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Natural Fibroid Treatment

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Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses, Natto

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04/11/2013: Dee from Atlanta, Ga: "Hi All! I tell you this condition is no joke.... I thank God for these online forums where we can share experiences. Well, .. 47 w/fibroids...and the rest you know. What has worked for me thus far has been loose leaf nettle w/raspberry leaf tea. Just make it w/equal parts. Try to drink it a week b4 "Auntie Flow", but she still comes a week early, tho her flow is not as heavy and she comes w/o the "dinosaur eggs". I do oatmeal often, and blueberries, walnuts, and I drink green tea, but need decaf. Finding it challenging to be consistent w/this regimen though, like I'd like. But noticed a difference fairly quickly-1. 5weeks or less. Of course when I can get organic, I do. But today I have started the BSM! , thanks to this sight and one I stumbled across re: BSM in the comments a mo. ago. Took 2tbs right from the spoon. Found I could handle that ok. "Auntie" said 'hello' today, and I know stress is part of her early shows. That's not new. Must continue to work on that thru-it-all! This condition can be so traumatizing that you just want to keep it from EVER happening again, so this month I'm doin the BSM, and I will start this weekend w/DIM or a combo cap of DIM and organic Maca, and Natto. It's finding what best works for the individual.. Praying for us all!"

10/07/2007: Sharon : "Sorry about that! I shrank my fibroid tumors. I got so excited, that I forgot the malady! Thanks for reminding me!"

10/19/2011: Ugochi from Kaduna, Nigeria replies: "Please what kind of store can I get the apple cider vinegar? thank you"
10/26/2011: Lete from Surprise, Az replies: "I have noticed a smell in my vagina area, because of the tumor? Prayerfully, this will go away with the disappearance act of the tumors. Has anyone else experienced uncanny smells from their vagina or is it just me?

Thanks, Lete"

[YEA]  10/06/2007: Sharon from Los Angeles, CA: "I am a real person and believe me when I say that you can shrink your tumors without any strange and complicated concoctions. I read a lot of posts and even tested on my self in the span of two months: one with said remedies and one without.

This is what worked for me:
* Change of diet
* Exercise
* Apple Cider Vinegar & Blackstrap Molasses
* Natto. Yes. Natto.

I exercised. If you're out of shape, just walk briskly everyday. I walk every morning rain or shine, lift weights sometimes and do yoga. Whatever you like, just move and sweat!

I cut out a lot of fake dairy/ food out of my diet [the cheese on burgers, nacho sauce, powdered cheese] and only ate real food with ingredients I could pronounce without sounding I was some type of scientist.

I juiced whenever I could. Nothing crazy, just carrot and apple for example. Lots of water as well!

I had a mix of 2 TB ACV and 1 TB BSM in a large glass of water once a day.

Now here's the kicker; Natto. Natto is fermented japanese soybeans. If you do a search, you'll find it. It looks gross to the typical American, but Natto is some powerful stuff. It's heavy in vitamin K and a compound that dissolves tumor like material in the body.

Yes. It's no joke. I eat it 3 to 4 times a week with hot rice and BBQ sauce. It makes it taste like baked beans and rice.

If you see any websites that offer Nattokinase, it's powdered Natto in pill form.

I tried everything above a month before since I have long, heavy, and tiring menstrual cycles that last 6 days . My cycle was light and it only lasted for 4 days.

Without it, it typical, painful and heart breaking.

I'm no doctor, but I can tell you from my experience that it worked. I'm not completely cured, but my cycles are no longer heavy, I no longer have mood swings and I've had more energy now then when I was first diagnosed. I've lost weight as well.

Please go to your local Japanese food market and pay a pack of natto. It costs under 2 dollars. Try it for a month, 3 times a week...that is all I ask."

EC: We emailed Sharon, asking what kind of tumors she was referring to...

12/19/2011: Ivory from Riverdale, Georgia replies: "I was diagnosed with this problem about 2 months ago. It makes me very tired. I will try the home remedies. I am praying that they work. Thanks for sharing!"

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes

11/29/2013: Tigergold from London: "Diagnosed in Jan 2013 with 1 polycystic ovary and 3 fibroids (tennis ball, golf ball and pea sized). I'm 34 yrs old, no kids (and no plans for any), slim build so belly very visible. Doc gave me birth control but not taking it.

My main symptom was very heavy periods with huge clots, flooding, gushing the works that lasted 3 to 5 days, starting day 1 and 2 heavy then getting lighter.

In Mid October started on:

* New diet - cut out caffeine, wheat, dairy, eggs, meat and poultry. Been having lots of cabbage, broccoli, green veg, almond milk, beans and lentils and fruit, nuts, seeds and flaxseed, turmeric, small vitamin D supp.

* In the morning - 1-2 tsp ACV and water on an empty stomach.

Changes I have noticed:

*was started to get constant back pain when lying down - this has eased

* stomach still protruding - but hoping its early days

*cycles are regular, always have been but this month has been odd - day 1 was lighter than normal and on day 2 was able to actually leave the house (not done that in yrs), continued very light bleeding but now on day 6 very light bleeding/brown discharge still and passed a big clot, has anyone else had similar experience?"

Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses

04/08/2013: Leann from Fruitport, Mi.: "Hello everyone. At 50 I am still dealing with extreme clotting, and Bleeding. After an ablation, and 6, 000.00 $$$$ later. Have almost died twice in the last 2 yrs.. Ladies its serious... I still have to deal with this b.s.

If you think its meopause, , Its not.... Today after reading all this about apple cider vinegar, and molassess I just did the doses 1tlb each, looking forward to being one that says it works, , plz work. Ms LaBeau"

04/09/2013: Trudyg from Waynesboro, Va replies: "I had one, too, but after 3 months was back to heavy bleeding. So bad I was up during the night to change the bedding. I would bleed 28 days out of 30, very heavy. Finally had a hysterectomy, which fixed that but started other issues. No feeling at all below navel, kind of messes with intimacy and you don't know if you pee'd yourself because you can't feel anything until you're cold and wet. I taped my interview w/ the dr prior to surgery so I'd be able to go over it at home, this was not mentioned. After 8 years I have no/low libido, hot flashes like he** itself, mental issues (memory loss), insomnia (see my post about nothing works). Good luck to you. I'd try everything I could here before having a hysterectomy."

Aspartame Connection

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[YEA]  03/11/2008: Sharon from Valdosta, Georgia: "I have had a very large uterine fibroid. Three months ago it was about the size of a small cantaloupe and could easily be felt. When last measured by ultrasound a couple of years ago it was the size of a 14 week pregnancy. I did not want the prescribed historectomy and have been looking for a natural cure. About Jan 8 I made some changes in my lifestyle and my fibroid is now the size of a baseball or smaller. I don't know which things have worked but, these are the changes I've made: Started Lougaol's Iodine (6-7 drops per day) BSM 1 TBSP per day, dramatically rudeced wheat consumption, regular excercise, switched to bottled water and no flouride tooth paste, and now what it turns out may be the MOST important thing. I went from drinking 2-3 diet pepsi's per day to maybe one or two a week. I will now cut that out completely after reading the report I'm attaching to here \ I strongly encourage anyone who consumes Aspertame and suffers from any type of tumor to read about this experiment and STOP Aspertame now!!!!"

Avoid Dairy Products

02/25/2013: Kitti from Sterling, Tx: "After reading all the posts it seems that dairy products are not good for Fibroids since they have growth harmones. What if we can take organic milk and home made yogurts made with organic milk. Same for organic eggs, etc? Yogurts have got friendly bacterias.. Want to know what Ted's research says about it."

Baking Soda

09/03/2012: Olivia from Lake, Ms: "Hi everyone, I need clarification. I found aluminum free baking powder, not baking soda. Should I buy arm and hammer baking soda for the fribroids? They both say sodium bicarbonate but the baking powder states aluminum free. Please advise. Thanks"

Beets, Aloe, Lemon Juice

05/17/2011: Dimple from Mumbai, Maharashtra: "Hi, I am dds. I have multiple fibroids and want to use home remedy. I have read beet root juice, aloevera juice and one lemon juice taken together shrinks fibroids. Is it true?

If so, it is also said that beet root contains estrogen, so how correct is it to take beet juice. Pls let me know. Awaiting your response.



08/12/2011: Gloria from Houston, Tx replies: "Pls send me a recipe of the beets, carrots, blackstrap mollasses and red wine. thank u"

Beets, Carrots, Red Wine, Molasses

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[YEA]  09/15/2009: Angie from St. Croix, Virgin Islands: "I was told about 4yrs ago that I had a cyst and fibroid. I took everything possible to get rid of them and nothing seemed to work including herbal pills and cleanses. Finally my aunt prepared a mixture of 5lbs of beets, 2lbs of carrots, half a bottle of non alcoholic red wine and 2 jars of molasses. I drank this mixture twice. The first one I took one shot glass three times a day before I ate for 15 days. The second batch I took two shot glasses a day one before breakfast and one before dinner. Your cycle should be heavy for the first couple of days. Alcoholic beverages are a definite no while taking this. I went for my ultra sound today and there were no cysts nor fibroids the technicians nor doctor could believe that they were all gone. I was also told that females should drink this remedy at least once a year to prevent any irregularities."

09/16/2009: Zoe from Munster, In replies: "Angie, can you explain a process of making this mixture.Thank you."
09/16/2009: Kathy from Dubois, Pa replies: "That sounds like a great recipe. Do you chop or shred the veggies first, and do you let the mixture steep for any length of time before you use it?"
12/13/2009: Barbara from Garland, Tx replies: "How do your prepare this remedy, I would like to try it?

12/15/2009: Arlette from Cologne, Germany replies: "Can you please give the recipe and the process for the mixture. I have 2 cysts I am trying to get away in order to avoid a third cyst operation. Thank you!"
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  03/20/2010: Diana from Fair Lawn, New Jersey replies: "hi

i had cyst in my both ovaries..i tried your medicine..the mixture of carrot,beet, non alcoholic wine....i took it for 1 i am having my periods after a very long period....thank you

but i have heavy periods...i am on my 9th day...will this be a problem"
05/16/2010: Setie from Pretoria, Gauteng, S.A. replies: "hi guys i would like 2 try, beet 2 ,3 carr, 2 500g molases, 350 juice non alchol. so i am not sure that must i cook all or not 2 cook all and must i peal the cover .or i must just blendit all raw, 2 become juice."
11/25/2010: Lilia from Oakville, Canada. Ontario replies: "Could you please send a recipe. (beets, carot, red vine) Thank you. Lilia"
08/01/2011: Lab from London, Uk replies: "Hello Angie,

please what type of non alcholic red wine did you use? and what tyoe of molasses as well plus the quantity.. thank you so much"

07/01/2013: Tamera from San Antonio, Tx, Usa replies: "Can you please give me the recipe for the beet, carrot, red wine, molasses remedy. Thank You!"
01/08/2014: Deanna from Muskegon, Mi replies: "Would you please send me a recipe.. I've many small and one large fibroids... Thanks"
02/17/2014: Tanya A from Texas replies: "Thank you for your testimony AND your recipe. It's in her comment ladies :-)"
03/17/2014: Kayla from Texas replies: "Does anyone know do you cook this mixture?"
05/15/2014: Meryem from Wisconsin replies: "How would these ingredients be prepared? Do I juice them or boil them I really want to try this cure but would like more info on how to properly prepare them for maximum effectiveness. I know that this post is old but if anybody has any idea on how to prepare this please let me know."
06/20/2014: Anne from Oklahoma, US replies: "She clearly intends for you to juice this mixture. No cooking required. One question remaining is whether to use an extraction juicer or a powerful blender like the vitamix. But since it made 45 shots, and a shot is about an ounce, that is 45 ounces. I made a modified recipe (which I quite like) using my vitamix, and it made more than a gallon. Therefore, she must be using an extraction juicer. The other questions would be how much "wine" and how much molasses. I believe a standard wine bottle holds 1 liter, which is a little more than a quart. A quart is 4 cups, so half a bottle would be about 2 cups. Molasses bottles come in different sizes, so I assumed she meant a 12 oz bottle. So 2 bottles would be 24 oz. There are 8 oz in a cup, so 2 bottles is 3 cups.

So, 5 lb beets, 2lb carrots, 2 cups "wine", and 3 cups molasses. Juice the vegetables in an extraction juicer, then add the other liquids. You want to end up with 45 equal servings, I assume the will be approximately an ounce, but that won't be exact, because of the variations in moisture levels between different beets and different carrots, and also because she didn't *say* an ounce, she said a shot, and wasn't being exact.

I did not do it this way, but changed the recipe, and used my vitamix (with extra water so it wouldn't overheat the motor). Perhaps once I perfect my recipe and have used it long enough, I will post my recipe and results. Already as I am doing it now, I have noticed positive changes in my period, but not in my fibroid. However, I believe I changed the recipe too much to rate this solution (I used cherry instead of grape, and added anti-inflamatory spices). Also, I have been taking a lower dose than her recommendation."

Bing Cherries

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[YEA]  05/25/2007: Barbara from Highland, IN: "Bing Cherry (remedy): I have many, huge fibroid tumors which cause unbelievably heavy periods lasting two weeks causing severe anemia (for YEARS). Well, I was desperate. Not wanting the much prescribed hysterectomy, I tried canned bing cherries. Morning, evening - cherries in heavy syrup-and prayer. It worked. I can now say I am "cured." No more heavy bleeding. No hysterectomy. And the cherries taste pretty good. I have been regular for five months now. Thank you so much. I only need to reduce other sugars to make sure I don't gain weight!! It is simple and it works. Bless you all."

09/10/2008: Nell from Lake City, South Carolina replies: "Where do you find bing cherries and how much apple cider vinegar or molasess for fibroid tumors?"
09/10/2008: Dee from Reston, Virginia replies: "How much Bing Cherries to you eat daily for fibroids and how long do you continue to heal the fibroids? Thanks"

Bitter Gourd

11/21/2010: Mechelle from South America: "My mom had a large fibroid. I remember her putting my hand to feel the hardness on her abdomen. She passed this fibroid out after using karila(bitter gourd)leaves. There are two types of bitter gourd, the tiny round one with the small leaves(that grows wild) is what she used. She would rise in the am and pick a handful of this vine. Extract the dark green juice by rubbing the leaves in the palms of the hands. Drink a tablespoonful of this very bitter juice daily. I don't know for how long and I cannot ask her because she is deceased."

Blackstrap Molasses

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Blackstrap Molasses Cure for Fibroids

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Blackstrap Molasses - 1 Tablespoon

Adding a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses (not the typical stuff you find in the grocery store) to your daily diet can give your body the rich source of nutrients and minerals (iron aplenty) that your body needs. Many people like it in coffee or milk and find that their symptoms and perhaps the fibroids themselves decrease drastically.

04/11/2014: Souha from Dearborn, Mi: "I have a 8.5 cm fibroid. I had it for 8 years. doctors tell me to go for hysterectomy. I tried everything to avoid it. I take whole food based supplements to balance my hormones, it took almost a year to balance them, my period is much better and my fibroid did not grow within a year which is a good sign but I needed it to shrink. I heard about the blackstrap molasses, I started taking it four days ago two times a day two tablespoons. Do you think it will help shrink the fibroid now especially that my hormones are balanced? Is two tablespoons a day enough to help shrink the fibroid and how long do you think it will take."

07/01/2013: Blonde Q T from San Antonio, Tx, Usa: "I've suffered with fibroids for over 18 yrs. I've had 2 laparoscopic surgeries. My 1st surgery was a fibroid the size of a basketball! I'm a small woman. In 2005 I had my 2nd surgery where my Dr removed 3 smaller ones. It's 2013 and I have 6 fibroids of various sizes & a cyst on my ovary. I'm 49 still suffering with heavy bleeding and massive clots, the pain has been so severe I've fainted. My hemoglobin is very low & I'm so fatigued all the time. I have constant pain & pressure in my abdomen. I feel like I always have to use restroom & since my 1st surgery I have troubles emptying my bladder. ? I need relief! I'm anxious 2 try unsulphured bsm, how much to take? When to take & should I be mixing it with warm water? Please advise."

07/02/2013: Mama To Many from Middle, Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Blonde Q T, So sorry about your suffering and bleeding! If your iron is really low, I would start with 1 T. of Blackstrap morning and evening. You can put it in milk if you like. I just take mine off the spoon. :)

Liquid Chlorophyll is excellent also to get your iron up. It is also helpful for the bleeding. In times past, with heavy cycles, taking a tsp. of the chlorophyll a few times a day really helped me.

Cayenne pepper (not delicious, but so helpful) can help check the bleeding. Try 1/2 t. in 8 oz of grape juice when you are bleeding heavy. It is spicy, but it won't last long. I did this to help heavy bleeding during a miscarriage and it helped a lot.

Regarding the bladder trouble... Perhaps the surgeries have caused some scar tissue causing trouble the the fibroids increasing pressure? Here is a tea you could make that would helpful for the pelvic region (and others) and the plantain in it can help if you are dealing with a minor bladder infection:

Mix 3 parts red raspberry leaf with 2 parts plantain and 1 part peppermint. Put 2 t. In a mug and add boiled water. Steep 15 minutes and strain. Take 3 cups a day for 3 months. (Sounds like a lot. But it takes time to heal. Red Raspberry may also be helpful for the fibroids as it is so good for women for so many things! )

Please read around on earth clinic some more about bladder infections or prolapsed bladder for more ideas as one of those things might help this secondary problem.

Please also let us know what helps you!

God bless you!
~Mama to Many~"

07/02/2013: Anon replies: "Hi, sorry to hear of your fibroids and all the associated health challenges. Blackstrap molasses will help you straight away- we are all different so the general dose is average you have to see how it works for you and the stage of your condition- if I am bleeding heavily I would take 1 tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses washed down with a glass of water at least 3 times a day- the odd glass of water with 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar helps to stop bleeding too.

IÂ suspect that we have these continual reoccurances because we do not change our nutrition. Once your diet becomes more alkaline this will help too- eat more veg and green salads.

If you read the fibroid section you will see that iodine is a great supplement to take to reduce cysts and fibroids aswell.

I think vitamins A and D from Cod liver oil helps too.

Organic unsulphered Blackstrap Molasses is great because the vitamins and minerals are in a natural state and easily absorbable.

Once your bleeding is under control and you are less anemic you can take a maintenance dose every day- I take 1 teaspoon, you'll have to experiment to see if that works for you. Good luck."

07/21/2013: Andrea C from Cardiff, Wales replies: "Go look at Iodine depletion, lack of. It causes Fibroids and a load of other problems. Love Andrea C xxx"

02/07/2013: Kitti from Sterling, Tx: "Any idea abt. having non alcoholic red wine with molasses to shrink fibroids or to cure them completely. I'm taking molasses on a daily basis for heavy flow which may not be sufficient enough as a cure... Read so. Is anyone trying any other remedies with molasses to cure fibroids? Also, if anyone knows about good homeopathic Doctors who could help with mostly all ailments of men and women issues. Would appreciate if people can provide list of such Doctors to be contacted in the U.S."

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