Spring Water for Cysts in Pets

| Modified on Oct 16, 2023

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Posted by Judy (Bangor, Maine) on 01/20/2013

My dog had a growing cyst, a sty, on his lower right eyelid. I took him to the vet in early December and they said if it kept growing, they might have to surgically remove it and sent me home with antibiotic gel to apply. Despite daily applications of the antibiotic ointment, it kept growing over the holidays. I went on Earth Clinic and found two remedies that I wanted to try: the turmeric remedy and the spring water remedy for dogs with cysts. I started with the turmeric remedy, and for 1 week, put 1/8 teaspoon of powdered turmeric, two twists of black pepper, and a small amount of olive oil to his kibble twice a day. After 1 week the cyst had stopped growing but was not getting any smaller. I decided to stop the turmeric because his stomach was beginning to show signs of upset (slightly loose stools) by the end of the week. After that I switched to the 2nd remedy I had read on Earth Clinic. In his water bowls, he got 100% bottled spring water. No tap water, not even the filtered Brita water that I had been using. I put only bottle spring water that I bought in a 5 gallon containers from Home Depot in his water bowls. I continued to give him the same kibble that I had been feeding him the past year. Nothing changed except the water he was drinking was and still is pure (I hope) mountain spring water.

10 days after I started him on the water, the cyst is gone and his eyelid 100% healed!! It makes me think that the tap water that I had been putting in his water bowl, even filtered by a Brita container, was the cause of the sty in the first place.

This simple remedy saved me at least $800 in surgical bills at the vets. I am very grateful for the person who posted this remedy on Earth Clinic.

Replied by Nellie
(Boston, Ma)

You should get the biopsy done to make sure it isn't cancerous. If the bumps are cysts then try the spring water treatment. If they aren't cysts the spring water won't do anything but waste money.

Spring Water
Posted by Justicejanvier (Lake Oswego, Oregon) on 07/30/2011

My Australian Shepherd were getting so many cysts that I took them to the vet. The vet said that her dogs had cysts also and not to worry. I decided to give them the same spring water that I drink. Within a week of drinking spring water instead of tap water ALL the cysts went away.

Replied by Wayne
(Nashville, Tn)

I have a Lab with lumps under her coat. She is about to be 9 y. O. And of course she is part of my family. The vet said biopsy but then what? I am not wanting to do chemo, etc. So, what is your spring water? I would love to do holistic avenues before anything further is considered and certainly don't want to make her life anything but better.

Replied by Theresa
(Dutchess County)

I have a Shih Tzu who has many many cysts all over her, she gets nothing but spring water but still gets them. I'm also doing all the research I can to figure out what to do for her.