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Posted by Ecfan99 (USA) on 12/29/2013
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Hello - I have been taking iodine for over a year to help with goiter / cysts on thyroid, as well as fibrocystic breasts. I had been taking 75mg of Lugol's. About two months ago I switched to Iodoral because of ease of taking, and the Lugol's was staining my teeth. I started at 50 mg of Iodoral and didn't notice any detox or side effects. I bumped up to 100 mg a few days ago. I take the companion supplements as well (magnesium, selenium, C, B, sea salt).

Throughout the night last night I woke up feel very nauseated. Still feeling pretty queasy today. So much so that I've canceled my plans for the day.

Could this be the iodine doing further detoxing, and more halides being released into my system? I have taken some sea salt in water this morning, and may continue to do that. Just want to be sure I'm approaching this correctly. Thanks.