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Benefits of Iodine for Health

Where to Buy: Philippines

Posted by Linda (Lapulapu, Cebu, Philippines) on 09/04/2009

where in philipppines can i buy lugols solution?

Where to Buy: Philippines
Posted by Bill Jencks (San Fernando, La Union, Philippines) on 04/17/2009

Many thanks for all the info on the different types of iodine, very much appreciated. I live in the Philippines now, and I've been looking for a safe source of iodine intake for a variation in alkalizing the gut(I already alkalize with lemon + sodium bicarb + water). Since much of the well-water in the Philippines isn't safe for white men to drink(but Filipinos seem drink it without problems), I also want to use iodine for killing the bacteria etc in the well-water as well as well as deal successfully with all the fungus and yeasts that continually assault our own bodies every day.

I can't buy Lugol's in the Philippines, but I can buy the 2% iodine tincture and the Povidone(Oral wash) iodine. Many thanks for the thorough descriptions of how to use these different forms of iodine orally.

Just one question which might interest Ted.

Have you ever looked at the anti-cancer properties of Graviola(Brazilian Paw-Paw or Sousop - Annona muricata)? This plant has quite a history. About 10 or more years ago this plant was researched by a large pharma company. What they found was that the plant extract killed just cancer cells outright in large numbers - up to 12 different forms of cancer - because it destroyed the cancer cells anaerobic ATP pump(energy source) and caused apoptosis - but left normal human cells alone. For seven years this pharma company tried to synthesise the main two cancer-killing chemicals - unsuccessfully. This pharma company kept graviola's cancer-curing properties a secret and told no one, but one of their biochemists left the company and informed a natural health institute in the US. Purdue University picked it up and are running with it now. It appears, much as Ted has inferred, that the anti-cancer attributes(and other properties) of graviola are due to synergistic chemical combinations and actions of this plant. Apparently this plant also kills bacteria, fungi, worms, parasites, viruses - but care has to be taken replacing the good bacteria in the gut if you take this herb. Normally taken as a tea just made from the leaves and stems of the graviola. I only mention this plant because there is a graviola tree growing about 30 feet away from my house in the Philippines. Worth a look.

This site is packed with such useful information and its all relatively simple and cheap. Many thanks to Ted for all his minute detailed descriptions and to all other contributors as well.

Where to Buy: South Africa

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Posted by Cindy (Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa) on 09/22/2010

I've found Lugol's Iodine at Fruits and Roots in Bryanston. And its really cheap at R10 for a little bottle and at two drops a day will last me quite a while...

Where to Buy: Thailand

Posted by Singalong (Indianapolis, In, Usa) on 07/09/2011

Hi! We are moving to Thailand in a couple of weeks, and I'm wondering how easy it is to get Lugol's? We will be living in Chiang Mai. Thanks!

Replied by Nattakit
(Bangkok, Thailand)


I don't think that you can find Lugol's in Thailand. I even contact government authority in charge of distributing iodine to schools in rural areas in the attempt to suppress retardant in kids. They do not use lugol's. a check with Government Pharmaceutical Organization who is the procurer of all pharmaceuticals to government hospital did not help also.


Where to Buy: USA

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Posted by Freakzilla154l (Philadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 06/20/2010

Hello everyone,

I'm from Philadelphia, PA and wanted to know where I can buy Lugol's Iodine from? Can this be used internally and externally? Thanks so much!

Replied by Roseann
(San Diego, Ca)

Swansons Health Products carries Lugol's - think it's still $11.00

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Dj2ot42 (Hyattsville, Md) on 02/08/2010

If you add Vit C powder to Lugol's the whitening effect is temporary. If you add Hydrogen Peroxide to Lugol's the whitening effect is permanent, therefore not adviseable for scalp treatment unless you don't mind bleached hair or are bald. You can get decolorized iodine from among other places already listed on this website.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by John (Liberty, Ny) on 09/28/2009

jcrow prices of Lugol's are more than you quote on your (Wonderful!) website. The small bottle of full-strength Lugol's is $26 including shipping, just thought you would want to know,

Thanks for your great work. I am battling Lyme disease and seeking the silver bullet cure which is apparently non-existent. Any assistance most appreciated!

Thanks Again

John W.

Replied by Helene
(Houston, Tx)

well i have a bioelectric unit with radio frequencies and wands that do rare earth gases... it is supposed to work really well with lymes and alot of things. I think in general they are called violet ray machines.

you could hunt for that since I am not supposed to tell you what it is!!!

Kind of crazy.

It should balance your body to NORMAL frequency and so you kind of sleep with it etc.

Replied by Ladybug
(Houston, Texas)

John W- Regarding your Lyme Disease - have you tried using Colloidal Silver (CS)? I have been using since 1994 with great success for many ailments internally and externally. I am retired and a full time RVer and we don't have time for being sick. CS has been reported to kill up to 650 different pathogens including the Lyme Virus, MRSA, H1N1, etc. I have used recently for flu, food poisoning, head cold, boil, etc. I bought a CS micro-particle DC generator machine from Phoenix, AZ recently . It is very small and I can carry in our motorhome. It makes a micro particle 7-10 ppm solution. I take 1-2 oz per day when sick (sometimes more). I swish under tongue for 30 seconds or more and then swallow. I am currently using on the dog internally and externally for skin rash and health issues. I am a great believer of CS and its benefits. When I am taking CS I also do a probiotic to replace good bacteria which might be affected. Be aware that if you have a lot of a virus or bacteria, that when you take CS or an antibiotic, you can go thru a Herxheimer Affect and feel worse before feeling better. I realize there are pros and cons regarding CS as I have studied and read all about them for 15 years. I believe the PROS only because I and friends/relatives have had such positive responses (and none of us have turned blue!)

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Rose (Steedman, MO) on 01/21/2009

Lugol's supplier-is the correct kind of Lugol's? It's sold at 3 percent and 7 percent solutions...8 oz. only $7.95/11.95 respectively. I'd appreciate any input, thanks.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Rose (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 01/05/2009

Sore Throat Decolorized Iodine: Just wanted everyone who has been searching for Decolorized Iodine (also know as White Iodine) to know that Walgreens Pharmacy can special order it for you. I've searched high and low for it. The internet gets you with the S&H charges! You will need to speak with a pharmacist-its not in the main store part. I am trying it for a severe sore throat my child has with a sinus infection its been four(4) days that she is on antibiotics and her throat is killing her. I've tried everything else-will let you know if it works.

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

Rite Aid has decolorized iodine - a 2 ounce bottle of their own brand for $4.99. It's on an aisle shelf with all the rest of the first aid-type items. But it has ammonia in it; I really have no idea if this is acceptable as I am only just learning about the iodine issues. This is what the label says: "(Decolorized Iodine) Iodides Tincture. U.S.P." - Ingredients: "Alcohol 45%, denatured with ammonia, Ammonium, and Potassium Iodides". Anyone have input on this?

Replied by Renee
(Bergen Co., Nj)

I, too, have purchased decolorized iodine, as described by T from Maryland. I am hesitant to use this due to the mention of ammonia on the label. Could you please forward T's description to Ted for feedback on safety. We need a biochemist! (I would be using externally, e.g., foot painting) Thanks!

Replied by Isabelle
(Garden Grove, Ca, Usa)

Hello everyone! To de-color iodine :the amount of iodine to be used in a small glass bowl, add a little pinch of vitamin c (crystal ascorbic acid), swish it around and the color vanishes. Paint away! Peace!

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Nichole (Stanton, CA) on 12/23/2008

Iodine source: I wanted to let you all know I found liqui-dulse by bernard and jensen at Whole Foods and Mothers Market for a little over $3. It works great! I've noticed higher energy levels and weight decrease! A lot of people are deficient, especially if their water is fluoridated so start off with less than the rec. dosage so you dont feel the effects of the "iodine rush" as I call it. With the iodine rush you feel fidgety and have an increased heart rate. I also experienced a sense of fullness in my throat for a few days then it went away when my body regulated itself to the amount of iodine being consumed. This doesnt last long but it may frighten you. Over the course of two weeks slowly increase your dosage.

I'm trying to make sure I get at least 1000mcg a day, Japanese consume between 5000 and 13000 a day! So despite some of the warnings you find on the internet regarding too much iodine I think I'll be just fine and I'll report back and let you know how I feel.

Replied by Calaska
(Lenoir City, Tn)

When I first started taking iodine..nascent iodine is much better than Lugols or painting with some research on this..I started out 2 drops a day in small amount of water in the morning.. I felt little difference, so I bumped my dose up to 6 drops a day and noticed a big energy increase..but also hurt literally everywhere and was exhausted in evening! It finally subsided and I realized after research that I was detoxing and dumping harmful bromine. So don't stop, just cut back dose if this happens, then increase SLOWLY.

I take 5 drops in a.m. on empty stomach and again in early afternoon and feel fantastic and lost 4 pounds so far. You are right about feeling fidgity and increased heartrate and throat fullness at first. It's the thyroid gland displacing bromine and uptaking iodine..all good..just go slow if discomfort is too much. Iodine is something 80% of us are deficient in. It's like waking up and living when you get levels up!

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Pam (Pueblo, CO) on 11/19/2007

In Oct. 07 I special ordered lugol's solution from Wal-Mart pharmacy. The price was $28 & tax for 1 pint. Since it seems like people are having a hard time finding it I will try giving you the brand. It is Humco, Strong Iodine Solution, Quality Rx Prescription, Lugol's Solution. It contains 5% iodine, 10% pot. io-dide, pur. water. Says can be used internally. Good Luck!

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Toby McAdam (Livingston, MT) on 10/25/2007

Just a note to let you know that we offer Lugol's Iodine solution at If you would ike to contact us feel free to do so. Our phone number is 406-222-9949. Thank you and excellent web site. We would like to provide a link to your site if that is acceptable to you. Thank you Toby McAdam

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Jackie (Grand Rapids, Minnesota) on 07/15/2007

thanks for mentioning the site to purchase lugols soln. i just ordered a small bottle. There will be government regulations starting next month relating to iodine products,posted on their website, because they are used to produce methamphetamine, but we will still be able to buy it in small amounts for health purposes. i am so sensitive to cold. My hands and feet are always cold. I feel really chilled when it's 60 degrees outside when other people aren't bothered. I love this site. In a short time, i've started oil pulling, altho i might try an alternative remedy because i have metal fillings, acv, and molasses. i'm feelng and looking better. i forgot to mention i'm taking MSM and have noticed my carpal tunnel pain almost gone. thanks again

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Tom (Midland, Texas) on 05/23/2007

Lugol's Solution bought at Walmart: I special ordered Lugol's Solution at the local Walmart Pharmacy. Next day delivery. $30.03 for 500 mL.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Rachel (Reno, Nevada) on 04/17/2007

Last week I purchased decolorized iodine at Rite-Aid. A 2-ounce bottle was $4.59.