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[YEA]  04/06/2008: Hollis from Hilo, Hawaii: "aloha Molly from SF who wrote about her oil pulling experience of 3 years.....I have done OP now for 18 months, every A.M. using sunflower oil. I appreciate your advice about switching oils every 2 months as I plan to do OP for the rest of my life.....my mouth, teeth and gums have never been better...and I really think it has kept me from getting sick with colds and such. OP is easy, cheaper than drugs and so effective.."

01/18/2011: Rita from Hermitage, Tn, Usa replies: "I have a question for Hollis from Hawaii. Did you experience a cleansing crisis during your 18 months of OP ? If so, what happened? I just started OP and am hoping I will not have one. I am into my third week of the Daniel fast and feeling so well. I enjoyed the two sessions of OP I have done since yesterday and find that my teeth feel very clean and my chapped lips have improved."

[YEA]  04/02/2008: LJ from Three Oaks, Michigan: "I am interested in the oil pulling treatment, but have a question and a comment. First, I wanted to try to do it a few times a day, but I rarely go more than 3 hours without eating/snaking on something. Changing that isn't a good option. What is the minimum amount of time I can wait after eating, if 4 hours isn't possible, and how soon after doing this can I eat? Second, I wanted to clear up something I read in the comments. Combining an oil and a liquid such as saliva makes an emulsion just like mayonnaise. This combo will turn white with enough mixture, regardless of any toxins or bacteria. As a cook, and a chemist, I know this for a fact. That isn't to say that toxins or bacteria aren't involved! They just aren't the cause. I'm looking forward to starting this treatment."

[YEA]  03/21/2008: Stephanie from New Braunfels, Texas: "re: oil pulling-another satisfied customer!. I have been using oil pulling for about a month. A few days after I started I had a dental appt and showed early stages of gum disease (pockets that measured 6 in at least five places). They wanted me to have $1000 worth of scaling and root planing with antibiotics injected into the pockets. I told them I would think about it, knowing that I would keep oil pulling. I went to my follow up appt yesterday and I only had one pocket that was still a 6, the rest had decreased. The hygienist told me to keep doing what I'm doing so I confessed about the oil pulling which she had actually heard of and now plans to try after seeing the difference in my gums. She said anywhere she would poke them before they would bleed and now they are much better. I hope to come back later and say that my fibromyalgia is gone."

[NAY]  03/14/2008: Hope from Sacramento, CA: "I just wanted to warn folks about the possibilities of increasing blood pressure DUE to oil pulling and acv therapy. I loved oil pulling, but a week after starting it (once a day), my blood pressure went from 140/95 to 250/150. I had to go to the ER fearing I might have a stroke. I had also been doing acv therapy (2 tablespoons in water twice day) at the same time. I was under medication for my bp (20 mg accupril).Perhaps it is possible that they both might remove medication from the body? I stopped both therapies and thought perhaps it was the acv, so 2 weeks later , I tried one session of oil pulling and my blood pressure went sky high the next day : 236/120 ! I made yet another trip to the ER to avoid stroke and heart attack. I know many people have had great success with both healing modalites, but apparently some of us cannot tolerate the unexpected consequences. I would encourage anyone with high blood pressure to do only one modality at a time and go very slowly, keeping a close eye on your bp readings!"

10/30/2009: Davidd from Forest Lake, Mn, USA replies: "Hope,

What type of oil did you use? After 2 weeks of oil pulling with sunflower oil, I went in for a routine checkup and my blood pressure was 153/99. I have often had 140/90 when checked in the doctor's office, but when checked at home, it was more typically in the 120-130/70-80 range. I have NEVER seen it above 150 systolic or above 95 diastolic. I am not on any blood pressure lowering medication.

Now, I can't say what my blood pressure was right before I started pulling, because I hadn't been measuring it for a few months. I can say that oil pulling is the only change in my diet/behavior in the last month.

Since going to the doctor earlier this week, I have monitored my pressure at home. I also quit oil pulling after the high reading at the doctor's office. My pressure this week has been 130-150/90-100 IN THE MORNING (average is closer to 130/90) and as high as 165/106 IN THE EVENING after work. My best guess is that both my systolic and diastolic values are 15 points higher, on average, than they have been for my entire adult life (I'm 38) and this change has taken place sometime in the last few months, since I took readings a few months ago and it was "normal" (normal for me).

I can feel the high pressure in my body. Pressure in my eyes, head, certain spots in my legs and arms, chest, finger tips and feet. I don't believe I felt this way before doing the oil pulling, so my best guess is that it started after I started doing the oil pulling. I can gauge, fairly closely, what my reading will be based on the pressure I feel (and have confirmed this a few times this week).

Having read that sunflower oil contains a high amount of omega 6, I am wondering if that is somehow implicated in this issue. Even though sesame oil does have omega 6 in it too, my research has shown that it also contains other substances that can lower blood pressure. Therefore, last night I ingested 3 tablespoons of sesame seed oil. Within about 1.5 hours after doing this, my blood pressure dropped from about 155/100 to 145/90 (this is from memory, don't have my notes right in front of me). By morning, however, it was about 150/100 when I woke up. I oil pulled 1 tablespoon of sesame seed oil in the shower. About 45 minutes after my earlier reading and after the start of my pulling (which lasted about 10 to 15 minutes), it was down to 140/90. Given the two data points I have, I would say the sesame seed oil may be able to quickly drop about 10 points off both values (FOR ME), whether ingested or through buccal delivery in oil pulling. I should also mention that I do take multiple readings each time to account for the natural variations that are common from one minute to the next.

Since I've given the "bad" effect that I believe was a result of the oil pulling with sunflower oil, I will also give the "good" effect I noticed. Skin irritations on my face and forehead cleared up significantly (90%). I am very confident this is from the oil pulling as it is something I monitor daily when I look in the mirror in the morning. However, I'd definitely trade high blood pressure for some skin irritations! :)

If this gets posted, I will provide future updates on the blood pressure situation."
04/04/2013: Ann from San Antonio, Texas replies: "Since your post from 2008, did you continue with the oil pulling and has your blood pressure changed? Having similar issues... Thank you"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/28/2008: Preci from Dubai, UAE: "It is four months that my husband and I have been doing oil pulling. But we have seen no improvement or difference - how long will it take for the dark circles to disappear or teeth to whiten or diabetese to cure? We do oil pulling then brush our teeth using tooth paste and then drink glass of water and after 15 minutes have breakfast."

[YEA]  02/26/2008: Gislain from Phoenix, AZ: "Recently, I developed a nasty Sinus infection which was my first. I was on antibiotics at the time but they didn't help my Sinus headache, watery eyes, and horrible congestion. It got worse each day. I was just suffering at work! I read about ACV on this site and tried it. It helped instantly, and I thought I was cured...but the symptoms returned within an hour of each dose. ACV helped but I needed something to completely make this Sinus problem go away. Upon reading about Oil Pulling, my first reaction was, "Pulling what?" It sounded really easy so I thought I'd see what happens. After my first OP session, I immediately blew out loads of "stuff" from my nose and felt relaxed. Slept great that night! By the next morning, I felt significantly better. I was planning on going to the zoo and wanted to be able to go without suffering. After 5 OP sessions and two days later, I have no more pressure in my head and my chest feels a bit heavy, but I know it's a sign my body is healing. I feel better and my glands aren't sore anymore. I just know that within a few more days, I will be cured! In the U.S. "cures" don't exist. Medications have taken over over the Health industry here! All the pills we get just treat the problem(s) and creat more. Who wants to just treat?! I want a cure! In addition to my Sinus relief, my hair is shinier, my skin feels a little smoother, and I have had several bowel movements lately (much more than usual). I'm sold! Now, I just need to sell my girlfriend on OP because she has bad Eczema and has tried all the topical creams/medications that only treat her condition. She laughs when I Oil Pull my toxins away. It does make me sleepy at times after I do it, so I'll have to only OP at night. I don't see any reason to stop. I will do this the rest of my life. Also, I was a massive cheese-aholic. I cut that out of my diet completely! That is not easy to do."

[YEA]  02/18/2008: Sue from Manchester, CT: "Hi, I have been oil pulling for about a month. It does make my teeth feel cleaner,also notice if I'm feeling tired and need to stay awake, it perks me up, I don't have a lot of problems, so thought I would use it for preventing illnesses.Sue"

[YEA]  02/12/2008: Visi from Kuwait: "I have been oil pulling regularly but although i am thrilled with the white teeth .. i am alarmed at how sharp they have become. is this due to the oil pulling ? Please respond i am desparate ..."

THealth from Los Angeles, CA replies: "Hi Visi, What is the oil you are using for oil pulling. The type of oil must be the cause of sharpness in your teeth."

[YEA]  02/08/2008: Claudette from Memphis, TN: "I have done OP for about 2 wks now. I had a brown discolored tooth and after 2 pulls the brown is gone. I have had my teeth cleaned many times by a dentist and still had that brown tooth. I am really excited that it is now the same as the rest of my teeth. I am now pulling to see if it will help spider veins on my legs. If anyone can give me info on that please share."

[YEA]  02/05/2008: Pat~Momof2inMO from Wright City, MO: "I have a question regarding OIL PULLING. I am interested in doing this but have some concerns. I have saliva issues - stones and possibly another problem. Will this aggravate the issue as it heals it or just make the problem worse? I have a pretty toxic load - bad teeth (no more mercury though), high blood pressure, diabetes, skin problems, scalp problems, mostly likely thyroid & adrenal issues also, not to mention an extreme stress situation currently. Is there a way to do this without getting sick - I have too many people depending on me to get sick doing this. Suggestions please!"

[YEA]  02/04/2008: Luc from Southampton, New Jersey: "Oil Pulling. Any benefit with this therapy for weight loss? In the short time I've been doing Oil Pulling, I have seen some very good changes in my complexion and energy level and would like to lose some weight and wondered if oil pulling is effective in this regard."

[YEA]  02/01/2008: Bas from Sebastopol, CA: "I started oil pulling two days ago. (1 tablespoon for 20 minutes first thing in the morning) The reason I started is a sinus infection that seems to be getting better. I was also pulled by the promise of detoxing from heavy metals since I have ingested a lot of lead as a kid. An other reason for me to give the OP a try was my allergy related respitory problems that I have had since early childhood. The reason that I am writing earth clinic is that I have developed a burning rash on my legs. I am wondering if it is related and if anyone else has had this happen. I did eat quite som pecan nuts the other day and am wondering wether I might have become allergic to them. (I am allergic to cashews) Thank you for responding. Bas"

[YEA]  01/28/2008: Majid Khan from Lancashire, United Kingdom: "I have tried OP pulling for several weeks and results have been incredible. I have had suffered sinus problems and after OP it has cured them. I have felt this calmness that I havent felt for A LONG TIME. The problem in life is that you get told so many solutions to health issues that you dont know which one to choose. I just think that the remedies that make you think "thats disgusting I dont want to try it" are the ones that really work. I feel that especially sinus sufferers are prone to mood swings, feeling low and feeling drained that OP is a BREATHE OF FRESH AIR (that sounds good!). So give it a try and dont be shy MAJID KHAN (happy dude)"

[YEA]  01/23/2008: Lucille from Southampton, New Jersey: "Hi. I've recently started Oil Pulling treatment and although just a few days, my energy level is elevated and my teeth are brighter. I am hoping for result in lowering blood pressure. My question is, would OP help relieve pain from Interstitial Cystitus? A chronic pain problem for the last year. Doctor consultations/meds have not helped. Please post this question on the website. thanks!"

05/07/2008: Cathy Colorado from Mason, WV replies: "Response to the 01/23/2008 post from Lucille/Southampton, New Jersey who writes: "Hi. I've recently started Oil Pulling treatment and although just a few days, my energy level is elevated and my teeth are brighter. I am hoping for result in lowering blood pressure. My question is, would OP help relieve pain from Interstitial Cystitus? A chronic pain problem for the last year. Doctor consultations/meds have not helped. Please post this question on the website. thanks!"

For the interstitial Cystitus which can be very painful, try drinking lemon water for the initial pain and then later it will get rid of it. Make the lemon water as strong as possible, say 4 wedges squeezed into a glass of water making it tart. NO SUGAR!! I told a friend about this and she said when her father had bladder cancer he was told by the doctor to use this for pain. If you drink the juice of 1 lemon in an 8oz glass of water when you first get up with no food or coffee for 30 minutes there after, you can dissolve gallstones. It takes about a year consistently. You also need to take some digestive enzymes to aide in digestion. Then also take some Red Rice Yeast and CoQ10 to bring down cholesterol, which causes gall stones. Tumeric can be used for getting rid of melonomas ans this is substantiated by science on the Texas Anderson College Cancer Research Center site. I have used it and it has stopped the growth of some facial and arm skin cancers with amazing results. I wonder if you could make a paste of it and put it on the cancers...Hmmmm?"

05/19/2008: Sandy from New Windsor, Md replies: "Hi Kathy, thanks for your extra info, could you tell us about how much turmeric is needed daily, I assume power, to affect the skin cancers?"

[YEA]  01/11/2008: Chris Nielsen from Vancouver, Canada: "Thank you!!! I had an absessed touth and do not live anywhwere near a dentist. I am a herbalist so I lanced the absess and extracted the poisens. I then soaked a piece of cotton in echinacia and golden seal tincture with grain alcolol and dabbed this into pure goldenseal root powder. This seemed to help the tooth for a while. About a week or so later it started to infect again.I was already taking the echanicia golden seal tincture internally to boost my immune system.I found your info on oil pulling and gave it a try. Unbelievable !! It worked. My mouth felt clean and the absess has disapeared. My tounge was pink immediatly after and i loved the clean feeling in my mouth. I am so grateful because my tooth absessed during the Christmas Season and getting to see a dentist anywhere close by is next to immpossible. Thank you for this info. Chris."



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