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Coconut Oil

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[YEA]  09/24/2006: Margaret from Florida: "I used coconut oil for oil pulling. My teeth are whiter. I find the info on this site to be the best. Thanks"

01/18/2009: Tena from Alberta, Canada replies: "I've tried the OP with sesame oil but it has too strong a taste... I can't get past 7-8 minutes before it makes me gag. Coconut oil intrigues me, but living in Canada my Coconut Oil is solid. How do you get around this issue?"

EC: It will melt as soon as it hits your mouth!

04/13/2009: Veronica from Welsh, Louisiana/USA replies: "Will the Coconut Oil used for cooking work or does it have to be the "EVCO"? And, can you use the EVOO that you get at WalMart? Or, does all this have to be from a Health Store? Need to know ASAP please. Also I have a Hernia will OP'ing affect it?

06/20/2009: Steph from Ocala, Fl. replies: "I bought my C.O. at ___. However, go to the vitamin section, not the cooking section. It comes in a ___ plastic jar, and after you open it you can smell the coconut oil. Do not use the cooking oil type. It should look solid and be a true white color. It will melt upon touching to your skin. It is far cheaper at _____ then going to the natural health food store or buying it on line."
10/22/2011: Lauren from Northern Ca, Usa replies: "Why can't I use the kind from the cooking section? If it's extra virgin, unrefined, etc is that okay? What's the difference between the kind in the vitamin section and the cooking? L"

Cod Liver Oil

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01/18/2009: Betty Lee from Singapore: "hi !!! anyone out there had ever tried EMULSIFIED NORWEGIAN COD LIVER OIL for oil pulling ?? It contain EPA and DHA--nutritionally supports cardiovascular health,mood health and overall daily wellness.Contain vit A and D, and heavy metal free !!

I would like to know if it is just as effective as sesame oil?? OR even better than sesame oil ---without any side effects and allergies??

I had a bearable pain in the upper molar and had been using transdermal brush to brush the interior of the gum, I found it helps but to draw out the germs and toxins from the body--- which seem to be very interesting ..

I had not try Cod Liver oil yet for swishing in the mouth but I take it internally and it worked wonderfully for me.I had been taking COD LIVER oil for more than 20 years and it is really antiaging supplement for me !!!!!

Would somebody care to enlighten me?"

[YEA]  04/03/2009: Michele from Wolcott, Connecticut replies: "I oil pull with Cod Liver Oil. It is a popular brand that has lemon and mint added. I can't taste the fish at all. I love oil pulling with the cod liver oil. My mouth is clean and healthy. And it is great for my skin. I don't injest any cod liver oil. I do take Omega 3 fish oil caps though. I feel that plenty of the vitamin A gets into my blood stream with the oil pulling. I also oil pull with Avacado oil, and extra virgin coconut oil. The avacado oil is great for your hair. Makes it healthy and shiny. And they are all good for your skin."

Dental Health

04/23/2013: Gunther922 from Ayer, Ma: "Regarding brushing your teeth after OP. I have read on this site that you must brush your teeth after in order to rinse out and get rid of the toxins/bacteria. Is this not true? Help I'm so confused."

Dental Issues

04/07/2014: Yoli from Fontana, California: "I have the same question about porcelain crowns. I have several of them. I have been oil pulling for around a year now and I don't want them to fall out or start to come unglued. Any help with this would be appreciated! Yoli"

12/18/2011: Clay Vessel from East London, South Africa: "Hello, Earth Clinic. I am so glad to have found this site which I have already recommended to others. I have a concern about the possible danger of Oil Pulling and the presence of amalgam fillings in one's mouth.

I'd like a response from Ted, or any person who is an authority on Oil Pulling.

I have been so impressed by the experiences of others with regard to Oil Pulling and am keen to do it regularly. However, I have one amalgam filling left in my mouth, a tooth which also had root canal work done on it years ago. On all the sites I have looked at, it seems that the amalgam filling and Oil Pulling combination is not mentioned very often, and many who report great results do not say whether they have amagam fillings or not.

How can it possibly be safe to swish oil around ones mouth in the presence of a mercury filling?

I know the solution is to have the amalgam filling removed, and I have removed all of the others (slowly, over time). I am reluctant to remove this last one because a) it's expensive and I can't afford it just now and b) a doctor said that it may do more harm to remove it than to keep it in. Despite the protocol that is followed (rubber dam, charcoal drunk afterwards) there's no escaping the mercury vapour that one inhales during the procedure. So for now, it remains in. The filling is big, and old.

I have just completed ten weeks of chelation with a doctor to remove heavy metals from the body, because of all the amalgam fillings I used to have. He used weekly injections with a Vit C and calcium combination. Am concerned that by Oil Pulling, I may inadvertantly re-introduce mercury into the bloodstream again.

I so want to do Oil Pulling - it sounds so effective and makes sense to me, and my husband, who is also keen. We've done it twice already. But could it be that Oil Pulling in the presence of mercury might outweigh the benefits of Oil Pulling altogether and make the practice more harmful than good? I would value knowledgeable comments and advice. Thanks, Earth Clinic"

10/12/2010: Dee from Dublin, Ireland: "Hello, I have been oil pullling for 7 mins before bed for 5 nights and have found great improvements in this short space of time. I have a lot of amalgam fillings, root canals and crowns and there is no way I can afford to replace them. My question is this: Is there anyone on this site that has amalgam fillings, root canals and/or crowns that has NOT had problems with them when oil pulling? I would really appreciate hearing from people who have NOT had problems. Are there any people who could reassure me?

10/12/2010: Carly from Seattle, Wa - Usa replies: "I would also like to hear from people who have had no issues with their fillings - I have not done it due to reading the posts on the amalgams where people have had problems. I have a mouth full of amalgams darn it. Anyone? Thanks. Carly"
10/12/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Carly and Dee, I did oil pulling for a few months last year and have a mouth full of fillings and two caps. One is gold and one is porcelain. I didn't have any problems at all with any of them while oil pulling. Perhaps, the problems were pre-existent for those who had trouble and the oil pulling brought light to that. By the way, the fillings are from when I was quite young and the gold cap is from when I was about 12 and the porcelain about 3 years ago. Hope this helps in your decision to try this procedure."
10/13/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Dee, I had a root canal over a year before I started having problems. I think that it was a coincidence that the filling started falling a while after I started OP. The dentist kept laughing and filling the tooth again and again (and we kept paying for it.... ). When I went there the last time because I started feeling a funny sensation when I would eat or drink and was prepared to tell him that he had to find a solution for my problem the tooth was broken from so much work done to it and had to be pulled. It was a big shock as I have great teeth, to lose one at 53.... Afterwards I discovered that the tooth could have been saved if he had put a crown on it on time.... But he didn't! Was it the OP? I think that somehow that was a coincidence but I will never know. Anyway, he should have done a better work. We are going to write him a letter and see what he says. This is going to cost us a lot of money and bother because now I need an implant. It took me maybe two weeks to start to accept what had happened. Would I have done OP if I knew what I know now, even if it had nothing to do with what has happened... I don't know but I should have been more alert and have gone somewhere else for a second opinion and I would surely still have my tooth. What OP does for me is to prevent me from feeling pressure on my down teeth which is very annoying. For the rest I have never noticed anything. Once in a while I mix a drop of clove oil to give my mouth a good clean. I do have a few old porcelain filling, no problems there! My verdict and actually the one of the dentist... OP can't have had anything to do with it. After all it is nothing more than swishing a bit of oil in your mouth! What consoles me is that root canals are not always a good thing because if you have an infection and don't feel it they can cause a lot more problems without you knowing where they come from but... Implants can give infections as well and they are so awfully expensive..."
10/13/2010: Bessie from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi Carly - I have several amalgam fillings, several porcelain fillings, two root canals and my husband has crowns but neither of us have experienced any problems at all with oil pulling. I've been oil pulling for over a year now, usually with sesame oil but I've also used coconut and olive oils.

Totally off the subject, but another thing I do for oral health is massage my gums (thumb on one side of the gum, forefinger on the other) - massage with light circular motion. It strengthens and brings circulation to the gums. I do it in the shower, because it can get a bit "drooly" - hope this helps! Cheers."

10/13/2010: Dee from Dublin, Ireland replies: "Hi Bessie, Thanks for your answer, I feel better knowing that and would love to hear from even more people still. Thanks to you all, Dee"
10/13/2010: Dee from Dublin, Ireland replies: "Hi Francisca, Many thanks for your reply. Do you have any amalgam fillings at all? Dee"
10/13/2010: Carly from Seattle, Wa - Usa replies: "Thank you Bessie, Francisca, and Lisa. Your input has been helpful. I think I just may have to give oil pulling a try! Much appreciation. :-) Carly"
10/13/2010: Dee from Dublin, Ireland replies: "Hi Lisa, Were those old fillings you have in your mouth amalgams? I hope so cause that would make me feel even more reassured. Dee"
10/13/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Dee, In regards to my fillings, yes, they are silver amalgams and they are over 40 years old! Strangely enough, my fillings have held just fine over the years but, two of the teeth have crumbled off around them! Thus, that is why I have the one porcelain cap. The other tooth I just left alone because it is the very back one and doesn't bother me. Honestly, I don't think oil pulling will do anything to your teeth in a negative manner. Hope that helps."
10/13/2010: Dee from Dublin, Ireland replies: "Hi Lisa,

I really appreciate your reply and feel even more reassured now. I will keep at the oil pulling. My lower molars are all mainly amalgam and I have had them for many years too. All the best, Dee"

10/14/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Hi Dee, no, as I used to be a photographer and travel writer I had my fillings changed to modern ones a few years ago as the dentist was afraid that I would get problems due to my many flights.

By the way, I want to thank all the advice I got here after losing my tooth. I have chose to do an implant but I will do it in a very good clinic in Switzerland since we found out that I lost my tooth (which had had a root canal and the filling replaced a lot of times) only because the dentist here in France didn't care to cap the tooth. We don't know why he didn't do it yet but we have written him a letter. All the dental treatments cost a lot of money, so did pulling the tooth and now the implant is going to be awfully expensive, all for no reason! Be careful and if you don't trust some treatment get a second opinion, it may be worth the money!"

06/26/2013: Kylie from Whitianga, New Zealand replies: "I've been oil pulling on and off for about three years (thanks to Earthclinic) and didn't know till today that you weren't supposed to do it if you have amalgams. I have one amalgam, one cap and have had no issues to date. I had an implant put in last month in Thailand - which has already broken, but that was due to my bite rather than oil pulling. I did stop oil pulling for a few weeks after the tooth was put on though as the implant felt pulled at with the swishing - I guess the jaw was not used to any kind of pressure or movement since the actual tooth was removed some years prior. I'll continue to oil pull as I really don't think it's anything other than beneficial. I alternate between olive oil and coconut depending on my mood. I think olive oil whitens better and you can spit it down the sink (yes, I know you're not supposed to!)."
07/07/2013: Kt from The Usa replies: "I have been looking for a reason not to OP because of amalgam filings. What is the harm? I've been OP for awhile and I don't think I recognize any problems. Are there certain early warning signs?"


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02/27/2014: Man from Sojouring America: "Ok. So I was looking over this Oil pulling issue and I don't know about it, yet. There seems to be many people reporting benefit from it. So I am going to try it. But I am going to be a bit of a risk taker. I am a grown up and have capacity so I took a small amount of 99.9 pure DMSO and swished it around in my mouth tonight and spit it out. It was quite surprising the sensation. It warmed up my mouth. DMSO is a solvent so it may stand to reason that a strong solvent may be a good "puller". I will keep researching this."

[YEA]  03/04/2014: Man from Sojouring America replies: "I "oil pulled" this morning with DMSO. I used a half of a teaspoon, just a small amount of 99.9 purity of DMSO.

Here is what happened: I noticed a slight throbbing in one of my teeth but not enough to stop so I continued to vigorously swish the DMSO around. Once again there was a very pleasant warming sensation in my mouth.

The sensation of pain was mild and went away after I spit out the DMSO. I did notice this slight throbbing the first time I tried DMSO. Teeth are alive, they have nerves perhaps there is a fissure in one of them that needs mineralize to fill the fissure? I don't know. But I am going to experiment and am experimenting with the Azomite/DMSO solution for tooth re-mineralization.

My finger tips have healed up well, I for got where I posted that my fifnger tips were in pain that it was difficult to type but that problem is now GONE. And they are tougher then they were now and I had no pain in clipping my nails like I had before.

I don't know what exactly I am doing but I do know that I am acting in faith and I am trusting in the Word."

Flaxseed Oil

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[YEA]  06/25/2009: myra from westfield, new jersey: "I started oil pulling with flaxseed oil yesterday as that was the most organic, freshest oil I had in the house. I used 1 T and did it twice yesterday. I really wasn't expecting any immediate results, but amazingly the bronchitis I have had for over 3 weeks (after a bout of flu) is starting to break up. I am experiencing looser phlegm and less wheezing and the heavy feeling in my chest is gone. I cannot wait to see what further results will bring. Today will probably switch to safflower or coconut as they have had such great reviews here."

06/20/2009: Laura from Shingletown, Calif: "Is flaxseed oil recomended for op?"

General Feedback

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02/28/2014: Lorna from Canada: "Hi...I just started oil pulling. I'm 55 y.o. I am using grapeseed oil. Where would I purchase sesame oil or black cumin seed oil? I found the grapeseed oil fairly thick. Is this normal? Does the sesame oil you cook with differ from the sesame oil that you pull with. Appreciate your feedback...Tyvm"

03/01/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Lorna, from what I have read, plain ol' cooking sesame oil is fine for pulling."
[YEA]  03/07/2014: Man from Sojouring America replies: "I was looking around at Mercola's house this morning and happened upon an article concering pathogens in the mouth that can cause problems else where in the body and thought this might be of interest to the "Oil Pulling" crowd. And Mercola mentions some information on this also. Here is the link: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/03/05/oral-pathogens.aspx"

01/24/2014: Jonathan from Germany: "Hi There, I have 1 question, what type of oil do I have to use ? any cooking oil or there is special oil made for oil pulling purpose. Thank you & Regards, Jonathan."

01/24/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada replies: "Hi Jonathan, according to Ayurveda where O.P. originated, RAW SESAME oil is used for best results. Good luck, Om"

12/21/2013: Kimberly from Charlotte, North Carolina: "Happy Holidays! I just discovered this site and just tried OP for the 1st time this morning with olive oil. Have had serious headaches.... migraines.... chronic sinus infections..... Aches and pains FOR YEARS. After drinking lots of water after OP'ing. Can I drink my apple cider vinager?"

12/22/2013: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Kimberly, oil pulling never interfered with any other remedies for me."
12/27/2013: Cj from New Zealand replies: "Yes of course you should drink ACV - after you've OP'd of course. That will only help your cause immensely. Stick with the OPing as well, even if you find you're getting more headaches etc, that's the toxins leaving your body. But try other oils such as coconut, or walnut (they say that's the best one). I guess that all depends on your taste buds. Do the OPing twice a day at first, then go down to just the mornings."
12/27/2013: Om from Hope Bc Canada replies: "Cj from New Zealand: oil pulling is an age old Ayurvedic method to remove toxins from the body. Even though almost everybody on EC uses other oils, the right oil is plain sesame oil. If research is done, it is stated that other oils are not as effective. Om"
03/02/2014: Man from Sojouring America replies: "Thank you for statement. Would you kindly grace the rest of us with your sources and information proving your allegation? I would certainly like to see the research . It would save me from my own experimentations with DMSO. If there is already conclusive evidence that this process works and that plain sesame oil is the best then, please stop withholding from the rest of us your sources so that your peers here can review them. Thank you."

[YEA]  10/15/2013: Hema from India: "Since a week I have been trying this and I experienced these things. oil pulling reduces leg cramps, cracked heels and also gives great energy."

06/16/2013: Cecilia from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Usa: "Hey guys!!! I just discoved this site a few days ago and wow!!! This is amazing-- all these super easy amazing cures I never knew about! Anyway, I'm just wondering, if I start oil pulling, should I not brush my teeth with regular tooth paste after? Would it be better if I used something like baking soda, or should I just rinse my mouth out after? Thanks!!!"

06/17/2013: Annie replies: "Your teeth have been cleaned by OP so not nessessary to brush to be clean but it will get the oil and yuck out of your mouth. Stay away from flouride toothpaste, bad news, get a natural one without it or just use soda and water. I just use water and my brush after I pull."

05/21/2013: Clio51 from Manchester, Uk: "Hi, Do you have to do the oil pulling at a certain time of day or can I do it anytime as I'm not very good in the mornings. Does it have to be organic?"

05/21/2013: Om from Hope, B.c., Canada replies: "To Clio51 from Manchester. According to Ayurvedic books, oil pulling should be done in the early morning before drink or food with sesame oil. In twenty minutes the oil should look white when expelled. Then rinse mouth several times. The action is on all energy points on the tongue , that is why oil pulling benefits all body organs.

I have done it now for almost a year and loose teeth are firm again. Otherwise my teeth have whitened over time. Other benefits may be there as I have no other issues. Keep it up. Om"

05/22/2013: Alan from Homestead, Florida replies: "I believe that the positive, measurable results of oil pulling are due to the the physics of CAVITATION. The implosion of bubbles in liquid is a well studied phenomenon outside of the human mouth... It's considerable power will degrade a ships propeller in short order... In an ultrasonic parts cleaner it will strip tarnish from silver and filth from your jewelry. The variations in oil viscosity (sunflower vs. Olive etc.) WILL produce different cleaning or stimulative effect. Water will work as well but takes much more time as it's viscosity results in lower cavitational power. Very little mysticism here but a lot of misinformation."



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