Turmeric Benefits: Health Uses & Anti-Inflammatory Properties

| Modified on Apr 18, 2024
Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric, a vibrant spice known for its medicinal properties, is essential in natural health remedies. Its anti-inflammatory properties are its hallmark, and it is often utilized to prevent and treat conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, and various skin ailments. This guide explores the benefits of incorporating turmeric into your daily health regimen.

Historical and Cultural Significance of Turmeric

Traditionally found in your grandmother's kitchen for canning pickles, turmeric’s uses extend far beyond a simple food dye. Belonging to the ginger family, the root of the turmeric plant is most commonly used for its health benefits. Its earthy, slightly bitter flavor makes it a staple in many households, available in the spice section of grocery stores or more economically in bulk at local Indian markets or health food stores.

Convenient Forms of Consumption: Capsules and Powders

Turmeric is available in capsule form for ease of use, offering a straightforward method to obtain its benefits. High-quality turmeric curcumin supplements can be found online, providing a potent dose of the spice’s active ingredients.

Nutritional Benefits and Anti-inflammatory Effects

Rich in potassium, vitamin B-6, magnesium, and vitamin C, turmeric's standout feature is curcumin, the compound responsible for its anti-inflammatory effects. This makes turmeric an excellent choice for combating inflammation and enhancing overall health.

Top Ten Health Benefits of Turmeric

  1. Acne Relief: Turmeric acts as a natural antibiotic, addressing the bacterial causes of acne and reducing inflammation. It can also be used topically in a paste form for direct skin application.
  2. Combating MRSA: Turmeric is a natural antibiotic that effectively treats resistant staph infection MRSA.
  3. Alzheimer’s Disease Management: Studies have shown turmeric’s benefits in reducing symptoms and slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease through its anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Infection Control: Effective against various infections, turmeric reduces associated inflammation, offering dual benefits.
  5. Arthritis Pain Relief: Turmeric is a safer long-term alternative to conventional pain medications for arthritis without the risk of liver damage.
  6. Pain Management: Beyond arthritis, turmeric is beneficial for various types of pain, including back and muscle pain.
  7. Inflammation Reduction: Useful in treating chronic inflammation associated with lupus and IBS.
  8. Cancer Prevention and Treatment: Turmeric may play a role in cancer prevention and treatment protocols.
  9. Diarrhea Relief: Turmeric helps alleviate the discomfort and inflammation caused by diarrhea, best taken as a powder mixed in food or drinks for quick absorption.
  10. Wound Healing: Turmeric’s antiseptic properties are useful in wound care, preventing infection, and promoting healing.

How to Use Turmeric Effectively

Turmeric can be incorporated into daily meals as a spice or capsule supplement. To enhance absorption, a popular method is consuming "Golden Milk," a mixture of warm milk, turmeric powder, raw honey, and a pinch of black pepper.

Precautions and Side Effects

While turmeric is generally safe, large doses can cause side effects, including nausea and dizziness. It also has blood-thinning properties, so those on blood thinners should consult a healthcare provider before starting turmeric supplements.

Final Thoughts

Turmeric is a multifaceted superfood that offers a wide range of health benefits. Whether used in cooking or as a supplement, incorporating turmeric into your health routine can significantly improve wellness.

Please continue reading for Earth Clinic readers' feedback on turmeric's benefits, and please let us know how this spice helped you!

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8 User Reviews
5 star (8) 

Posted by Brooklyn Baby (Brooklyn Ny) on 03/23/2018 10 posts

I started taking turmeric mixed with coconut oil and black pepper diligently two months ago to help me with the inflammation in my body. I figured it couldn't hurt to try it.

All of my life I have been extremely allergic to cats whereas I was unable to stay in anyone's house who had a cat longer then 5 minutes before I started to sneeze, eyes started to water and ultimately ending in an asthma attack.

Something very interesting happened last week when I went into my neighbor's house. She has two cats. I am never able to step over the threshold but on this day I did to help her move a piece of furniture.

I was in there for a while before I noticed that I was not suffering. So when I got back home I went over the major changes that I had made in my life and the turmeric concoction was the only one that surfaced. So, Yes, it does work and for that I am GRATEFUL! I have suffered for 35 years with horrific allergies and now I am at peace.....

Posted by Tina (Princeton, N J) on 05/08/2015

I use turmeric powder straight from the pantry to make a tea for my allergy symptoms. I boil a cup of water to which I add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder and a pinkie-size bit of ginger which I crush, skin and all, into a soft, mushy state before putting it in. Once it come to a boil, I take it off the stove, strain it and add one tbs of organic apple cider vinegar and one tsp of locally sourced raw honey. Blend and sip. I just made it this morning and itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose just went away half an hour later. I also use the neti cup morning and night and sleep at night with a humidifier with five drops of 3 per cent hydrogen peroxicide. These do help but I truly feel that it is the turmeric-ginger-vinegar-honey combo that lets me get through the day.

Posted by Mary Jane (Los Angeles) on 05/08/2014

I have been taking turmeric in water (not the capsules you buy at the health food store, just the simple spice) since February to see if it would help me with allergies. I'd say it took 2 months of taking turmeric in water with some olive oil and twist of black pepper to see results. But my allergies, which always turn into sinus infections this time of the year, are minimal. My skin is clear of blemishes too. Nice side effect!

Posted by Rebekah (Athens, Ga) on 09/01/2009

WOW. For about 3 weeks now I have been taking 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric every day. My allergies are GONE. It worked in a matter of days. It works so well that I can hardly remember how bad my allergies used to be. I know that I was miserable and I was trying all kinds of over-the-counter crap from the pharmacy that wasn't working or made me feel worse. But turmeric... ahhhhh what relief!!! I used to have to sleep with a roll of toilet paper next to my head because I would wake up and blow my nose 6 or 7 times in the night. None of that now!!! No symptoms at ALL now unless I forget to drink my turmeric tea for 2 days.

This is how I take it: dissolve 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder in hot water (I get the powder from the spice section in my natural food store). I add a tiny amount of coconut oil because I read that turmeric works better if you take it with a little fat. Then I add a spoonful of blackstrap molasses because I like the taste. Keep stirring as you drink it so that the spice doesn;t settle at the bottom. I drink this any time during the day, just once a day. I had allergy problems my whole life- allergic to everything. Now I never even sneeze!!!!! I am so thankful. Hope this helps someone else.

Posted by Carolyn (Northwest, Ohio) on 09/08/2008

I vote "yea" for Turmeric as a cure for allergies:

I suffered from hayfever type allergies seemingly constantly since we moved to our new house in Jan of '07. During that summer, my symptoms were so severe I couldn't be outside for 5 minutes without having a severe hayfever attack. I took OTC meds daily but they were getting harder to buy as they all got moved behind the pharmacy counter, plus they took hours to start working.

I sought out earth clinic and wrote down my top 5 cures for allergies, thinking I would start trying them in the spring of '08. But in the Winter of '07 I rescued a rabbit that needed to eat hay twice a day. Of course I was allergic! I decided to try Turmeric as it was the cheapest remedy. I started taking 2 capsules a day (720 mg caps) in February '08. Within 5 days I noticed a great improvement. After a few months with this regime, I started noticing my allergies getting less severe and less frequent. After 4 months, my husband told me, "You don't have allergies anymore!"

Now, 7 full months later (and past pollen season), I am down to 1 capsule per day as maintenance, and take an extra one if I have congestion. I am so thankful for this simple cure! The world is open to me again: I can go outside without bringing a snot rag. I can brush my cats daily with no symptoms. I can clean the cat litter without having a reaction to the dust. I can feed my rabbit and not suffer. I was able to bring my feather bed back out of storage and use it with confidence cause I'm not allergic to it anymore! I do still have problems with mold when it rains, but just clogged sinuses not the severe reaction I used to get. An extra turmeric capsule and I'm fine. Gotta love it!

Posted by Aster (Vancouver Island, Canada) on 07/08/2008

The infection is nearly gone!

I wanted to share, as well, that I have very bad seasonal allergies requiring daily anti-histamine treatment, plus eye drops and nasal spray. As a side effect of taking the turmeric capsules (I must assume as nothing else has changed), I do not have allergies today. It is very hot and dry and I was in the garden for hours today... it is the height of allergy season. I realized I had not taken anti-histamines for two days but have no allergies. I really didn't expect that!!!!

Posted by Shane (Chicago, IL) on 01/19/2008

I am a severe allergy sufferer but I am taking turmeric and its helping alot I hope this continues to help me, I am currently taking it for my allergies it completly stoped them, Thanks so much. Sincerly, Shane

Posted by Lorelei (Utah) on 01/11/2007

I'm so glad I read about turmeric for allergies. It seems too simple, but after trying and failing with ACV and honey, the turmeric worked miracles! Every time I stop taking it, the allergies come back. I'm allergic to our 2 dogs and cat, dust, and practically every plant out there. I was popping pills and snorting drugs daily, so the fact that this works is amazing. Two months pill free -- we'll see when spring hits! At first I was putting it in my drinks and whatever food I could, but now I fill gel capsules with turmeric, and take 2 to 5 a day (up to a tsp worth), depending on how sneezy I am. If I do it regularly, I can get away with only 1 or 2 capsules a day. You can also buy capsules, but they seemed pretty expensive (as long as you don't mind staining your fingers yellow to make your own). Sometimes I take a little extra Vit C too, depending on how I am feeling, but it doesn't seem to matter too much for me. As a side note, if your eyes get itchy, put a wet chamomile tea bag on them. That seems to help too.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

13 User Reviews
5 star (13) 

Posted by Martin (Limerick, Ireland) on 11/06/2015

I am taking one teaspoon of turmeric with one spoon of ginger, quarter spoon of black pepper with one spoon of olive oil 2 times a day for Osteoarthritis. Is this too much to take, doing this for 2 months and it helps.

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Posted by Bridget (Dallas) on 05/24/2013

As I get older I notice more joint pain, creaky joints, and I also have arthritis (which I discovered one day stepping on teh cold tile, my foot seized up! Just like used to happen to my moms hands). I found earthclinic that day, and it saved me! I LOVE this site, and the natural, holistic remedies. Thank YOU so much! This is now my favorite go to place!

I discovered turmeric, which is wonderful for aching joints, aches, pains, and arthritis too. I was making my own paste, but did not always have time for that, then I learned that Piperine (active ingredient in black pepper) increases the absorption of the turmeric...

This stuff really works! If I miss a few days, I feel the pain come back.. When I take it, the pain goes away!

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Posted by Louise (Southampton, Ny) on 06/05/2011

Turmeric has changed my life in just 2 weeks! I have had extremely painful arthritis of the hands for about 2 years, that prevented me from sewing, gardening, housework, many things I previously enjoyed. I could barely hold a book or a glass. I started taking 1 tsp of turmeric root powder a day which I put into empty capsules I bought at the health food store and it is an absolute miracle! The pain is 80 -90% gone. I have strength back in my hands and can do normal activities again.

Another plus is a scalp condition I have had for about 20 years seems to have cleared up completely! All this after only two weeks of taking turmeric root powder!

Replied by Melanie

Hi! Great news to hear you've cleared so much pain, is there a difference between Tumeric powder organic from health store and turmeric root?! Thanks

(Usk, WA, USA)

Hi, Melanie! There's widespread advice to source the best turmeric powder you can; organic, reputable company/distributor, etc. That being said, I've read a lot of positive feedback from people using the turmeric available at their local grocery. I took a chance and bought a one pound bag of organic powdered turmeric from Amazon and have been happy with the results. I make a Golden paste with turmeric, water, fresh ginger (or powdered - both work! ) maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg (only freshly grated as the flavor is superior), coconut oil, and a pinch of salt. Sometimes I add cayenne or cumin. It really depends on what I have on hand. This gets made into a hot drink. Since I've given up coffee and black tea, I've developed a deeper appreciation for more beneficial drinks and this is at the top of my list. Keep on the quest for better health!


Yes, very good advice. Like everything around us now, turmeric powder has been known to contain chemicals, heavy metals etc. V. important to source the purest you can find.

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Posted by Martinick (Alexandria, Va, United States) on 05/15/2011

I do not take turmeric inside - but use cream: it contains turmeric and other herbs and is very helpful in joint pain relieving.

Replied by Millicent

I had recently found that wheat germ oil is very readily absorbed by the skin and does wonder for your complexion. I decided to mix some tumuric or cucurma (french) into the oil and spread it on an achey thumb and also all over my face and back of hands. Tumeric is supposed to take away colour/age spots so that's why I did that. The pain in my thumb went away quite rapidly so I think the wheatgerm oil is a good carrier. I must start eating the stuff too.

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Posted by Windisea (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, Usa) on 01/30/2010

Hello, To everyone wondering about Tumeric.

I have been using it for about a year now in a mixture with ginger,1/2 & 1/2. I add a little cinnamon, red pepper and cardamon. I just sprinkle it into my coffee, tea and food, to taste, everyday. It doesn't taste bad this way and you do get used to it. By adding it this way it just becomes a part of your diet not something extra you have to do.

I use it for it's anti-inflammatory properties after having a major attack of arthritis. The old damage hasn't gone away but doesn't hurt as much as it did and I would say that I have experienced major improvement in the duration, frequency and intensity of the flare-ups.

HTH, Windisea

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Posted by P.R. (Pineville, Nc) on 10/17/2009

Turmeric for Crohn's disease & Arthritis

I started taking turmeric for arthritis and got my mother who is 69 taking turmeric pills as well, 600 mg per day in one pill. If I run out of pills for longer than 4-5 days my knuckles start hurting and it's hard to bend my index finger. I make sure I don't run out any longer.

My mom has been faithful about taking the turmeric pills and just recently mentioned how she thinks it is helping with her Crohn's disease. She had emergency surgery in 1992 for an obstruction and they removed a large portion of small intestines and colon. It was due to Crohn's disease but they didn't diagnose it until after the surgery.

Since the surgery in 1992, my mom has narrowed down what foods bother her to eat. She cannot digest any kind of fat. Red meats, fried foods, nothing with fat digests and if she eats anything with fat she gets bad diarrhea sometimes all night long.

Since she has been taking the turmeric she has noticed that when she cheats and eats pizza or french fries (knowing full well what she will endure later after eating those fatty foods) she has found that she isn't bothered by the fat now and doesn't get the bad diarrhea.

She does take 2 different over the counter digestive enzyme pills with fattening meals to help digest the fat but she has always taken those pills. But now with taking the turmeric pills she can eat more of what she wants to eat without any of the consequences which is a blessing since she is so thin.

Hope this helps someone else. Reading this site has helped me and my family out tremendously. I encourage everyone to give feedback. You never know when it might help someone.

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Posted by Sonja (Swanley, UK) on 09/03/2008

I had knee pain for years. My knees were so swollen I could not even see them. The doctor prescribed NSAIDS, but I am not sure how much difference it made. I bought various things for arthritis, but nothing really helped. It did no harm. Then I started to read up on it, and most things i took contained Ginger, tumeric and others. I started taking Tumeric on its own 3 capsules a day and within 7 days my knees were almost pain free!!! i would recommend tumeric to anyone..