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Magnesium Chloride

Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 11/28/2011

Hi Bill, I would really appreciate your opinion. I have just got some magnesium chloride and when it arrived the bag says for industrial use. It is not quite pure white, say off white and when I made it to solution it is a little cloudy with a very slight dirty appearance (only very slight). It also has a bitter almond odour. Could this be cyanide? I have read something that Dr Mark Circus wrote that even with 25 times the heavy metal pollution it is a 1000x better than nothing. I got it for footbaths and to apply transdermally but now am uncertain if it should be used or not at all or only sometimes. I have applied it twice to my legs and had good results, the same as if I were using the small expensive packet of pure white flakes. Would you think it ok to continue using them? Your opinion/ thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I do look forward to reading your posts. Thanks, Maria

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Maria... I'm afraid that I can't really advise you here. My own Magnesium Chloride that I use as mag oil is chemical grade purity. But when there is a peculiar almond smell and a milky, dirty appearance, perhaps you should write to the manufacturers and get a purity analysis off them or go online, find their website and email them for your own peace of mind. Or perhaps you could get someone to do an impurity analysis of your magnesium chloride locally. And whether to use it or not is really up to you to decide.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Thanks Bill.

Posted by Jeff (Cebu City, Philippines) on 08/26/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Recently, I bought Magnesium Chloride crystals and made mag oil out of it. My mom, who has both diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, seems to sleep better when I rub it on her lower legs. The problem is that it constantly itches. I am not sure if she is allergic to it since her legs don't turn red or anything but it itches like being bitten by a mosquito. I've been rubbing it on her legs for almost a week and the level of itching is still the same. I tried once to just paint it on her soles and it seems that her soles don't itch but her legs still itches even if I just rub it on her soles. My wife is speculating that it may be an issue of bad circulation. Has anyone experienced this? I've read through the magnesium and circulation postings and didn't find anything about itching. I did read somewhere that its quite probable since blood starts travel back in your skin and that makes it itch. My question is, how long does it take for the itching to start subsiding?

Replied by Lisa
Rabat, Morocco

Hi Jeff, I don't know if this is true or not, but I have read from several people online that if a person is deficient in magnesium that the oil will cause burning/itching. From my own experience I found this to be true. When I first started the mag. oil, I had terrible burning/itching and stopped using it. I took mag. powder internally for awhile then went back to using the oil again. This time, I had no burnng/itching. I couldn't say how long it will take for this to go away.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Hi Jeff, This also happened to me. All through childhood and until recently I would even have to wash sea water off after having a swim, no waiting till I got home. Instead of rubbing the mag oil on spray it on and leave it on for a few minutes or till the itching starts and rinse off. Then lightly rub legs with ev olive oil or coconut oil. Soaking the feet in a tub also helps, do it for 20 mins in the evening. If all else fails try epsom salts foot soaks. I have never had a problem with epsom salts. Absolutely excellent in the bath and foot soaks, just use a jug of water or shower to rinse off. It may also be worthwhile taking a small amount of magnesium orally about 1/2 hour before bed. It's interesting that your wife thinks it could be circulation as I would have to say that mine has improved and now sea water does not need to be rinsed off, never thought of that.

If your mum has any other skin issues have a look at neem supplements and some morning or afternoon sunshine for Vit D. All the best.

Replied by Jeff
Cebu City, Philippines

Thanks for the feedback. To Maria, what my wife meant was that my mom may have bad circulation issues before, and taking mag oil made the circulation better. My mom-in-law used to tell her that some people get itchy skin when the circulation comes rushing back, since blood tends to float up to the skin. I guess her circulation improved since she is sleeping better. But now her skin is full of red spots. I'm laying off the magnesium chloride for a while. Last night I tried dipping her feet in water with H202 which seemed to help lighten the red spots a bit. I don't think she's allergic to the mag oil because its only the top part of her foot which has the red spots. Her shins do itch but no spots. I also rubbed some on her forearm and even her chest but no red spots. only 1 area has those.

Do you guys think its ok to soak her feet in epsom salt even with the red spots or should I let it subside first?

Replied by Jeff
Cebu City, Philippines
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As an update, the red spots that manifested on my mom's skin which was caused by the Magnesium Oil actually disappeared when I applied magnesium oil onto it. I read on another website that the red spots are suppose to be unused calcium from the cells which floated up to the skin, and putting magnesium oil on those spots should let the calcium go back to the bloodstream so that it can be used again by the body.

Replied by Jef
Cebu City, Surigao

Hello, Can I ask something? Where did u buy milk of magnesia here in cebu???? I went to watsons, rose pharmacy and other drug stores but there's no product there, even at the groceries. Pls help me. Can u just send it to my email? jefc_cuanan(at) Hoping for your reply. Thanks a lot

Replied by Bobynn
South Royalton, Vt, Usa

A tip for the itching is to dilute the magnesium oil with more water. Separate into another small spray bottle and dillute it by 50 percent or more and then gradually increase the amount of the magnesium. I like to apply coconut oil over the magnesium and then go to bed. No reason to go full guns and be uncomfortably miserable with stinging and itching. I find that I can apply it to my scalp much stronger than to my face. So I get my hands wet and apply more water where it runs down behind my ears and on my forhead and cheeks full strength is too itchy. A splash of water and rub it in and I still get the benefits of it on my face. My hair by the way was falling by gobs. For the last 5 years in my hair brush and the shower drain. It was getting thin and my hair line had changed. My eyebrows were disappearing. Within a month or so my hair stopped falling out. And it is now coming back in even my eyebrows are starting to fill in. I like to rub into my scalp and sleep with it all night. When I wash it out in the morning my hair is exceptionally shiny with good body after leaving it on my scalp all night.

Replied by Sanjay Mehta
Ahmedabad, India

hi Bobynn,

Read yr old (2013) post about mg oil good for your hair. would like to know, your experience about mg oil so far, especially with hair fall.

do you still think, mg oil helped you to stop falling hair & do u think, you would still recommend it?

I ask because, with time, often the opinion a person has about a product changes. just trying to make sure, before trying this on myself.

Posted by Luana (Hollywood, Florida ) on 06/20/2011

Thank you Bill from San Fernando! Your comments and links on magnesium chloride. This saved my digestion. ACV had helped with acid reflux but the magnesuim chloride is a miracle. I was in such bad shape, wasn't even able to digest food. From everything I have read it appears that I have been deficient in magnesium for a long time, but my entire chemistry was messed up by a staff infection I was given during surgey or from all the antibiotics. It happened so fast and doctors have no clue. They don't even take you serioulsy if they can't just perscribe a deadly drug. I have been getting sicker and sicker and just didn't know how much longer I could go on. I was taking the magnesium at night.

One night I watched a documentary called Feed your head about a doctor curing paranoid schitzophrenia with niacin. I have niacin but didn't take it regularly. That night I took the niacin with the magnesium and the next day I felt wonderful the next day, it was so dramatic. In the info you posted it states you need magnesium to properly metabolzie b vitamins and boy I sure learned that taking the two together. I thought the first day may have been a fluke, but as every day was better, it could only have been the magnesium with the niacin.

So I told my husband and he tried it. He experienced the same thing, you wake up feeling so good, full of energy and don't even need the coffee. I owe you Bill. I got a copy of my blood tests and the thing that was really out of control was my calcium levels. My doctor never even mentioned this, I guess he didn't see this as a problem. I am post menapausal for 10 years so supposedly should be calcium deficient. I was really upset to learn about the calcium and how the great damage these lies are doing to our bodies. I have had kidney problems from calcium deposits for years. Have bone spurs from calcium and can only imagine what it has done to my heart and arteries.

Our American healthcare is criminal. I am sharing the magnesium chloride and niacin at night with everyone I know. Especially with other women as we are bombarded with the suppsed need for all this calcium and have no idea that without magnesium, we are poisioning our bodies.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Canada

Hi: would you share what form and amount of magnesium and how much niacin. Also is this on an empty right before bed? Thanks

Replied by Luana
Hollywood, Fl

I take 2 Alta Magensium Chloride tablets with a 500 mg niacin. I started taking all my b vitamins now at night and no longer have bright yellow urine, so it sure seems that the magensium does impact the metabolization of b vitamins, so you actually use the vitamin. I started taking the same dose of the magnesium and niacin during the early afternoon or late morning. Starting to get tired mid afternoon like the effects wore off. Now it lasts through the day.

Replied by Luana
Hollywood, Fl

Hi Mary, forgot to answer you on timing. We take about an hour before bed or so. I drink with milk but my husband just with water. Like I said, it has worked great doing it in the afternoon too. You just need to take the niacin with the magnesium. I had starting taking the magnesium chloride at night, and just happened to want to take the niacin after watching the documentry on Dr. Abram Hoffer and niacin. That made me want ti take niacin so I took it with the magenesium. I had taken niacin many times over the years but never felt anything but the flush. I never experienced anything like the effect as such when taking it with the magnesium chloride. The magnesium was great for sleep, acid reflux, digestion and for nerves, but alone there was no effect of the energy and mental clarity, better and disposition as such as when taken with the niacin. From Dr. Hoffer's research, niacin is just so important for the brain, which needs so much more nutrients than an other body system. But the just plain old feeling so good and energy wasn't something I was expecting. Everyone else I have given this too has the same experience. Just some feel so good in the AM then sort of hit an afternoon crash, but take the mag and niacin again and you are set for the day.

Replied by Glenys
Brisbane, Australia

Hi Luana. Are you still taking the B6 together with the Magnesium. 500mg is a big dose of B6? I am surprised that you can take it before going to bed and still sleep? What dose of the Magnesium Chloride do you take?

Posted by Frances (Gcs, Fl) on 05/31/2011

Thank you EC for all the information. I would like to try the magnesium chloride transdermal treatment. The only place I found selling it, only sells large amount, I don't want to buy 55Lbs; can anyone please advise where in North Florida or the internet to buy. Deirdre in GA can you help?

Replied by Candy
Fort Madison, Iowa

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida

Hi Frances, This is Merryanne in Central FL, You can find Magnesium Chlorid Crystals in Aquarium Storis that sell all the minerials for salt water tanks, it is all very pure and clean, it has to or it will kill the fish. You can also find it on eBay and order it. You take 1 cup of mag crystals and 1 cup of very hot water and mix untill melted, there you have mag oil you can spray on or take one teaspoon a day( about 600 mg per teaspoon) I have been taking it every day for over or about a year, it is the best magnesium for your body, it has no laxitive effect and it is quickly motabilised by your body.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines

Frances... Magnesium Chloride flakes are normally sold in larger amounts but there are other opitions for you. Magnesium Chloride flakes is not normally sold in health shops, but Magnesium Oil is sold in health shops. Magnesium Oil simply consists of 60% -- 70% magnesium chloride flakes dissolved in 30% -- 40% water.

You can use Magnesium Oil and either take it internally -- 10 drops at a time -- once or twice a day or just just spread 10 drops under each forearm(I do this) for direct transdermal absorbtion into the blood. Using the transdermal method bypasses problems which might occur during digestion and absorbtion of magnesium in the intestines. You can also safely supplement much larger amounts of Magnesium Chloride using the transdermal method.

Replied by Jim
Lakeland, Florida

Frances, I buy magnesium chloride flakes from swanson vitamin online for 15.00 for 2.2lbs.

Posted by Sharon From Washington (Washington, Missouri) on 05/01/2011

Can ted or someone tell me if I can purchase magnesium chloride used for melting ice to make my own magnesium chloride. How can I tell if it is safe and pure to use? Is all magnesium chloride the same?

Magnesium Citrate

Posted by Alfonso (Baltimore, Maryland, Usa) on 08/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

After many hours of reading I bought the Borax and just started using it. I have had osteoarthritis in my thumbs for some time and it is slowly getting worse. Let's see what happens. However, my purpose here is to tell you about Magnesium. I have been using it for a long time but it didn't do me any good until I came upon a different form that has not been mentioned here. It is very hard to assimilate it in pill form. What I am using with success is Ionic magnesium citrate which is a powder that gets dissolved in a bit of hot water. It fizzles and the magnesium disappears into the water. This way it gets completely absorbed. Very effective. I get it in the USA, I don't know about its availability in other countries. I guess I am not supposed to mention brands, but I only know the one I am using. So, its not a tablet or a capsule or an oil, it is a drink. Hope this helps.

Magnesium Comparisons

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have made some observations about magnesium that I thought I would share.

I have been taking magnesium powder (Natural Calm) at night for a long time. I take about 500 mg this way and it helps me to sleep and keeps my digestion regular. One night recently, I had had a snack and didn't want to drink the amount of water I would need to take my magnesium powder. I have some Nature's Way Magnesium capsules so I took two of those instead, which was a total of 800 mg of magnesium. I wondered if this would cause diarrhea because if I took that much Natural Calm, it surely would have. Well, it did not; in fact, the next day my digestion was noticeably slow. Whether it is because Natural Calm is a more absorbable form of magnesium (magnesium citrate) than the other, which was magnesium oxide, or something else, I do not know. But what that means is that not all magnesium supplements are equal. If one form of magnesium isn't working for you as you might hope, try another.

Secondly, I got lazy this week and skipped a few days of magnesium oil on my back at bedtime. Even with an oral magnesium supplement, if I skip the topical magnesium oil I wake up with stiffness. I made sure to use my magnesium oil last night and can really tell a difference - I was much less stiff when I woke up today. Some people find that topical magnesium affects the bowels, but it doesn't in my case, at least in the amount I use. But what is interesting to note is that internal use of magnesium does not have nearly the same benefit to me to reduce pain and stiffness that topical magnesium does.

What does this mean? If you want to use magnesium for a health problem, you may need to experiment with amounts you use as well as the brand you use, as well as the way you deliver it to your body (orally or through the skin.) And it seems there is no one size fits all. I guess this is where healing takes on its art form. There is a science to healing, but it isn't a once size fits all deal. Each individual is complex and unique in his needs, thus the art aspect of healing.

So, that is my two cents worth of musing on magnesium today...

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Art
576 posts


No internal magnesium that I have ever used, and I have used a few, can provide the muscle relaxing effects of topically applied mag oil, so I am with you on that topic.


Replied by Sonia

Mama to Many, which Mag Oil do you use? Sometimes I wake up with achy joints, especially knees.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Sonia,

At first I bought Life Flo magnesium oil and used that. But I realized making my own is going to be a lot cheaper if I use it a lot.

I bought Ancient Minerals Mangesium flakes. I bring 1/2 cup distilled water to simmer on the stove in a stainless steel or glass pot. I remove it from the heat and add 1/2 cup magnesium flakes. According to some, this will not be as effective as store bought magnesium oil, but that makes no sense to me; I think it is an advertising thing.

I would guess magnesium flakes or oil from any reputable source would do.

I hope the magnesium oil will help your knees! It is great stuff.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Art

M to M,

Some of the store bought mag oil is closer to 70% while a mix of a half cup of flakes to a half cup of water is more likely to be less than 50%. These 70% solutions are closer to a saturated solution and would tend to explain why they might be slightly more effective. Mixing flakes in lotion is another useful way of using mag flakes.


Magnesium Gluconate

Posted by Bill (Boston, Ma) on 02/22/2017
3 out of 5 stars

I have been using Magnesium Gluconate for about 3 months and also soaking in epsom salt hot baths. Well, it is has been determined that my doctor said to discontinue doing this because I have had rashes and red spots tingling and pain all over. Itching is the worst of it. You can develop a bad reaction to magnesium if you overdose on it. My intake was capsule form maybe 500 mg plus the salt baths. I thought I had shingles at first the feet, legs, fingers, ankles and other places on my body were in an off and on state of discomfort, pain and sometimes agony.

Magnesium needs to be used properly like any other herb or mineral. If not it can have a reverse reaction. I have since stopped all baths and magnesium intake for the foreseeable future. Hope this helps someone so they do not misdiagnose their condition.

Replied by Bill
Boston, Ma


Regarding my healing. For 2 months I have been in terrible discomfort, tingling, burning and itching on my feet, hands, ankles, legs and different parts of my body. I did not know what this was after 3 trips to the doctor blood tests and further evaluations.

Finally one day I was going over my everyday routine of supplements and actions regarding my health.

I came to realize to my amazement that my problem was not in something I caught but something I myself was doing. MY PROBLEM WAS MAGNESIUM...FOR SURE. Here's why.

I was taking 500mg of mag gluconate sometimes twice a day, then spraying magnesium spray on my body, also soaking in a hot bathtub with epsom salts containing magnesium. When my doctor heard this she said STOP! I stopped 4 days ago after the the second day I'm back to normal no pain, not itching, no burning, no tingling.

I had red spots appear on my skin then disappear in 2 or 3 hours scaring me. Big blotches too in some places. The itching was horrid. The nerves in my hands an feet were under attack I thought it was RA and other issues. I'm 61 but otherwise in good health. All my labs came back near was all a mystery until I stopped the magnesium.

I hope I helped someone out there that is going through the same thing.


Magnesium L-Threonate

Posted by Glam Girl (Los Angeles, California ) on 06/08/2014
0 out of 5 stars

I recently have been trying the Magnesium L-Threonate as a new form of magnesium By Life Extension, and it is supposed to give greater mental focus. I noticed that my heart would race at night and seemed to have a difficult time pumping. So I have decided to stop taking them. I also took all 3 at nite time so that may have been too many at once, but heck I'd rather not have thumping heart problems from a Magnesium supplement. Xoxo

Replied by Edna
Hayward, Ca

Hello, Magnesium L Threonate is a great form of magnesium for Memory. The way to take it is twice a day. Take 1 in AM combine with 1 Mg Glycinate.. Another 1 in pm combine with 2 caps Mg Glycinate.. Mix Mg forms.. as the needed dose for Mag is mg 5x body wt/lbs.. (100 lbs. needs 5oo mg Mg.) Mag L Threonate only has 48 mg elemental Mg. Glycinate has 133 mg Mg. per pill...It takes about 6 months or more to get your body stores of Mag replenished. So be patient.It will happen.

Posted by Rosemary (White Rock, B.C., Canada ) on 10/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I was just reading about the possible mind/memory/learning benefits of a new magnesium l-threonate. The human trials are not finished but it's on the market.... has anyone out there used this yet and with what results? I am already benefiting with sleep, mood and digestion by using magnesium chloride in a weak drink and as an oil spray as well as soaking in epsom salts.

Replied by Brainbodymind
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Usa

Yes, I have been using it for 2 weeks. What a remarkable difference it has made for my brain! It produces a calm, clear headed feeling and my focus is much improved. Here is an article describing the clinical research.

Magnesium Malate

Posted by Karen (Tampa, Fl) on 04/20/2013

Q: Bill from the Phillipines. I have read most all of your comments on magnesium. What are your thoughts on magnesium malate? Thank you very much.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Karen... I prefer to take Magnesium Chloride (as Magnesium Oil) for Magnesium and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for malates. ACV contains both acetic acid and malic acid so when, as Ted from Bangkok advises, you add baking soda and water to two tablespoons of ACV this converts to acetates and malates which are then easily absorbed into the body from the intestines.

In my opinion, Magnesium Chloride is also the best form of magnesium to take and taking Magnesium chloride and ACV in this fashion will also be much cheaper for you. ACV is also high in potassium and other minerals so you also get that extra benefit too. The acetates and malates from ACV both also help to increase energy in the body. Also, malates in pill form are normally derived from a standardized chemical process. I don't like standardize chemical processes (think Codex Alimentarius). That's why I much prefer always using the natural forms or the bare mineral form as a simple powder only(no tablets).

Right now, because of the hot season in the Philippines, I also take 1/4 teaspoon of Vitamin C and two squirts of magnesium oil(large dose) every morning with my juice because of the searing heat. This somehow works magically to keep your body cool even in searing hot weather. I really don't know why or how it works -- you'll have to ask Ted -- but work it does!! I also take lugols iodine every day (6 to 8 drops a day) and this must also help to regulate body skin temperature more efficiently as well via the thyroid.

There are certainly other forms of Magnesium such as the malate, citrate and threonate salt forms which all have specific beneficial uses in the body. But the best all round form of magnesium to supplement is, without question, the magnesium chloride form because of its more widespread beneficial effects on the immune system, heart, increasing energy, nervous system, relaxing the muscles, regulating calcium in the body, relaxing the mind, antibiotic action, digestion etc.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

The magnesium site is awesome, thanks for the heads up ^. Learned a lot more than I have from other articles and sites.....

For all you mag users out there.... the diarrhea passes quick if you get it when you start the magnesium, be patient... the body is so excited to get some mag in it, if it doesn't pass, try another form of magnesium. As always, start with small dose and work your way up ^

Replied by Mary
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Please note that Dr. Carolyn Dean in her article on Google now recommends Angstrom Magnesium (page 20) as the best Magnesium to take. A little more expensive, but very good absorption and no diarrhoe

Replied by Paula
Salt Lake City, Ut

Bill from the Phillipines, I have read your feedback regarding magnesium which is impressive. I would like to know if one should take calcium or is diet enough. I have read various things including not to take calcium with magnesium as one prevents the absorbtion of the other in the intestines and have also read not to take calcium at all.

Posted by Coach (USA, USA) on 02/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium Malate is a form that is better asorbed and the Malate part is good for the Krebs Cycle of the body. Athletes were tested for Krebs cycle intermediates after hard workouts and always show low for Malate. Plus Malate also provides Malic Acid which is good for ridding the body of Aluminum. Aluminum build up in the body is toxic.

Magnesium Oil

Posted by Lisa (Abilene, Texas) on 01/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Spraying magnesium oil on the souls of the feet at night or doing foot soaks is a better way to get magnesium than taking it orally... you don't absorb enough taking it pill form and can take up to a year to build up in your system. You can get mag oil at and you don't get the ugly diarrhea side effect.

Magnesium Side Effects

Posted by Rachel (Madison, Wisconsin) on 01/13/2013

Last night for the second night in a row, I took 2 teaspoons of powdered magnesium (the kind that dissolves in water). I got a severe stomach upset an hour later which I know was from the magnesium. There was a second side effect however, and I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else. My left eye started hurting me a little when I went to bed. Very tender if I put the slightest pressure on it. This morning when I woke up, half of my upper left eyelid near my nose is very swollen. I am drinking a lot of water to see if it will go down. My eyeball is not bloodshot. Anyone have an idea if this is related to the magnesium? I have never had this happen before. Thank you in advance for any advice!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2114 posts

Rachel: it may never be known, this little symptom, as there are sooo many variables and unidentifiable causes. So, one must throw a "blanket" cure and reevaluate. Magnesium is a great mineral that is gaining popularity as a remedy of many health problems simply because it's soo lacking in the diet. But taking Mag alone isn't a balanced mineral approach. I suggest temporarily drop the large Mag dose and try a Cal/Mag/Zinc supplement. This should give you a broader range of efficacy.

Replied by Rachel
Madison, Wisconsin

Dear TimH, thank you very kindly for your response. I spent Sunday replenishing my electrolytes and potassium in particular. The eyelid swelling went down almost immediately, but I had intense pressure and pain behind both eyes that kept me in bed much of the day Sunday. When my husband commented that he too had pressure behind his eyes, I started looking for another cause. Turns out... Da da da! ... That we were both having an allergic reaction to a fragrance in a beautiful reed diffuser that we had received as a gift on Saturday and set out. Wow! There was no listing of ingredients on the bottle, but I suspect the liquid contained not only essential oils but some very toxic chemicals. It took about 12 hours after I removed the bottle from the house for our eye pressure to go away. Who would have guessed?! Best to you, Rachel.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2114 posts

Rachel: So glad you found the cause. Don't count you & hubby out of the woods yet. Antioxidants in any form would definitely be indicated right now. From this it is possible that you could develop Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Yes, some of the "household products" are very toxic and many aren't labeled as strictly as, say, food items. A hot bath w/ Baking Soda /Epsom Salt would help rid the toxins. Take 1 grm Vit-C during the bath.

Posted by Sarah (North Vancouver, B.C., Canada) on 06/15/2009
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I have just started taking magnesium as a supplement ( apro. 150 mg/day ).

Aproximately 1-2 hrs after taking I feel very jittery in my muscles and restless in general. It does not make a difference if I take it with calcuim. I understand magnesium is natures relaxant but it seems to have the opposite effect on me. Has anyone had this problem or know what may be causing this ? Sarah.

EC: Hi Sarah, can you tell us the exact ingredients in your supplement? Thanks!

Replied by Liz
New York, NY
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Hello, my comment is regarding Sarah's posting (from North Vancouver, B.C Canada). I have a similar reaction to magnesium. Lately, I have been taking Bentonite clay (which is rich in magnesium) and it has kept me up and energized, the problem is that if I take it close to my bedtime, I simply cannot get any sleep. The dose that I am taking is quite large (2 tablespoons) and not only I do not experience any calming effects, it does not have any laxative effects either. I have read some postings here on EC regarding the relaxing effects of magnesium but for some strange reason, the opposite happens to me. I had attempted to address the problem by not having any caffeine after lunch time and also sticking to a light early dinner thinking that those were the reasons for my insomnia, and not until recently when I was purchasing clay from a website and read someone's comment about magnesium keeping them up that I made the connection. I remember having the same problem when taking magnesium citrate. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks!

Replied by Nopey
Arkansas, USA

May I ask why you are taking extra magnesium. I started taking it since I seem to have candida and I also have a mitral valve prolapse. After taking it for a few a month I started gettting major muscle twitching. I even got a heart cramping feeling every now and then. Perhaps you don't need extra magnesium. Perhaps you are throwing your calcium balance off. Even if you take calcium with it it might not be properly absorbed. Certain types of calcium are absorbed better than others. What magnesium were you taking? Was it magnesium taurate, or another form. Perhaps there is a underlying cause for you symptoms that are not related to the magnesium.

Replied by Sarah
North Vancouver, B.C, canada

I have just started taking magnesium on recomendation for adrenal exhaustion and perimenopause issues.One week ago I took only one capsule (150 mg) of magnesium citrate-malate before bedtime and the reaction I had (jittery muscles and restlesness) occured 1-2 hrs later. My heart was also racing. I thought perhaps it may have something to do with a calcium/magnesium imbalance so 2 days later I took a Cal/Mag supplement and the same thing happened. The cal/mag supplement was an inexpensive one made up of carbonate, citrate, fumarate, malate, succinate and glutamate sources for both.

The interesting thing is that this reaction happened only after a one time dose both times. A few months ago I tried ACV for a few days and had a similar reaction each time I took it so I had to stop. This is very puzzling to me and I am searching for clues as to why my body reacts this way.

Replied by Colleen
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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I've been having similar reactions to magnesium. I took it as a natural muscle relaxer because I'm tired of taking Rx for my back. I started taking 600mg of magnesium oxide in 250mg tablets (I broke them up to make 3 servings to reach 600mg) Within hours the muscles started to relax (I was shocked that it worked so fast) by the fourth day I started having pain in between my shoulder blades, shoulders, neck, jaw, headache, and in my armpit. This was followed with my heart pumping so hard that it felt as if my heart was in my throat. Needless to say I stopped taking it for about a week and a half and the muscle pain came back with a vengence. I thought I'd try taking 250mg a day by breaking the pill in half and taking 1/2 two times a day. It took the edge off my pain, but not as good as with 600mg. Unfourtunately the chest/heart pain came back with in a few days and I stopped taking it again. nearly four days of being off it and my pulse is still to high to donate plasma. I don't want to take calcium with my history of kidney stones, and I had issues with potassium supplements about nine years ago when it was reccomended for a low carb diet I was on. My heart was racing so fast I thought I would faint and fall to the floor. does anyone have any suggestions on how to make my heart/ chest pain stop and/or a safer alternative to relax the muscles without scary side effects. by the way the added ingredients in the mag supp I was taking is: cellulose, starch, croscarmellose, vegetable magnesium sterate. The brand is from a popular pharmacy chain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by T
Baltimore, Md, USA

Hi Colleen,

If that pharmacy chain starts with "R", then I would say your reaction to that supplement doesn't surprise me. I've purchased different things from them that smelled like some weird strong glue when opened, way before any expiration date (of course I returned them!). Things I had taken from them that didn't smell like that never seemed to do much anyway. I don't buy their suppplements anymore. It's worth paying more for better quality.

I would suspect the additives in the supplement as causing your problems before suspecting the magnesium itself. How about some food sources to get that extra magnesium? A food source is always better than a supplement if the food source is of good quality. Eating the whole food means you get all the synergistic compounds it may contain as opposed to an isolated nutrient. Pumpkin seeds have very high levels of magnesium as well as lots of other nutrients. I buy an organic dry roasted brand that are low sodium. A handful a day can give you quite a nutritional boost. See this link for lots of good info on pumpkin seeds:

Beans and spinach are also very good sources of magnesium, as are chinook salmon and halibut. If you feel you still need some supplemental magnesium, perhaps you might want to try the magnesium oil foot soak as described here on EC. Bear in mind that magnesium, calcium, and potassium do need to be balanced; this is very important!

Good luck, and please update us!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

I've been taking both Magnesium Gluconate tablets for some time now, and have just started to soak my feet in Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate).

By far the best way to take and absorb Magnesium into your body is either by soaking yourself in the bath for at least 20 mins (adding 3 cups of Epsom salts to the bath water) or to use a little warm water (enough just to submerge the soles of your feet and toes in a small bow), add and dissolve 3 tblsps of Epsom Salts, and soak your feet for half an hour (less wasteful than a bath, but just as good). The reason that this is the best way to absorb magnesium is that its absorbtion does not require the digestive system, so there is no chance of problems like diarrhea. Also, by soaking, the body will only absorb the amount of magnesium that it needs, so this method works well with your body's magnesium regulation.

The first time that I did this foot soak with Epsom Salts was at 9:00 pm at night. By 10 pm, I was so relaxed and tired that I just went to bed (I usually never go to bed before 12 at night) and I woke up the next morning wide awake and fresh for the day. No brain fog or grogginess.

I'm 60 y o and I do this Epsom Salt foot soak once a week now, or whenever I have aches and pains(which rarely happens now).

I also use an 8 oz garden spray -- which contains water 3 teaspoons Epsom Salts 1 teaspoon of Borax(20 Mule Team brand) to spray onto the outside of my body after showering and drying. I rub it in and leave this to dry naturally on my body.

These soaking and spraying methods are far more efficient and safe than supplementing with magnesium pills. They also deliver far larger amounts of magnesium into the body than oral supplements, and it is completely safe with no side-effects.

Replied by Colleen
Minneapolis, Mn

What is the borax for? Does this spray leave your skin chalky? Sounds like a great idea. I just tried epsom and water 1/2 & 1/2 and it turned me all white where I sprayed it.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Colleen...You use a much higher concentration of epsom salt in your spray than I do. I just use one heaped tablespoon in water in a small 8 oz spray container. This does not dry white on the skin. Using a 50-50 solution will not do you any harm, but it will settle as a white powder on your body due to being a much heavier concentration.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Forgot to add that I add the borax to kill off any fungus, bacteria etc on my skin. You don't have to add it to the spray mixture if you prefer.