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Natural Fibroid Treatment

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Blackstrap Molasses

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Blackstrap Molasses Cure for Fibroids

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Blackstrap Molasses - 1 Tablespoon

Adding a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses (not the typical stuff you find in the grocery store) to your daily diet can give your body the rich source of nutrients and minerals (iron aplenty) that your body needs. Many people like it in coffee or milk and find that their symptoms and perhaps the fibroids themselves decrease drastically.

[YEA]  01/02/2007: Nuria from Madrid, Spain: "About a month ago I was diagosed with a 6 cm Fibroid tumor in my uterus. At that point I was having very heavy periods that will last over a week with a lot of pain and passing very big blood clots. I also suffered from back pain due to the fibroid and had problems peeing as the fibroid was pressing my bladder. After I was diagnosed, I started to look for natural cures on the internet and I found your website and after reading about all the remedies I started to take molasses three times a day ( 1 tablespoon). The first thing I noticed was that my period lasted only four to five days and I have to say I was a little afraid because my blood flow was abnormally light and I did not have not even a blood clot. Also, when I started to have horrible pain I took 4 tablespoons on one go as another reader suggested and after about 40 minutes the pain totally dissapeared!!! Today I went to the doctor and they did a ultrasound scan and said the fibroid is gone!!! I am totally amazed and I am not too sure what to think, I don`t know if it is gone for ever or what but I will keep molasses in my diet just in case.

By the way, I did not use blackstrap molasses but the normal molasses which is sweeter. Also I started to eat algae (japanese Kombu-which is rich in iodine) as part of my diet, about once or twice a week, , so maybe this also played a part in the cure. Thank you very much for your website and I hope you can understand my english."

09/13/2009: D Velez from New York, New York replies: "How long were you taking the molasses before the fibroid shrunk?"
09/23/2013: Nunu from Birmingham, Mi replies: "I would, like to know how you took the kelp? What where your recipes and which molasses is the regular molasses?"

[YEA]  02/04/2006: Sharon from Sonora, California: "I am 65 today but when I was in my mid 40's, I was told by my doctor that I needed a hysterectomy because of excessive bleeding and fibroid tumors. I also had been literally crunching ice cubes from the tray in the ice box for quite sometime. A wonder they didn't break every tooth in my head plus it was driving everybody around me crazy. I had read this literature at some point about black strap molasses being able to get rid of fibroid tumors and I told my doctor I would let him know about having the hysterectomy and immediately started drinking 1 tablespoon black strap in a cup of water in the a.m. and another in the p.m. It wasn't long before I noticed I wasn't craving the ice cubes and the bleeding slowed to normal. When I went back to my doctor 6 months later the fibroid tumors (and there were many) had all but shrunk away. I continued drinking the molasses for a time after that and never had another problem in that area. That is the only thing I did. I was so glad I had found that little book on blackstrap and its cures. Great stuff."

Blackstrap Molasses, Borax

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  03/23/2008: Middlebunny from Jersey City, NJ, USA: "Ailments: Fibroid, eczema and Meningioma (brain tumor)

Remedy: Blackstrap Molasses and Borax Cures

Do they work? Maybe

I have had eczema occassionally for years. I'm not sure of the cause. My dermatologist used to prescribe elocon cream; however, this is no longer on the rx formulary for my health plan and too expensive to purchase without insurance. I began putting 1/4 teaspoon of borax (laundry soap) in 1 liter of water and drinking this while at work. I'm not a water drinker so I rarely finish the whole bottle and don't do it consistently (4 days on and 3 days off) as Ted recommended. Despite this, the eczema seems to be improving substantially. It is no longer itchy and seems to be fading away after about 6 weeks.

I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid tumors in January 2003 and have been avoiding surgery. In 2006, a reproductive endocrinologist advised me that the fibroids had expanded my uterus to the size of someone who was 6 months pregnant. He scheduled me for a myeomectomy (abdominal versus vaginal) which I later cancelled. I wasn't comfortable with the doctor nor did I want to spend 2 months recovering. In 2007, I was also diagnosed with a meningioma on my right optic nerve close to where it intersects with the left optic nerve. Because of the location surgery wasn't possible so I did the recommended 6 weeks of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy. This apparently has stopped the tumor growth but triggered a whole host of other problems (loss of taste sensation, more eczema, hair loss, exhaustion, black spots on my tongue, etc., etc) which is what led me to the website.

Thanks to Ted and the other contributors to this site, I have found out that my body is acidic (5.9ph) which might explain why I had such a bad reaction to the radiation. In the meantime, I have been trying a few of the remedies with enough success to make me realize that modern medicine isn't always best for every health condition.

I have been taking Blackstrap Molasses since I first stumbled on the website about 5 months ago along with ACV and Baking Soda. I'm not very good at taking them daily since I forget, I have increased my intake of vitamins and supplements. I take a multi-vitamin (after breakfast of instant oatmeal) every workday with the ACV/BS in glass of water(before eating). My GYN prescribed Ponstal to contol the unbelievable bleading during my periods which come about every 21-24 days from the onset of one. I'm still in the phase where I only have about 5 days a month with no bleeding or discharge but I think this is improving. I went through some sort of healing crisis last November and thought I might have to be rushed to the hospital due to the uncontrollable bleeding but since then it has improved. The Ponstal must be taken with food every 6 hours so I generally do that for the first 4 days of every period. In addition, I take about 1-2 tablespoons of BSM in the morning before work and 1 after dinner at night while I'm taking the Ponstal. I seems to be reducing the bleeding and shortening my heavy flow days from 7 to about 4. It is difficult for me to say for sure that the BSM is the reason for my improvement since I'm doing a lot of cures at once. I'm also taking a garlic tincture that someone made for me which is supposed to help dissolve the fibroids (this is garlic cloves with vodka which sits refrigerated for 2-3 weeks, drained and then taken orally with a dropper). I also don't take that consistently either. You are supposed to take 25 drops 3 times a day (after the 1st month where the # of drops vary). I generally only take it in the morning and occassionally at night. To avoid smelling like garlic all day, I brush my teeth with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and floride-free toothpaste, then drink water with a teaspoon of chlorophyl. I ususally do this every morning before work but have reached the point where it seems to give me gas later on during the day so I'm currently taking a break from the garlic tincture (2 weeks so far) until my stomach can handle it again.

I would really like to know what Ted thinks of my remedy experiments to see if they should be modified in any way. If any of your readers have suggestions, I would appreciate those as well.

Thank you, MB"

Blackstrap Molasses, Castor Oil Packs

05/08/2012: Queen B from Kingston, Jamaica: "I have tried the lemonade diet only this time using the BSM instead of the syrup and girls! .. Mek me tell unu! .. My period have gone back to normal no heap of clotting etc. My energy levels are also better.

The doctors claim I have 7 fibroids. So I have am trying the Castor oil packs for two weeks now and will continue for thirty days because God knows I dont trust any doctor to cut me.

I will surely let you know what I see in June 2012 when I do another ultrasound. Castor Oil cures tumors so I believe I'll be fine."

Blackstrap Molasses, Cayenne

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/07/2010: Carol from St James, Barbados: "About four years ago i was bleeding for about three monts straight then i deside to go to the Dr she put me on some kind of pills that had so much side effect it did stop the bleeding for a while then while taking them the bleeding staeted back she just tell me that is some thing to do with the lineing of my womb. i was interduce to herb call colanclensing and bitter clensing that work for me .i also had an oultersound i was told that i had fibroide.and there small.that was four years ago.on the 25th of December 2009 i started to spot for 5days then i started to bleed heavy until the fith of febuary 2010 i did not went back to the doctor because i say that it have to be my fibroids and i say that the lord say that the herbs are for the healing of the nation so i went and buy some.there are chastertree, redraspberry, siberianginseng, redclove, licoriceroot, budock root, golden seal, echinacea. i got about half ounce each boild the bark and root for about five min in one gallon of water turn off the stove and then add the leave let it steap i drink four ouncees twice a day i put the rest in the fridge and warm four ounces twice a day that help a lot istarted taking it on the 2/2/2010. it lesen the blood clots but then i was on the computor and came apond your sight earth clinic and and i read about blackstrap molasses.i call my mum and ask her if she have any molasses and she say yes so on the 7/2/2010 i went and got some from her i mix it with cayenne pepper and drink it in about five hours when i went to the bath room i havent seen a drop of blood true true true it work and i will never eat no meat again it is strickliy veg for me because i know that is what mest up my fibroids .all iwas do ing is eating nuff fry chicken .so women take care of your health watch what you eat and also beleave in the lorde jesus christ for by his stripes you are heal"

Blackstrap Molasses, Clay

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[YEA]  08/09/2007: Tiffany from Los Angeles, California: "After my third period using Terramin Clay and BSM I can confirm that the tumors are no longer present.

When I began the Terramin treatment I noticed an abscess on my left breast that drained for appox. 4 days (the scarring remains as proof this occurred). Since then I no longer experience phantom pains that I had from my left breast. As I continued my treatment I noticed that during the second of the three periods an abscess formed outside my vaginal area. This drained for appox. 4 days concurrent with my period.

After the second period I've begun to experience an increase in energy, weight loss has continued (the fibroids increased my weight and this is being automatically reduced),dark circles under my eyes are gone, and NO MORE tumors as of third period. Also, no acne.

Native Americans use[d] clay to remove tumors and I can confirm that it works. Also, using BSM regulates the period VERY well. I will now decrease my use of Terramin and increase the use of BSM to regulate my cycle.

This is a wonderful cure for tumors, both the BSM and Terramin have similar mineral components and you don't need surgery to be healed"

09/05/2007: Lisa from Bridgetown, Barbados replies: "Clay for fibroids Please post this question on the site. Tifanny, could you please clarify if you used the TERRAMIN tablets or Terramin powder? I have one uterine fibroid of 10cm. I will start using ACV & baking sokda and then use the clay in either powder or tablets depending on what you suggest that I use."

[YEA]  07/13/2007: Tiffany from Los Angeles, California: "I've experienced all the symptoms of Fibroids. I did BSM and it did significantly help; enough that my partner noticed the reduction in blood. I became a Vegetarian also to cut back on eating animals and consuming their toxins and fatty materials.

I'm using terramin clay (eat plenty of apples for fiber) now to stop the fibroids. What I have noticed coming out of my body now is astonishing. It's really de-toxing. I stopped using BSM and not solely use the clay, although I may return to the BSM for a little while longer. Both the clay and BSM are rich in iron, so my hair and nails are growing like mad and are extremely thick and strong. I'm now begriming to naturally lose the weight I gained from the fibroids. I deduced that the product will speak for itself and I'm not going to kill myself in the gym trying to lose weight. My appetite has diminished so that I eat one complete meal a day and one small one in the evening, if at all. My cravings for sweets is gone; however, I do chew ice - now I think it more to do with work stress than anemia as my eyes are white with no discoloration and the other signs of a healthy body are reappearing. I will say that I need to get into shape. Although, fatigued doesn't last long, walking up stairs just about kills me. I ordered the clay through cal earth minerals when I saw the discovery channel piece on its calcium ab/adsorption benefits too."

03/11/2013: Jaycee from Fairfax, Va replies: "Hello would you mind sharing the name and brand of terrain tablets that you used and where to order them? Thank you so much!"

Blackstrap Molasses, Nattokinase

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[YEA]  11/08/2008: Lisa from Bradenton, Florida: "I've read a lot of these testimonials and after reading so many women suffered the exact same conditions I have I really want to share something in addition to the molassas that really does make a life changing difference.

I too have had anemia problems all my life and they became severely worse when I developed fibroid cysts(myoma). After an ultra sound indicating some extremely large cysts my Doctor advised a hysterectomy was the only alternative in removing the fibroid cysts. I opted to get back with him about that decision. I researched for an alternative cure and what I found was a product called Fibrovan which not only rid me of my fibroid cysts in less then 60 days, but reversed my anemia within the first week. It saved me from having a hysterectomy and rid me of my chronic anemia.

After I rid my body of the fibroid cysts I then started a regular intake of a TBSP of molasses in my tea each morning as my sweetner and I have not had any anemia problems whatsoever in over a year. Mostly I have to give an enormous amount of praise and gratitude to the supplement but...the molasses too is making a difference in boosting my iron."

EC: Ingredient list here:


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[YEA]  10/25/2006: Carol from South Holland, IL: "Eating Raw Cabbage for stomach pain. Also used the cabbage leaves to relieve the pain in my breast after my baby was born, and to dry up the flow of milk. It stopped the stomach pain from fibroid tumors. I believe it will completely heal my stomach if I continue to eat bothe the red and green cabbage raw. The Lord told me to do this to relieve the pain and it worked! I never knew about the extensive healing properties found in the cabbage before."

Castor Oil Packs

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[YEA]  03/22/2008: DJ from Denver, Colorado: "My doctor told me I had fibroids in my uterus. I applied a castor oil pack with a heating pad on the area for an hour a day for one whole week while I napped and they were completely gone at my next check up thirty days later! Amazing! I believe castor oil is a gift from God to us."

09/02/2008: Mary from Tampa, Florida replies: "To DJ from Denver CO: How big was your fibroid may I ask? You said you did the CASTOR pack...and your fibroid went away in a week? Can you please email me at I really would appreciate it.
If anyone out there has used the CASTOR pack method or any method to GET RID of your Fibroid, please contact me. Peace, Mary"
05/12/2009: Yasa from Fairfield, CT replies: "HI DJ from Colorado,

Could you tell me how large your fibroids were? I would like to try a natural cure for healing from fibroids. I am wondering if castor oil packs can shrink all sizes of fibroids. I have a few, one is 7.5 cm, and a 4cm cyst on one of my ovaries. One fibroid is calcified.

Thanks so much."
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  09/16/2011: Yinka from Manchester, United Kingdom replies: "Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences, I just want to add that, if you're going to use the castor oil pack, please, please DO NOT USE any cream on your body before you do so, I had used a progesterone cream earlier in the morning after my shower, and at night before I slept I used the castor oil pack for 30 minutes on my stomach as I was trying to shrink fibroids. Luckily I usually use it for 1hour, but only spent 30 minutes that day. Then I went to sleep when I woke up the next day having had another shower and about to towel my body, I noticed some severe black criss-crossing lines all along my stomach area where I had placed the oil pack, it had eaten deep into my skin, so I stopped using the castor oil pack altogether. It's 2 months since and only still beginning to fade."

Correcting Potassium and Sodium Ratio

04/16/2014: Tracyanne from Nsw Autralia: "I would like to ask Ted about the best and safest way to get my potassium and sodium ratio corrected. I have read where fibroid cysts cannot be sustained in your body if your potassium levels are correct."

Cream of Tartar

03/04/2013: Jmp from Memphis, Tennessee: "I am a woman with fibroids, I am reading all of the information that has been given for remedies. I have been reading all the good stories and remedies. The last time I went to the doctor they told me my uterus is the size of a woman 7 months, also my cervix is tilted because of the fibroids, and I do have a discharge constantly. I have been taking Cream of tartar a herb that is found in the store where the seasonings are. I have been using it for about 3 months, yes my stomach is not as big as it use to be also my stomach was very round and hard. I can still feel some of the fibroids. The discharge is still their, also it smells horrible. Also I must add when I go to the ladies room in the morning their is something describeing something a cyst that comes out of me. I am sure this is going to take some time. I will add The Apple Cider Vinegar , Garlic pill and Vitamin E to my diet. I have notice also that my hair is shedding some, I believe its because of the fibroids I will use Olive oil for that, meaning I will oil my scalp and hair with oilve oil starting soon. Also my doctor recommend the same thing that I have a hysteroctomy. No, thats not what I want. I believe natural remedies work as well. I wanted to know is anyone familiar with using the Creme of Tartar for fibroids."

Dietary Changes

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07/23/2010: Purple2002 from New Orleans, Louisiana, Usa: "I found out recently that I may possibly have a fibroid in my abdominal area. The thing is the doctors are not sure and they want me to have surgery to get it out to see if the growth is cancerous or not. The doctors said if it is cancerous, they are going to have to take either my uterus out or my ovaries and possibly my appendix. I am a 26 years old with no children, and may want some in the future. The growth is noticeable since I am petite. The growth is 15. 5 cm long and 14 cm wide. It is above my uterus so I still get my periods every month and I don't have any pain with this growth, just a little discomfort on my uterus from the size of the growth. I want to treat this just like any tumor rather it's benign or not. Can you please email me some remedies to rid this growth? I already changed my diet and started taking supplements like Quint Essence, Flaxseed oil capsules, fish oil capsules, and Vitamin C capsules. I stop eating red meat, and eat fish, turkey, and chicken purchased from Whole Foods Market. I eat my salads with apple cider vinegar. Please help. Thanks."

07/24/2010: Diane from Berkeley, Ca replies: "I tried every natural remedy known to man. None worked well (TCM & acupuncture worked a little but ultimately failed every time). I had several (successful) rounds of laproscopic fibroid surgeries before finally (and happily) having a partial hysterectomy in my mid-40's. You should not have to resort to full hysterectomy at your age, or indeed ever. Regardless of size of fibroid, there are many different treatment options, and many can retain the uterus to allow you to have kids. Don't just consult your normal OB/GYN. Talk to a physician known for specializing in fibroids, as there are many different options these days. And recovery for laproscopic surgery is fast (1 - 3 weeks)."
07/24/2010: Nyl Gracelle from Redlands, Ca replies: "I have been diagnosed with multiple intramural (leiomayomata)fibroids last July 5, 2009 and had a D&C immediately on July 10 to scrape things from my uterus for biopsy. Very thankful because the fibroids turned out benign. I tried to changed my diet and took herbal. Nothing happened for 6 months of my battle because the ultrasound result was unchanged, the same size (the biggest is 6.5cm x 6.2cm) by March 2010 I came across this site and immediately drank ACV with baking soda and molasses (2 tbsp, 1/8 tsp and 1 tsp respectively. I also did massage my abdomen using castor oil daily with a 2 day break in a week. I had a very heavy bleeding before but with the use of ACV w/ baking soda and molasses my bleeding was minimized. My OB/GYN however placed me under a progesterone (for 10 days in a month) so that everything will become normal and it really did! Last June 11, 2010 I had my 3rd ultrasound after 6 months and I am so happy that my fibroids the biggest in size became 5.6cm x 4. 1cm. Nothing is impossible with the Lord. Keep praying and do some research. I hope with this info you will be enlightened. There's hope and have faith!"
01/18/2013: Rose from Conroe, Tx replies: "Drink water with flaxseed ground, boil the flaxseed ground, what works best in my opinion, adding a pinch of unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Try venus flytrap pills too. I believe this is the best thing, apple cider and water. Just skim off the flaxseed. Drink the oils that boil in the water. God bless you! Change the way you eat as well. Try sauteeing prunes, raisins, apples in butter adding it to oatmeal and eat a lot of fruit and broccoli, don't eat pizza until the weekends. The tumor should come out."

[YEA]  05/03/2009: Realities from Oceanside, CA: "Black strap molasses:
I had a protuding fibroid the size of a GRAPEFRUIT---that was trying to abort itself through my cervix. Before I almost bled to death I had it surgically cut out. It developed over 6 months and just after I was prescribed birth control pills (hormones)from an obgyn. I stopped the pills after two weeks but the fibroid continued to grow.

i gulped bs molasses from the jar after the surgery. Then i stopped drinking that nasty bsm and eliminated the birth control pills. I changed my diet. No meat, eggs,( which is full of hormones ) no fish, and minimal dairy products and (only if RBST free or goats milk.) LOW FAT, HIGH FIBER is good. I eat kale on my sandwhiches instead of lettuce etc.

I eat sour kraut and drink water water water. I HAVE NOT HAD ONE INCIDENCE SINCE 2003. THATS ABOUT 6 YEARS.

If I slip up on this regimen, I notice it. My next period is clotty, lasts longer, and is more painfull, the tint is red/orange. ---TIME TO get my diet back on track BUCKLE DOWN!

Here is some interesting input: GOOD LUCK LADIES! YOU CAN WIN.

Percentage of American women who will have a hysterectomy in their lifetimes - 50%

Percentage of U.S. hysterectomies that are medically imperative - 10%

Most common reason for hysterectomy in the U.S. - fibroids

Number of women with fibroids who are relieved of the pain and heavy bleeding within three months of adopting a low-fat high-fiber vegetarian diet - the vast majority (mostly everone)

Second most common reason for hysterectomy in the U.S. - endometriosis

Number of women with endometriosis whose symptoms disappear or lessen dramatically on a low-fat high-fiber vegetarian diet - the vast majority (mostly everyone)

Percentage of American physicians who recommend dietary changes for fibroids and endometriosis - less than 1%

Menopause, Naturally

Most widely prescribed drug in U.S. - Premarin (Estrogen Replacement Therapy)
Primary reasons prescribed - Hot flashes, osteoporosis, and heart disease

Percentage of menopausal women who obtained complete relief from hot flashes by taking
200 mg of vitamin C and 200 mg of bioflavonoids 6 times a day - 67%

Percentage of menopausal women who obtained relief from hot flashes by taking two herbal capsules three times a day (licorice root, burdock root, wild yam root, dong quai root, and motherwort) for three months in a double-blind placebo-controlled study - 100%

Percentage of women in same study who obtained relief from placebo - 6%

Percentage of U.S. physicians who discuss natural approaches with their menopausal patients - 2%

Percentage of U.S. physicians who routinely prescribe estrogen - 84%

Years a woman must take estrogen to obtain benefits for osteoporosis - 20 or more

Health drawbacks to estrogen - substantially increased breast cancer risk, increased risk for liver and gallbladder disease, prolonged incidence of fibroids and endometriosis, greatly increased uterine cancer risk (if taken without progestins), increased side effects (if taken with progestins)

Years a woman must take natural progesterone to obtain benefits for osteoporosis - 1

Health drawbacks to natural progesterone - rare

Percentage of post-menopausal women who showed substantial new bone formation on natural progesterone cream - 97%

Percentage of U.S. physicians familiar with natural progesterone - less than 1%

Year the AMA elected its first woman board member - 1989
Number of women presidents in AMA's 148 year history - 0
Percentage of medical school deans in U.S. today who are women - 3%
Percentage of today's gynecologists and obstetricians who are male - 80%
Percentage of their patients who are male - 0%
Number of times in its history the executive board of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has been less than 75% male - 0"

EC: Looks like the above info came from here:

08/17/2012: Diva from Norcross, Ga replies: "I tried Blackstrap Molasses it doesn't work."

Eliminate Coffee

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[YEA]  11/07/2008: Bonnie from Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario: "I have read your site about black strap molasses and "hoping" to get rid of fibroid tumors. I have tryed it and it didn't work for me. I think this site is just a way of getting people's hope up. I had my hope up on trying this molasses thing, like i said it didn't work for me. nothing can get rid of fibroids. if there was, the doctors would tell you, and we would't have to have a hysteromecty's. think about's something that grows inside of you..if there was a cure in molasses wouldn't they tell you?? I really don't believe in this stuff. I have tryed it and i can't speak for everyone...but it didn't work for me. Were all here for a little hope and cure, but really it doesn't work.the only thing i did was to cut out coffee, something i found out on my far as im concerned, that helped me alot!! no more heavy periods. now there normal and i have 2 fibroid tumors and they were almost the size of a baseball. i'm not sure if they are gone yet, i still have to go to the doctors to find out, but my period is back to normal. thank you.."

12/30/2008: Melissa from Snellville, GA replies: "no the doctor would not tell you about natural means to treat fibroids because it would keep people out of the doctors office there for interfering with his lively hood which is prescribing medicine and patients going under the knife. natural treatments take time. you have to be patient and give them time to work"
09/28/2009: Lisacstyles from Sunny Isles, Florida replies: "Just taking blackstrap molasses alone will take much longer if you continue to eat foods with added hormones. Fibroids are hormonal imbalances. You must detox your liver and remove all animal from your diet as well as all of the rest.. eating a majority of green leafy foods, remove every hormone and animal product from your diet and remove caffeine as well. then just wait,, it took me a year and my periods are finally at a place that i can actually walk around and work ...what a difference!!!"

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