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Benefits of Iodine for Health

Heavy Metals
Posted by Mary Louise (Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia) on 01/04/2010


What I tried was iodine and firstly looked up google to find out whether there was a connection between liquid iodine and the removal of heavy metals, and guess what, there is!!!

SO, after taking 3 drops of iodine in a glass of purified water with a half a teaspoon of vitamin C powder, I found that I was getting a bunch of pain in my gums where I had mercury fillings removed. What astounded me was that the dentist and I could not identify which tooth was suffering the pain. After taking an x-ray, it was found that 3 teeth in the upper right quadrant were very deep, yet nothing that indicated any serious problem that may be causing me all the pain I was feeling. What I believe was happening is that after 6 weeks of taking the iodine and Vit C powder, that residue (if this is the right word to use, someone out there maybe help me on this one), was being removed out of my gums! After 5 days of pain wavering in and out, it completely went and there is now no more pain. Does anyone have any suggestions of what else may have been happening or who may support this experience/theory? I would be interested in hearing your points of view.

EC: Hi Mary Louise,

A few follow-up questions for you:

Are you taking Lugol's iodine or another type of iodine?
What kind of Vitamin C powder is it, Ascorbic Acid?
How much vitamin C are you getting in that 1/2 teaspoon of powder?