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Sodium and Potassium Citrate, Sodium and Potassium Carbonate

Posted by Carolyn (Hobbs, Nm Usa) on 09/18/2009

Confusion of products, please help!!

I am so confused. What is the difference in sodium citrate and sodium carbonate? What is the difference in potassium citrate and potassium carbonate? Potassium citrate is easy to find but I can't find sodium citrate in the health food stores. Sodium bicarbonate is easy to find. Is it the same as sodium citrate?

Thanks, Carolyn

Replied by Carolyn
(Hobbs, Nm, USA)

I am still trying to locate my products I need. Is the kind of sodium citrate you use the kind you find in foods. Some of the powdered forms say for crafts. Also I can only find the potassium citrate in capsules. How many capsules would it take to equal 1/4 t.? I really need help with this. Thanks, Carolyn

Replied by Kathy
(Dubois, Pa)

OK...if I've got my science right, an oxide is a mineral bound with oxygen, like Magnesium Oxide, or Calcium Oxide, etc, and they have a high pH (are bases i.e. are alkaline). A citrate, like Magnesium Citrate or Calcium Citrate are esters formed by the partial neutralization of an oxide with citric acid, e.g. Magnesium Oxide plus Citric Acid forms Magnsium Citrate. The problem with the oxide form of minerals is that they are not very bioavailable and that they neutralize the very stomach acid that is needed to digest them. But a citrate, like Magnesium Citrate, on the other hand, is "pre-acidified" and much better absorbed by the body. Sodium bicarbonate is sodium bound to carbon...two carbon atoms (bi-carbonate) for every atom of sodium. Sodium Citrate is just another name for Citric Acid. Your question is a very good one, and hopefully someone else out there can help elaborate on an answer to it.

Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++

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Posted by Danny (South Carolina) on 04/24/2023
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Trying to cure myself I ingested : sodium gluconate, ammonium chloride, cyclooctasulfur also called sulfur (s8), dipotassium phosphate, potassium phosphate, casein for paint (in the technical paper of the seller its called dietary acid casein) and oxalic acid. (I took only a few grams of each max.)

I also took potassium bitartrate and potassium chloride but I don't think theses do any harm... just in doubt I tell it.

Can you tell me what is the more toxic and what to do to remove the toxic substance(s) from my body? the following day taking all of theses I had 0 libido, constipation, very red eyes and feeling really cold.

I know I did a mistake and I will not do it again, it's a big lesson for me but I'm needing help now.

Thanks for help

Replied by mmsg
(somewhere, europe)

Danny, in your case, consulting with a doctor or poison control center would be prudent. Besides that, drink plenty of water.

(South Carolina)

Hello, I just called an antipoison center less than 1 hour ago, they basically said : what I have is not related to what I took even if I had side effect the same hour, they also said this is not really an intoxication in the proper term and I should consult my doctor, goodbye.

The problem is I consulted different doctors all my life and they never helped me even slightly, the last one that I had even said that I should consult a psychiatrist when I was nearly close to death, so my last resort is earthclinic and the internet.

Thank you for your help

(somewhere, europe)

Danny, you might start with drinking plenty of plain water, to help flush out extras.

You might also try A LITTLE BIT of activated charcoal, along with plenty of water.

(South Carolina)

I have constant diarrhea, lost 28 kgs, appetite loss, kidney problem, I drink very little and everything go with my stool, I really need help

I have seen a doctor since then that did not help me and I also been to at the hospital emergency two times since then and they don't give a $%^&.

I really need help.

(New York)

Hi Danny,

Have you tried good ole Pepto Bismol? Back in the day that's what mom gave us.

Praying for You,


(Kitchener On)

Hi Danny

You should only have liquids for 2 days. No solid food. Also take 1/2 teaspoon powdered Ginger morning and night.It has the power to slow things down or speed things up.

Works for me every time.




Danny, I really sympathize with you. My husband is going through this in a very aggressive manner due to being taken off all his regular digestive meds for chemo treatment for metastisized cancer. Needless to say, after 2 rounds of chemo, he has cancelled all chemo. There are some basic rules, but they all take time for your stomach/gut to heal. No high fructose corn syrup in anything. No carbonated beverages that just add gas to you system. Drink w/o a straw which brings air to your stomach. You can take immodium - up to 8,2mg tablets a day. Beware that it may cause foggy brain, but that can be dealt with when you have a good care giver to think and talk for you. Treat your stomach like a baby's. Start with liquids - protein drinks like Ensure - start with one a day and build up. Drink small amounts of liquid - my husband likes fresh lemonade, herbal teas, water, milk (if you can tolerate it - maybe lactose free) will rehydrate you. Try to get 2-3oz in every few hours. Rice is good for the gut and helps with stool formation, as are white potatoes and only small amounts of chicken (not fried), Progressos canned soups have low fat and may be well tolerated. Cream of rice, cooked cereal is one of the foods that babies start out on. Full of nutrients and if it helps, you can live on that for a couple of weeks to let your system heal. Probiotics are good to add - Activia will require a small amount to get your daily dose. My husband had been on 30 mg daily of lansoprazole daily for control of acid for years and had to stop taking it as it was not compatible w/chemo - big mistake. Be patient w/your digestive system. Write down everthing you eat and the time and how soon you have a BM. Sleeping in a recliner seems to help with his head higher up. There are many fruits and veggies that your system will not tolerate for a long time - go gently with each new food as you try them out. What works for one person, may be a trigger for you. Sometimes my husband can tolerate a scrambled egg, sometimes grits, only sour dough bread - but lately this is troubling. It is a trial and error, but remember your stomach needs something to digest - make it as simple and easy as possible for your digestive system. I hope you find a really good system for you. Do not despair, so and easy with it all. I know you must be very fatigued. I hope you do not have to go into work every day. Hang in there. We are often our own physicians. Document it all.

(New York)

Danny have you checked the Diarrhea remedies on

Earth Clinic

They even list some foods like Cream of Wheat etc:

Cream of Wheat Cereal

Posted by Joyce (Chippewa Lake, Ohio) on 05/19/2008

I have had diarrhea every morning for a year and a half. Then I remembered that my mother use to give my brother diarrhea whenever he got it. I started to eat it at night before bed time, and it works. No more diarrhea in the morning. Cream of Wheat takes up water, and that is no doubt why it works. If you have it all day, eat it as often as necessary.

Sodium Thiosulfate

Posted by Kavita (Somerset, NJ, United States) on 07/17/2013

Hi earthclinic! Thank you very much for existing! And god bless you. I have a remedy combination question for TED or BILL. Is it okay to mix the following in a glass of water and get all the benefits? take this 5 out of 7 days?

2tbsp ACV + 1/4 tsp sodium bicarbonate + 1/8tsp potassium bicarbonate + 1/32 tsp borax +1 rice grain size sodium thiosulphate + 1 drop of 5% lugols iodine + 2 gms sodium ascorbate + 7 drops of magnesium chloride

Is it okay to add 1/8tsp potassium bicarbonate to sodium ascorbate to balance the sodium?

Please let me know. Thank you very much in advance.

Sodium Thiosulfate
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/01/2012

I made some 10% sodium thiosulfate in a glass eye dropper bottle, after six months, the solution got cloudy and oily feeling, is this natural?

Also to purify water is it ok to mix 10% ST, borax AND hydrogen peroxide? I want to remove the impurities, esp chlorine and fluoride.

Or would ST and borax be enough or is H2O2 enough?

And if we need so much iodine can we just use that in drinking water all day? Or it is too bad tasting? Thank you.

Sodium Thiosulfate
Posted by Elly (Topeka, Kansas) on 05/14/2011

Hey Bill from San Fernando, Philippines, I just read a Ted quote "A hydrogen peroxide cannot be combined with sodium thiosulfate. Both would neutralize each other, but they can be taken hours apart. " If I have chlorinated water will hydrogen peroxide get rid of it and then go on to give oxygen to my body? I usually add the sodium thiosulfate to a big glass pitcher water and later in the day add some H2O2 drops but I didn't know these would neutralize each other, even hours apart? I was using a new charcoal filter to get the chlorine out but the water doesn't smell or taste the best left overnight. But with Sodium Thiosulfate it tastes fine. Thanks, love this site and all the wonderful people here xo

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi I leave a 1 litre carafe of water on the kitchen bench all the time and refill it when needed. I find the chlorine taste is gone in about an hour. I read a book called 'Your body's many cries for water' by F. Batmanghelidj and he says leave your glass of water to sit for 1 hr and the chlorine will evaporate out of it. Cheers Lily.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Elly... It is true that sodium thiosulphate will neutralize the hydrogen peroxide. So best to take these separately and a few hours apart. I take the ST more often than the HP because I think that there is a continual defensive battle against heavy metals, chlorine etc from modern processed food and water etc. And when you go out to eat with your friends to a restaurant(as we do), you really don't know what processed food you're eating. So it is a continual battle.

I usually reserve the hydrogen peroxide to take if there is something actually wrong with me. It is a very effective and broad acting ant-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and is also useful against cancer. Ted has quoted research by Dr Reginald Holman, who implanted adenocarcinoma cancer in Walker rats in the 1950s. He just fed them a normal diet including 0. 45% HP in their drinking water and their cancer was gone in 15 - 60 days.

HP is highly reactive though. I've also read that if HP is taken with Vit C, it will neitralize this anti-oxidant as well. Ted advises taking Vit C 6 hours after you dose with HP(after the HP is excreted from the body). Also, if you take Iodine with HP this will convert it to Hydriodic Acid -- which has completely different properties to lugol's iodine.

That's why it's always best to take the HP on its own and separately.

However, you can take borax(1/4 teaspoon), sodium bicarbonate(1/4 teaspoon) and HP(10 - 15 drops or more) together in a liter of water per day -- this combination will act to alkalize your blood, help remove fluoride, balance your hormones, kill the bad microbes and help to oxygenate the tissues(more energy) more effectively. This mix becomes even more effective if you also add a 1/4 teaspoon sea salt which acts synergistically to aid absorbtion into the body. I use this mix when necessary. Also remember that borax should be taken for only 4 days out of every week.


Bill, thank you for sharing your insights. Regarding hydrogen peroxide and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), have you had any experience with taking Chinese herbal formulas within the six-hour time frame after taking hydrogen peroxide, and, if so, could you please share your insights on that topic? Also, regarding taking Vitamin C before taking hydrogen peroxide, could you please share your insights about the time frame that the Vitamin C is in the body before being excreted?



Replied by Elly
(Topeka, Ny)

Thanks Bill for the wealth of info! I eat mini meals throughout the day so I started taking the Borax & H2O2 combo in the evenings to fight candida. I also add green tea for the tannic acid & sometimes magnesum & potassium to this combo too. Hope that's ok, if not please let me know. Thanks again to all the helpful people here!

Time Frames

Posted by Karl (Digby, N.s. Canada) on 01/10/2011

I need to find out for all the different remedies, what time-frame are we looking at; do I just continue the ACV, BSM, and water forever, how about the LemonLime Baking Soda cure, or the cure for Systemic Candida are they and all other treatments to be ongoing forever as a regular part of your daily diet, just need a little clarification on this thanks. This is one FANTASTIC site, keep it up.

Turmeric and Bromelain

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Posted by Scenteint (Taylors, South Carolina, Usa) on 11/12/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

I am taking Turmeric& Bromelain, and I have great benefits, but I also have blurred vision and headaches. Has anyone else had this side effect?

Turpentine, Borax, Peroxide, Sodium Bicarb

Posted by Jeff (Il) on 02/23/2018 1 posts

Hi, I have candida, food sensitivities, and adrenal fatigue. In regards to the candida options, turpentine/castor oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax, and Sodium bicarbonate, can I do all four at once or should each protocol be done on its own? If all four can be done, can the protocols be done at the same time as in, can I take all four at the same time. If not, what is the opinion on which is the most effective?

I have severe brain fog and short term memory issues. Plus, I have lost a lot of muscle. I've had this issue for years and finally broke away from conventional medicine which is nothing but a pharmaceutical promoting institution.

Thank you!

When You Have Serious Ailments

Posted by Jake (Seattle, Wa) on 08/30/2011

Does anyone know if BHT and cayenne (taken seperately) is safe to take with hep-c and cirrhosis? I'm in dire straights. Thank you.

When You Have Serious Ailments
Posted by Missbetty48 (Lincoln, Missouri) on 06/21/2009

Combing Treatments: How do I know if these solutions will mix with what I take now and not cause me to have a severe reaction to them? I have COPD AND EMPHYSEMA and several bouts of pnuemonias

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