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Benefits of Iodine for Health

Posted by Sherry (NA, Pennsylvania) on 03/17/2007

Iodine and Pregnancy: Hey all, I listen to a show on called the Power Hour 8am to 11am EST, they have extremely good health shows.. And I have heard two in the past year and a half on Iodine.. This past friday was one, and the doctor on there said that iodine is extremely good for pregnant woman and babies.. He said it will increase their intelligence up to two years old.. My son is 11 and I give him 12.5 mg of Iadorol and I take 50mg a day..He said your body will get rid of what it doesn't use. Also painting it on the skin will only absorb 7% he said.. He said the japanese are the healthiest people in the world and one reason is they get 13.something .5 or .8 a day.. also potassium is very important and magnesium. But he said that the iodine has been proven to make a baby be born more intelligent. And we are extremely deficient in iodine in the States.. You can get the potassium from Black Strap Molasses.. I tried the ACV for weight loss and started gaining so I changed to 1/2 c. ACV 1 TBSP. Black Strap Molasses and 1 TBSP. Cayenne (store bought) Pepper and I weighed 149 when I woke up which is normal then when I ate gained my usual 2lbs.. but then as soon as I started drinking the ACV concoction (it was my second day) I went back to 149. Was really exciting.. Plus it gives me energy.. So I mix it in a one quart jar of water and throughout the day keep pouring it in a 4 oz. glass with a straw and sip it whenever I feel low on energy or just want some.. and I just keep mixing it up when I run out.. I am excited to see if I lose weight tomorrow morning.. Just thought I would pass these along.. Wish I would've known about iodine when I was pregnant with my son.. He has comprehension problems and that may be one cause. (you can get Iosol or Lugol's and it's in liquid form iodine the Iadorol is pill form and easier to take..) I hope this helps !!! Sherry :) P.S. Disclaimer I don't give medical advice this is just for your informational purposes.. As the power hour also disclaims..:)