, little sting. I really hope this works. Came down with a cold today which is unfortunate. Will update.

Replied by Immunity Man
Cleansville, China
Follow up. After the second night treatment, again in the morning about half the warts looked white and larger some with a black mark in the middle. When it dries out it looses its whiteness. It stung a bit more than the first application but not that bad. Some redness on the good skin. The tape leaves a stick residue which is hard to get off.
Replied by Immunity Man
Cleansville, China
[SIDE EFFECTS]   My penis look like its been dragged from the rubble of a war zone. 2 spots deep red and 4 times bigger than the original warts. and others with burn areas that were starting to scab. So I decided against taping up for another night and just dabbed the spots with ACV for about 10 minutes. Turned white instantly. Washed with H2O2. then put Aloe vera gel on which settled down the burn. Just hoping that rubbing in the aloe didn't spread the virus into the area with the ACV burn. Will see how it looks in another day.
Replied by Immunity Man
Cleansville, China
After 24 hours of Aloe vera treatment (every 4 hours) the redness has subsided considerably and all scabs and flaky skin has come off, With the exception of the two on the on the inside of my leg which look like proper sores with hardened dark scabs. I used H2O2 to clean things up yesterday but then read that this shouldn't be used on the would because it slows the healing?? With so much examination down there I am noticing other suspicious little bumps but plan to wait until everything from this experiment heals thoroughly before attacking again.
Replied by Immunity Man
Cleansville, China
All has cleared and healed on my penis. The two burned areas on my on my inner leg are still a little pink but getting better with each day. There were 2 other small bumps that i found on the underside of my penis that I dabbed with ACV throughout the process with out effect until I taped ACV to them for about 1 hour - they turned big and white, scabbed up and fell off. The is only on more that I have doubts that it is a wart as it never turned white, just red. From my personal experience I would be careful to pay attention to what is happening to the affected areas. It seems like different areas can be super sensitive whilst others can deal with prolonged periods of ACV. If it is realy flaring up, just lay off it a bit
Replied by Immunity Man
Cleansville, China
It's been a few months now and everything has cleared up. The area that scabbed up like a proper sore on the inside of my leg scarred for some time but now is just barely noticeable. About a month a ago I noticed a growth reappearing rapidly on my shaft, where i remember it being difficult to treat.

Due to my messy and painful trial and error last time and further reading I tried a different method that WORKED A LOT BETTER. THIS IS WHAT I DID:-

1. lightly scrape the wart all over with the tip of a needle. just scratch it up, no blood, no good skin.

2. Press ACV soaked cue tip onto the wart for about 10-40 min depending how much time you have. Do this frequently. It should sting straight away. I didn't tape.

3. The wart swelled and turned whit then scabbed up after the 2-3 day.

4. Scab fell of clean within a week, no scar just pink, normal within 2 weeks

Hope this helps

Posted by Dave (Denver, CO) on 03/19/2009

ive been using ACV for about 5 days now and many of the warts have turned black or scabbed up, but i noticed a lot of people are using vitamin a cream or stuff like that. Should i apply vitamin a cream on the warts that have scabbed up, or simply apply it to the infected areas (wether the warts or scabbed/black or not) after i take the acv off?

Replied by Seemstowork
Rochester, Ny
Day4~ lots of burning but my gw seem to be healing... I've had them for years and never noticed until I got one on my thigh. My lips look califlower like and swollen... if there are layers should I just see the doctor have him clear them then keep up with the acv? Either way this seems to be working.. Thank u for all ur help and the people for posting making me feel human again

Posted by Edward_VonRiddenburg (Rochester, NY) on 03/15/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Q: How SAFE is it to use the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV w/ 5% acetic acid) on one's penis ESPECIALLY the head/glans? I am talking about prolonged and direct application for hours relative to the removal of warts.

I soaked a piece of cotton in Heinz ACV and let it sit on the head of my penis for approx 3 hours - the result was want seemed like an inch or so of skin erosion/raw skin and now it is severely dry and painful/scabbed over (foolishly I was testing the area for warts and decided 'what the hell' let me just leave it on, stupid i know!).

Now, am very fearful I have done permanent damage to the glans of my penis and will suffer severe sensation loss.

I guess my overarching question is - will it heal and will all sensation be restored as there seems to be a lack of information on this subject across the net.

Thank you all for any help or guidance you can offer as am pretty distressed about this!

Replied by Serzohez
New York
Hi Edward_VonRiddenburg,

Were you able to figure out the sensation issue with acv? I was planning to use for for increasing sensation because I think that I have a big layer of skin on my penis that is preventing me from sensations on my head.

How did it turn out in the end? Thanks you in advance for your answer

Posted by YAY to ACV (Much Better, NY) on 03/12/2009

[YEA]  This site's such a blessing! It's amazing how well ACV's been working, I'm so happy I'm trying this remedy vs medical treatments that odds are won't make me better.

I developed what I thought was a skin tag over a month ago. Went to the doctor who said it could be either a tag or a wart (which was the furthest thing from my mind). My pap & cultures both came back negative so I didn't give it another thought. But when the original small tag started spreading out a little I began to worry. Soon after another bumpish looking thing started to grow next to it. Both were in the crease of where my thigh meets my groin. Now I've been online looking at pics of genital warts & none matched what I had. Now it's been a month--Saturday I decided to do the white vinegar which I know can cause false positives but I needed to know. Sure enough both bumps turned white and surprisingly more white bumps showed up. Also, once I applied the white vinegar the first bumps looked more like the online pics. The white vinegar really did draw out the wartish side of these things. I could clearly identify 5 warts... as of now thanks to ACV 3 are gone & I'm working on the last 2 (one's the first wart that I thought was a tag, it's stubborn as hell but breaking down more and more each day).

After reading other testimonies here's my wart kit
- tea tree oil
- Mederma and aloe vera gel alternately
- paper tape
- half a Q-tip
- hydrogen peroxide
- positive attitude

There was a lot of trial & error with taping the ACV-treated cotton to my skin. So I went out and got first aid paper tape. It's easier to adhere and comes off much easier than using a band aid. Next thing I did was use Q-tips instead of cotton. I broke the Q-tip in half, dipped it in the ACV and taped it over my warts.

ACV burned my good skin pretty badly. I'm using Mederma and think I'll be fine in a week or two. I'm also using aloe vera gel in between. Tried my Vitamin E oil but it's so thick.

The 3 that are gone never turned black but stayed white (1 turned whitish-gray). I never picked, pulled or tugged. One came off in the shower and I think the other 2 just fell away. I continue to apply tea tree oil to those areas to make triple sure that nothing grows back.

One wart that appeared on my vulva was trickier. I tried dabbing ACV over it nightly because it burned too bad to keep ACV on it longer than 10 seconds. But after 4 days there was little improvement and actually took on the cauliflower look. Deciding to step it up I knew I had to have the ACV on overnight. Using my Q-tip/tape method worked and I just kept my legs closed and went to bed. IT BURNED LIKE HELL but I breathed through it !!! Woke up with some broken skin on my vulva where the ACV burned through. Skin's so sensitive in that area so this isn't entirely a surprise. Thanks to another post I put hydrogen peroxide over the area then used Neosporin since it's has antibiotic properties. But the good news is that in one night it looks diminished and my main concern is to treat that broken skin since I don't want it to develop into an infection.

So here's my process that has evolved over the past 5 days. At night when I come home from work I take a shower. I dry off and put some hydrogen peroxide on some cotton. I squat over a mirror and clean the warty areas. They turn white but that's what's supposed to happen. I follow up with tea tree oil and apply it to pretty much my outer vagina but paying close attention to the old wart/newer wart areas. I give myself a break and fix dinner etc. At night I break a Q-tip in half and dip it in ACV then tape it to the warts. Good night.

I take another shower in the morning. I dry off and squat over a mirror and do the cotton/hydrogen peroxide application. I let it dry and apply Mederma but to the good skin only (that burned from the white vinegar on Saturday). I don't use ACV or tea tree oil because it's so strong and I don't want to go work smelling.

This is a process and requires tons of patience!!! But stick with it. If it burns let it!!! That means the ACV is working. I can say that the warts that got the Q-tip/tape are gone and the ones I was dabbing are still hanging around. I am getting more aggressive but don't want to tear my vagina up. I think I'm going to take a day off from ACV today/tonight. I will report back with hopefully 100% wart-free news!!!

Take what you can from previous posts but you'll find a process that works for you in time especially if you have stubborn warts.

I haven't had sex with anyone for a while and don't know why these warts appeared. But I can tell you that at this point it's a moot question. I'm not going back to those relationships and I want to get my vaginal health together so this won't affect future relationships. I'm deciding on celibacy for the time being so I can heal and give HPV a chance to prayerfully disappear. I know it's a virus but I also know that in a year or 2 it may clear out on its own. I pray for everyone's good health and am very grateful for everyone's posts. I read all previous posts and there was so much great advice. I hope my post can be helpful to someone too.

Lastly, here's what I remember
- Wash your hands frequently!! I'm so paranoid about spreading these nasty things that even if I think about them I feel like I should get up and wash my hands!

- Spray out the crotch of my pants with Lysol before putting them in the laundry

- Wash wash rags, towels and pantyhose with bleach and if not colorsafe then ammonia or vinegar. Let them pre-soak first but don't soak anything in bleach too long.

- Clean your bathroom or wherever you're treating yourself every day!! I am extremely conscious of keeping this space clean. Spray it down with Lysol. You should also be conscious of when you touch your bottles of tea tree oil, ACV etc. I always use clean hands but take the extra step of spraying down my bottles etc. with Lysol.

- Don't feel bad!! This is a problem that thanks to ACV can be treated. Be patient and be very thankful that it isn't worse regardless of how many warts you have. Persevere, get healthy and get over it :)

Replied by YAY to ACV
Much Better, NY
I forgot to add that I have 2 teenaged daughters and have made an appointment for them to get the Gardisil vaccine. I don't want them to go through what I am going through with this strain of HPV. Being out of a relationship for so long, no sex for over a year, this came as such a surprise. I don't want them to think that just because they have ended a relationhip they can't be surprised with a situation like this or worse. I'll return with any updates to my situation!
Replied by YAY to ACV
Much Better, NY
The external warts are GONE! I can not believe it! The most stubborn one is gone too and what is left is a small open wound that I'm treating with neosporin. The one on my vulva is gone too but now I'm treating the burned skin with neosporin. I also added castor oil with tea tree oil to help healing and prevent more from coming. I do believe that I have internal ones too but I am reluctant to use ACV in my vagina. I am afraid that it will burn too much if I don't dilute it well and could leave scarring. I am searching for natural remedies as I read that certain heartburn remedies could help. I am also going back to my doctor for advice. All told it took one week for the ACV to get rid of my external warts (good skin and the old wart areas still healing) and I am deeply grateful to you folks for sharing your ACV stories and advice! Keep hopeful and stay healthy! I will provide an update about the internal ones too :)

Posted by Overthis (Phx, Az) on 03/10/2009

So, after finding out I had HPV, I was feeling exactly as if life was over. My Doctor explained that HPV is treatable & that usually your own immune system rids you of symptoms within a year or twoo. That was a relief but the gw's still bothered me. They first showed up around the the anus, even tho I have never had that type of sex. Soon, I noticed a few small ones on the right labia & one on the small piece of skin at the opening to my vagina. I was freaked! The doctor gave me Aldara, but I just saw to many horror stories about & wanted to see what else could treat them besides medications, burning, or laser. I came across this site & I will say it was nice to see other people in my situation. So, I tried the ACV & Tea tree oil, plus vitamin D. The first day, I cleaned the area well, placed cotton balls with the acv & left them on for an hour, there was no burning. I rinsed the area & applyed the tea tree oil, which was soothed the slight itch. The 2nd day, I left it on an hour & a half. There was still slight burning for a few minutes, then the itch was worse, but the oil helped again. I stopped to give my skin a break & on the 4th day, another hour. There was more burning this time but it was tolerable. This time once I removed the cotton balls, I wiped the entire are with acv & put vitamin d & tea tree oil on. That night after showering, the ones near my anus rubbed off & the one at the entrance to my vagina & small ones on lip had shrinked. I have waited 2 more days with just using the tea tree oil & vitamin d. The area is not irrated or sore. So tonight will be my forth treatment. Hopefully they will all be gone in the next few days. I would recommend that if you have sensitive skin to give it a few days rest between treatments if you notice a lot of irritataion. This cure will still work! I know its hard when you want to be rid of the warts but its worth it to have no acid burns & pain. Also, I noticed on here, most people said their warts turned black or gray & then fell off. But, mine did not do anything but change to white, hen soften & just started disolving. So, don't worry if you don't get them black, gray or any other color. Everyones different. Good luck to all! I will update, as far as if they rest are gone & how long it takes.

Replied by Jackie
Bristol, UK
Hi I have read a lot of posts about G.Warts because I found I had them a while back. many years ago 35 in fact I was treated for them - no problem they vanished within a few days. I was amazed people were having so much trouble with them and were obviously very upset. I tried garlic and ACV didn't work for me/bought cream on the net expensive and didn't work. Ended up going to a clinic and they gave me Aldara it worked within a week. It apparently works with the immune system and will get rid of the warts that are internal and difficult to treat by other methods. I experienced no side effects unlike garlic and ACV which both hurt and smelt! The staff told me they rarely have had anyone experience side effects. Believe me I am all for natural cures but sometimes drugs do work without side effects. We get this free in the UK and I realise it is expensive elsewhere but if you can't find anything to work give it a try.
Replied by Overthis
Phoenix, Arizona
[YEA]   Heres my update! 6 days of using the ACV, Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E. Every single wart is gone! The entire area has healed & there are no new signs of any new warts. I know this is no guarantee that I couldn't have a relapse & get more but I am glad there is a treatment that will get rid of them.

Posted by Tracy (Somewhere, IL) on 03/07/2009

[YEA]  I've been dealing with GW since I was diagnosed in December with having two and the dr applied tc acid to them. Each month another couple seem to show up and we have been doing the tc method, which is taking forever and making me miss several days off of work for the appointments. I wanted to try Aldera, but the dr kept putting me off on giving a prescription. When I did more research on Aldara, I found out why...which further research lead me to this website. I started to treat my GWs with the ACV two days ago. In doing so, I also had noticed a small white bump right in the v of my top lip and it got me to wondering if the hpv could have been spread to my mouth through oral. I applied the treatment to my lips to see if anything white would show up and and low and behold I seen a couple areas at the corners of my mouth and the surrounding areas that showed patches of little pin head sized cluters ... so if you are participating in oral, there's a chance you might want to check your mouth also just to be on the safe side. I'm starting to gargle and also do a shot of the ACV along with all the other recommended vitamins from this site. I sure have learned a very valueable lesson and quite frankly am petrified to with with anyone else again unless I am certain they are STD free. I sure hope to be done with this ordeal soon and sure wish they would come up with something for the general population that could combat and protect against this nasty virus. It's pretty devastating... Best of luck to everyone.

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