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Posted by Daniel (Christchurch, Nz) on 10/28/2010

Regarding oil pulling, If you leave water, or any other liquid in your mouth, without spitting it out for 20 minutes you- will end up with a mouth full of mucus. Just try it with any oil or liquid

Replied by 818poochie
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

This afternoon I oil pulled for the first time with about 1 tsp of EVCO and had an experience that I did not expect including a lot of mucus. This evening I read your post. You said that any water, oil or other liquid held in your mouth for twenty minutes would result in a mouth full of mucus. Because I do not like to be "fooled" about things I decided to test this before spending a lot of time oil pulling and fooling myself into thinking that the oil pulling was doing something special. My personal result is that after twenty minutes with a mouth full of water, all I ended up with was a mouth full of water and saliva. No other reaction even close to oil pulling with EVCO.

Replied by Jamie
(Lakeworth , Fl.)

Poochie, in the last week I had the same thought as you. Why cant you use water, wouldn't it be the same? There is an expense involved with good organic oil, then another dilemma. What to do with the swished oil? I have a septic system and really don't want to spit it down the drain every day. The trash can is another option, but I don't want an oily mess in the bathroom trash. Then I was thinking about using water, would that draw out the toxins. Thinking the action is what pulls the poisons out. Thanks for doing the research for me, I guess its not the same.

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Posted by Lucy (Brisbane, Australia) on 10/24/2010

I have a permanent metal wire retainer behind my upper and lower front teeth, to keep them in place since having braces. I am wondering whether oil pulling will effect the metal wire or the glue. Particularly since it is supposed to pull metals. What would it do to the wire?

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Lucy, sorry I can't answer your question but I have one for you. Over a year ago I had my braces taken off and the orthodontist, who had always talked of placing one like you have, decided to go for a removable one instead, which I will have to put in at least once a week for the rest of my life. I am not happy about it because he never discussed this with us from the start. We will move away from here in a few months so if anything is the matter I will have to pay an orthodontist (right now it is all included in the awfully high price). If I lose or break the retainer I will have to pay for it myself as well. I would like to know what is your experience with yours as having some wire behind your teeth sounds rather weird too..... I have no idea what will happen with mine as I get older (I am 53 now) and my mouth changes.... I just don't know! But he is very good at not really telling you enough and confronting you with the things later on.

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Posted by Lucy (Brisbane, Australia) on 10/24/2010

I just need to know whether oil pulling will make the contraceptive pill less effective at all?

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Posted by A.c. (Houston, Texas) on 10/13/2010

I oil pull every morning for 20 minutes day. This has been my practice for over a year now. One weird thing happens pretty regularly after I spit out the oil: I see stars. Can any one explain that phenomenon? Thanks.

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Posted by Belinda (Singapore) on 10/03/2010

I am so lucky to chance upon EC. All feedbacks from everyone is so invaluable. Special thanks especially to Sandy who has taken such great effort on compilation. I've OP for only 2 days. Yet to experience amazing effects but do notice plaque decreased. Hope OP could cure me of some sickness and discomforts am experiencing.

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Posted by Shanthi (Jurong, Singapore) on 10/02/2010

Dear All, I am in Japan currently and wish to know where I can get a good sesame/sunflower/any other oil for the pulling. Thanks

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Posted by Karen (Sydney, Nsw) on 10/02/2010

I have been oil pulling for 6 months now. I have experienced quite a few things. Firstly, the rash on the skin but it went away after awhile ( a few weeks). Perhaps it is removing toxins through the skin also. I have bridge work and was getting a gap between the gum and bridge. After a week, the gap closed, the dark discoloration disappeared and any plaque on my teeth is long gone. I usually rinse my mouth with warm water afterwards. I haven't had a flu or any sickness since oil pulling. I use olive oil and have used sesame seed oil but I prefer the olive oil. My breath is fresh and clean. No morning breath smell. My jawline is more chiseled (had a bit of a double chin before).

My best advice is to keep oil pulling until any side effects leave and they will. I have old metal fillings and if anything, the area around the fillings is cleaner. I originally had a sore gum when I started and eating made it worse. After the first oil pull, the inflammation went away. Oil pulling is the best thing you can do for your body. I have my kids oil pull now and the dentist couldn't believe how clean and plaque free my kids teeth were.. I oil pull usually in the morning before breakfast and then rinse my mouth out with warm water or rinse it with ACV I have in a bottle of water. Somedays I oil pull for the full twenty minutes, some days 10 minutes and 10 minutes later in the day. I only do it once a day. I usually eat or drink after pulling, about 30 minutes later. If it hurts your jaw, pull relax, pull relax, or keep your head down to take the pressure off the jaw. This is Gods miracle cure along with Castor oil. I couldn't live without either. All the best to everyone trying it for the first time. Keep at it and you will soon enough realise how wonderful oil pulling is. God Bless you

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Posted by Sarah (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/30/2010

Hi All.. I started oil pulling few weeks back. My tooth sensitivity lost, teeth started to feel whiter that usual pale color. But still some clean feeling was missing after sometime. So I used few grains of sea salt and swished oil and lo the mouth felt very cleaner. I have also started urine therapy from yesterday. Other noticeable things are my toe under surface was cracked and within one or two days it was healed and smooth, hair become shinier, now no need to use conditioner after shampooing, skin has become beautiful, earlier there were so many open pores but now they are not. I have sub mandibular tumor in my right side so want to see what this therapy works here. Also taking Vitamin D3 supplements for depression and flax seed oil capsules since I'm vegetarian and can not take fish oil. I have also taken epsom salt bath once to detoxify and have also started taking cold showers..

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

As far as the urine therapy goes, aren't you afraid that you will start drinking less healthy stuff you are throwing out in your urine? Remember that for some ailments they test the urine to see whether you need treatment like with a bladder infection.

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Posted by Kim (Bellevue, Wa) on 09/25/2010

I read the posts on the oil pulling. I have been doing it for about a week. I have sinus problems and it seems to be aggravating the sinus. I hope this is just a sign that my body is healing. I'm very sleepy with pressure in my nose so I'm taking taking ACV to help too. Also I'm taking Levothyroxine for my thyroid 75 mcg, the oil pulling won't affect that would it?

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Posted by Map77 (Grand Prairie, Tx, Usa) on 09/23/2010

I have been oil pulling for 6 days now. However experiencing really bad stomach pains. More like cramps. Is there anyone else that has these going on? I wonder if I should stop, or is this just my body de-toxin??? Anyone! ?

Replied by May
(Hamilton, New Zealand)

Hi I am doing oil pulling again Last time I did it was about eight weeks ago I started to feel better after about four days except for flem in the throat that was almost gone when I stopped. Teeth felt healthier and gums improved very quickly. I stopped as To many visitors and interuptions over festive season. Ive started again and this is my third day and I have severe pain in right side about kidney area. Ive had pain here before in the past when Ive eaten to much sugar or drunk a couple of glasses of alcohol so I dont do this very often. The pain is like a constant ache- any suggestions? Ive been drinking lots of water but a bit nervous to keep going with OP in case Im damaging something.

Replied by Stladit
(Los Altos, Ca)

I have also been oil pulling (Sesame oil) for a week and noticed cramps in my lower right side. I don't know if I am detoxing or what. I do feel like I have more energy and less appetite for unhealthy foods. I want to eat more vegetables and avoid sugar. I will keep at it and post results as I continue in this regimen.

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Posted by Pudding (New Orleans, La, United States) on 09/17/2010

I have been oiling pulling for 3 days. I do it for 20 minutes in the morning before I brush, and eat. It was stated that if the oil does not turn white one is not doing it long enough. When I spit it out it is yellow. Using olive oil. Should I change oil?

Replied by Hope
(Sacramento, California)

It is said that refined sunflower or sesame oil are the best for oil pulling. I use sunflower oil and it is wonderful!

Replied by Addylynn
(Fb, Ga)

I oil pulled last night for the first time and it really didn't change that much for me either. But reading on other posts, not many people reported change when using the olive oil. As for changing the oil type, what kind are you looking at? I was thinking of trying seseme or sunflower but I'll have to go and about to find it as they didn't have any at the store I went to today.

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Posted by Ingrid (Sydney, Australia) on 09/12/2010

I have been oil pulling for the past three days - one tablespoon Virgin Coconut Oil in morning before breakfast. Yesterday afternoon I came down with a severe urinary tract infection including blood in my urine and severe pain. I succumbed and went to the doctor and am on antibiotics. I have only had a UTI twice before - and I am 49 and in generally good health, eat 70% raw food, exercise daily. I do have periodontitis and am on thyroid replacement (thyroid taken out in 1991 due to cancer). Would a severe UTI within three days of oil pulling with VCO be related to the oil pulling, or just coincidence? Thank you for your help

Replied by Summerhaunt
(Licking, Mo, United States)

To Pudding from New Orleans: Don't worry. Olive oil is a more yellow oil, and when oil pulling it will still have a yellow shade to it when you spit it out.

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Posted by Iris (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/27/2010

I have been using a mixture of sesame oil and coconut oil (half & half to make 1 tablespoon) the last 4 days. I have noticed that I am experiencing emotional issues coming up that I thought I had resolved and that they were long gone. Now they are coming back. I hope to be put out. Is getting rid of emotional issues one of the benefits oil pulling? I did not notice this when I used the coconut oil alone.

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Posted by Jasmine (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 08/26/2010

Hi Ted,
1) I have one big and few small white composite filling on my teeth. And also have some tiny amount of cavities on top of few teeths. Is oil pulling ok for me?
2)What kind people with diseases/sickness cannot do Oil Pulling?
Thanks, Kal

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Posted by Lalunagriega (Brownsville, Tx) on 08/04/2010

Why do you have to wait 4 hrs after you eat for oil pulling? - Very curious for answer.

Replied by Newtoallthis
(La, Ca)

I asked why wait four hours after eating and one hour after drinking water and never found an answer. Recently I added a second oil pulling, before bed--sometimes less than a full hour after drinking water--and I haven't noticed bad effects. I use coconut oil in the morning and olive oil at night.

I am mainly doing it for dental health and consider oil pulling an alternative to mouth wash. Rules like waiting four hours could just be part of making it sound mysterious and magical. I haven't noticed any magical cures, but my gums bleed much less during teeth cleanings and, for the first time, a dentist told me I have excellent oral hygiene.

Replied by Lalunagriega
(Brownsville, Texas)

Thanks for your reply - I haven't found any answers in relation to the 4 hour wait after eating - I did notice that I have fewer side effects when I have something in my stomach so I rarely oil pull on an empty stomach.