Sun Gazing for Health: An Ancient Therapy

Eliminated Virus
Posted by Silvermist (Maine, Usa) on 02/07/2014

Sun Gazing is the closest "remedy" I could find to post what happened to me. My family all had a 4 day GI virus- constant vomiting. I also got this virus. I had been vomiting for about 6 hours on day 1, and then laid down shirtless in the sun through a window, like a cat. It is winter but the sun was bright and very warm on my back. I fell asleep for 45 minutes. When I awoke I was completely well, and in fact felt like a whole new human being. Mentally I had been slowly spiraling down for months without realizing it, until I woke up feeling so incredibly well. Positive brainwaves, etc. I am so amazed that I am searching everywhere to discover how the sun healed me so completely. Thank you sun!