Spring Water, Coconut Oil and Turmeric for Cysts in Pets

| Modified on Apr 11, 2024

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Posted by Petnanny (Texas, US) on 04/15/2015

My basset hound has been suffering from fatty cysts for years. The conventional wisdom was to leave them alone. One of them kept swelling up and I got concerned that it was something different, so I started researching. I started her on only spring water, and add about a tsp of tumeric to her food twice a day along with a tsp of coconut oil each meal. I mix that all together and she loves it and I must say that it has helped tremendously so far. All of the other cysts have started shrinking. This bigger one has been shrinking and finally burst today. I drained it and am about to place a hot compress on it. There is a small hole where everything expressed. I'm wondering what else I need to do at this stage? Should I put the coco oil and tumeric on the cyst itself where the opening is? It's worked so well so far I want to make sure to do this well. Thanks everyone!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Petnanny!

If this were my dog I would keep the whole area clean. Powdered turmeric would be my choice to apply to the hole area.

Kudos on your progress!!

Replied by Sharon H
(Ontario Canada)

Be careful when cysts break and it's during summer months where flies are present. I bought a 24 month sleeper (my female is 27 lbs) cut the arms and legs off of it and kept that on her while she was outside. One of hers ruptured and we ended up having to get it removed, horrible ordeal, they found four more. I've started her on Tumor-X Pau dArco and Tumeric. I'll keep you posted how it works (she's on a raw food diet as well).

Replied by Maj
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Quick question, I'm currently using coconut oil and turmeric (1 tspn for 1/2 tpsn) on my golden's cyst. The top of the cyst is turning black. Is this normal? Any help would be appreciated.


Replied by Martha

My niece's little dog had a cyst under her neck it looked like a ball hanging down, someone told her to tie it off with string that causes the blood supply not to get to it..it burst and pus came out. She put antibiotic ointment on it and she said it healed really well. Hasn't came back...

(Pac, Nw)

Cysts are formed in the body. Sounds like it was a skin tag. They just hang off the body and continue to get larger with time. I usually see them on older dogs. I take a length of thread, double it and tie it tightly at the base of the skin tag (sometimes it helps to have a third hand). It cuts it off from the body, The tag dries up and falls off.