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12/19/2011: Jane from Tenneesee, Usa: "I started doing this as per instructions found on this website. Upon doing further research, I found a different way. This site says to do the oil pulling after brushing teeth. The other site says to do it before brushing. So which way is the correct way? Does it matter?

I will say, among the many ailments I have, one is insomnia. I slept like a baby the first nite I started. Haven't noticed improvements of any other ailment as of yet."

12/20/2011: Courtney from Granite Bay, Ca replies: "To Jane from Tennessee - What oil are you pulling with? I suffer from insomnia as well, and am hoping that if I use the same oil as you do, I might benefit similarly."

11/27/2011: Nana from Rowlett, Texas, United States: "For the oil pulling what kind of sunflower oil, sesame oil do you use? Are you talking about just buying the oil that is 100% in the cooking aisle and /or some type of oil at health food store concentrated?"

11/27/2011: Stella from Havelock, Ontario, Canada replies: "The best type of Oil for Oil Pulling is Coconut Oil.

Bonnie in Canada"

11/25/2011: Irene from Nyc, Ny: "I have a permanent mouth retainer in the back of my top front teeth (going across 6 front teeth in total) going on 15 years now. I've been reading here on the forums that some people had their fillings come out with this treatment, is there a possibility it could loosen my retainer? It's wired and dental glued so I want to make sure before continuing treatment. This is my second day on this OP using refined organic sunflower oil."

11/25/2011: Irene from Nyc, Ny: "I am using this treatment so it can clear up some dryness and tightness I'm experiencing on the inside of my mouth. It feels tight on the inside center of cheeks and where the inside corners of the mouth meet. I was using a new toothpaste last month and I think I was allergic to an ingredient so I stopped using it."

11/12/2011: Me from Central Nj, Nj: "I have been oil pulling since July 2011. I started because I have Lyme disease (diagnosed 4/2010) and am desperate to feel well again. I am currently on 2 different antibiotics and have tried various natural alternatives.

Although it has not helped with Lyme it has made a difference with 2 things. My lips had dark spots that are almost gone. I had them for about 10 years and doctors said they were just discoloration from sun exposure. The second thing is I have hemorrhoids that would bleed for about 2 weeks straight every month. This has happened only once, when I stopped oil pulling for about 2 weeks. I started again the bleeding stopped in about 2 days and has not happened again. Hopefully it will start to help in other areas also. I use cold pressed sesame oil."

11/12/2011: Veronica from Tyler, Texas, United States: "Has anyone tried oil pulling with organic red palm oil? I've been researching this oil and apparently its one of the healthiest oils to cook with and richest in tocotrienols which is the vitamin E thats is good for the heart not to mention strong anti-oxident, works much better and faster than tocopherol form of E. 1T. Daily supplies your daily requirement of vitamin E in its full spectrum, and A. Also contains many other carotenes, zinc co. Q10 and an array of other nutrients that work in a synergistic way, and gets easily used by the body. Great for skin health and hair. I personally can testify to that, but was wondering what it would do if you oil pull with it. I am new to this idea so I was wondering if anyone had used it this way."

10/31/2011: Patricia from Carmel, Ca: "I have been reading about OP, and wonder if it works to eliminate toxins in system from past chemotherapy & radiation treatments?"

10/31/2011: Jay from Toronto, Ont, Canada replies: "To Patricia from Carmel, Ca. Oil Pulling detoxifies by absorbing bacteria and other organisms from the mouth only. This can help the immune system by taking on this workload and freeing the immune system to concentrate on other issues.

The 2 natural products that have been proven to remove toxins in your system from past chemotherapy & radiation treatments are chlorella and cilantro."

11/01/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Patricia you would be better off taking iodine (lugols) to detoxify from the chemo.

Also the chemotherapy will according to this article kill off the good bacteria in the gut causing candida to overgrow as a result. The iodine will kill off the candida. I recommend you read the article.


11/01/2011: Gavin from Manganui, Northland, New Zealand replies: "Don't forget an Australian study that claimed fish oil capsules, virtually eliminated the side effects of chemo, regarding hair loss etc."
11/02/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "You will also need to repopulate the gut with good bacteria (probiotics, fermented foods). I wonder if the fish oil helped with chemo because of the iodine content in it?"

10/18/2011: Dave from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: "I've been Oil Pulling off and on for about 4 years now. I always use organic sunflower oil. From reading all the posts here and my own experiences, clearly OP affects everyone differently.
To be honest, nowadays the only time I 'swish' is about 2 -3 weeks before a dentist appointment. For me, it definitely whitens my teeth and seems to tighten my gums slightly, but not much else. I have consistently observed that (for me) after about 3 days I actually start to sleep worse, unsettled and broken.

I am about 5 days into my vigorous routine as I write and last night had a quite a terrifying experience. Not sure if it was from OP or that it was just a coincidence, but while sleeping, I threw up, awoke and could not breathe, inhaled and all I got was stomach acid. Horrible. About 12 hours later, I can still taste it when I breathe. (Sorry to creep you out). Again, it could have been something I ate, but nothing like that has ever happened to me before. Bedtime is approaching.... but as of now, I do plan to continue with the OP.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you all."

12/17/2011: Bo from Kern County, Ca replies: "To Dave from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...

That sounds like GERD. My S/O and a former mother-in-law use to have the exact same thing happen to them."

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  10/18/2011: Alethea from Singapore: "Hello, I've practised oil pulling with sunflower oil for about 2 weeks now, & I particularly loved the results on the 3rd day of the pulling: under eye puffiness/ dark circles almost gone, felt energetic for the whole day, no foggy mind... But I can't seem to feel the same effects now... Any reason why? Thanks EC!"

10/12/2011: Jen from Canterbury, Uk: "Hi, I came across this thread recently and have been trying oil pulling with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a few weeks. My teeth have definately felt cleaner but I was hoping that they would have gone whiter but no change yet and no other noticeable positive (or negative changes). I am wondering if I should try sesame or sunflower oil next."

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  10/11/2011: Looky1 from Vancouver, B.c: "I have been oil pulling since Mar of this year. I do this every day before I eat breakfast for 15 min. Lately my energy level has dropped off. I did not do this today, give myself a break. Any reason for this?"

10/05/2011: Hasan Ali from Hyderabad, Andhara Pradesh, India: "1. Whether oil pulling can be done throughout the life? Please let me know limitations if any.

2. For better results what is the right time of oil-pulling?"

09/25/2011: Curious from Thank You For Your Help!, Very Grateful!: "Does oil pulling remove toxic metals and other toxic substances from the body much like oil in the car helps keep your engine clean and running smoothly?"

10/02/2011: Kount from Sd, California replies: "According to Ted, his heavy metals tester showed that it does."
08/29/2012: Lynne from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, replies: "I have had problems with heavy metals for years-arsenic, mercury-right now I am dealing with chromium and cobalt. Any ideas on how to get these out of me?"
08/29/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Lynne, There are a couple of things you can do. Sodium thiosulfate will take care of removing these. Also, if you can take a far infrared sauna. I go to a place here in town that has far infrared saunas and take one at least once a week to detox. Chlorella will also help. If you do a search for sodium thiosulfate here on earth clinic, you'll learn all about it. I use it about once a month now. In the beginning, I did it everyday. Hope this helps, Lisa"

[YEA]  09/21/2011: Convinced from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada: "I have been OPing for almost two weeks and am just amazed. I guess for me it was worth it just to finally, finally have a lymph node that is normal, not swollen or infected. It went down in a matter of three days. My teeth are whiter, my skin is smooth, I am feeling calm and relaxed and sleeping better. The first couple of days, yes, I had bad headaches and some fatigue but you soldier on, it's only temporary. The benefits are worth it in the end!!"

[YEA]  09/22/2011: Hef from Toronto, Ontario, Canada replies: "I have started oil pulling along with Black Strap Molasses for the last two days to address my consistent fatigue (day and night )issues. I was trying to get 8 hours of sleep every day along with exercising in the evening I was feeling better but couldn't get rid of morning lethargy and the tiredness during the day. I read about BSM and O.P here and started doing it. Today is my second day.

Surprisingly enough, I am waking up up quite alert in the morning, without the urge to keep lying on the bed and snoozing. I really woke and wanted to get out of the bed..... otherwise I would feel lethargic even after 8-9 hours of sleep and flee like going to bed again.

Last two day were really different I must day. I'll continue doing both for next few weeks and post my update here.

It just feels amazing to be alert .... During the day!"

10/22/2012: Sharon from Loveland, Ohio (oh) replies: "I too have suffered from sleep deprivation. I have tried to get off caffeine and though I have achieved that, I don't drink past 7 at night and still get up every two hours to use bathroom. I heard that could be borderline diabetic. I have been oil pulling for two years. But does oil pulling with black molasses help. I am dying for a good nights sleep. This has been going on for 40 years. Thank you. Sharon...mysharona1107(at)gmail.com."

09/09/2011: Lonelobo from Midwest, Usa: "Just started oil pulling last week and have already seen improvements in my health. Sinuses are clearing up, neck, shoulder and knee pain gone, and arthritic hip significantly better. I started with coconut oil since that's what I had on hand but have since switched to sunflower oil. Both are light and very easy to pull with.

I have noticed my skin has become a bit oily since I started pulling. Does this get better or does anyone have tips on treating the oily skin?

I've also been wondering if there is any problem with adding some garlic oil to the sunflower oil? I have garlic oil gel caps for my dogs. On a whim I cut one open and added it to my sunflower oil. It gave it a little kick and really cleared my sinuses. But I've heard conflicting things about getting garlic oil in the bloodstream. Think it would be a problem to add garlic oil to my OP routine once a week?"

10/24/2011: Publcviewer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Usa replies: "This is my take. (This post is about any oil used. ) First of all I used Sesame Oil… it is dark and does not say toasted; all it says is 100% pure. However, reading more and more testimonials here.. I went out and bought Sesame Oil Cold Pressed. The first day I used the dark I think I noticed the merest… the slightest lightening of some decay, and the rest of my teeth. It was so slight I'm not sure it wasn't all in my head. I felt an unbelievable energy, but then again I was hitting a second-wind and that usually happens, so still… in my head I don't know. In using the cold pressed for the following four days after.. I noticed absolutely nothing at all; nothing. This morning after using the cold pressed and still nothing.. I decided to try the dark again. It seems as if I may be noticing a little more lightening in the decay and the rest of my teeth, but again I'm unsure if this is in my head or not; time will tell.

If this does work on whitening teeth and cleaning decay… we'll see, but if so, it is my very strong belief that that's all it would do (except for one other thing that is a possibility), and here's why:

Sesame oil is one of most oils that are acidic, and that's really why it is important to brush your teeth after, or that acid will eat away at your teeth and gums. In fact it is most likely this acid that is eating away at the yellow and decay, and nothing else is responsible for it. Secondly.. Just after using when swishing your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide there is no foam, and there certainly would be if there were any remote traces of toxins. (Brush your teeth before bed and see. ) Third.. the only other thing it may possibly do is ease up on the fine lines in the face, because the oil is reaching throughout the face via the sinus cavities.

I believe the people that are claiming it works wonders on this are merely responding to not only a placebo effect, but also they're taking medications and therapy for their medical problems, because not one person said they went off their meds, and no one would risk going off their meds for such a gamble. Maybe the people that say their feeling awful; in a number of different ways are the ones going off their meds, because I'm quite sure this is a crock beyond the merest of basics, and if even those exist, or maybe it's the oil penetrating throughout the face and causing reactions in the entire cranial cavity. I'm just thankful that I'm not trying for a miracle cure to reverse or restore anything, and at best the only thing that will do that is eating a proper 80% alkaline to 20% acidic food/drink intake daily. If you really want to see results throughout your body that's what you'll have to do.

Now at this point for studies alone I will continue for the teeth whitening, and I'll report back at a later date to give my results. Many of you will swear up and down - as you already have and in response to this, but my take on it stands firm regardless."

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