The 5 Mix for Heart Disease

The 5 Mix
Posted by Nika (Netherlands) on 08/12/2022
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Change in hearing quality after beginning with 5Mix and Cayenne against High Blood Pressure (HBP) and Bradycardia

Hello, EarthClinic. It's years long that I enjoy God sent help from the incredible community, doing from time to time my part. It's first time that I request for help, as it's first time I feel helpless.

My husband ( 67 y/o) has developed HBP in the last 2 months, combined with low heart beat rate (55-57), which manifests at night only. He also has sort of heart burn and hard breath at night and I can't watch him suffering so much. Cayenne helps to some extent to neutralise the problem but to fight of the HBP and Bradicardia I've chosen the wonderful 5 MIX.

After 1 day of taking both 5 mix and cayenne he said he has problem with hearing, by the end of the day the problem nearly subsided, but next day, after taking next portion of 5 MIX he developed sort of double sound syndrome ( like when they change the voice of whistleblower during interview, when he doesn't want to be recognised).

Should he stop with the 5 Mix or is it a detox effect and we should persist? Has anybody had that sort of experience or similar? I just need advice of a rational mind, since it's first time the problem doesn't have simple and quick solution. Thank You and God Bless you all.

The 5 Mix
Posted by Maria (Victoria) on 08/02/2015
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I combined ACV, honey, lemon juice, and ginger in a glass of hot rain water and drank it in the morning before I consumed anything else. By the end of Day 1 I began to experience heart irregularities. Thinking it was anxiety I again took a glass of the mixture on Day 2. All day long my heart beat irregularly every 3,5, or 8 beats. Incredibly annoying. I stopped drinking the mixture and on Day 3, except for a few skipped beats, everything was back to normal. Day 4, haven't taken the mixture (of course) and waiting to see if I can go through the day without even one "hiccup"...

The 5 Mix
Posted by Anna (Philadelphia, Usa) on 12/03/2014
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My husband started 5 mix on Oct.10 when his cardiologist told him he has calcified heart valves.

He progressively grew WORSE (he developed serious shortness of breath, even when only sitting or lying and today he decided to go to hospital emergency room after he almost stopped breathing few times at night

Why? I don't think 5 mix caused it but it could be very long and severe Herxheimer reaction , (he is a chemist and has mercury fillings...).

I feel bad about pushing natural remedies at him... For me they always work but I have faith in them and his belief is very weak.