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| Modified on Aug 28, 2023
Posted by AndreasP74 (Stuttgart) on 08/28/2023

Hello, can the Disodium EDTA go together with the DMSO for makng a cream, or do they negatively interact?

MMS and Methylene Blue
Posted by Art (California) on 07/24/2023 1850 posts


The chlorine dioxide is a very potent oxidant as discussed here : dioxide is a powerful, other oxidizing agents are unsuitable.

Here is a relevant quote :

' Chlorine dioxide is a potent oxidizing agent which can be generated efficiently from sodium chlorite. '

On the other hand, methylene blue is a potent antioxidant as discussed here : is known that methylene, and antioxidant actions [51].

Here is a relevant quote :

' It is known that methylene blue has a wide spectrum of action, including cytoprotective, anti-apoptotic, and antioxidant actions [51]. '

Given that a main method of action of chlorine dioxide is through its potent oxidant activities and a main method of action of methylene blue is through its potent antioxidant activities these two may work against each other, reducing their individual effectiveness.


MMS and Methylene Blue
Posted by AZJJ (AZ) on 07/23/2023

Hi, does anyone know if chlorine dioxide solution (CDS, the best form of MMS, IMO) can, or should, be used while taking Methylene blue?

Both are amazing substances... but since they are similar in many ways... I wonder if they can co-exist with benefit?

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, Borax
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 07/21/2023

Hi Frances

I have been taking ACV and borax plus baking soda..

1 750 mil bottle

put 4-6 spoons ACV

1/4 spoon of baking soda then fill with water and drink 1 bottle per weekday

None on weekends and start over on Monday. As far as cancer goes, you should buy a bottle of Frankincense Oil. 2 drops in your mouth morning and night. Also if you know where the cancer is rub 2-3 drops morning and night on the area you think it is,

Doing this will definitely help your sister.

God Bless


Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, Borax
Posted by Frances (CA) on 07/20/2023

I was thinking of trying borax with ac. I am looking online to see different ways of trying borax. I read that it's good for arthritis and ur joints. I also read if u take too much it could make u vomit. I was wondering if u continued with ur mixtures and if u much weight did u lose. I read that borax is just like baking soda. That the government didn't want people to be healing themselves cuz that takes away from them....if u read this, plz respond bake. I want to experiment with borax cuz I read it cures cancer and my sis has cancer and it's getting the best if her. We stopped believing that the Dr knows what he's doing so we're looking into other holistic options

Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by magnolia16 (USA) on 06/11/2023

Danny, I really sympathize with you. My husband is going through this in a very aggressive manner due to being taken off all his regular digestive meds for chemo treatment for metastisized cancer. Needless to say, after 2 rounds of chemo, he has cancelled all chemo. There are some basic rules, but they all take time for your stomach/gut to heal. No high fructose corn syrup in anything. No carbonated beverages that just add gas to you system. Drink w/o a straw which brings air to your stomach. You can take immodium - up to 8,2mg tablets a day. Beware that it may cause foggy brain, but that can be dealt with when you have a good care giver to think and talk for you. Treat your stomach like a baby's. Start with liquids - protein drinks like Ensure - start with one a day and build up. Drink small amounts of liquid - my husband likes fresh lemonade, herbal teas, water, milk (if you can tolerate it - maybe lactose free) will rehydrate you. Try to get 2-3oz in every few hours. Rice is good for the gut and helps with stool formation, as are white potatoes and only small amounts of chicken (not fried), Progressos canned soups have low fat and may be well tolerated. Cream of rice, cooked cereal is one of the foods that babies start out on. Full of nutrients and if it helps, you can live on that for a couple of weeks to let your system heal. Probiotics are good to add - Activia will require a small amount to get your daily dose. My husband had been on 30 mg daily of lansoprazole daily for control of acid for years and had to stop taking it as it was not compatible w/chemo - big mistake. Be patient w/your digestive system. Write down everthing you eat and the time and how soon you have a BM. Sleeping in a recliner seems to help with his head higher up. There are many fruits and veggies that your system will not tolerate for a long time - go gently with each new food as you try them out. What works for one person, may be a trigger for you. Sometimes my husband can tolerate a scrambled egg, sometimes grits, only sour dough bread - but lately this is troubling. It is a trial and error, but remember your stomach needs something to digest - make it as simple and easy as possible for your digestive system. I hope you find a really good system for you. Do not despair, so and easy with it all. I know you must be very fatigued. I hope you do not have to go into work every day. Hang in there. We are often our own physicians. Document it all.

Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 06/10/2023

Hi Danny

You should only have liquids for 2 days. No solid food. Also take 1/2 teaspoon powdered Ginger morning and night.It has the power to slow things down or speed things up.

Works for me every time.



Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 06/10/2023

Danny have you checked the Diarrhea remedies on

Earth Clinic

They even list some foods like Cream of Wheat etc:

Cream of Wheat Cereal

Posted by Joyce (Chippewa Lake, Ohio) on 05/19/2008

I have had diarrhea every morning for a year and a half. Then I remembered that my mother use to give my brother diarrhea whenever he got it. I started to eat it at night before bed time, and it works. No more diarrhea in the morning. Cream of Wheat takes up water, and that is no doubt why it works. If you have it all day, eat it as often as necessary.

Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 06/10/2023

Hi Danny,

Have you tried good ole Pepto Bismol? Back in the day that's what mom gave us.

Praying for You,


Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by Danny (South Carolina) on 06/10/2023

I have constant diarrhea, lost 28 kgs, appetite loss, kidney problem, I drink very little and everything go with my stool, I really need help

I have seen a doctor since then that did not help me and I also been to at the hospital emergency two times since then and they don't give a $%^&.

I really need help.

Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 05/22/2023

Danny, you might start with drinking plenty of plain water, to help flush out extras.

You might also try A LITTLE BIT of activated charcoal, along with plenty of water.

Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by Danny (South Carolina) on 05/19/2023

Hello, I just called an antipoison center less than 1 hour ago, they basically said : what I have is not related to what I took even if I had side effect the same hour, they also said this is not really an intoxication in the proper term and I should consult my doctor, goodbye.

The problem is I consulted different doctors all my life and they never helped me even slightly, the last one that I had even said that I should consult a psychiatrist when I was nearly close to death, so my last resort is earthclinic and the internet.

Thank you for your help

Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 04/25/2023

Danny, in your case, consulting with a doctor or poison control center would be prudent. Besides that, drink plenty of water.

Sodium Gluconate, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur +++
Posted by Danny (South Carolina) on 04/24/2023
0 out of 5 stars


Trying to cure myself I ingested : sodium gluconate, ammonium chloride, cyclooctasulfur also called sulfur (s8), dipotassium phosphate, potassium phosphate, casein for paint (in the technical paper of the seller its called dietary acid casein) and oxalic acid. (I took only a few grams of each max.)

I also took potassium bitartrate and potassium chloride but I don't think theses do any harm... just in doubt I tell it.

Can you tell me what is the more toxic and what to do to remove the toxic substance(s) from my body? the following day taking all of theses I had 0 libido, constipation, very red eyes and feeling really cold.

I know I did a mistake and I will not do it again, it's a big lesson for me but I'm needing help now.

Thanks for help

ACV, Lemon Juice, Baking Soda +
Posted by Karrie (Birmingham, UK) on 05/17/2022 2 posts

Thank you, Art. Your reply makes a lot of sense. I think I was seeing remedies as 'magic elixirs' and the more you take of them - the better. But as you say, it makes sense that each one of them could potentially be strong and powerful enough on its own - if it is the right fit for my condition. I will do as you say and try each one at a time for a while to see what's most effective.

ACV, Lemon Juice, Baking Soda +
Posted by Art (California) on 05/16/2022 1850 posts


Something to consider is that almost anyone can be allergic to almost anything. In the example you gave, If you were to use all of the remedies together at the same time and you had an allergic reaction, how would you know which remedy caused the problem? You would have to stop everything and recover and then start back one remedy at a time to find out which remedy was the one causing the problem.

On the other hand, let's say that you used all of the remedies simultaneously and your acne got better. How will you know which of the 5 remedies actually worked to get rid of your acne? Do you keep taking the 5 remedies everyday, because you don't know which remedy is actually working?

So unless a specific remedy calls for more than one component, I am of the opinion that it might be more helpful to try one remedy at a time until you find the one that is most effective for you.

I'll give one more scenario for you to consider. Let's go back to your example and let's say the first remedy you try doesn't help, so you discontinue it. Then you try the second remedy and it helps considerably, but does not clear your acne. This is good and you can then try adding one of the other remedies to the one that helped to see if the next remedy may be additive to the second remedy and possibly enough to clear your acne.

I'm not saying this is the only way to do it, just a way that makes sense to me.

Good luck and please update us on how you do!


ACV, Lemon Juice, Baking Soda +
Posted by Karrie (Birmingham, UK) on 05/16/2022 2 posts

Hello, I'm new to this site but already find it incredibly useful! When I read people's advice on remedies we can use for different ailments, one thing I'm wondering is: how many of these can I add together? Say, someone is recommending apple cider vinegar for acne. Someone else is recommending lemon juice, someone else - baking soda and someone else - coconut oil and yet someone else - honey. What if I take all 5 ingredients and mix them all together to use as one face wash/tonic? Will the effectiveness of each ingredient still be there or do I run the risk of some of them cancelling each other out.. or at least reducing each other's effectiveness? Moreover, is there a risk of this mix being damaging to my face instead of beneficial?

Thank you!

EC: Hi Karrie,

We have put your post on a page where people ask about all sorts of remedy combinations. See if something there can help you:

Borax, Magnesium, Ascorbic Acid
Posted by Mary (Arizona) on 01/07/2022 9 posts

HI! Please answer a question for me. I want to put Borax, magnesium and ascorbic acid in one liter of H20 and drink through out the day. Is this OK. My question is will those supplements interact or will it be fine.



Borax, Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Emmental (SE Asia) on 11/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I am aware of the protocol of using a little bit of borax in a liter of water and drinking it throughout the day. But this is impractical for me for various reasons so I am taking borax in a different way.

I prepare my drinking water in a 6 liter jug. I add Lugols iodine to this, and some borax. Shake the bottle well. And this is what I drink with my meals and in between meals.

So, I wonder if this will still get me the benefits of both Lugols and borax. What I don't know, is does the iodine chemically react with the borax to render it useless for health? And vice versa?

Maybe someone who knows a bit about chemistry could respond.


Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax
Posted by Sue (IL) on 10/13/2021

Would it be ok to add ACV to my daily dosage when I am currently taking Borax? I'm hoping to take the ACV too to help some other issues like nail fungus.

Apple Cider Vinegar, H2O2
Posted by Peter (Melbourne, Australia.) on 08/11/2021

Sorry folks I'll have to rephrase my post, I don't mean putting the H2O2 drops in the ACV I just meant drinking ACV while I am on the HP. thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar, H2O2
Posted by Peter (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/10/2021

Hi all, I have just started taking H2O2 (2nd week), my question is, can I also drink ACV at the same time or will one upset the other? thanks in advance, Peter.

EC: See the thread we put your question on for an old post from Ted on the subject.

Sodium Thiosulfate
Posted by J. (Florida) on 05/06/2021

Bill, thank you for sharing your insights. Regarding hydrogen peroxide and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), have you had any experience with taking Chinese herbal formulas within the six-hour time frame after taking hydrogen peroxide, and, if so, could you please share your insights on that topic? Also, regarding taking Vitamin C before taking hydrogen peroxide, could you please share your insights about the time frame that the Vitamin C is in the body before being excreted?



Hydrogen Peroxide, Chinese Herbal Formulas
Posted by J. (Florida) on 05/05/2021

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and Chinese herbal formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM

These questions relate to food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and Chinese herbal formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

(1) Does anyone have any insights regarding whether taking food-grade hydrogen peroxide—whether via inhalation, ingestion, placement in the ears, spraying in the nose, bathing, topical application, or any other means of delivery—with any of the following Chinese herbal formulas—or with any of the below listed ingredients of those Chinese herbal formulas—would result in the canceling of any beneficial effects of either the hydrogen peroxide or the Chinese herbals?

(2) Does anyone have any insights regarding whether taking food-grade hydrogen peroxide with any of the following Chinese herbal formulas—or with any of the below listed ingredients of those Chinese herbal formulas—is contraindicated due to negative effects as a result of the combinations?

(3) If food-grade hydrogen peroxide and the below Chinese herbal formulas—or any of the below listed ingredients of those Chinese herbal formulas—should be taken separately instead of in combination, does anyone have any insights regarding how many minutes, hours, days, etc. should there be after one takes the hydrogen peroxide before one takes the Chinese herbals?

(4) As with the previous question—but with the sequence reversed—does anyone have any insights regarding how many minutes, hours, days, etc. should there be after one takes the Chinese herbals and before one takes the food-grade hydrogen peroxide?

(I am asking both the third and fourth questions to account for the possibility that the effects of the hydrogen peroxide and each specific Chinese herbal formula occur over different lengths of time.)

For reference, the Chinese herbal formulas are from Shen Herb, Inc. The website of the company is

Chinese herbal formula: Gan Mao Ling
Ilex Radix (also known as Ilex root)
Evodiae Folium (also known as Evodia Leaf)
Viticus Folium (also known as Vitex Leaf)
Chrysanthemum Flos (also known as Chrysanthemum Flower)
Isatidis Radix (also known as Woad Root or Ban Lan Gen)
Lonicerae Flos (also known as Honeysuckle Flower)
Menthe Folium (also known as Mint Leaf)

Chinese herbal formula: Zong Gao Ling
Radix Puerariae (also known as Kudzu Root or Ge Gen)
Radix Illicus Pubescentis (also known as Hairy Holly Root or Mao Tung Ching)
Herba Verbenae (also known as Vervain Plant of Ma Pien Tsao)
Radix Isatidis (also known as Woad Root or Ban Lan Gen)
Herba Artemisae (also known as Wormwood Plant or Qing Hao)
Gypsum Fibrosum (also known as Gypsum or Shi Gao)

Chinese herbal formula: Dr. Shen's Allergy
Angelica Dahurica (also known as Bai Zhi)
Magnolia Flos (also known as Xin Ye Hua)
Anemarrhena (also known as Zhi Mu)
Centepeda Herba (also known as Shi Hu Sui)
Agastach Pogostemi (also known as Huo Xiang)
Liquidambar Fructus (also known as Lu Lu Tong)
Xanthium Fr. (also known as Cang Er Zi)
Cassia Torre (also known as Ju Ming Zi)
Herna Mentha (also known as Bo He)
Ledebouriella Rx. (also known as Fang Feng)
Herba Schizonepeta (also known as Jing Jie)
Cortex Mori (also known as Sang Bai Pi)
Cortex Moutan Radicis (also known as Mu Dan Pi)

On the below webpages, I tried to find information related to the combining of hydrogen peroxide and Chinese herbal formulas.

Because I didn't find anything on those webpages, I thought that I would ask in case Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines, or anyone else might have some insights regarding this matter.



DE, ACV, Baking Soda, Borax
Posted by Dennis Moore (Washington) on 02/16/2021

I have a question, if one is taking Diatomaceous Earth and would also like to also do Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, or say Borax or peroxide, which are all added to water to consume, can any of these be combined to take as one instead of doing two, three, or four drinks?

Diatomaceous Earth and Borax
Posted by Raindear (Pahrump, Nv) on 01/28/2021

Can I use DE and Borax together? Maybe 1/4 tsp Borax in first liter of water of the day, and DE in second?

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 08/15/2018

As far as I can tell that should be fine as the borax is not organic material per say, and should not cancel out the peroxide.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Candy (Fort Madison ) on 08/14/2018

Is it alright to mix my teaspoon of borax solution (1teaspoon borax mixed with 1litre water) with my glass of water that has food grade peroxide drops?

Turpentine, Borax, Peroxide, Sodium Bicarb
Posted by Jeff (Il) on 02/23/2018 1 posts

Hi, I have candida, food sensitivities, and adrenal fatigue. In regards to the candida options, turpentine/castor oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax, and Sodium bicarbonate, can I do all four at once or should each protocol be done on its own? If all four can be done, can the protocols be done at the same time as in, can I take all four at the same time. If not, what is the opinion on which is the most effective?

I have severe brain fog and short term memory issues. Plus, I have lost a lot of muscle. I've had this issue for years and finally broke away from conventional medicine which is nothing but a pharmaceutical promoting institution.

Thank you!

Iodine and Coconut Oil
Posted by Dorrie K. (Ireland) on 02/02/2018

Can you mix a few drops of iodine with organic coconut vinegar for thyroid problems

Apple Cider Vinegar Combinations
Posted by Rachel (California) on 05/04/2017

Hi, this is an old post, but I'm wondering how this has worked for you - any problems or successes?

I'd also be curious if any one else is mixing and using the above formula or even just the ACV, Baking Soda and Molasses mix? I see a lot of posts using two of these ingredients together, but not all three.

Apple Cider Vinegar Combinations
Posted by Joann Ford (Panama City Beach) on 08/13/2016

Try adding more baking soda to neutralize the ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, H2O2
Posted by Stu Hannah (Nj) on 07/25/2016

Thank you for this. I was wondering what would happen if I combined the ACV with H2O2 also.

Fulvic Acid Combination
Posted by Kirankumar (Hollywood, Florida, Usa) on 05/28/2015
1 out of 5 stars


I like to know pre and post blood reports of this experiments (eg combining inorganic chemical and their of colloidal or ionic nature.) Life is very precious and non-life things are not precious when life/death situation viewed in true sense!

Please be careful and help yourself when taking drastic steps to play with life! God bless you all.

I love you all for any type of comments participant; regardless of level of intelligence and age.

If you discuss MRI with PET CT or Immunochemistry with me then I will have more pleasure of you.

Kiran kumar USA

Borax, Sodium Thiosulfate
Posted by Coup (Usa) on 05/23/2015

Have you found out if you can used sodium thiosulfate and Borax together ?

ACV, Coconut Oil, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 01/04/2015

Siow, you can take it all together.

ACV, Coconut Oil, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Siow (Singapore) on 01/04/2015

hi, do you take apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses and coconut oil together with warm water or you take each individual? Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar Combinations
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 10/31/2014

Lbb, I sometimes make a drink like that. No problem as long as you don't go to any extremes with any ingredient.

Apple Cider Vinegar Combinations
Posted by Lbb (Dubai) on 10/31/2014

ACV, Turmeric, Blackstrap Molasses, Black Pepper, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil Combination: Can I combine all these ingredients in a drink? In warm or room temperature water?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Bamboo Salt
Posted by Prabakaran (Malaysia) on 03/13/2014

hai, I am taking my regular CAV, now someone suggested Korean Bamboo salt. I read the benefits, and its amazing results. Can I consume both? kindly advice. rgd, karan MALAYSIA

Home Remedy Combinations
Posted by Anna (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/19/2014

Hi, I'm starting to take H2O2 protocol for my herpes, but I can't stand the taste, at the moment I'm drinking it down while sucking on lollies which I know is bad for herpes, but that's the only way for me to hold the drinks down. The few times I didn't do it, I always gag and threw up. Is there something else I can keep in my mouth while drinking it? Is blackstrap molasses and H2O2 alright to be mixed together? Thank you.