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Grapefruit Juice and Meds

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Posted by Art (Vancouver Bc., Canada.) on 12/03/2012
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As posted at 11/07/2011 JD from Okc, Oklahoma. Are you not aware of the Deadly mixture, grapefruit and drugs.

As stated here.

Mixing the citrus fruit with the prescription painkiller oxycodone can lead to severe breathing problems, while combining grapefruit and the statin medication Zocor (simvastatin) may spark a potentially life-threatening complication called rhabdomyolysis, in which breakdown of muscle fibers can result in kidney damage of failure.

There are a lot more hazardous drug interactions at the link above.

I do not see a warning about this here so I thought I might bring it to everyones attention.

Take care. art 1a.

Grapefruit Juice and Meds
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 12/01/2012
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Yes it does and sometimes fatal interactions. People on statin drugs for blood pressure need to avoid drinking grapefruit juice. The number of drugs and types of drugs grapefruit juice negatively impacts are so many you need to go here to learn about that:

Yes, I have read about all of grapefruits health benefits, But if you are taking any of these medications, it`s impact can be fatal. That list includes many pain remedies and tranquilizers. Most doctors do not know about this. There are other websites that state the list of drugs so effected is growing at an alarming rate. No one knew about this until a few years ago....Oscar

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

I don't know if most or all Medications come w/ this warning, but it is ALWAYS advised to read the "drug indications and warnings" before medicating.

Also, the Histamine 2 Antagonist drugs used for acid reducing like Zantac, Pepcid, and Tagamet have similar effect on Liver P450 detox enzymes, that is they INHIBIT.

The inhibitory effect of these substances on drug metabolism and detoxification causes the medication to remain in the bloodstream for much longer period of time, which also raises the level of medication. This is how the overdose occurs.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

More on taking prescription medications with grapefruit (or other citrus) juices, I received one of my alternative health newsletters with the following information:

Grapefruit poses a potentially lethal health risk to more and more patients taking prescription drugs. The fruit contains chemicals called furanocoumarins that can interact with certain drugs, blocking their breakdown and so making them more potent. Adverse effects can include acute kidney failure, respiratory failure, internal bleeding and sudden death.

While it is well known that some patients should avoid grapefruit, or grapefruit juice, the list of drugs involved has risen sharply in recent years. More than 85 current drugs can interact with grapefruit, and of these 43 can have serious side effects, according to scientists writing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Timh is right - find out about any interactions for your medications. Do as much research as you possibly can.

H2O2 Therapy, Lime-Sodium Bicarbonate

Posted by Michael (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 07/15/2009

I just started the H2O2 regime. I read that I can add it to water, milk or fruit juice. Does this include fruit juice that I buy from the supermarket or is it only freshly prepared juice? Can I add sugar to it?

I am also interested to try lime-sodium bicarbonate mixture for pH balance.
Is it possible to mix H2O2 and the mixture together so that it can be drunk at one time.

Replied by Tavora
(Brooklyn, NY)

I read in a book called ___that its best not to mix H2O2 in anything other than distilled water. The author explained since spring water or "hard" water contains minerals and other elements - the distilled water ensures the H2O2 does react or is "lost" by these compounds.... I don't know about mixing the lime/baking soda w/ H2O2 but I've been drinking food grade 12% H202 w/ distilled water these past few weeks - as well as lemon/baking soda (but w/ spring water on alternate days) and have experienced a fairly good (and consistent) alkaline pH reading. Good luck!

Replied by Alain
(Ottawa, Canada)


Please see from TED

4/2/2007: Ted from Bangkok writes, "No one uses 1% concentration for internal purposes either. So 3% is way beyond that.

In the alternative health field, the maximum is actually 0.5% concentration. Actually and optimum H2O2 concentration was first determined in 1950s by Dr. Reginald Holman by implanting Walker 256 adenocarcinoma tumours. The drinking water for the rat used H2O2 optimum concentration needed to kill the tumors were about 0.45 percent.

Tumours completely disappeared in 15 to 60 days in rats. Of course a better way is to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in the glass of 0.45% concentration of H2O2. This can be extended to treatment of almost any kinds of conditions, from virus, bacteria, microbial infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, flu, etc. My own experience of using just baking soda (also increases the body's oxygen) and ascorbate vitamin C about three weeks for a small tumor to go into remission.

A more effective I think in the future of peroxide therapy is to add baking soda to the 0.45% concentration to normal drinking water since baking soda is alkaline and increases oxygen, while the peroxide furthers this natural increase. Ted"

Also From

04/01/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Dear Shel:

Most combination of remedies is a major issue that I have dealt with in many private emails, but which family members do not want me to post on websites.

Hence, the lack of postings on this issue.

There are a couple of guidelines and I can build up these combination as we go along, here it is on top of my head:

1. A hydrogen peroxide cannot be combined with sodium thiosulfate. Both would neutralize each other, but they can be taken hours apart.

2. A hydrogen peroxide cannot be combined too frequently with ammonium chloride, or ammonium bicarbonate. It tends to cause headaches.

3. A malic acid needs always to be neutralized with baking soda or potassium bicarbonate.

4. Alkalizing remedies including, baking soda, sodium carbonate (washing soda) , potassium bicarbonate, tripotassium citrate (potassium citrate), trisodium citrate (sodium citrate), borax can be combined.

5. Hydrogen peroxide with any of the alkalizing remedy can be combined and is synergistic. I do this very often. A sea salt can be combined with hydrogen peroxide.

6. Blackstrap mollasses is considered neutral, and can be combined with any remedies mentioned in the above.

7. A fulvic acid mixture must always be combined with sodium thiosulfate and sea salt. Most important is that In a water solution before adding fulvic acid or humic acid, a sodium thiosulfate must be added. Sea salt in higher concentration often acts as a preservative, but a wrong kind of sea salt may cause fulvic acid to precipitate within hours, which may reflect wrong pH and may need adjustment to maintain the suspension.

8. Borax and hydrogen peroxide and any alkalizing remedy can be combined without problems.

9. Any acidity, such as lemon juice, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, citric acid I will neutralize the acidity to neutral pH of 7 before doing anything else so as not to reduce the bicarbonates in the body.

10. Most organics as in cayenne pepper, black strap mollasses, curcumin and most herbs in general don't react with each other as in food preparations.

11. Milk of magnesia, hydrogen peroxide and borax can be combined in any combination.

12. A sea salt with any alkalizing remedy is a powerful laxative but if laxative effect is not desired cannot be combined.

13. Niacin if taken, usually aspirin is taken 30 minutes or at least 15 minutes to avoid the flushing effect.

14. Milk, burned toast, egg whites, and charcoal in any combination will not work with antibiotics so cannot be taken together.

15. Milk, burned toast, egg whites, and charcoal in any combination will not work with vitamin supplements or mineral supplements. They block absorption.

17. A hydrogen peroxide therapy used cannot be combined with ammonium compounds in general. There are exceptions if the hydrogen peroxide added n water is of low concentration and is taken only once a day. That's use to kill the fungus and autoimmunity issues.

18. A person with across the board deficiencies, such as low iron, copper, and many other vitamins are often have low stomach acid. In which case hydrochloric acid drops 5-10 drops per one glass along with meals is taken, but alkalizing remedy is taken 1 to 2 hours apart, but is not taken or mixed at the same time. An alkalizing remedy is taken 1 hour or more before a hydrochloric acid. A hydrochloric acid remedy will increase nutritions into the body across the board and also help prevent gray hairs on many ocassions.

19. Additives hidden in supplements that tends to prevent them from working are often tricacium phoshpate and calcium carbonates. These tend to block supplements from absorbing in general especially mineral supplements, with possible exception of water soluble supplements such as vitamin C and vitamin B complex. I generally will try to buy bulk supplements without the fillers. Common fillers I try to avoid includes calcium, tricalcium phosphate and magnesium stearate, which is almost like wax. A powder form and liquid form of supplements are generally more effective.

20. A person who pH is very high and protein in urine is high, a peroxide remedy and alkalizing remedy is actually needed more. This is due to extreme acidity which causes the body's protein to breakdown into ammonia, which is a strong form of alkalzing.

21. People tend to forget the importance of sodium, potassium and magnesium and they can always be mixed with other alkalzing remedies as well as other remedies can also be mixed too. These are the body electrolytes.

22. A few people complain taking baking soda causes heart to beat faster and cannot be taken. However this is due to oversight in not mixing potassium and at least for me is a potassium deficiency and hence a potassium bicarbonate, or tripotassium citrate (potassium citrate) must be added.

23. A person who are on Hallelujah diets reports weakness and sickness, but this is due to lack of sodium in these diets and frequently a sea salt are added.

24. Common table salt is never used i n my remedies because they are very acid whose pH is 5. While the sea salt pH averages 7.5 and hence are often mixed with any remedies.

25. To improve absorption of any supplements, a small pinch of sea salt is always added in any supplements so it can have better bioavailability.

I am sure I forget to list many more, but these are just a few I can think of at the moment.

Replied by Briana
(Dublin, Ireland)

hi ted id like to ask you a question can i do hydrogen proxide therapy while taking chinese herbal medicine and medication for c o p d and heart im 56 years old 4foot 10inches in height and 28 kilos in weight i need to put some weight on fast no energy cant walk more then a few steps cant breathe very well any suggestions thank you

Replied by Connie
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA)

You probably want to use fresh juice, don't waste your money on dead, pasteurized, watered down, sugary supermarket juice. Milk tends to cause congestion, so you probably want to avoid that too. If you can afford it, vegetable/fruit juicers are great, you can make your own juice from carrots, celery, apples, and such. I would think that since fruits and vegetables naturally contain H202 it would be ok to add it to the fresh juice. But I'm not an expert.

Replied by Dixie
(Lake City, Fl)

I use 35% food grade and I find mixing it with 100% pure apple juice bought from the store kills a lot of the bleach taste and I have read a lot of articles about when to take it and what to use while distilled water is the prefered method, 100% pure juice and milk is also ok to use.

Replied by Arnu
(San Diego, California)

Hydrogen peroxide to the ACV and baking soda solution.

If Ted could take a look at this section and clarify it for some people that would be great. in his list he does NOT mention the combinination of Apple Cider Vinegar, with baking soda and HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, I found it in another section and placed it copied it.

02/08/2007: Fran from Houston, TX writes: "Can I add few drops of good grade hydrogen peroxide to the ACV and baking soda solution, twice a day? Thanks"

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "No. Hydrogen peroxide will neutralize the vitamin C and other organic compounds in the apple cider vinegar. It is best taken for hydrogen peroxide with water alone, or at least 6 hours apart.

The reason is simple, hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant, while apple cider vinegar and baking soda is an antioxidant.

You can however, mix drops of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda in a drinking water. It creates a more alkaline form of peroxides which can also detoxify the body of accumulated poisons built up in the liver.

H2O2, Juices

Posted by Michal (Winfield, Il) on 06/15/2012

Hi, I believe I have systemic candida b/c I have (coated tongue, numerous yeast infections etc. ) and had some dental implants and was prescribed antibiotics. What juices, aside from Aloe Vera, can be mixed with H202. There seems to be vitamin C in most juices. I have a wheatgrass juicer that also juices vegetables and I've done carrot juice with it but I avoided wheatgrass w/H2O2 b/c of Vitamin C. I also put it in coconut water.

Home Remedy and Supplement Combinations

Posted by Will_ashbless (West Chester, Pa, Usa) on 12/10/2012

Hi, I am beginning a new regimen including a powdered multi-vitamin (fruit antioxidant based with no iron), a powdered super green drink and a few other things. I get kidney stones and so I was told I should be taking a magnesium potassium citrate supplement.

I am very acidic to the point where a few times a year I will get the most horrible smelling and bizarre body odor. If I take my shirt off I smell great but the armpits of whatever shirt I had on will stink to high heaven. Almost as if the fabric is activated by the liquid from my armpit. Anyway when this happens I know I'm even more acidic than usual and I start supplementing with baking soda. This last time I just decided to keep taking it and I take about a teaspoon of baking soda daily.

So my question is if I now take this magnesium potassium citrate supplement will this eliminate my need for baking soda or can I (should I) still take my baking soda daily? I am also a bit worried about taking this supplement on top of a multi-vit containing potassium and magnesium already but the numbers for allowable daily intake suggest that I should be ok.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Home Remedy and Supplement Combinations
Posted by Debbie (Erina, Nsw, Australia) on 10/11/2009


Hi Ted, I am a 48yr old woman with several health issues. I have had CFS for approx 15 years. However, my biggest problem is Candida and all that comes with that for example:- Leaky gut, chemical sensitivities, chronic hayfever, chronic constipation, thrush, thinning hair, numerous food sensitivities, poor sleep and undigested food.

I have been reading a lot of the information that you have written and am really delighted that someone is willing to give up sooo much of their time to help other people.

Could you please verify if I am on the right track with the remedies that I am currently taking. I have scanned a lot of your information and have tried to use this in improving my own health.

1. I no longer eat wheat, dairy, potatoes, mushrooms, fruit, yeast, peanuts and sugar.

2. I am consuming 2 x Tblspn fresh lime juice with 1/2 tspn bicarb soda first thing every morning & last thing at night.

3. 1/4tspn sea salt in 1 litre of drinking water.

4. Vitamin B 5days on 2 days off. Vitamin C every 2nd day. 1 tbspn of lecithen before meals 3times a day and evening primrose & flaxseed capsules daily, 1 x digestive enzyme with each meal.

However, I am still a little constipated and need to know if I can use a few of your remedies at the one time, for example can I continue to use the lime & bicarb soda remedy (above) and also the leaky gut remedy that would be an extra 1/2tspn bicarb soda morning and night all in the one day????

Also should i take the lime & bicarb remedy for a while than change over to the 1/4 tspn bicarb soda & 1/4 tspn potassium citrate after a few weeks????? I was taking the ACV and bicarb soda but became really constipated. Ted lastly can you tell me what the maintenance dose should be that I can take for the rest of my life???? I read that you have taken the bicarb for the last 35years. Do you think that I will ever be able to take the ACV and bicarb again once my constipation is sorted out????

Many thanks

P.S. I have purchased some magnesium chloride and wondered what quantity should I take.

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, USA)
117 posts

I had constipation for years,,but not after I started taking magneisum capsule 400MG twice daily. and after 48 hours if you don't have a good BM, add another 100MG to the AM and PM dose then after 2 days if you think your BM are to much cut down 100MG from each dose, same goes true if you are still not having good complete BM take a litle more Magnesium. As long as your not having dirrhea keep taking the same dose,, after 2 or three months you body will just have two good BM each day. Merryanne

Replied by Livia
(The Woodlands, Tx)

I hope you get your specific questions answered, but I wanted to mention the importance of nutritional support to heal your leaky gut, as well as the approaches that help destroy pathogens that are compromising it and avoiding the foods that aggravate it. Making home-made broths from organic bones from beef or chicken, or from fish (especially good if you include the heads) provide super proteins that are perfect for rebuilding our bodies when we don't have the digestive strength for many other foods. Plus, bone broths are hydrophilic, like the juices from freshly squeezed fruits and veggies. Another healing food is pretty much any version of Bieler's broth, which is pretty easy to find online. Hope you are doing better soon!!

Home Remedy and Supplement Combinations
Posted by Sandee Hawk (Palm Coast, Florida) on 05/31/2009

Dont Want to do too much of a "good thing" -in 2005 I, a healthy older woman had family negative situations occur when over worked and weary that brought on very high amounts of stress - resulting in physical and mental (depression) reactions - acute burn out -30 years prior in the early 70's - I had a similar situation -overwork - lots of stress that but that was from raisihg 4 children alone - anxiety where an internal medical Dr prescribed valiumns - which later I became severly addicted to - but I was able to through Prayer - overcome / when this happened in 2005 - I was rather shocked as I had had no stress nor depression for about 25 yearrs - go did get a physical and found no physcial problem as I knew the sysmptons were stress related - but this time -began slowing down -quit smokin - researched vitamins and again through prayer and God's grace all has progressively gotten got better - -probably the stress symptoms has brought on a lot of toxins which need to be cleansed as recently I somehow - got scabies which were horribly painful which tea-tree oil soaks in the bath water has defeated but then right after scabies ended hives came on - which the ACV & AlumFree Baking Soad has almost cleared up - so after reading about all of these incredible remedies on your site - is truly a God sent - dont want to overdo things and take too much -

QUESTION: Should one when they begin the ACV 2 TBSP +1/4 ir 1/2 TSP Alum Free Soda / - 1 TBSP Black Strap Molassas - and then the daily OP - should one discontinue all or some vitamin supplements - we are taking a multivitamin -garlic 1000 - Vitamin B 12 high dose - Omega 3 Fish Oil - Colestrum 25 - acidoplilus

Thank you for this wonderful site where people are genuinely helping and supporting one another ! Sincerely - Sandee Hawk - Palm Coast FL

Home Remedy Combinations

Posted by Maggie (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 05/29/2012

Hi. I just started a couple of remedies that were recommended to me. Yesterday I took super Lysine extract (few drops in water) for fibromylagia as well as receding gums; took 3 mg boron tablet this morning due to fluoride and chlorine in water; also applied clove oil on toenails for fungus issue (2 days). Also note I have switched from a calcium-magnesium liquid to just taking liquid magnesium (the last couple of days) because of concerns of too much calcium in my diet. Could any or a combination of these result in a sudden onset of aching muscles in arms and legs as this feeling started today and has persisted all day.

Replied by Flora
(Calgary, Alberta)

Hello: I am also from Calgary alberta and your post caught my eye. I want to know if the clove oil works for your toenail fungus. I have had mine for so long. I was a lifeguard through university and my feet were wet constantly. It seemed to never go away no matter what I did! Also did you buy your clove oil at community?

Home Remedy Combinations
Posted by Peter (Chicago, Il) on 05/05/2011

Hi Bill,

Is it alright to take the iodine drops with water and lemon/baking soda at the same time ? I know you want us to take them on empty stomach. Also what about the back formula drink Hylauronic Acid/Sea Salt by Ted, can I take them at the same time also?Thanks

Home Remedy Combinations
Posted by Mike (Minneapolis, Mn, Usa) on 01/04/2011

I've been reading this site for days now. I've decided there are a handful of things I would like to try, but don't feel I have a good handle on how some of these things interact with each other. I would like to try Borax and Iodine treatments for Fluoride and Heavy Metal detox as well as maintenance supplementation. In addition, I would also like to try the ACV and H2O2 therapies. From one of Teds posts, I know not to combine the ACV and H2O2. Here are my remaining questions:

Would a reasonable protocol be to simply alternate these therapies every other day?

Can Borax and Iodine be combined with either of these therapies?

Using Teds ACV advice, could I make a daily tonic of ACV, Baking Soda, Iodine and Borax? Perhaps start the day with a shot of H2O2 and drink the tonic throughout the day?

Any advice on combining these would be appreciated.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Mike... For answers to any of your remedy combination questions, just check Ted's list of safe and unsafe combinations here at this link:

Ted from Bangkok always advises taking ACV in combination with Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda in water because ACV is acidic and has to first be neutralized by your digestion before it is absorbed (Arm and Hammer BS brand is fine to use here). By neutralizing the acid in ACV first before consumption, this helps to preserve the body's bicarbonates, which helps to further alakalize your body as well as to aid and improve digestion.

Here is what Ted says concerning your questions:

"Borax and hydrogen peroxide and any alkalizing remedy can be combined without problems. "

I always take Lugols Iodine on it's own with water because iodine is so reactive. Never combine Lugol's Iodine with Hydrogen Peroxide. The only thing I would combine with iodine is Vitamin C in a water solution as ascorbate, because this makes the Vitamin C even more beneficial.

If there are unsafe combinations, just take the two separate and conflicting remedies at least an hour apart and nowhere near mealtimes. I've been taking alkalizing remedies, including the ones you are thinking of taking, for nearly 5 years now without any problems.

Replied by Mike
(Minneapolis, Mn, Usa)

Thanks for the feedback. I'm confused about one thing however. I thought vitamin C would deactivate iodine, or am I thinking of something else?

Replied by Linda
(San Francisco, Ca, Usa)

Hi Mike, I have read in several places on the www that Vitamin C *decolorizes* Lugol's Iodine solution, but does not deactivate it. I do not remember the exact chemical change which occurs, but I do know that Bangkok Ted has spelled it out in one of his EC posts.

I add Lugol's to the last few tablespoons of my morning coffee, works great and lessens the chemical taste.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Linda

Replied by Anna
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi, I'm starting to take H2O2 protocol for my herpes, but I can't stand the taste, at the moment I'm drinking it down while sucking on lollies which I know is bad for herpes, but that's the only way for me to hold the drinks down. The few times I didn't do it, I always gag and threw up. Is there something else I can keep in my mouth while drinking it? Is blackstrap molasses and H2O2 alright to be mixed together? Thank you.

Home Remedy Combinations
Posted by Becky (Cedar Springs , MI) on 07/02/2009

I love this website soooo much! I have a question for everyone: Is there a "tonic" that I can take every morning that includes many of the herbs, spices, etc. that are mentioned here? Would any of them interact badly with each other or not works as well? Here is my list of things I want to put in one drink in the morning and possibly before bed. Would this work?

2 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar
1 tsp organic honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp lemon juice

Would you change any of the measurements or add or take anything out? Thanks!

Replied by IVORY COAST


EC: Turmeric is one of the recommended remedies for sarcoidosis!

Replied by Cupey Doll
(Mclean, Virgina)

perhaps you good add in some good fats like flax or olive oil, or if you can melt some coccunut oil. Why not add some black strap molasses :-))

Replied by Tavora
(Brooklyn, NY)

Hi Becky - I make a tonic-like drink that incorporates pretty much all the ingredients you have listed. I copied it from my father. He doesn't use Turmeric or ACV. (No particular reason just preference I guess) but I addition to 6-8 cloves of garlic, (1) type of dark green leafy veggie (kale, spinach, dandelion, etc) nutmeg, bee pollen, ground flax seed, oats, wheat germ and the list goes on (these are some of his main ingredients).....w/ the exception of the greens and distilled/spring water. He either uses apple cider or plain apple juice as his base.

I say go right ahead and make your tonic! Just be sure to pay attention to how you feel. I know on my really bad days -and as of late- .they've been tough - this little drink brings me SO MUCH relief. Even when my blood pressure was at its highest (156/96) or borderline (135/85) - it helped bring it down to a normal reading (and I mean normal: 106/70!) Sometimes I even substitute it as a meal because it's SO FILLING. To me all the ingredients are of great benefit but I believe the cayenne is exceptional. I love using it because of its synergistic properties. Whatever you use or blend it with (particularly herbs and also garlic) it can greatly enhance the efficiency/performance of the ingredients!

The benefits I've experienced have been:
-Relief from muscle aches and pains
-Normalized BP (garlic and cayenne!)
-Consistent bowels
-Lower cholesterol (did blood work to confirm.wheat germ and oats)
-Tames athlete's feet (garlic!)
-Nail/hair strengthening
-Skin is smoother and softer (flax seed!)
-Decreased cravings for sweets
-Increased immune function
-Stable blood sugar (cinnamon!)
-Increased energy
-Increased pH/alkalinity (garlic, lemon, green leafies)
-And so much more..


Replied by Debbie
(Taumarunui, New Zealand)

This ia a reply to Becky from Cedar Springs. I was thinking of your ingredients list and I also wanted to get the best mix for me, Maybe this might help?

You could try two drinks, one in the morning, and one at night,

Morning...into a glass of tomato juice add, 1tsp turmeric, Pinch of cayenne(or as much as you can handle), ground pepper, 1 tbsp cider vinegar, crushed garlic, and honey if needed.

In the evening before bed, into a cup of heated milk add, 1tbsp honey, and a sprinkle of cinnamon to taste, a little ginger is quite nice too,

Hope this is of some help :)

Replied by Melanie
(Kobe, Japan)

this is a reply to becky and debbie- you might want to read this and add the tumeric to your milk drink for better absorption. I'm thinking to do the same. Also becky, you definitely should add a tsp of coconut oil to your plan, it works wonders for skin and energy. I also like maca for balance, but am not so keen on the taste! Good luck!

Hydrogen Peroxide, ACV, Coconut Oil

Posted by Songbird (Monterey, Ca) on 03/04/2013 3 posts

Hello, I am trying new, seemingly beneficial remedies for whole body healing. I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar daily for maybe six weeks now. Coconut oil for two and just yesterday received my 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. Every site has a little more or less information and I am overwhelmed. Generally topics are designed for one or another remedy not combined.

Am I potentially destroying myself with these? I just read not to take magnesium with H202--which I did yesterday as I had not seen that information until this morning! ... I think I diluted my H202 incorrectly-too much and don't have the math skills to fix it. Do I need to stop all OTC vitamins and minerals; do they get re-introduced or do we find that remedy (if works as hoped) will alleviate need for those. If I am sick, do I withhold additional Vit-C, Zinc and alike?

Does the ACV have a negative impact on my stomach lining when used (not at same time) with H202? and, does the coconut oil soothe the stomach lining to help if out of balance due to the other two?

I so appreciate any guidance and wisdom. I am alone with the family quietly thinking me nuts, but I am truly sick and tired of being sick and tired! Traditional medicine, well, I am guessing you know...

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, USA)
2073 posts

Songbird: The method to use is "start low - go slow". You want to take your minerals prior to meals, H2O2 drops fallowing minerals. ACV (i use tablets) and Coconut Oil w/ meals, vitamins w/ meals. Slowly increase to recommended doses and monitor results. On the H2O2 start w/ 2 drops per day and increase. Take vit-C away from meals and other supplements.

I have lately been seeing the need for antioxidant protection, so try and incorporate some, in time. Selenium, E, and A for starters. Everyone needs extra Omega 3 EFA's like Fish and Flax Oils. Iodine, starting w/ Kelp will help the Thyroid (mood and energy). Speaking of mood and energy (it seems like you need to up those levels) try Tyrosine and St John's wort (this should really help you).

Let us know how you're doing.

Replied by Songbird
(Monterey, Ca, Usa)
3 posts

Well, this is follow-up to my original post in March. I did not mention that I have a nodule on my LLlung, that was the primary reason for trying the H2O2 remedy. Got the new results from most recent CT scan today. It is GONE!

I am not even done with the regimen. I ended up with the stomach flu and also had to land on same dosage two-days in a row from about 18-drops (could only get to 22-drops before the taste just plain overwhelmed me and headed back down the dosage scale) I was kind of nauseous most mornings after first dose for about an hour.

I have been in steady decline for several years with several things, I honestly felt that I was now in such decline, I was dying a slow death. Lung/bronchial infections, chronic fatigue and pain, a neurological disorder of my vocal cords (I was a semi-prof. Singer with perfect pitch) that, we believe began when I had my cervical surgery and, either a surgical tool rested on my cord/fold or the trache tube damaged it. We will never know. All I do know is that I have been progressively losing my voice and no longer able to sing professionally and every time I do sing, generally, laryngitis pursues me for weeks (months). I have not had a "normal" speaking voice for more than a week in almost two years. My singing voice was how I worshiped my Creator and expressed my heart on so many levels, losing it has been utterly devastating. Anyway... (sorry felt like you needed some kind of background for this next part)... Every time I took the H2O2 I felt a quasi, borderline burning sensation on my throat (not really burning, no other way to describe) immediately after swallowing. The interesting part is that it was not on the whole of my throat, the sensation was on the right side and similar to a puzzle piece shape-non specific. O. K. So, over the course of the month the size and strength of this odd sensation has dissipated, now more of a small spot. I sang Good Friday, rehearsal Sat. , Sun w/o any laryngitis, this week was similar for other gatherings, normally I can only sing every other week and then it is very fragile. Well, I have not gotten laryngitis or even felt weak! I am kind of fearful to post this as the timeline has been rather short to really verify but once I got the CT results combined with my inclination that H2O2 has possibly reduced the inflammation of the abductor fold of my vocal chords I was (am) too excited to not believe there is a connection and it is an answer to prayer.

I am so very thankful for falling into this site. Thank you! OH!!! So, my BP today was 120/70 after having gone up over the last two years to over 140/90 and I think that is thanks to Apple cider vinegar! Now, I will attack what I believe is a non-addressed (labs borderline, symptoms spoke plenty but MD's disregard me) thyroid component. I am so grateful for the input on this site. I am a happy girl and feel better today than I have in over three years. Less than two months since finding what I believe is saving me. Better energy, sleep, general well-being. Blessings on those who started and contribute their wise counsel.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Chinese Herbal Formulas

Posted by J. (Florida) on 05/05/2021

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and Chinese herbal formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM

These questions relate to food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and Chinese herbal formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

(1) Does anyone have any insights regarding whether taking food-grade hydrogen peroxide—whether via inhalation, ingestion, placement in the ears, spraying in the nose, bathing, topical application, or any other means of delivery—with any of the following Chinese herbal formulas—or with any of the below listed ingredients of those Chinese herbal formulas—would result in the canceling of any beneficial effects of either the hydrogen peroxide or the Chinese herbals?

(2) Does anyone have any insights regarding whether taking food-grade hydrogen peroxide with any of the following Chinese herbal formulas—or with any of the below listed ingredients of those Chinese herbal formulas—is contraindicated due to negative effects as a result of the combinations?

(3) If food-grade hydrogen peroxide and the below Chinese herbal formulas—or any of the below listed ingredients of those Chinese herbal formulas—should be taken separately instead of in combination, does anyone have any insights regarding how many minutes, hours, days, etc. should there be after one takes the hydrogen peroxide before one takes the Chinese herbals?

(4) As with the previous question—but with the sequence reversed—does anyone have any insights regarding how many minutes, hours, days, etc. should there be after one takes the Chinese herbals and before one takes the food-grade hydrogen peroxide?

(I am asking both the third and fourth questions to account for the possibility that the effects of the hydrogen peroxide and each specific Chinese herbal formula occur over different lengths of time.)

For reference, the Chinese herbal formulas are from Shen Herb, Inc. The website of the company is

Chinese herbal formula: Gan Mao Ling
Ilex Radix (also known as Ilex root)
Evodiae Folium (also known as Evodia Leaf)
Viticus Folium (also known as Vitex Leaf)
Chrysanthemum Flos (also known as Chrysanthemum Flower)
Isatidis Radix (also known as Woad Root or Ban Lan Gen)
Lonicerae Flos (also known as Honeysuckle Flower)
Menthe Folium (also known as Mint Leaf)

Chinese herbal formula: Zong Gao Ling
Radix Puerariae (also known as Kudzu Root or Ge Gen)
Radix Illicus Pubescentis (also known as Hairy Holly Root or Mao Tung Ching)
Herba Verbenae (also known as Vervain Plant of Ma Pien Tsao)
Radix Isatidis (also known as Woad Root or Ban Lan Gen)
Herba Artemisae (also known as Wormwood Plant or Qing Hao)
Gypsum Fibrosum (also known as Gypsum or Shi Gao)

Chinese herbal formula: Dr. Shen's Allergy
Angelica Dahurica (also known as Bai Zhi)
Magnolia Flos (also known as Xin Ye Hua)
Anemarrhena (also known as Zhi Mu)
Centepeda Herba (also known as Shi Hu Sui)
Agastach Pogostemi (also known as Huo Xiang)
Liquidambar Fructus (also known as Lu Lu Tong)
Xanthium Fr. (also known as Cang Er Zi)
Cassia Torre (also known as Ju Ming Zi)
Herna Mentha (also known as Bo He)
Ledebouriella Rx. (also known as Fang Feng)
Herba Schizonepeta (also known as Jing Jie)
Cortex Mori (also known as Sang Bai Pi)
Cortex Moutan Radicis (also known as Mu Dan Pi)

On the below webpages, I tried to find information related to the combining of hydrogen peroxide and Chinese herbal formulas.

Because I didn't find anything on those webpages, I thought that I would ask in case Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines, or anyone else might have some insights regarding this matter.



Hydrogen Peroxide, Multivitamins, Green Supplement

Posted by Oliver (Auckland, Waiheke Island) on 08/19/2011

can you take muiltviamin and greens supplement while on hydrogen pexrodiox therapy???

Hydrogen Peroxide, Serrapeptase

Posted by Graylnjo (Prescott, Az, Usa) on 06/25/2011

I would like to start taking drops of peroxide internally on an empty stomach. My question is I also take the enzyme serrapeptase on an empty stomach. Will there be any conflict with taking the two at the same time?

Thanks in advance, Graylnjo

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