Cysts - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Cysts. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.


Posted by Bill Dalton (Kerrville, TX) on 04/13/2020

Sebaceous Cysts in Dogs:

About a year ago I noticed a large 1 1/2 boil on the back of my German Shepard. I tried lots of natural remedies with no success. Some time later I took her to the vet and he looked at it and then took a small lance and popped it open and out came this pimply white poop. He said it was basically a clogged oil gland, like a large pimple. He left a small hole and gave me some antibiotic ointment to inject into the hole to clear it up. I did that for a while, but it didn't work. It kept filling up, but the hole was still there. Again, I tried all my natural anti infection remedies and I have lots...nothing working worked. It kept filling up again. Then I had a flash. What's happening is the gland is clogged and coagulated. It needs something to dissolve the gook that's blocking it. DMSO I's a solvent and presto...

I squeezed out as much as I could and then I soaked a Q tip with DMSO and applied it for a few days and it completely dried it out.

Many months later, I noticed another one closer to the tail. I tried popping it, but it wouldn't budge for me. I thought maybe it's something else. Coco went for her regular vet visit and I asked him to look at it. Again he lanced and drained it. When we got home, I squeezed out what was left and again applied DMSO with a Q-Tip and then poured a little over it and again it completely dried it up.

Just to clarify, this is not the more flat fatty tumors, which are more jelly like to touch. These are like round boils, but I'm sold on the DMSO for this.

Turmeric and Coconut Oil

Posted by Epsy (Georgia) on 08/17/2016

My 4 year old Carolina dog had a cyst on her head for close to a year. It just got bigger and harder over time. The vet wasn't sure what the problem was and advised leaving it alone. I found this site and began giving her turmeric and coconut oil 3 weeks ago. She is 50 pounds and I gave about 1/2 tsp of each in her food once or twice a day. The cyst began leaking brown/black sebum and is now down to almost nothing. I attached before and after pics. This is my first post here. I was so impressed I called my vet about it, too!

EC: Hi Epsy, can you please upload the other photo. Unfortunately the program we use only allows one photo per post. Thank you!

Turmeric and Castor Oil

Posted by Rona (Baltimore, Md) on 05/08/2016

My 16 yr. old Shih Tzu had a large cyst on the top right side of his mouth. It was not cancer but his doctor wouldn't operate because of his age. I found the info about Turmeric & Castor Oil from this website. To all the pet lovers, believe it. IT WORKS! IT WORKS! IT WORKS! My pooch is now healed. The cyst has completely fallen off.

Everyday I dabbed it with castor oil then heavily applied turmeric paste mixture and now after 3 months if fell off with no problem or side effect to my dog.

I also sprinkled a small amount of turmeric powder in his food each time I fed him. He experienced no problems digesting the turmeric in his diet. When I first began using it the cyst grew extra big, bled daily then it began to dry up, separated from his face and on Mother's Day it fell off by itself.

Thank you! Earth Clinic for post the information about Turmeric & Castor Oil it healed my dog and we both are very grateful.


Posted by Sueyd (Harrison, Me) on 01/15/2014

Our dear family dog developed a cyst near his tail recently. We noticed it under the fur for several weeks before he finally started biting at it and removed the fur. It was quite a mess! My husband was afraid that it was time to put him down (he's a 10 yr old, big, furry husky/shepherd, etc mix). I searched online for a home remedy and came across your site - and was SO pleased to find that many others had experienced similar things with their dogs and offered solutions that seemed to WORK!!!! So - I bought some turmeric from the grocery store. We started sprinkling it on his dry dog food morning and afternoon - probably 1/2 teaspoon per day. By the end of the first week, the skin was growing back, by the end of the second week, the fur was growing in. It's been two months now - we give him a sprinkle a couple times a week - I think he misses it! - but the cyst is completely gone! AND - he is more lively and 'happy' ever since!

OK - that's only HALF of the story! My husband broke a tooth the other day and is experiencing flu-like symptoms since then, so I told him I'd go on-line and do some home-remedy research for him. Well...I've been reading on your site for HOURS today (we'll be starting the oil-pull soon! ), and was reading about the benefits of turmeric (for humans! ), and thought, "Oh! I should post on here that it works for pets, too! " and...come to find out - it's the SAME wonderful site that I had found that saved our dear dog!!! You guys are amazing! I'm so thankful and excited - and taking notes - that I found your site - what a great resource!!! And so thankful for all the comments from people that have tried the different remedies.

Spring Water

Posted by Judy (Bangor, Maine) on 01/20/2013

My dog had a growing cyst, a sty, on his lower right eyelid. I took him to the vet in early December and they said if it kept growing, they might have to surgically remove it and sent me home with antibiotic gel to apply. Despite daily applications of the antibiotic ointment, it kept growing over the holidays. I went on Earth Clinic and found two remedies that I wanted to try: the turmeric remedy and the spring water remedy for dogs with cysts. I started with the turmeric remedy, and for 1 week, put 1/8 teaspoon of powdered turmeric, two twists of black pepper, and a small amount of olive oil to his kibble twice a day. After 1 week the cyst had stopped growing but was not getting any smaller. I decided to stop the turmeric because his stomach was beginning to show signs of upset (slightly loose stools) by the end of the week. After that I switched to the 2nd remedy I had read on Earth Clinic. In his water bowls, he got 100% bottled spring water. No tap water, not even the filtered Brita water that I had been using. I put only bottle spring water that I bought in a 5 gallon containers from Home Depot in his water bowls. I continued to give him the same kibble that I had been feeding him the past year. Nothing changed except the water he was drinking was and still is pure (I hope) mountain spring water.

10 days after I started him on the water, the cyst is gone and his eyelid 100% healed!! It makes me think that the tap water that I had been putting in his water bowl, even filtered by a Brita container, was the cause of the sty in the first place.

This simple remedy saved me at least $800 in surgical bills at the vets. I am very grateful for the person who posted this remedy on Earth Clinic.


Posted by Chloe (Seattle, WA, USA) on 01/05/2009

Turmeric Remedy for Cysts. Mid December 08, my 7-year old Golden Retriever was limping and her left paw was in pain. I could feel a hard lump next to one of the pads. Took her to the vet. They aspirated it and sent it to lab. (cost $180). Advised me that it was a sebaceous cyst and would have to be removed to the tune of $600 (that's including the discount of vet ins.) They said it WOULD NOT go away and it WOULD NOT burst. It would have to be cut off. It was "hard" now as it was old and not filled with fluid. I was desperate to find a natural cure, as I didn't want to spend $600!!. I've been on this website before (LOVE IT!!) and stumbled upon Lisa from Ohio's turmeric remedy. I started in immediately and now, 2 weeks later, the cyst is HALF its former size and is not painful at all. It was rock-hard before and now feels more normal. 2 weeks ago I couldn't even touch it! THIS REMEDY IS A MIRACLE. Sadie also has a soft cyst the size of a nickle on her chest and that has gotten smaller as well! I just used regular turmeric from the grocery store. 1 teaspoon per day. I have done extensive research on turmeric and have found it to be a miracle herb. I am now taking it myself 2x per day in tablet form. THANK-YOU EARTH CLINIC!!!!!! xoxo Chloe