Turmeric for Cysts in Dogs and Cats

Posted by Lainieg (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 04/04/2011

My plott hound Mielan has a large cyst on her head. It is soft and like a large grape. I have been giving her this turmeric capsule, opening a capsule and giving her one morning, noon and supper mixed with her food. All 3 together measures about a tsp., I would say, so don't think I'm giving her too much. Too much food yes (as she's pooping way too much), but not the turmeric.

It's only been since March 17th, but I stopped because she was sick one day and vomitted yellow substance and didn't eat all day. Of course cyst is still there, with no change. I am afraid to hurt her system with this powder. Did anyone else's pupper get sick?

Also, guess I should be patient, someone said it could take about 2 months? Is that correct? I cannot afford a vet bill or bills for this as I have 2 other pups and they are all due for their heartguard, and check up etc.

Did anyone happen to get this turmeric on their clothes by any chance? I did, not sure how, but my clothes are stained, how to get this out of our clothes. Anyone know?

Thanks - Elaine