Cold Shower Therapy Health Benefits

Cold Shower Tips

Posted by Emrah (Turkey-Ankara) on 09/25/2006
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For 3 months i've been taking cold showers once in a day. My dad taught me that if you keep some water in your mouth while taking cold shower, you will avoid the trembling. Cold showers helps you learn faster. Look after yourself, you super human being.

Posted by Ahmad (Kansas City, Missouri) on 01/31/2006
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Cold showers are not for everyone! Your body will tell you; shivering inconsolably like a pager on vibrate without acclimating. In this case, the potential good will have to be outweighed by your own mental well-being and stamina. But if you're those fortunate ones to stomach this midwinter dance, then try to make routine the targeting of the area under your arms (where the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems connect. This is a conduit point for blood flow and setoffs the body for a silent symphony of contractions between your bouts of frigid shower time.

Replied by Jeff
Madrid, Spain

That's interesting about the underarm area you mentioned...I had a hard time hitting that and the shoulder area...thanks for sharing the tip!

Posted by Siva (Burlingame CA)
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I somehow sensed that hot water was making me spend a lot of time in the shower. So I decided to have cold water shower, but I found it very difficult as I started showering but felt great by the end of the shower. As opposed to a hot water shower which feels great at the beginning and made me dull and drowsy by the time I stepped out, cold water felt scary and chilly in the beginning but got better and better, and made me feel fresh and energetic by the end of the shower.

I was looking for some info on cold water therapy a few months ago and I found this web page. Everyone's comments have helped me a lot. Let me add my 2 cents:

The most challenging part of the cold-water shower is the initial part of the shower, i.e. the first 10-30 secs. A few things that have helped me either some or all of the following:

1. Doing some mild exercise like skipping, jogging or push-ups just before taking the cold shower.
2. As mentioned about massaging the body with almond oil before taking shower.
3. Dancing in the shower while taking shower!
4. Starting with normal or luke warm water.

A cold shower causes a sudden increase in heart rate and breathing rate. So if we increase our heart rate and breathing by some mild exercise like the ones mentioned above, it really prepares us for the cold shower, and makes it pleasant throughout.

I start with a blast of moderately cold water and run it all over my body from head to toe as someone has mentioned. Then when I reach the feet, I make it colder. Then back to head, colder... Then I repeat a mantra 10 times keeping the water at head level. Back to torso and feet....repeat. Wow, that was cool.

Cold Showers During Menstruation

Posted by Alexa (Boston, MA) on 07/07/2009
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With all respect to Gurudev Khar Khalsa, the medical literature does not confirm that cold showers are contra-indicated during menstruation. One can shorten the cold shower a bit if one wishes - but cold water certainly is not unhealthy during that time.

I should know - I am a woman who is enthusiastic about cold water has been taking cold showers her whole life and has two healthy children. Besides, I am a physician who wrote a book about all kinds of water cures and natural remedies.

Keep up the good work!

Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

Cured Chronic Diarrhea

Posted by Zvonko Spasic (Belgrade, Serbia) on 05/14/2008
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Cold showers helped me to become stronger.

When I was little, stomack problems often troubled me. Diarea, for example. Whenewer it was cold you could se me running home or to the nearest bathroom. Sometimes I would not eat anything for houres, so I would not have the need to go.

Also, I had a few embarassing moments because of my problem, but nothing to seiouse.

Then, one day I came across the idea of a cold shower, because I saw the Russians runing in to the frozen lake after being in a sauna for 15 minutes, as a tradition. There were children, little boys and girls among them. I remember thinking:"Those must be some strong people.".

Then it also came to me that we, in Serbia, have a simillar tradition, but without the sauna and as a part of oure religiouse heredity. Those are definitly strong people, because most of them are members of serbians ellite police force. That made me step up. I wanted to become stronger... And I did.

I have been taking relatively cold showers for a year and a half now. I have stomack problems very rarrely now and they are more under my controle.

I rarely get a cold now, although i hade a few ones only because I took a cold shower and went in to a, not so warm, room. So be carefull. Don't make the same mistake. That would be stupid,as was I. Also, my whole body functions much smoother... I can't explane it, but it feels good.

Then I made another step. I joined the Serbian tradition and jumped in to the lake in the middle of winter, alongside the members of the police force and some more people like me. It was freezing. Despite the air themperature, wich was 12 degreas (Celsius), the water was 3-4 degreas (Celsius, don't know how much is that in Farenheits). It felt like my mind separated it self from my body and alowed it to run on authomatic for a few seconds.

When I came out off the wather I expected to get a flew or something, but I was just fine, and had a simbolic lunch with the other guys who jumped.

Anyway, cold showers helped me plenty. With my body and mentally. The coldnes takes youre thoughts from the things that are on youre mind and leave you in a peacefull state. Try it... If you like it, continue, and begin with babysteps. Sorry for the gramar mistakes and for writing this much. Greatings...


Posted by Kp (Punjab, India) on 05/07/2011
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i read about cold water shower yesterday and tried it today. it took me off from my depression medicine.

Posted by Shannon (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada) on 08/02/2009
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I recently started taking alternating hot/cold showers. I start off quite warm then gradually make it as hot as I can for about 3 minutes then switch to cold for about 1 minute. I do 3 cycles and gradually make the hot hotter and the cold colder each cycle. I've only been doing this for 2 weeks now but the chronic headaches I've had for 30 years have lessoned (only 1 in the last 10 days-absolute heaven) and I've mysteriosly lost 8 lbs. (I'm quite obese) without changing my eating habits. The fact that it has been stinking hot the past 2 weeks and I'm sweating to death with no air conditioning could also be a factor for the weight loss! LOL My body temperature stays cooler for a few hours after my shower, even in this 30+ weather. I've also been doing some awesome meditations, listening to binaural beats and watching subliminal videos so it could be a combination of everything.

When I went to my Dr. last week and he asked how I was, I told him he'd better sit down. I've suffered (and I do mean suffer-suicidal thoughts daily) chronic depression for the last 17 years. I've gone off meds 3 times - once for 4 years even- but always end up crashing and need to go back on. Anyways back to the Dr. appt... I told him I had been HAPPY!!!! for 7 whole days and I hadn't cried since Sunday. The reason I cried was because I didn't know how long this would last. Had a bum day yesterday but not too bad today.

I thought it could be the combination of all the above or just my meds kicking in after trying 3 different kinds in 2 months. Not until I read all these posts did I think my showers could actually being contributing to my emotional well-being. Being 45, back in college with a bunch of 20 year olds, dealing with my disrespectful, pot smoking 17 year old son, chronic headaches and migraines, depression, hormone hostage (peri-menapause)... well I can use all the help I can get. I've also developed tennis elbow from being on the computer most of the day for school and homework. The showers haven't helped with that yet so I'm going to try emmursing my arm between my 2 kitchen sinks in hot and cold water.

Thanks for reading and I will definitely be checking out more of this website and referring my friends to it.

Posted by Jeff (Houston, Texas) on 12/31/2008
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Cold Shower Therapy for Depression:

I didn't initially read about cold shower therapy for depression here, but wanted to comment on the positive benefits and why scientists think it works.

I've suffered from treatment resistant or refractory depression since the age of sixteen and am now forty-one years old. I've tried over 50 medications (MAOI's are the best in my personal and medical option), had over 70 ECT (electronvulsive or shock therapy treatments at the age of 18/19), and have tried every other known treatment for depression in the history of mankind.

Cold showers (or baths, swimming in lakes) has been a complimentary or adjunct therapy for me over the past several years. Scientist think it stimulates the blue spot or locus cerulus in the brain which is the main source of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine (noradrenaline), but it also stimulates endorphins and has other effects on the hypothalamus/pituitary like stimulating thyroid hormone, helping with hot flashes (I have them with depression) and helps normalize circadian rhythms. I believe it works wonders and am living proof.

I also want to add something else for those who suffer from depression that they might want to try. Sleep deprivation for one or two nights. You might think it would cause depression, but it stimulates most of the neurotransmitters in the brain and is useful for enhancing the antidepressant effect of medications.

Lastly, if one is not so depressed that they're bed ridden, exercise can work wonders.

Posted by Jasmine (Edmonton, Alberta) on 01/19/2008
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GOD BLESS YOU EARTHCLINIC. Cold showers cured my depression. I have never felt so alive and so happy and grateful to be alive. Thankyou Earthclinic for sharing this great remedy. I have more energy and less stress. Oh and some other pleasant changes I've noticed - my hair is shinier and curlier (perfectly soft curls too, not frizzy like before), and my skin is clearer and softer than before. Right after I do my morning stretches and calisthenics routine I will jump into the cold shower (I almost can't describe how incredible it feels!)

Posted by Sabrina (Libertyville, Illinois) on 06/23/2007
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Hi, wow how interesting to read these reviews. I have severe depression. It comes and goes, I'm 24 and can't stand having absolutely no control of my thoughts. I was desperately searching the web today (while at work of course) to find more cures. I am going for a jog, and taking a cold shower. I will follow up with all of you to let you know. Sounds inspiring to me.

Posted by Jacklyn (Vancouver, Canada) on 05/03/2007
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I've been living with depression for two years, I wanted to find a natural way to help ease the stress of life, cold showers every day have helped me feel better and have elevated my mood substantially, I feel less stress, I especially love taking a cold shower after a workout or jog, I am so happy to hear that cold showers have helped do many people, we have to get the word out!by the way, my hair is a lot shinier too!

Replied by Lucy
North Vancouver, B.c Canada
5 out of 5 stars

I been doing for more then 10 years, happy all the time, never ever sick!

Replied by Had
White River Jct, Vermont

Actually, there are many studies that B-vitamin deficiencies leads to depression, anxiety, agitation etc..

That is just one site, look up more for reasurrance

I would do a multi B-liquid (for best absorbtion) and extra on Methyl B-12 ( the other form is from cyanide and leaches methyl from your body, so very bad)just to make sure my bases are covered thoroughly

Posted by Blanco (San Diego, CA) on 03/28/2007
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I have recently started taking cold showers. On 03-16-07, I was feeling very depressed because I lost my job (nothing I did), isolated from previous co-workers (I really miss them), concern about finances (having lost a few weeks of pay and dealing with unemployment), and other issues related to stress that can trigger my health; which leads to a cold or fever. While I was at the gym on 03-16-07, something told me to go home and take a COLD SHOWER. Maybe because I believe in a higher power and was talking to my higher power about my concerns, worries and depressed moment. I got home and debated for about 30minutes to take a COLD SHOWER or not. At first, I felt my hands moving towards hot, but something told me not to and to challenge myself with a cold shower. I shivered. I stayed frozen. I couldn't move. I felt I was in Alaska dipping into a frozen lake. I took a deep breath and after doing that I felt sooooo good and wow did I feel so good and actually I stayed in the shower for like 20minutes feeling the cold water hit all over my body. I am feel like I am getting a cold, but I only hope is the changes in body temparature and that it is for the best for me. My skin feels so soft and I see a change in my face. COLD SHOWERS are WORTH a TRY....

Posted by Cory ( Tacoma, WA) on 02/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I am 52 and have been swimming in cold water all my life, and always enjoyed how the cold water made me feel afterwards. I only recently started taking cold showers, and I wish I had started years ago. I had been taking Prozac and other anti-depressant medications for eleven years and desperately wanted to get off them, but the withdrawal symptoms would hit like a nightmare. The cold showers have enabled me to get off these drugs cold turkey. I keep the water ice cold for at least five minutes, then switch to warm and finally hot. I aso discovered that targeting the armpits is absolutely essential.

Eliminated Headaches, Acne

Posted by Matt (Michigan) on 08/11/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Cold showers are great, I get bad headaches and cold showers clear them right up. you feel so fresh after taking one. i also believe it helps clear up acne. my skin seems so much cleaner after a cold shower and my acne seems to go away. try it -- it feels so good!

Eliminated Sinusitis

Posted by Bala (Greensboro, NC) on 11/04/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have sinusitis and used to sneeze frequently. I had been having cold shower since the last four weeks. It was hard the first time, but never so subsequently. My sneezing has significantly reduced.