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Posted by Kitti (Sterling, Tx) on 02/25/2013

How does the Iodine paint for fibroids work? If Ted is there to answer would be wonderful. Not many posts about it. What I have understood after reading the research parers of Dr. S on iodine is that the Table salt in the U.S. has iodide in it and no iodine. Thus if we want to start taking the Lugol's for fibroids it will have both Iodine and Iodide too in it. So what should be the strength of Lugol's to start with and what dosage should be good for our bodies. My age is 40 and have 2 fibroids 2cms. Causing heavy bleeding with clots.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Kitti... The strength of lugols iodine should be 5% but nowadays it is sold at only 2%. Therefore dosages will be different for 5% LI and 2% LI. You will need a minimum of 8 drops 5% LI to achieve a recommended dose of 50 mgs iodine to help cure fibroids and breast cysts. For 2% LI you will need 20 drops to achieve a 50 mgs dose. These dosages should be split into individual doses of 2 - 4 drops per individual dose. You can also use Iodoral(tablet form of lugols iodine) to achieve the 50 mg dose.

Here is some research on the effectiveness of iodine against breast cysts and fibroids:



If you take lugols iodine -- then the full Iodine Protocol should be taken to avoid problems -- shown here:


Replied by Deonva
Southbroom, Kzn South Africa

@Kitti - you need to start slowly - 2 drops of 5% Lugols iodine 2 x per day in water - then work up to 4 drops 2 x per day. Even more, depending on your particular iodine deficiency status. It will take around 2 months for your body to have all it needs, at which time lower the dosage to 4 drops per day.

Iodine deficiency is one of the greatest health risks today, and can cause many ailments and dread disease. It will benefit all to supplement with iodine (Lugol's solution) permanently in low dosages, once saturation is achieved.

Dr. Deon

Replied by Linda
New Haven, Ct, United States

Bill, the 5% solution of Lugol's is still available. I purchase mine online at jcrows.

Posted by Margaret (Somewhere, Iowa) on 11/06/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have a 10cm fibroid (or did a month ago) I started painting iodine (inexpensive tincture of iodine, the kind you put on cuts) on my skin twice a day. About a 2 inch square patch in different places once in am, once in pm. I used to lie down and feel this large hard lump on my right side. It never went away. I have awful periods with horrible pain. This is why I went to emergency where they did ultrasound and found the 10cm fibroid. This was a month ago. I've tried so much to get rid of this thing and spent so much. Progesterone made it bigger. DIM helped with breast tenderness before period but did nothing else. Enzymes, nothing. Vitamins, ridding myself of detergents and lotions, etc. Did not help. My head spun when I read all the herbs and diets and supplements people were taking to get rid of their fibroids.

Then I read extensive writings about iodine. I bought a couple bottles and started painting it on my skin. A mere two weeks later and I can't feel the bump anymore. There is a fibroid yet though. I can feel a smaller lump very far down a little right of pubic bone, but where is the rest of it? At night when my bladder is full and I lay on my back I can feel the fibroid but about a third as big. Remember, it's only been two weeks. I do nothing more. I take iron because I lose so much blood each month. I randomly take a B-complex or cod liver oil or other vitamin pills just because I have so many that I bought to help get rid of this thing. But I don't take anything regularly. It's been about 5 years since my periods started getting bad. I'm waiting for the first one since iodine and am hopeful. (actually I started iodine 2 days before period. The pain killers were cut by one third-perhaps just a coincidence)

How could something like iodine shrink my fibroid so quickly? I truly am afraid to hope. But hope I will. And I will return to let you know how it works. Good luck to all dealing with these things and God help speed your recovery.

Replied by Margaret
Somewhere, Iowa

I forgot to say I have been drinking all my water with a little lemon in it. This might be helping the shrinking the fibroids but I don't know. Maybe a combination? Just wanted to add that in case it is important.

Replied by Ellen
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Prescription drugs are not the answer. I eliminated my fibroid tumors with Vitamin B6 and kelp. Iodine is extremely important in the diet and almost everyone's diet is so deficient in this particular mineral, but how your add it to your diet is equally as important as the mineral itself. What most people do not understand is that minerals are meant to be bound together in a natural form that the body can easily absorb and utilize. This does not mean saturating it with one mineral alone; this will put the body in balance for a very short time and then unbalance it just as quickly once the body is over saturated which will make you equally as sick as when your started. The answer is to put minerals into your body in a safe form which of course is food. Kelp, especially Laminaria digitata. It's so safe and very effective in curing disease especially of the thyroid and it will also heal your fibroids. Disease is a mineral deficiency. Kelp is so full of minerals that the body can pick and choose exactly what it needs and absorb it quickly which of course is very healing. Laminaria digitata is very high in iodine and you can eat as much of it as you want for the rest of your life and will never over saturate yourself as it is a food and the body will only choose to absorb the iodine if is is in need. The best way to heal is always through your diet. If you want to heal extra fast please use my alkalizing drink. I always take 1/2 tsp of Laminaria digitata kelp on the side of this drink by spoon. I just down it with the drink. The drink is:

1 cup of water or there abouts. 1 tblspn of unsulphered blackstrap molasses
1 tsp of turmeric
1 lemon, freshly squeezed to make sure you have the anions from the lemon which are very alkalizing. 4-6 drops of stevia. Not all stevias are created equal and some are just as toxic as aspertame. Stir it well and drink. This drink is anticancer, antiinflamatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal. It is extremely health promoting and healing. It is a drink and you should have once a day at least and more if you are in poor health. Good luck and I truly hope you try my recommendations as it has made such a drastic improvement in my own health and others, that I know it will help you if you give it a chance.

Replied by Daisy
Chicago, Il, Us

Dear Margarate, After reading your successful story, I am feeling well little bit. Most of the reviews I saw here are for stopping heavy bleeding. I have multiple fibroids & the worst part is my uterus size has enlarged to 17 cm lentgh wise. I am so worried because we are yet to plan for kids. I have painful periods for a day & I don't have any other problems during the cycle. I want to know how you applied tincture of iodine as a patch. Please let me know any other things that you tried and think will work. I am really desperate to get rid of this and have a baby. Thanks.

Replied by Daisy
Chicago, Il

Can you please let me know the complete name of Iodine that you have used. I bought Apothecary Iodine Tincture 2% U. SP (Walgreens brand). Since I have multiple fibroids I want to try most effective one. Anyone please let me know.

Replied by Lisa
Rabat, Morocco

Daisy, I don't think iodine tincture would be enough iodine for something like fibroids. When you paint it on your skin much of it evaporates anyway. You might want to look into iodine that you can take internally, like lugol's solution or the pill form called Iodoral. These can be purchased online, but with the situation in Japan many sites are sold out. Have you looked into balancing your estrogen, since too much is a cause of fibroids? You could try something called DIM and also progesterone cream. I also have fibroids and just recently purchased Iodoral. I am first doing the liver/kidney cleanse that Bill recommends before I start the iodine to help with any detox symptoms. There is an iodine forum on yahoo groups that has a lot of good information about supplementing with iodine and the other supplements that need to be taken along with iodine. Best of luck to you with your health.

Replied by Christina
Ann Arbor, Mi

I was reading these comments with interest. I've been taking Iodoral (2 tablets/day) for almost a year, but no real change in fibroid. I'm wondering if my body flushes out some of it, so it doesn't get full benefit. That's why I'm revisiting the iodine painting. Maybe if you apply it directly to the body it will be absorbed better? I don't know. I do know that castor oil and iodine act as liver detox, and that's why the fibroids shrink, theoretically, because the iodine helps the liver get rid of the toxins in your body (bad estrogen included).

Excess estrogen contributes to the increase in fibroid size. The average physician doesn't make the connection, nor does h/she make the connection between progesterone and fibroids. If you have large fibroids, you're supposed to avoid the following : progesterone cream, estrogen in any form, DHEA, licorice, yam, black cohosh. Progesterone cream may make small fibroids shrink, but larger ones seem to love progesterone.

It seems that hormone imbalance/deficiency is the root cause of fibroids, beginning w/ thyroid dysfunction. There are probably other causes that contribute to this, but this seems to be the primary reason women entering perimenopause are susceptible to them. A balanced diet can help stave off further growth, but I'm not sure that it will shrink them. It seems that liver detox support is the most likely solution, in addition to correcting the underlying problem. Get your hormone levels checked, esp. thyroid. A simple blood test may not show deficiency. If you have the symptoms, you most likely have a thyroid problem. You can take your temp for 7 days beginning the second day of your menstrual cycle. If it's consistently low, you've most likely a problem. Again, theoretically, once the thyroid is balanced, the other stuff should follow suit.... But, liver detox is something you can do now w/o a problem. Also, check your adrenal function. If that's off, it can cause all the other stuff to "fall" like dominos.

Replied by Avocadobanana
London, Uk

Margaret from Somewhere, Iowa, did you find out for sure whether your fibroid shrank, (with a scan)? That would be great if it did, and it would give me some hope at least!

I have a fibroid uterus, the size of a 10 week pregnancy. Most distressing is the large fibroid that's pressing on my bladder and causing all sorts of bladder and urethra pain/spasms.

I am desperate for a natural remedy as I don't want to have surgery, and have been painting iodine for the last week or so. I'm also drinking lemon water, and have just started molasses (2 teaspoons), each morning.

I've read a few posts that say painting iodine shouldn't help, as your body absorbs so little of the iodine with this method, and it's not worth doing. Is this true?

So far I haven't noticed any difference, but I know it's really early days. I expect it to take more than two weeks for me, as I just have so many fibroids and have had them for a long time.

Has anybody else had luck with iodine painting? Did it work, and how long did it take?

Posted by ThegirlHedumped (Okinawa, Hawaii) on 07/20/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Iodine is working with enzymes to shrink my uterine fibroids. You poor thing you don't know if you have uterine fibroids, is your gut getting fat, but not necessarily the rest of you? Did anyone ask you if you were pregnant? there should did me, my man upset with me because of this drastic change said, "everyday's a vacation for you lying around" At that time we didn't know I was suffering from fibroids. Even super model Beverly Johnson said it took her 4 years for proper diagnosis! Are you weak bladdered? menstrual cycles heavy and long term, with clots in the maxipad-fatigued aneamic? hormonal, libidoless? stressed, constipated? Fibroids push down or up on other organs, causing organs not to function properly. You are tired but don't know why, your family sees you have changed but cannot help, the doctors misdiagnose you. B-Vitamins deficiency, Iodine deficiency can lead to Cystic Breasts (lumpy) and uterine Fibroids. This is probably the 4th year of my battle, and having just learned in late June/July of 2009 I feel alive again. My boyfriend dumped me because he suffered too long with bad diagnosises and lack of closeness-He doesn't care anymore-So last week he dumped me, but now that I'm new, it's like being reborn and knowing it's only going to get better and stronger! What boyfriend? suck it Ryan! Here I come world. Iodine terminates that crap in your body and regulates your heart, makes your breasts soft and supple and smooth. What a miracle cure. Why is it the things from our creator: God are often forgotten, in lieu or man made, manufactured, genetically enhanced poison?

Replied by Robin
Macomb, MI

What kind of iodine do u use?

Replied by Annie
Marietta, Ga

What type of Iodine are you taking? Is there anything elese other than Iodine and B-vitamins. If this is working this is great.

Replied by Mary
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi, you wrote a post years ago on earth clinic about fibroids... And Ryan. I hope his not back but mostly I hope the fibroids are gone and you are well. I am very big fibroids and going thru a rough time. Could you give me specific advice please on how you rid them, you had questions form other readers.... I do not think you saw them.. Thank you

Linoleic Acid  

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Posted by Deborah (Newark, New Jersey USA) on 06/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to share with you and all your readers the great benefit I have experenced taking conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to reduce fibroid tumors. I have never actually been diagnosed with fibroids, but they do run in my family. My mother, aunt and older sister have had hysterectomies because of out-of-control fibroids which threatened to kill them from hemorraging. Somewhere about the time I turned 40 years old I started experiencing heavy periods. Around the same time I had started taking CLA for weight control and some of the other benefits I had read about (it's good for preventingtumors of all kinds). I hadn't made the connection yet, but my period had become regulated without my noticing. For whatever reason I stopped taking the CLA for quite some period of time. (I tend to take supplements for a time and then run out and forget to get more. ) Perhaps a couple of years passed and I not only began to get heavy flows every month, but they might continue for more than a week--sometimes as much as two weeks! I also was in so much pain that my husband had to pull me out of the bed because it hurt so much to sit up on my own. I actually blew out my kidneys (which were already failing) with all the acedominophen and ibuprophen that I was taking. I began to worry that I might suffer the same fate as my mother and sister. But them the Lord reminded me that I had read that CLA works to shrink tumors. I started taking it again--just one 1000 mg capsule daily. By the time my next period came the flow was back to normal, lasting no more than a week. I really don't remember when the pain subsided because I was then in the throes of dialysis and all that entails, but that's another story. Some time later, my other sister called complaining of extremely heavy periods that lasted two weeks. I was very excited to be able to recommend to her to take CLA. I gave her a partially filled bottle that I had. She never mentioned having any problems after that. I guess she forgot her troubles and had moved on normally with her life. When I asked her about it she told me that she had indeed been able to regulate her period to normal by the very next peiod. Since then I have also been able to recommend to my cousin the same treatment, and she has also experienced miraculous results by the next menstrual period. I praise God who gives us the tools and the increase to help our bodies to heal themselves.

Replied by Heather

Thank you Deborah for sharing this x

Replied by Linda From Florida
Zolfo Springs, Fl, United States

deborah from newark usa, plz can u tell me if cla reay worked to remove uterine fibroids. I am desperate to learn a natural alternative instead of surgery.

Lugol's Iodine  

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Posted by Stella (Ontario, Canada) on 03/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

When I was 69, I was using a small amount of topical hormones and knew that I had Uterine Fibroids and a thick Endometrium for about 12 years. Finally the doctor said it was dangerous to go on like this and I would need to go OFF all Hormones and have a 2nd Uterine Ultrasound, after 6 weeks had passed. The doctor thought the hormones were part of the problem. A Hysterectomy was in my future. I said I would stop using them but I didn't.

I had recently started taking Lugol's Solution (5%) Iodine and was at about 50 mg. minimum at that time. I increased it slowly to 100 mg. during that 6 weeks.

When I went back to my doctor for the results, she said "so you stopped the hormones?" I replied that I did, just so not to get in trouble. My Uterine thickness had now gone back to normal and the Fibroids had all shrunk in that 6 weeks time.

Dr. David Brownstein's book said Lugol's was used for any Fibroids and it turned out to be true.


Replied by Tonya

You said Lugol's iodine - do you think any kind of iodine will work? I have been taking brown seaweed extract and just added fish oil. Hope next month I will be better.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi Tonya...There is a great difference between taking a remedy like Dr Brownstein's proven lugol's iodine protocol against fibroids and taking another completely different protocol using kelp that delivers much smaller amounts of iodine to your body.

I mention this only because Dr Brownstein, in his Iodine book(which I've read) clearly states that even if you take 50 mgs of 5% lugol's iodine per day (8 drops), it will still take you between 3 to 6 months to achieve proper iodine levels for your body and for your thyroid. He also recommends that people should take at least 100 mgs iodine(16 drops) a day if they have fibroids or cysts. And there is just no way that store bought kelp can deliver that per diem dosage.

And no way will just taking kelp deliver dosages anywhere near what Dr Brownstein recommends for iodine and fibroids. I bought some kelp off the internet some years ago. I thought it was a good European brand. When I looked at the label I saw that one pill of this kelp extract delivered only 150 micrograms of iodine to the body. The point I'm making here is that everything is standardized and regulated now by the drugs companies -- even alternative nutrients. So if you're taking only micrograms of iodine from the heavily regulated kelp extract then I suspect that this will have very little effect on your fibroid problem -- because the dose is way too small. You will really need to take much larger milligram dosages of iodine (as recommended by Dr Brownstein) for any significant curative effect on your fibroid and endometrial problem.

Posted by Karen ( Calgary, Alberta) on 02/04/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered with fibroids for many years. The turning point came when I used lugols iodine as an enema. I had used it years before as drops in water but it didn't do much. Now use 1/2 teaspoon in about 2 cups spring water in an enema bag I get from the drugstore. I leave it in my body for 5-15 min. I feel great now. No more fatigue or mental fog. I speak more intelligently. I am no longer sensitive to heat at night. Have lots of energy. Have stopped the iron pills. I also take 1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses with some peanut butter. That's better than the molasses alone. A holistic nurse on this site wrote that they do that in her hospital for patients that refuse transfusions. It works great. You do the molasses and peanut butter 1-3 times per day depending on how serious the anemia is. But the iodine enema is what really changed my life. The directions are in the following article from marksdailyapple.com:

ENEMA - Use a Fleet enema bottle. Empty out contents, wash out with hot water. Wipe off lubricated tip thoroughly with a dry paper towel and wash with hot water. Do not use any detergent! Fill up bottle with room temp water poured through a coffee filter. Preferable to boil water in glass container and let cool. Add up to 1/2 teaspoon of Lugol's. After a few enemas, it can be increased to one teaspoon. Avoid spilling, it stains. To lubricate tip, use only olive oil, butter, vitamin E gel. Do not use any commercial chemical lubricants. Do tuhe enema. Hold it in for 5 to 15 minutes or as long as you can. Initially, you may only be able to hold it in for a few minutes. It is preferable to lie down. Expect loads of mucus, gel, trash, undigested food and several movements within hours as mucus keeps coming out. If you're mucus loaded up, repeat enema daily for 2, 3 or 4 days. Then, once a week for 4 weeks until mucus/trash free. Maintenance, one enema a month.

Maca, Essiac Tea  

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Posted by Celteyes (Pearland, Texas) on 08/19/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had a problem with fibroids. My O. B. Said it was the size of a 4 month fetus. Recommended it out. I don't know if this is the usual treatment, but my naturopath, who had never failed me.. Put me on Maca, 2 capsules 2 to 3 times daily and Essiac Tea. Not only did it work but it gave me energy. I took it for a few years before I went back for a check up and it was gone. I still continue with both, because the maca is supposed to be good for other things and essiac tea saved my life. I have been drinking that for years. It is a great detox besides being anti tumor, both malignant and benign.

Replied by Emilia
Northhampton, Uk

Dear Maam, I read your cure for fibroids with great interest and I am keen to know more about this cure. I am suffering from the same for the last 14 years. I am aware of Essiac Tea, but Maca is new for me, please could you please inform me where I can find it?

Kindest regards


Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Sandra (Valparaiso ) on 11/05/2016
4 out of 5 stars

My periods started to become irregular 3 years ago they got longer and heavier and passed several clots too. Now, remind you I don't like going to doctors they put you through test after test and find out nothing and you have bills to pay so I have gone out on my own and experimented on my own and this what I'm doing now and it seems it's working----I take daily 3 Vitex, 1-B-12,1-B-6, 2 vitamin E, 2-green tea vitamins, 1-Zinc and a iron pull as needed for energy no bleeding or spotting and period ALOT better no clots no heavy bleeding and cramps are less and I have more energy I can do a lot more now more a normal life then worry about going out somewhere and have a gusher and have a embarrass moment when leaked through your clothing. I also changed my diet no red meat, diary products, alcohol, no pop when I do it's just NO caffeine like orange, sprite and root beer, no sweets (sugars) pasta and breads (just wheat), no saturated fats, I eat mostly chicken, turkey, fresh fruits and vegetables and toss salads and I drink a lot of water. I have never had no surgeries of any kind so I am scared if I ever went to a doctor that helped me that they would tell me I need a hysterectomy, that word terrorizes me. They say when Menopause comes Fibroids stop growing and they die off, I'm turning 50 next March so I'm hoping Premenopause or Menopause is around the corner for me and my fibroid problem will be gone.

Good luck!

Posted by Abigail (Florida) on 10/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I drank apple cider vinegar in water, had beets carrots and molasses twice a day, I exercised about 30 mins. A day five times a week and went away from my ex ( stress), I drink chamomile tea almost every night. I cut out animal products as much as possible .And drank lots of water and used beans or peas with meals.

My fibroids had caused me a miscarriage and was hurting my back . I did those changes for a summer, not only did I lose about 30 lbs bit when I went for check up, fibroids were almost non existent. The point of natural remedy is to decrease the estrogen. Stress, animal foods etc. Feed fibroids. Don't feed the fibroids and they will shrink. Since all that success I started talking to that bloke again.. needless to say I feel a small one but I'm getting rid of him for good. For me that's my source if stress. Good luck.

Posted by Millie (Germany) on 10/27/2015 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars

2 months ago, I was diagnosed with a Fibroid tumor the size of a fist ( 6cm x 8cm) at the top of my uterus, an ovarian cyst ( 3.5 cm x 4.5cm) on my left ovary, and several other small cysts on my right ovary. I was in horrible pain. All the doctors I consulted sung the same chorus, "surgery! Thats what they trained for anyways.

But am here to testify that God has completely healed me of all the pain, cysts and the fibroids. Am here to encourage someone that it's not the end of the road if you in a similar situation, there's a way out.

1. Most importantly, I have been praying, praying, and praying to the Almighty Father.

2. Have been taking 1 tbs BSM, ACV, BS twice a day

3.1tbs turmeric, cayennepepper, cinnamon, cumin and blackpepper powder.

4. 3 litres Beet, carrot, radish and carrot juice daily

5.Milkthistle and Maca root capsules

6. Changed my diet completely and stuck to an Alkaline one

7. Castor oil packs each night

In less than 7 weeks, the cysts and tumor were all gone!

Replied by Sarah

Can you give more detail on #3 and #4. Thanks

Posted by Mma (Lagos, Nigeria) on 09/24/2014
4 out of 5 stars

My fibroids were 13 cm and 11 cm. 11 cm shrunk and am still working on the other 13 cm that is now 9cm. Here is what I did: Drinking plenty of water early, avoiding milk, drinking of aloe vera gel, drinking of ginger mixed with burnt castor beans, alligator pepper.

Replied by Oliver
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, what is burnt Castrol bean and alligator pepper? Where do you get this from? Thanks

Replied by Remmy
Lagos, Nigeria

Pls mma where can I get aloe vera gel and burnt castor bean in Lagos and how are you doing this together, do you chew alligator pepper alone or mix with ginger?

Replied by Mabebe
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Mma from lagos, I am happy I have some one from my region with the same challenge, can your remedy be used while pregnant?

Replied by Aanu

@mma, I am in lagos Nigeria too, where can I get aloe vera gel drink and burnt castor seed. Pls what quantity of all these do you take daily? Looking forward for your response

Replied by Tally

I just read that castor beans can kill within 3-5days, pls do your research before taking anything, I may be wrong.

Posted by Nic (Usj, Selangor, Malaysia) on 07/28/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, I am from Malaysia. I have been diagnosed with 2 fibroids, 2.2 cm and 2.3 cm, in early 2011. After a few months when I went back for check up, 2 fibroids have become one at the size of 5.5 cm. After 2 mths, it has grown to 6 cm. Doctor advises me to remove it completely but I refuse because I afraid it might render my chances of pregnancy. Then I started taking chinese med which the lady doctor claimed that she has curred many patients with fibroids.

in May 2012, the med. Check up shown the fibroids has grown to 7.6 cm, when I went back to the lady doc, she found out that I didnt change my diet and consuming too much tea, coffee, diary products, and etc. Since then I tried to change my diet and quitted many unhealty foods. 3 weeks ago, when I went for med. Check up, the report shown it has grown to 8.6 cm. This has frighten me as it seems growing fast. Luckily I have never experienced pain and bleeding problems during period.

One day I came across a website in Malaysia, http://u-turn-grass.blogspot.com/search/label/å and found some recipes that could shrink fibroids.

1) having this juice every morning (blend them and drink the whole thing)

1 x red carrot , 1 x banana, 1/4 slice lemon, 1 x yellow capsicum, 1 x green apple, and 1 stalk of celery

** a 3cm fibroids found in a lady has disappeared completely after continuing taking the drink for 1 month.

2) 2 herbs which can be found in Malaysia (not sure abt other countries). These herbs have cured many patients with cancer, fibroids, thyroids and etc

**sabah sneak grass - Im taking 150 pcs per day blend with apple.

I am following these 2 recipes for 2 weeks, suprisingly, I realise that I dont go to toilet so often like the past 1 yr. Especially during night time, I used to woke up 2-3 times every night to pee, but now I can hold until morning with no problem at all. Every night when I touch on the lump, it seems getting smaller.

Today, I have decided to add blackstrap molasses into the plan. Hopefully it will give a better result to combating fibroids.

I will go for scanning again by end of August, hopefully it will be a good news....

Replied by May

Hi Nic, You mentioned you tried Sabah snake grass. How did it go? I heard about it and started to take it, unfortunately, on the 2nd day of menses, I think it really made me bleed more. Did SSG work for you??

Posted by Sheree (Hammond, La, US) on 06/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

FIBROIDS OR CYSTS: I just want to help other women with promising formulas that work. I CANNOT MENTION PRODUCT BRANDS OR URL'S YOU CAN EMAIL ME FOR THAT INFO.

DIM plus 6/day (gets rid of bad estrogen that causes fibroids or cysts)

Vitex 2/day (levels out your progestin to keep estrogen balanced

Iosol Iodine (water soluble kind not the ones for cuts) 4-5 drops daily in about 2 ounces of water or juice ( most women with cysts or fibroids are low on iodine (Google it).

Organic Castor Oil soaked (not dripping) on a flannel rag/cover with plastic wrap/place heating pad over plastic wrap/lie down for 1. 5-2 hrs. 5/week when you can relax and complete the 1. 5-2 hrs. Except on period days (causes increased circulation so it may increase bleeding) (castor oil will help shrink the fibroids (PLEASE use a BPA FREE container) to store flannel soaked rag after use (can resuse several times til oil starts to smell) add more oil in container over flannel when you use next time

Serrapeptase try for 10 mg. Take by directions at least 3/day (I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND THIS PRODUCT) (I tried to take this product but it caused nausea for me at the time) I have since taken it and was fine, no nausea (it is an enzyme from the silkworm (all natural) and it eats away fibrin in our bodies which can be blood clots, cysts, and mainly, our concern, fibroids. (Google it for info and reviews) If you get nauseated with the Serrapeptase you can try Nattokinase (it is from a fermented soy and does the exact mission as the Serapeptase to rid the body of fibrin (you can Google it also)

I also alkalined my body with homemade organic lemonade/with stevia or trivia (natural do not use sugar) (all throughout the day) and I used PH drops to put in my water 3/day (especially 1 of the times about 2:30 - 3:00 in the morning if you get up for the bathroom) as per Ted saying this is one of the highest acidic times (so great time for the drops) if possible PLEASE AVOID red meat, chicken, eggs, milk, or creamers that are not organic b/c they contain hormones that have estrogen effects, (estrogen feeds your fibroids and makes them grow) Also if possible use BPA FREE plastics to drink in and store food

I HIGHLY recommend these products I know they work w/o a doubt. Give them at least 2. 5 months please, possibly 3 to see difference. You should absolutely feel a difference in the size of the fibroids or cysts outside of your uterus when you lie down. It may seem like a lot to take but I now have no fibroids like I did (it was worth for me and so quickly)

please contact me if you have more questions and I wish the best for you, sincerely Sheree (wishingsoon(at)yahoo. Com) I make no profit on these products I just use them with MUCH SUCCESS

Replied by Tina

Can you pls let me know the dosage on vitex and nattokinase? I'm taking 1000mg of vitex and 2000fu of nattokinase. Is that your dosage? Cos u only said vitex 2/day so I'm not sure how much mg was in each capsule.

Posted by Aquines (Philadelphia, Pa) on 06/09/2011

at first I took acv, molasses and baking soda.

until the baking soda made my skin grey it had aluminum in it. Then I just used Apple Cider Vinegar and molasses. For nearly a month now. Then I decided to make things quicker. By combining tumeric, molasses, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and apple cidar vinegar, flax seed powder, grape seed extract and spirulina. Today's my first trial run at this remedy. I'll keep you posted. I'm feeling better inside my stomach thats a good sign I can feel it working more.

apart from the usual mollases and Apple Cider Vinegar I think this double triple dose could be effective to shrink the fibroids. I dont eat anything with sugar, no meat, a little fish, water with lemon, or acv... No sodas, white breads, maybe whole wheat. No soy. Mainly almond milk, flax, fiber cereal.. Oatmeal.. My food intake is vary vary light. I'm training my body to survive off of little food intake to help this process more.

if I go out to dinner I'm ordfering fish and salad.

by the way if anypne has any other cures for fibroids or have tried ones close to this could you post your remedies. for fibroids and hair growth..

for hair growth I put a mixture of galric, acv, coconut oil, in my hair and I color it naturally with henna. Red henna mixed with lemon acv, coco nut oil, olive oil, tumeric I combine and leave in for about 2-4 hours. I'll keep you posted on that also. Oh by the way does anyone know how to properly make purple henna. I hear indigo mixed with black henna, and blackberries, cranberries, and lemon might be a good hair coloring for it. But if your familiar with it could you send meinfo on it thanks.. stay blessed...

Replied by Birdy
Ankeny, Iowa, Usa

I had fibroids in my boobs for years and I took evening primrose oil for 1 month and they are still not back and that was 3 and 1/2 yrs ago. I decided to try to continue to take it and didnt like the thinness that it did to my skin. It worked and my doctor told me to take it even tho I already was. I had been on it for 1 month when she said I should get my yearly mommogram and assumed I would have fibroids as I had for almost 30 yrs, and none were to be found. I also have some on my uteris but they are still there. I dont need surgery for them and hope I never do.

Replied by Hisjewel
America New York

You must have used baking powder. Baking soda does Not have aluminum in it. Baking soda is always plain sodium bicarbonate.

Posted by Janice (Austin, TX) on 04/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My fibroids are GONE! This is what I did. I bathed in filtered water which I sometimes added frankensence essence or chamomile. Go Berkey. (I avoided plastic bottles, telflon), gave up all dairy, I drank dandylion tea for awhile. I did the forum (emotional work), I drank chlorophyll, I did Vitex capsules and blackstrap mollasses for a month. Oh yeah. And I master cleanse for 18 days. I also visualized them shrinking and knew they were shrinking. I went to acupuncture 3 times. Ten months ago I had 3 tumors 50mm to 80 mm. My last sonogram was completely normal!!!