Turmeric Cures and Miracle Health Benefits

Head and Neck, Sore Throat and Coughs
Posted by Jeanie (Kamuela, Hawai'i) on 12/17/2022

Head & neck remedy, throats & cough esp

Years ago, I did lomilomi training with auntie Margaret Machado. She believed in turmeric! She said “anything for the head and neck, include Turmeric” in the remedy that you recommend. I get a small jar of honey and remove some, replacing it to the top with ground fresh turmeric. Whatever hot tea I choose to make, I add 1-3 spoons of this mix. Sometimes squeeze 1/2 lemon. It's very comforting. And I've noticed quick results when I've used it with myself and others. I keep this jar on the top stove ledge so I remember to use it. J