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Posted by Hope1974 (Hamilton, Ont Canada) on 09/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

About 20 years ago first girl friend gave my HPV. I went to the doctor and using acid and freezing they went away. But I had one wart which was flat and seemed to be gone but it pigmented my skin and I was never really sure. I have an auto immune disorder and I smoke so im assuming that these were contributing factors to my HPV outbreak. Fastfoward 20 years, I had a bout of malaria from visiting africa and after treating it with anti malarias my immune system was weak. One morning I wok up and had a 7 warts flat heads 2 were large and 5 were small. This included my original discolored skin from the ex wart. I took the vinger test and omg, they all turn white even the long term discolored area. I immediately went to work, I took vitamin c 2 twice a day, ate 4 cloves of garlic, b 12 and took vitamin e pills.

I applied apv with q tips 2 to 3 times a day, I scrapped bannna skin and applied it to the warts 1-2 times a day or at night sleep. I used baking soda every two days and alcohol when the warts looked like they might get infected. I also applied crush garlic a few times every 2 days and finally vitamin e and vitamin c applied a few times a day and during night.

The pain was bearable, I hate the warts so their pain my gain. The warts all turned white and their tops broke. They never turned black just white and sickly, I did this for close to 2 weeks the smaller warts healed quick but the last 2 were stubborn. They looked septic, moist and red a little bloody sometimes. At this point I stopped everything I just cleaned them using soap in the shower. I took some tape and taped back my foreskin giving me that circumsized look. Well I spent a few hours naked on the bed and wore loose shorts, the last 2 warts lost their white moist color and have dried out. The gaps in my skin are closing up , I hope by tomorrow they should be almost healed. I am going to applied vitamin e for 1 more week once the wounds have closed. I struggled for 2 weeks and spent hours doing this, but it worked. Heres hope for those infected by long term infection.

Replied by Carrotjuice
Guangdong, China

I really learned a lot from everyone's stories and treatment advice. I'm focusing a lot on a healthier lifestyle to help increase my immune system. Still have to work on eating regularly but I'm all into the vitamins and ACV treatment.

Any advice for dating and how and when to share this issue with potential partners?

Replied by Pure Panic
Toronto, On, Canada

I went to the doctor because I was mortified at what I thought was a wart (although I remember having this thing on my little guy from grade school, before I lost my virginity). It was a long piece of skin but didn't look like much. Dr. said it was nothing.

On Sunday (two days ago) I noticed another growth similar to the one that I had before. Surrounding it were these very, very small faint white spots, kind of like pimples but not really. My suspicions and panic increased so yesterday I decided to try the vinegar test. The whole area became white. The long piece of skin and the white dots all became white. After soaking the area with vinegar for about 45 minutes, I cleaned the area with peroxide, then put a peroxide soaked piece cut from sterile gauze, taped it on with a bandaid and went to sleep.

This morning, the long piece of flesh remained white but the dots became black. I kind of felt relief because it looked like plantar warts (I used to get them as a kid because of swimming, so I had a lot of experience treating them with salicylic acid and cutting them out with a razor).

I'll update the board tomorrow and hopefully some scabbing will occur. Will probably pass on vinegar treatments (I used a mix of white vinegar and raw apple cider vinegar) today to give my skin a break. It seems like it's working but I want to make sure that everything is clean and clear.

As of Sunday, I stopped smoking and drinking and have been doing everything I know to help boost my immunity. Will also hit the sauna to clear out toxins and I'll just maintain exercising (I exercise regularly and am fitter and stronger than average, but I guess having that on my side facilitated my lack of giving a crap (for lack of better words) about smoking and drinking). No more. I want to stay healthy so I don't infect my next partner. Hopefully these were just plantar warts I got from shining one off (how embarrassing but I can't see how else I got the stupid virus :S).

Replied by Adamh
Fresno, Ca

Good Call Nick. Did that salicylic acid burn, btw??

Last week, I notices spots very similar to what you described, and did the vinegar test. To my horror, they turned white. I paanicked. Especially cos I didnt know where I could have picked it up from. It was soo random. But nonetheless, I am doing everything to boost up my immunity. Eating right, sleeepingenough (lack of sleep brings down immunity like no-ones business btw)... The sauna is a good idea too!! I have also been lookin into dietary supplements and natural herbs to Up my immunity.

Posted by No-worries!jc (Ga, United States) on 09/18/2012

Hey guys, just thought I would share my story. I'm a 22 year old female, I was diagnosed with HPV GW when I was 18, I had only had 2 sexual partners and for the first one we were both virgins so I know the pain of being one of the unlucky ones when it comes to getting this crap. When I was 18 my gyno tried freezing some off and then prescribed me Aldara cream, I used the cream every night. The freezing did not work, the Aldara did but it took me about 5-6 months to be wort free and honestly I believe it was my body's own immune system that eventually eradicated the warts all together. I have had regular check ups and all my paps have been clear and I have had no sign of GW for over 3 years. About 2 months ago I had Pneumonia and was very sick for a long time, completely compromising my immune system. 2 weeks ago I noticed a flat slightly raised patch near the entrance of my vagina, I could barely see it and it was slightly grey (hard to tell if my mind was playing tricks on me or not) but upon feeling it I knew it was GW because it appeared in the same location as the ones I had over 3 years ago.

I have been using the ACV and cotton balls for 2 days now. The flat course feeling skin was gone after day one but I have since noticed some white bumps appearing after the second treatment. I'm guessing I couldn't see or feel them prior to treatment and maybe the ACV is bringing them out.. ?? I'm going to continue treatment and will update on the results but I have no worries in the process. Getting rid of your warts the first time is always the hardest because your body is still building up an immunity to them. It's like any illness; if you've had it before your body will know how to destroy it faster and easier as long as you maintain good health and treatment. I want to shed some positivity out there to people; we are not ugly or disgusting simply because we contracted GW. Do you consider someone who develops any other type of virus an ugly person I. E. the flu, hepatitis, or something as common as chicken pox? Stay positive, depression will weaken your immune system and the key to freeing yourself of GWs is strengthening your immune system.

On another note HPV is VERY common, more so than people realize so don't feel alone or that you're an outsider, 1 in 4 people have it. I went through a lot of feelings of bitterness that my bf gave me this virus but truthfully he probably didnt know he had it and most people don't. The good news is it is treatable and from what I've read when the virus is in a dormant stage it is not contagious to your sexual partners. I still love my body and having this virus is just another life situation I must cope with. I could have it a lot worse and am grateful that I didn't get HIV or Herpes instead. Anyway, hope this helps! Be patient and let your body take care of it, and as for the ACV treatment so far everything everyone has posted about it has been accurate!!

Replied by Jane
Chicago, Il

Did the bumps underneath the warts that fell off ever go away? How long did it take?

Posted by Warted In Wilmington (Wilmington, De) on 06/10/2012

I have been reading your posts for the past day and a half and am SO glad that they are here! I discovered my warts just above my anus about 6 weeks ago. Freezing didn't work, neither did HEAVY doses of salicylic acid. Without insurance, the prospect of laser treatment was scary and wasn't sure of where else to turn. As a matter of fact, I saw ACV as treatment and my doctor advised me against it, saying that it doesn't work. I am desperate and looking for some relief so I can get back to my life. There are four of them in a tight cluster anchored by a fairly large one, maybe half a centimeter across. I hate looking at them and hate even more that they got through depsite my rigid safe sex practices.

I got some ACV this morning and soaked a cotton round (cotton in a flat disk) and applied it to my wart area. The cotton round fit perfectly and I was able to hold it between my cheeks and let the vinegar soak in. I was used to pain from the salicylic acid, and this was no where near the sting. I left it on for two hours. When I removed the round, the warts were bright white as I hoped. I gave them a break and let them dry, but the sting was still there, so I feel that the ACV had soaked in.

An hour later, I went back at them. This time, I soaked them for 4 hours with the round. Now, they are sort of gray and the big one looks raised. Does that mean that they are dying?

I plan to admisiter some Terrasil to the area and let that do its work overnight. I'll update tomorrow with my progress. If anyone can answer my question about the color change, I would be grateful. I HAVE to get rid of these eyesores.

Replied by Warted In Wilmington
Wilmington, De
5 out of 5 stars

My warts are GONE. Big hunks of them came off in my washcloth this morning. I am truly amazed. What's left is a shiny, flat, flesh colored bump. I'm assuming that it's a scar from all the treatments over the past weeks. I treated with Terrasil so I don't smell like vinegar at work, but will treat the area again with ACV just to make sure. Can anyone speak to my chances of transmission now that they have been removed?

Replied by Warted In Wilmington
Wilmington, De

One last question: Do GWs normally reappear in the same spot?

Replied by Oscar Donate

Syracuse, New York

Dear warted, You stated your genital warts are gone. Please let this forum know what treatment you used to treat these genital warts. This is an important issue for many people. Please inform this forum what worked for you. If it was the BHT you need to keep taking it to prevent a relapse for at least a few years....Oscar

Replied by Annie
Canberra, Act, Australia

I have found PawPaw ointment or Papaya ointment is amazing for quickly clearing herpes sores.... as soon as you feel an itch whack it on, and keep reapplying it as often as you can.

Have you heard of MMS? google it, I've taken it for Blastocysits (parasite) but it apparently works for lots of things including herpes! good luck!

Replied by Student In Pain
Charlotte, No

I recently found out that I have GW and my doctor did the freezing with nitrogen but when I got home am still hurting and I feel the burning sensation. I've seen that the ACV will help. Should I do that on the days when I dont see my doctor.

Replied by Nikki05
Silver Spring, Usa

I tried using ACV on what I believe are genital warts (only been with one person, used condoms, and got it within 3 months of being with him). They are teeny tiny white marks all over the soft, pink skin on the inside of my vaginal opening. I inserted a tampon soaked in ACV for two hours and when I pulled it out the area looked HORRIBLE!!! It was extremely red, almost purple. It bled a little as well. I haven't done again since yesterday (I did it around 3 p. M. ) and for the past 22 hours I have been putting vitamin E and neosporin on it. It doesn't seem to be getting better and now it has this yellowish, brown puss surrounding it. I am getting extremely worried that I did damage and am worried I will have to go to the doctor and tell him that I tried an at home remedy (you know how doctors are... ). Has anyone had a similar reaction? How long does it take for it to heal? PLEEAAASE!!!! HELP!

Replied by Twinkle
England, Uk

Had to come on and tell anyone who is traumatised by these horrible things to just do it. Order it go out and buy it but just do it. I can't believe how quickly (for me) it has nearly got rid of them. I had big nasty horrible warts between my anus and vagina and after applying for 1/2hr to an hour twice to three times a week for 2 weeks one side of warts Hee all gone, just some pink skin left which will fade and 4 of the more stubborn ones left to go. I just wet a piece of cotton wool hold it into the area for the amount of time I have/ can stand and then leave it for a few days to heal. It does sting a little and does get uncomfortable after too long but honestly it is a no brainer compared to the results I have had! I have even looked only ACV other herbal attributes and have started taking a tablespoon with a tablespoon of honey as this is suppose to help you lose weight... We will see but if it's capabolities on warts are anything to go by il be skinny within a week ;)

Replied by Busi
Durban, Kzn, South Africa
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I just had a 2 day treatment of ACV, the gw cleared up but left me with a very damaged skin around the vaginal area. I soaked the cotton ball in ACV and left it there for 3 hours and took it off when couldn't stand the stinging. Didn't wipe it off though. The next day I soaked the cotton ball again & and kept it in there for 4 hours. This left my skin raw and open. I apply tissue oil or vaseline day & night but it's not healing. What can I use for fast healing? I can't stand the disgusting sores I see down there.

Replied by Nikki05
Silver Spring

Are the spots on the inside or outside of your vagina? I used aleo Vera on the inside. Cut a piece off and slice it open. Put it against the area with a piece of cotton behind it to keep it in place. Also you can use vitamin e and neosporin on it.

Posted by John_g (Bristol) on 05/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I thought I'd better leave my experiences after trying the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) treatment on the genital warts I had, so here it goes:

I contracted the genital warts (GW) virus about 2 years ago, although it then took another 2 months to actually come out as a wart on my "member". At first I thought it was an ingrown hair, so for ages I didn't do anything about it, as I'd looked up GW on the internet and they didn't look anything like the bump I had. Luckily, I wasn't sexually active at this time. I then noticed a few more small fleshy pimples show up on my shaft, but again I just thought they were nothing, and that they'd vanish of their own accord - the mind can play tricks on you with your health by the way! Some more months passed by and I realised that they weren't going to shift on their own, so I did a bit of research and after realising that I potentially had GW, I booked in for an appointment with a GP. Surprise surprise, he confirmed I had GW, and prescribed me Warticon. I used this treatment for 4 weeks as directed, but it didn't make a lot of difference. I pursued with it for another 3 weeks, and although the GW were a bit smaller, they were still clearly there.

So, I decided to try the ACV treatment before either going back to the docs, or going down the chinese medicine route (this method had previously got rid of warts on my hand with no regrowths - 8 years and counting). I stuck small cotton balls dipped in ACV to each wart with a plaster (use medical tape to keep in place), for 8 hours daily, for 3 days. They all turned black and scabbed over - result! I then gave myself a rest day, as I'd heard about scarring issues, and then did the same 8 hour treatment for another 3 days.

By this time all of the black scabs (the GW's) had fallen off, but the ACV had left the skin around them a bit damaged, so you should really try and keep the ACV only on the GW's. Saying that though, a week later, the scarring has all but gone, and I look like I did down there before I contracted this annoying virus. It's early days of course, but I've only got good things to say about this alternative treatment. You must be careful with it though, as it's strong, therefore if you're sore take a break, and limit the ACV to only the GW's! Good luck.

Replied by Steven
St. Petersburg, Florida, Usa

So here I am sitting after completeing my second treatment of my second-go at treating these lil monsters with ACV...

First things first. I, like everyone else, experienced denial, shock, and later anger when I discovered I had Gential Warts. I had only ever had one partner and that was in a monogamous LTR. Three months after that relationship ended, I discovered a bump just outside my anus. After some awkward posing with a hand mirror and some googling, I diagnosed it to be a wart. A little investigating and I found 10-15 smaller ones just inside the opening to the anus in two little clusters. So I have GW.... perfect.

Why me? How could this happen to me? I'm not even promiscuous? Why? No one will ever want to be with me. Why? I'm gonna end up sexless forever with a lot of cats. Why?

After my initial emotional freak-out and some research, I calmed down. HPV is terribly common, I just happen to be one of the few, lucky symptomatic ones. I decided I needed to find some sort of solution. I had been on earthclinic many, many times before, and thought I would start here. Glad I did.

I focused my initial efforts on the one that was external. I used cotton balls/tampons, soaked in ACV, and "held" it there right at the opening for a few hours the first night. Treated it again on my lunch break the next day, and then for a few hours the next night. After the first day it was gray-ish and hardening. It seemed to be working, but I was so terribly sore. SO SORE! Walking was uncomfortable, bowel movements were excrutiating. I really worried that I injured myself. I decided to take a break and after a few days, I noticed in the shower that the wart was gone. 3 days and Gone!

I was excited in a way, but I was still so tender and sore, I couldn't imagine treating any of the internal ones, so I let myself heal, and ignored the situation for a few weeks. Everything healed back to normal down there, which made me really happy to know I hadn't completely overdone it. During that time I met someone who I was interested in and that made me realize that I needed to truly conquer this. I knew that I wouldn't be able to be sexually active until after I had gotten rid of all the warts, healed, and at that point I could say "I have HPV. " I can stomach telling someone I have HPV the disease, but GW, the symptom, not happening. I knew that my condition was probably going to steal away the chance of dating this guy, but I wasn't going to let it steal the chance of ever dating again.

So last night, I decided to try and treat the internal ones. I decided this time to be much more delicate. Slow and steady is my game plan. Yesterday, I soaked a couple cotton pads in 50-50 ACV and water and inserted them just inside my anus where the clusters of the little warts are. I left it for about 45 minutes with little if any discomfort. Today, I was a little sore/tender, but nothing like before when I did 4 hours. Tonight, I showered, cleaned, douched, the area and repeated the same treatment. It stung tonight pretty bad, especially at first. After 45 minutes I was sooo ready to take it out, and still am experiencing mild discomfort an hour later.

Obviously I don't have any results yet, and will update when I do. My plan is to take the next few days off, check for any progress and proceed doing two days of treatment, then healing, then two days of treatment, and see what results I get. I also am considering douching with a 50-50 ACV water mix, just to keep the ball rolling and also as a follow up to any that begin to fall off. We shall see, I'm hopeful because it worked so well with the external one.

Replied by Mg
Boston, Ma/usa

Re use Apple Cider Vinegar to rid of genital warts, I thought they were reoccurring...

Posted by Mortified (Greensboro, Nc, Usa) on 05/12/2012

I am a healthy 51 year old man with a long history of warts on my hands, fingers, etc. , and I now suspect that I have genital warts in the anal canal about 1/4 of an inch inside my anus. I can feel it with my finger when taking a shower but I cannot see it (unfortunately). At any rate, I am mortified of going to the doctor about this and I have read horrible stories online from people that have had these removed in doctor's offices. Being a huge believer in alternative medicines and treatments, I am now reading countless articles about Apple Cider Vinegar placed on a cotton ball and then applied to warts for their removal with a high degree of success.

I've been a Collidial Silver user for years (this is great for most things - trust me) and have been soaking a cotton ball with it and placing it as far "up there" as possible without losing it inside (if you know what I mean) and leaving it over night. I cannot really tell that there has been a change so I am ready to try the Apple Cider Vinegar. How safe is it to use the same procedure with the ACV? Remember that this is not in an open air area. Does anyone have any experience using this is an enclosed environment (so-to-speak) or have any suggestions or comments that can help? Heaven forbid..... I do not want to go to the doctor! Any help here is appreciated.

Replied by Aj
New York, Ny
4 out of 5 stars

So far the ACV has worked on the actual warts more than I imagined it would. I know I'll probably have a little white scar tissue left over but hopefully this will be better than the warts themselves. When I started I had a small cluster of 3 small ones and a very big ugly wart that I'd had for like 5 years, the cluster of 3 started turning black literally in like 2 days and after about 4 days in the shower I noticed they were gone. The really big one obviously has been much tougher due to its size and how long I've had it I'm assuming. I've been attacking it for about 2 weeks (though I have taken a day off here or there when the surrounding skin was getting burnt from the acid so I didnt make that worse). More and more of it began turning black over the span and a few days ago it got really hard. Yesterday most of it fell off with a small part of the wart that was the bottom still on b/c of how big it was that part of the wart never really got ACV on it.

I'll update if anything radical happens but at this point since what's leftover is really no bigger than the 3 that were gone in about 4 days I'm hoping this will be relatively easy compared to the 2 weeks its taken so far.

on 04/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

YOU GUYS ARE A GOD-SEND!!!! I've had GW appearing about 3 months ago, and after much searching the Net I came accross this blog. I read through the latest page and thought "Apple cider vinegar - yeah right! ". About days later I bought a bottle, and I just dabbed one of the bigger ones with ACV on a Q-tip, and left it just like that. About a day went past before I looked (I was actually too afraid to be disappointed), and mercy! The one I dabbed had turned white! I then bought some cotton balls and applied the ACV the first night. The next morning in the shower I had a look, and one of the smaller ones had already disappeared (probably washed off), and the bigger one was pure white. I continued this for 4 days, and ALL ARE GONE!!! I was a bit sore (because in my enthusiasm I put it on in the morning after my shower, and again at night after showering), but a day or so with Vit E oil saw that right.

I can't say THANK YOU enough, guys - your advice changed my life around!

God bless you all! Kiwi

Replied by Doxyguy
St Pete, Fl

I tried Apple Cider Vinegar and it stung too much. I went to a clinic and they prescribed me doxycycline. Within 2 weeks my anal warts were almost gone. I went back to clinic weekly to get them sprayed which helped in addition over time. I went back to clinic and convinced the nurse to give me more doxycycline. It is not a treatment for warts (rather infections) but she saw how improved mine were and gave me another 2 weeks. I am on my third week of doxycycline and the imporvement is incredible. I really think I have another week or so and i'll be good. In addition I used a mixture of vitamin e oil and antibiotic over night to help with the tenderness and healing. nurse said that doxy doesn't work for everyone but it made me a beleiver.

Replied by Eileenireland
Auckland, New Zealand

I have gotten myself really run down, had a chest and throat infection and warts. I had them 9 years ago and had them burnt off by a doctor and had no problems since. My own fault being stressed and work and letting myself get run down. I've been using ACV on q tips for 6 days and the warts seem bigger than ever. Area is White warts and skin, does anyone know if that's skin damage or it's working? Also on garlic supplement, echinacea vitamin C and zinc. Also after I apply ACV (I only dab it on, that's painful enough, not sure if I could leave it over night) I use tea tree oil, that stings too and vitamin E capsules to soothe it. I'm a diabetic so don't want to get an infection as I have no insurance. Type 1. Any tips would be so so welcome. Thanks loads

Posted by Direneed (Los Angeles, California) on 04/18/2012

Hello, I enjoyed reading about ACV on this site. Here is my question. I have large genital warts (about 8 large ones and 6 medium to small ones) on my scrotum. They are at the point of, What is the best way/method and supplies I will need to apply the ACV to get these removed. Can someone step me through this process please. I have never done this and the scrotum is a harder area to apply... Isn't it?

Please also tell me what Vitamins exactly I should start taking for the future. Its time to end this madness that has affected my life so badly.

Thank you in advance! I know so many of you that posted are just like me and it's nice to at least see people who have gotten better. I want to start this right away

Replied by Tyler
Phoenix, Arizona

Direneed.... You are located in Los Angeles, you have one of the world's formost experts on genital warts located there in Los Angeles. Go to his website, he removes them all in one visit with either scalpel or scissors.

If you use the ACV, be very careful as you can make it worse by irritating the warts and getting them to viral shed more thus spreading the warts. Also the skin on the scrotum is obviously very sensitive so be careful as you don't want to burn the good skin, can leave a scar or discolored pigments... Good Luck

if you go to the clinic or decide to use the ACV, let's us know how it went.

Replied by Direneed
Los Angeles, California, Usa

Ok, so I have been putting ACV on my large warts and this is what is happening:

1) They turn black and the skin peels

2.) One Wart had a hard chalky white substance come out.

3.) They seem to shrink a bit but are still there. How long is the process? They look like little craters now. DO they just fall off eventually?

Replied by Lily
Abbotsford, Bc Canada

Genital Warts and podofilm- Has anyone used a prescription of podofilm to get rid of genital warts? My doctor prescribed it and said I can treat the wart at home. I tried to do it as described - just dab the podofilm on the wart with a q-tip - but I am having a TERRIBLE reaction. My skin is all grey and sloughing off and leaving a large open, red, sore area of exposed tissue. It is as though it is burning off my top layer of skin. Will it heal up??? And worst of all, I swear I see the wart still, despite the REST of my skin dying and peeling off. I am so upset and it is so painful! I can barely make it to work and wear pants.

Has anyone experienced this or used Podofilm?

I can't bear to go back to my doctor and have ANYONE see this.

Posted by Marie (Regina, Saskatchewan) on 03/17/2012

I met my bf 2 years ago and after 1 1/2 years of fighting and thinking there was something wrong with me of why he rarely wanted to have sex, wouldn't let me touch him during sex and never sex with lights on, never getting undressed in front of me, etc... So I had no clue he had these. Finally he told me he has GW. I was extremely upset and angry that he didn't tell me sooner and I didn't know anything about GW but I got on the comp right away and started searching for info.

My bf had them since he was 18 he said and when he did show me I felt sick to my stomach as to how they looked but I didn't want to hurt his feelings or anything and from what I read on the net I was worried since he hadn't had them taken care of, I thought they could cause cancer. The doc gave him Aldara and they got smaller but didn't go away.. I didn't notice anything on me any different til a couple months ago but now I believe I may have warts myself but can't tell? There's one small white (looks like a pimple) on the inside of my lip, hasn't got any bigger but hasn't gone away.. Also on both sides of my vagina opening I can feel a few tiny bumps but can't see them and they haven't grew or shrunk in size either. I have also another on the bottom of my butt cheek close to the crack which looks like a wart and a skin tag which is larger but doesn't seem to be getting bigger or anything. I went to the doc right after my bf told me about this and the doc said I have no warts and that this larger thing is just a skin tag.. A month or so after that I started having issues with my period so I went to a gyno and I told him everything too and he said it's a wart and wanted to burn it off but I didn't go back cuz that scares me and it's embarrassing. Also I don't want to have this done if it's just a skin tag and could be removed simpler and less painful way. I came across this site and read all these stories of this ACV that has helped many so. I think I will get my bf to try it but I would also like to know if anyone could tell me if I should try this if I'm not 0 sure about me and what it would do if I don't have warts?

Replied by Nikki05
Silver Spring

Are these bumps on the right and left inside parts of your vagina right where it dips in and up? I have bumps there too and I thought they were normal. I tried Apple Cider Vinegar just to be sure and once the skin peeled away I saw teeny tiny yellow bumps there. Years ago my gyno also said they weren't warts but using Apple Cider Vinegar actually made them shrink. I would get a second opinion just to be sure. I went years without treating them because my doctor said they weren't warts. They actually spread and there were a lot more of them once I started treating them. I don't want you to be in the same situation as me. I've come not to trust doctors because I had two doctors look and both of them didn't find genital warts. After treatment with Apple Cider Vinegar I saw at least 75 and I was devastated!!!! Good luck!

Posted by Emma (Pmouth, Uk) on 03/17/2012
4 out of 5 stars

So basically, I never went to the doctors to get diagnosed with GW I have had sex with 8 different people in the space of 2 years I went to the clinic twice in those two years with the all clear. I noticed the lumps quite a long time ago but I thought that it was damaged skin from where I used a toothbrush to masturbate regularly before I was old enough to go buy a vibrator. It wasn't til a few months ago possibly 5 or 6 months that I looked in detail at the area, just to the left of my vagina right at the top in line with my clitoris , a small cluster of clear bubble like lumps I left them for a long time thinking that it's unlikely to have actually contracted something, you never think it would happen to you, right! Well I looked at some google imaged of genital warts and decided that it exactly what I have, I paid 29 something for a cream on the Internet and it still hadn't come 2 days before I was due to have sex with this man I'm seeing.

I read about the apple cider vinegar on this site and at 11pm on Thursday night I put a soaked cotton wool ball on the infected area I didn't feel the burn to begin with I left it there for a couple of hours and took it off to go to sleep, they looked white ish like how your skin looks when you sit in the bath for too long. I woke up early that morning 7.30am and I began the process again left It on there for a good 4 hours they were then dark grey and with my pubic hair disguising them I was more confident to meet my guy that evening. Friday night came and went and all went well with sex- I wasn't found out. I'm now in bed at 11pm Friday night exactly two days later and I have no warts on my vagina I just took a mirror to look, bearing in mind I hadn't put the vinegar on since friday morning, they were a brownish scab and I gently pulled it off revealing slightly rough but healthy skin :) I'm so happy I don't feel it's necessary to tell my sexual partner about this as with warts there's no huge harm as long as you can't see them. I don't care if I have the virus :/ this may seem bad but I can't even imagine telling anyone about this ever! But seriously this treatment is amazing I didn't think it would actually work but 2 days later I'm looking beautiful down there again it's just relieved me so much hope this account helps anyone in a similar situation :)

Posted by Peter (San Diego, Ca) on 03/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am shocked. I was trying castor oil and it could not remove my GW. I stumbled upon this site and could not believe seeing so many positive experience so I bought some ACV at a health store and soaked with cotton ball and band aid, changing bandaid quite regularly as it was weekend. To my shock, by Monday my wart on my shaft went away. It never became white, it became black after couple of days.

Then during the week, I applied to a fairly big one by my pubic hair. I cannot change bandaid so often as I work during the week. And to my shock again, the one by pubic hair has turned black and is almost completely gone. The volume of this one decreased and it is dark and very hard.

Thanks for all who posted reviews as it helped me so greatly. I am forever thankful.

Posted by Brighter Side (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 02/01/2012

Hi, first of all I want to thank everyone for taking thier time to post thier stories, you all honestly saved me from suicide. I discovered bumps in the entrance to my vagina a few weeks before christmas last year. I got a mirror like most of you did and I examined them. I hadn't heard of genital warts before but I was certain it was something different from the usual yeast infection.

I quickly did an internet search on my symptoms and the answer "Genital warts/HPV" kept re-occuring, I looked at pictures and read up hpv, and I decided to believe that it was different from what I had. I went to see a doctor the very next day, I didn't let him examine me, I told him my description was good enough because I wanted him to tell me it was a yeast infection, I wanted him to commonise what I had, I wanted him to give me drugs that I would take for 2 weeks and that would be the end of it. Well he did, he gave me something similar to canesteen, and I left happy, relieved, but with a nag at the back of my mind. I took the drugs religiously, added vitamins, was extra healthy and the "rash" spread.... Drastically. It was in my vagina, in my anus, at the side of my vagina, leading into my anus, it was a mess. I knew, and I couldn't doubt that it was infact GW.

It took me 2 months but I finally summoned up the courage, and I went to another doctor. I let him examine me and he did a pap smear. I wasn't even surprised when he told me I have the warts. I just told him I want to remove them. He recommended aldara, I couldn't afford it, he wrote a prescription for podofyllum, the pharmacy didn't have that kind. Finally, he wrote a prescription for podofilm, and that's what I got.

I was terrified of the podofilm cos all the search I did on it produced scary results - toxic, seeps into skin, major side effects, very dangerous, ony doctor can use, cancerous.... Etc. I didn't exactly know how to use it, the doctor was very unspecific, he was busy/ it was a walk in. But in all he was very un helpful. All the facts I know about this virus, I read up myself.

Anyway back to my story, I finally used the podofilm but very sparsely, and very carefully. I didn't go near the warts on the inside of my vag cos all the sites instruced against it. I had given up all hope, I was already going through some serious stuff in my life, so I just concluded that this GW was the icing on the cake.

Yesterday night I prayed for death to come, and I was planning on taking a lethal overdose this night until I just decided to check for herbal remedies for this thing. The thing that really helped was reading so many reviews, which told me I'm not alone. Secondly, how many of you have managed to move on, even cure yourselves. I cried because I was happy, I wasn't alone, God hadn't abandoned me, cos I truly believe he directed me to this site.

I went to examine myself for how to use the Apple Cider Vinegar on myself, and miraculously I can't find any of the warts that led from the front of my vagina to my anus. It's crazy, I'm crying as I'm typing cos I feel so much love from God right now. And all of you who took the time to write your experiences. I'm going to use the Apple Cider Vinegar for the ones on the inside of my vagina and I'm positive they will clear. I don't know if the virus wil remain but I know I'm going to clear these warts. I'm going to be positive, and I'll be happy. So all I'm saying is live your life, virus or no, but please try not to spread it to others. I'm sure with time a full cure will be made. And most of all be prayerful.

Replied by H
Lincoln, Nebraska

Did this treatment work for your internal vaginal warts?? How long did you leave the tampon in?

Posted by Onesage (Denver, Co) on 01/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Anyone thinking about ACV rectally? It works and it is a little painful.

The first night I used a dropper and put undiluted ACV in my rectum and went to bed. A few hours later it wanted to come out. The discomfort was the next day durning a BM. I hoped it was worth it but did not know yet. That evening I looked with a mirror and opened my rectum and the wart was half the size. I waited a couple days and used urine to dilute the ACV. I used the solution as a enema and the pain was much less. So if you want to try the ACV rectally please dilute it and you will be happy you did.

Replied by Marie
Cleveland, Ohio

With the removal of the warts gone, is it still possible for them to be transmitted??

Replied by Omgfml
Fresno, Ca

So I was doing some research about STD's (genital warts) mostly! Well I had a skin tag on the crease of my inner thigh! I removed it myself using thread and it just fell off! Well it continued to come back. Next thing I know I'm in the shower shaving and I feel bumps between my vagina and anus... I immediately panic! Get out the shower and start investigating! Anywho yes it fits the description of gw. So I tried Castor Oil and Baking Soda as a paste.... Didn't work! So here I am my second night of ACV! Oh my sweet Jesus does this burn!!!! I noticed this morning a few warts came off do I know for sure the rest will be off my morning! This is the second treatment using ACV soaked in a cotton ball placed over the infected area I left it overnight last night and had somewhat irritation and soarness! Tonight burns a lot more the pain is actually making my stomach feel upset but tolerable! I know this is going to be worth it in the end!!!! I feel hideous having these ugly things! I want my pretty smooth vagina back! I'll post when I get more results!

Posted by Abc665 (Toledo, Ohio, Us) on 12/15/2011

Hi. I was diagnosed with GW about 6 months ago, as well as my long term boyfriend. He had a large cluster under his shaft that completely disappeared out of NO WHERE in a matter of a few months, but unfortunately mine stayed put. Which is quite unfair. So I went to my gyno and got prescribed Zyclara. Which did work once pretty well but they came back a week later, and when I repeated the process they just kept coming back.

My doc said I was going to have to come back to get the burned off, but after reading all the unsuccessful stories on here about people getting them burned off, I decided to do some more research instead and try ACV.

I found it easiest to fold up a few sheets of toilet paper and pour the Apple Cider Vinegar on there and press it against the spot and just lay in bed and hold it there. I tried the bandaid and cotton ball thing but it just killed to rip off the bandaid.

I've done the treatment for 3 days in a row now, morning and night, for about an hour/hour and a half each time. They definitely became white, but never once did I see them turning black or even remotely black? I took a night off from using it last night, hoping that when I woke up maybe they would be black, but they weren't and when I rubbed them the skin just pulled off. Like dead skin almost. I can't really SEE the warts anymore but when I run my finger over the area I can still feel them.

I'm really concerned and don't know what to do from here. Should I just continue over the weekend every morning and night and see if it does more? My boyfriend is on the verge of leaving me because we can't have sex and I need to get rid of them FAST. Should I just be more persistant on using the treatment? Someone please respond to me!

Replied by Oscar Donate

Syracuse, New York

Abc665, I have talked about this before. BHT is an effective treatment for genital warts. BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] is an effective treatment for all lipid coated viruses and that includes genintal warts. You can read about what fatchs brute has to say about that here, please do note that within one month of using two capsules of BHT per day his genital warts were gone and he acieved NO VIRUS DETECTED results as to his hepatitis C infection. See here:

Posted by Unknown (Unknown, United States) on 12/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 25 yr old female who contracted hpv from my fiance 5 years ago. That was devastating enough back then but I moved past it quickly especially having no symptoms whatsoever with the virus.. until 3 days ago.

While showering I felt a bump on my perineum above my anus. I immediately got out and looked in a hand mirror and found skin tags surrounding my vaginal opening. It clearly was something std related and seemed to have appeared overnight. I went to the hospital right away - wet hair and all. I was hysterical in the exam room explaining the situation. The doctor checked me out and said to keep an eye on it. Diagnosed me with skin tags and said it probably wasn't genital warts even though I explained that I had hpv.

I didn't believe her, I looked at pictures online and the placement, size and shape were dead on with that of genital warts. Came across this site and decided to take action and try the Apple Cider Vinegar and gentle medical tape. Skipped the tea tree oil to save money.

First night: dipped cotton balls in Apple Cider Vinegar and placed them between my labia against the vaginal opening and against my perineum. Left in for about 2 hours. Not much burning at all, I thought everyone on here was just being wimpy. I checked and the warts had turned white, revealing exactly how many I had. 1 medium tag and some small ones around the opening; plus 3 or 4 trailing down to my anus. great.

Before bed same night: I soaked a tampon in Apple Cider Vinegar and placed it between my labia again in the same spot against the warts. not much burning, I slept fine besides the thoughts racing through my mind..

Woke up next morning: and checked in the mirror, warts were even whiter and some were grayish now. Glad this is working!

That afternoon: I decided to take three cotton balls and really soak them in acv, they were almost dripping. Infact they did drip a bit when I put them in. This session really did it. And this is also where the BURNING came in. 2nd time and twice as much acv. I was whimpering to myself and standing on my tippy toes. The pain did make me queasy but I just stuck it out and it became bearable after ten minutes or so.

After about 2 hours of passing time on the computer and watching tv to take my mind off of it, I pulled the cotton balls out. I'm very sore at this point, jumped in the shower to rinse (still sore but getting relief). I checked in the mirror and now they were black-ISH. Don't take the blackening so literally. Mine were just a darker shade of gray. I rubbed at the warts with a clean finger/small wad of toilet paper and they were wiping off!! THANK YOU GOD. I took the tip of my fingernail and lightly scratched at the surface of the biggest tag, it came right off. as gently as I could I scratched the entire surface off and it was pretty much painless dead skin.

The Apple Cider Vinegar had penetrated the flesh of the warts, making them super soggy. They never scabbed for me, they just wiped away leaving pink healthy skin underneath.

I dabbed a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide on the the affected area to promote healing/kill germs/prevent spreading of the warts.

This is day TWO, two sessions a day and I don't have to see that nastiness when I look in the mirror anymore. I have my beautiful healthy smooth pink vagina back. well sort of! I'm still a little swollen but its going down by the hour.

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your experience with this monster of a disease. Good luck and I truly believe Apple Cider Vinegar can work for everyone. If you didn't have luck, you might not have saturated the cotton ball with enough acv. or maybe you didn't have direct firm contact to the warts (your cotton ball slid away or shifted).

I am aware that I still have hpv and the warts could pop up at any time but this has been a very stressful few months. I will make an effort to stay stress free and take vitamins to boost my immune system. I can always repeat this treatment if I need to. It only took two days and about 10 minutes of REAL pain. Was very worth it, I will sleep peacefully tonight with my confidence and self worth intact :)

Replied by Abc665
Toledo, Ohio, Us

See, here's my question. Mine basically did the exact same thing as yours. But now when it comes to having sex again, is there any way to spread them when the skin is all healthy now? Every new partner from then on do you have to explain that you USED to have GW? I just don't get it.

Replied by Same Thing
Richmond, Va

My ob/gyn also said skin tags! I think she saw that I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown and just said that to make it easier for me to walk out of there. She just said to keep an eye on them and see if they get bigger. Well, I grew tired of feeling the little bumps there (right above my anus). It disgusts me. So I researched a bit more online and saw the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment. I just started today and I saw just how bad it REALLY was! They are even closer to the opening of my vagina and I also noticed a larger one on the inside of my labia minora right below my clit... It was impossible trying to secure tape the cotton ball here with tape, and it burned REALLY bad, unlike the small tingling feeling from the Apple Cider Vinegar around my perenium (sp?) Not sure what to do. I am so disgusted with myself. My partner can't really see them himself so he thinks I'm just overreacting. But I refuse to let him see now that the Apple Cider Vinegar has made tons more appear by turning white. I pray this works, and works fast.

Replied by Jess
Nc, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I did the ACV treatment as well. After the second treatment, they were GONE!! It burnt like hell but it worked. Mine never turned black, they also just got light and peeled off leaving a heck of tender skin. I mixed the inside of 2 vit E capsules, coconut oil, and tea tree oil together to soothe the pain. Also, internally I took 2 tbsp of ACV with honey and water daily, vitamin D, collidial silver, and an herbal immune booster. It's best to attack these boogers from both the inside and outside. I don't see any more warts but I will still wipe down the area with ACV every day and at night run it down with coconut and tea tree oil just to be sure. I felt so gross and demoralized with these. But if you are reading this know there is light at the end of the tunnel. :)

I will always have my vitamin regime to keep my immune system on top of things but I hope I don't have to deal with these horrible little warts ever again.

Posted by Bobby (Los Angeles, California, Usa) on 11/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

ACV works!! I had a bump on my penis, just down on the base of the shaft. I thought it was a skin tag so I did nothing about it. Months passed and I noticed another bump on the underside of my shaft. Of course I was freaking out! The first thing I did was some online research and came across the ACV remedy. So I decided to give it a try. First I wrapped my shaft in a paper towel, dampend with ACV. I put another dry piece over top of that and taped it tight. It started to burn but within an hour, little white warts showed up where I thought there were no warts. I re-wrapped it the same way and went to bed. It will burn! After I isolated where the warts were, I took pieces of cotton and and doused them in ACV and put them directly on the warts, almost in the same fashion you would put TP on your shaving cuts. I wrapped and taped it went about my day. When I unwrapped it at night, I took a q-tip with ACV and just inspected them, one came off right away! I repeated that proccess twice daily and a couple days later, they were all gone but one. The stubborn one took about a week to get rid of. One thing to be cautious of is not to let the unaffected skin sit with ACV, it will burn and scab over. It is very potent. Good luck, drink lots of water and think positive.