Where to Buy Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide


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Posted by Mark (London, United Kingdom) on 08/25/2007

I have found a cheaper supplier of hydrogen peroxide for UK residents. It is food grade and costs £7.50 for 8 Oz (227g). From this site: http://www.detoxyourworld.com/acatalog/h2o2.html

Replied by Daniel
(Manchester, Uk)

APC Pure, Manchester - pick up from counter in Audenshaw or order online. Most concentrations inc. 3%. http://apcpure.com/

Replied by Jancy

Thank you so much to all who provided details where to get H202 in the UK. You have been so helpful. I have tried for months to get a bottle as I use this also for my plants and gardening. Amazon uk used to sell but now they don't, available in 3% to 12% only. Our world today need people like you. Thank you.

Posted by D (Manchester, England) on 07/31/2007

Hello, I am wholly confused by the way I was treated in the pharmacy at the Burnley branch of Asda (Walmart)in the UK when purchasing hydrogen peroxide 6%, which I have bought for years. I can think of only two occasions ever where the pharmacist has asked me what I wanted it for, and they were both at Asda stores in the past two months. The assistant at the Burnley branch asked the pharmacist if she was allowed to sell me two bottles, resulting in the pharmacist asking me what I required it for. After saying that I used it for skin problems and other general uses, the pharmacist told me that no, I could not have two bottles, but I could have one. Am I to take it that my answer affected whether she could sell me two bottles? I enquired into why this is, and was told that people abuse this substance. I replied that if I needed two bottles, I would have to make two visits to the store which is ridiculous, to which her reply was that if I was seen to be buying it regularly, they could stop selling it to me.

Now, what I want to know is - is this the correct procedure for a pharmacist to judge whether I am buying too much of this substance, and to ask me what I intend to use it for? I am offended by such a question if it was to solicit whether I should be sold hydrogen peroxide on the basis of my answer. This puts the seller in the judge and jury position, and I am not prepared to be judged when I am purchasing something. The substance has been a legally saleable item to which there haven't been any restrictions in all the years I have been purchasing it. I have bought it in quantity in the past when I have been colouring my hair, and my friends' hair, even when I was a schoolboy. I like to put about a pint in my bath from time to time, rinse my mouth with it, bleach my teeth and disinfect the kitchen worktops and chopping board with it, even treat the aquarium and garden with it, but judging by tonight's experience in the pharmacy, I won't be able to purchase that amount.

Obviously, this all leads me to ask what are my rights on this issue? Does someone in a pharmacy have the right to judge whether I can buy a product that is on the shelf. If so, I am concerned that where I may be judged 'against', someone else my be judged 'for'. Shouldn't only a judge have those rights? Is this policy a matter of written law in the UK or anywhere else, or an Asda (Walmart) policy?

I emailed someone at Asda and got an away on holiday auto-response - I may have an answer sometime after 13th August 07.

Thanks for any comments.

Replied by Mesem
(Toulon, France)

I'm trying to find food grade H2O2 in France? All I am offered is stabilised stuff in plastic (ugh) bottles. I don't like the fact that I have to lie about what I am using this for, the same with Lugol's here. The pharmacy assistants have all been taught so well that these things cannot be ingested at any level. Probably have to buy in bulk if I DO find it.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Mesem, Tom's Hint re H2O2 for gardening may help. If you have a garden or even pot plants you could buy the H2O2 for a trial on your plants. Another use is for soaking fruit & Veg to help in the removal of chemicals thus a reason you would need the food grade quality H2O2. This way you do not have to lie to the sales assistant after all you do not have to tell them every use you want it for. You may need to do some research first on uses with plants. Here is a starting point: Http://www.using-hydrogen-peroxide.com/peroxide-garden.html

Replied by Mesem
(Toulon, France)

Thanks Maria, I have seen ads. For H2O2 for gardening but they sell huge quantaties but will maybe phone. One pharmacist tried to assure me that the stabilised stuff would be ok for washing veges etc. They seem to be ignorant that food grade exists or that you might even ingest a small amount while they still recommend it as a mouth/teeth wash. How illogical is that? I found vivrenaturellement.com who sell 75ml flacons of 17.5% so I guess I could dilute that about 6x?

Replied by William

The sad truth is that hydrogen peroxide is used to make an explosive device, That's why the no liquid rule is in force when flying. I am sure you don't look like a terrorist but then who does?

Replied by Rosina
(London, United Kingdom)

Hi, to the person who was questioned about wanting to buy 2 bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide? This has happened to me as well and it isn't even Food Grade! Just ordinary 3 per cent or 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide? Boot chemist used to sell me 3 or 4 bottles as I use it for a mouthwash, but now they will only sell me one bottle! I went to a chemist just around the corner where I live in Poplar London, and I too once again was questioned "what are you using it for?" and "are you drinking it full strength?! My reply was: "Do you think I am an idiot? I am a very highly intelligent lady with 13 letters after name, of course I know I have to dilute it lol" They too used to sell me 2 or 3 bottles now only 1 and I was looked upon like I was "up to no good" Isn't it a disgrace! Rosina from East End of London x

Replied by RB
(Somewhere in Europe)
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To D in Manchester, England --- In my experience, this kind of negative attitude does exist in many pharmacies all over the world. There are many-many pharmacy employees who mistakenly believe they have the right to JUDGE you whether or not you CAN buy merchandise that they have on their shelves. OTOH, you do have the right to be treated with respect. However, OTOH, no, you don't have any other rights on this issue. Why? Because it's their store and their merchandise. Therefore they have right to refuse the transaction for any reason. However, if you don't like their attitude, you can always buy from a different seller with a better attitude.

Posted by Vanessa (London, UK) on 06/29/2007

... For those who are looking for the 35% food grade being sold in the UK, this is the website where I got it from:

http://www.healthleadsuk.com/main.php? p=ss&type=name&search=hydrogen?

Replied by James

I got my food grade hydrogen peroxide from Healthleads aswell. There are other companies selling less than 35%, from what I have read you dont want to buy this as 3%, 15% and 17.5% will have stabilizers, and you dont want those :(

UK: London

Posted by Aukje (London) on 01/15/2015

Where can I buy food grade hydrogen peroxide 35 percent in London?

Replied by Rosina
(London, United Kingdom)

Please can I advise anyone in the United Kingdom searching for 35% food grade to please look through all the pages, I have already put two UK addresses on here which I found only half an hour ago from two very helpful people on here? This request is coming from many countries all over the world at people desperate to give H202 a try in a serious attempt to help them with their illnesses, PLEASE LOOK FOR UNITED KINGDOM! That is where you will find addresses where you can purchase H202 35% Food grade from, having said that? Some of the posts are old so you would have to check online to see if they are still selling, as many now seem to have been prevented from selling Food grade! Rosina x


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Posted by SJ (TENNESSEE) on 01/22/2022

I'm wondering where to get 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide that is safe to take in. Also needing the protocol for inhalation for the 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Also can you take it up the nose, as most of my breathing issues are in my sinuses? I cannot get a full breath in and sometimes I feel like I'm going to pass out from it.

Replied by Betty

We use SunFood brand HP and have for a few years now.

Replied by helpergirl

You can use standard drug store peroxide for sinus issues by putting it into the ears - about 1/2 capful or so per ear on your side for 5-15min, ideally massaging it in by working the outer perimeter of ear/neck to help it in. There is connection between ear and sinus so as things get clearer you will note there is a bit of peroxide that may drip from your nose. It's excellent and fast for any oncoming or persistent ear infections or sinus issues

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I read your post with interest. A MD doctor told me that years ago. It really helps BUT HE SAID TO FOLLOW CLEANING WITH A MIXTURE OF 50% ALCOHOL AND 50% WHITE VINEGAR.

He said this dries out the ears because moist ears get infected easily.

Just my experience...

Posted by Tamra (Usa) on 02/18/2015

Is there a 35% H202 that I can get in the US that is organic and has NO stabilizers. I'm looking for the purest I can find.

Replied by Miel

Please help. Need FG Hydroxide 35%. I'm in US.

Replied by Barbara
(Aiken, South Carolina)
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I bought a bottle a few years ago and it was not on the shelf in a pharmacy in a chain grocery store. I asked at the pharmacy counter and they ordered it for me overnight.

Posted by Lil Bub (Odessa, Texas) on 06/03/2013

For US Residents: I bought 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide through a health food store; Living Earth, located in a Worcester, MA.

I bought a 32oz bottle online: www.lefoods.com, and had it shipped, but it seems they carry it in store as well. Definitley some of the lowest prices for H2O2 I have come across and I am very happy with the product.

Posted by Jacquline Jackson (Osage Beach, Mo, USA) on 07/29/2012

I am looking for the 35% edible Hydogen proxide and the smallest cantainer possible for I am on an limited income right now. And what I have heard I maybe able to live a normal life and be able to work even tho I am 62. Ty

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Jacquline, if you want to try online shopping use the "shopping" search at Google, Yahoo or MSN Bing. E-Bay is also a major retailer; but let me warn that, if I am not mistaken, the shipping charge for H2O2 is quite expensive as it is labeled an "hazardous chemical". If there is a health food store or a swimming pool supply store, or even perhaps a pet store in your area, they might have some on hand or could order it for you as it would ship w/ their other chemicals.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

YES TIMH, Your warning is mistaken. It ships as normal.

Posted by Debby (Monroe, Ct) on 02/17/2012

Where can you buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. If anyone can help it would be great. There is so many cites out there you really don't know which to trust.

Posted by Kenkat1932 (Lufkin, Tx) on 08/09/2011

I found Aaron Hydrogen Peroxide with out stabilzer at a Big Lots in Lufkin TX. Only $.50 for 16 oz. I was told that is there brand and always available.

Replied by Jonathan
(Hartford, Ct)

This is correct. Aaron Brand is a Jewish company that leaves additives out. Also USP is a higher purity than 'food grade'. fact.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

That is great to know. All mine are USP, so I don't need to spend the extra cash on FGHP. All mine are 3%, do I really need the 35% or does that need to be diluted down to 3% or less anyway?

Replied by Kate48
(Houlton, Maine, Usa)

Thanks Kenkat I will check out Big Lots in Maine and see if I can get it here.

Replied by Zuni
(Dallas, Tx, Tx, Usa)

Texas, near Dallas is the best supplier. Been using their for almost a decade. http://www.h2o2oxytech.com/

Replied by Jared In Georgia
(Athens, Ga)

In response to Aaron's hydrogen peroxide being without stabilizers, I would encourage people to research that and/or contact the company. I can't remeber where I read it, but someone said they contacted the company and was told that that they begin with "regular" HP (with stabilizers) and then use some sort of purification process (or something along those lines). But I don't know for sure one way or another. I wish they were pure, big lots would be easy and cheap...

Replied by Ja

Very sketchy. Everyone is trying to make a buck. I trust the aarons. I trust kosher companies as it is not just moral, but religious. Sure, they could use stabilizers, but its cheap, convenient, and they stand by thier guarentee that no stabilizers are used; just like the food grade companies do. They sell it at costco for an awesome price of course (its costco)! I dont refridgerate mine as I use it so often for laundry and other natural cleaning solutions; I'm not worried about the 1%/year as a bottle will last only a month at my house.



Replied by Robert

Yes, you should buy 35% as its real food grade h2o2 and a quart of 35% makes 3 gallons of 3%. So it's cheaper and people who sell 3% or 8% etc. are not selling quality product. Yes it does matter and you should buy only 35% Food Grade and dilute yourself.

Posted by Hoover's Market (Altamonte Springs, Florida) on 05/01/2011

We are a health food store who has 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide available for retail in the Orlando, Florida area. The price is $16.49 for 16 oz.

Posted by Lisa (Waynesboro, Virginia) on 09/26/2010

I needed some HP in a hurry, so checked out Kroger - they have 3% HP that is additive free. I tested it in water using Ted's method and it is clear.

Replied by Rhonda
(East Greenwich, Ri)

Hello All! I purchase my Oxy-Tech Food Grade Peroxide from "Living Earth Foods" (natural food store) located in Worcester, MA.


>>> 508-753-1896

If you call them, they can take an order over the phone and last time I ordered it was about 20.00 plus maybe 5.00 shipping charge. They usually ship the same day and I always get it fast since I'm right in Rhode Island. I researched the Oxy-Tech Peroxide and it's supposedly free of heavy metals etc... Plus, an employee at Living Earth Foods said that they trust this brand, have been selling it many years and use it themselves too. Hope this is helpful, since before I found this source, I didnt' know who to trust and dis NOT want to order from an unknown website that might not be selling a quality product. Further, the Oxy-Tech product has to pass certain standards in order to be sold in a retail store, so that is reassuring also. ~~~Rhonda

Replied by Jennifer
(Tulsa, Ok)

I have a full bottle of HP 3% and it is labeled USP. I looked at the ingredients and it is ... Active Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide (stabilized) 3% ... Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water. That looks like it is pure 3% HP so I should be able to do the last mix down and use it in my nebulizer. I need some advice here as I have COPD and got clogged up today nearly sending me to the hospital.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jennifer,

Bill Munroe's method of using hydrogen peroxide, and lots of stories about it can be found here:


One of my sons used hydrogen peroxide, diluted to 1% in a nebulizer with good results. (We would put 1 dropper of the peroxide and 2 droppers of distilled water in the medicine cup.) He only used the nebulizer this way for a few minutes and it helped him a lot. One lady recently posted positive results with using even much less than this in a nebulizer. Maybe it was a drop or two of the 3% peroxide in a few ml of water. I don't recall exactly but was impressed that it worked so well.

I would start with less and see how you do and increase if you do not have trouble with it and aren't getting the results you want from a low dose. (Low dose meaning a couple of drops of peroxide in a few ml of water in the nebulizer.)

I hope it is very helpful to you. Let us know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere Usa)

Hi Jennifer. I believe the one I would use on myself would be the ones that DO NOT have stabilizer in them. When reading on here ( EC ) most advise using active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide, Inactive purified water.

You say yours says stabilized. It is advised to stay away from the stabilized ones.

Look around at two places in they are in your area Family Dollar store brand and Fred's brand. They use to not have stabilized listed on their bottles, at least the last ones I purchased from there.

Replied by Royvee
(Maui, Hi)

Aloha J. I would advise against using Any already-made 3% food grade HP.. Instead make your own with 35% (FG) HP.. By dilution - 1 ounce to 11 ounces HP..And Important To Buy Quality HP.

Replied by Liliani

Royvee do u know any place here in Hawaii to get 35% fg HP?

EC: Try your local health food store. Whole Foods is now carrying 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Posted by Anna (Austin, Texas) on 03/19/2010 11 posts

I buy my 3% food grade h2o2 at People's Pharmacy, the brand is Sunfood Nutrition. Websites on the label are: www.rawfood.com and www.sunfoodnutrition.com. They are in San Diego CA, phone # (888)729-3663.

Replied by Andoy.
(Boise, Id)

Swanson also sells 35 FG around 16 o. for around $8. not an advertisement. Info form happy cheap customer.

Posted by Rwrightchef (Sacramento, California Usa ) on 09/15/2009

Where to purchase food grade 35% H202 in Sacramento Ca 95841? I want to use in hydreoponics.

Replied by Knute
(Sacramento, Ca)

I purchased food grade (35%) hydrogen peroxide at Artesian Natural Food Store in Stockton. As you know, that is not that far from Sacramento.


Thank-You, very much, for your help.

Replied by Krystak
(Everett, Wa Usa)

Hi I found a place online that sells a 34% food grade hydrogen peroxide specifically for use in the garden, both hydroponic and soil/soiless types. If you google Hydrogen 2o2 you can find the website. Also Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op in Everett, Wa carries 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in quart and gallon sizes for decent prices.

Posted by Wilma (Kapolei, Hawaii) on 04/28/2009

Where can I purchase 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in Hawaii, more specifally, on Oahu? Most legitimate dealers emphasize the fact that they cannot "Ship" this product here. Thank you.

Replied by Shey
(Buena Vista, Co)

After ordering H2O2 online at a high price, I found it at the local hot tub and spa store for $8 plus $8 for refillable gallon jug.

Replied by To Life!
(Omao, Hawaii)

Hi. Please contact me if you are still looking for H2O2 in Hawaii.


I am looking for 15 gallons of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide. I hope someone can help.

Replied by To Lie!
(Omao, Hi)


Many have written to me because finding H2O2 in Hawaii has been very difficult; mainland sites refuse to ship 35% Food Grade here. I have a small quantity and was going to offer to share with one other person but got flooded with inquiries.

After so many contacted me I decided to dig deeper and found a Hawaii connection. Yippeeee

An 85 yr. young gent on Big Island had offered to get a supply in for purchase following our telepone conversation a week or so ago. He bathes in H2O2 daily and has no ailments.

He verified today that his new site is up for his "OxygenHeal" 6% H2O2 product (Technical Grade which he says is simply inspected differently from Food Grade) and he will ship to those in need on other islands in multiple gallon quantities of 2 concentration levels.

Please publish the folllowing contact data as it is truly needed. I am not connected in any way to seller. www.oxygenheal.gqnu.net 1-808-982-6133

Thanks for each and every one who participates in this awesome site of love and courage. H2O2 is healing decades of candida albicans and your messages continue to assist me in alkalizing my body terrain. Many, many thanks from the depths of my heart. Special shout out to Ted of Bangkok...love that city, by the way!

Infinite Blessings to all!

Replied by Karen

Is 6% Technical Grade food grade and safe to be taken internally?

Replied by Karen

The man from the Big Island is now 91 years old! He's not doing the Oxygen Heal anymore, so the website goes nowhere. The phone number is still his. He does not know anyone who sells 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Hawaii, so no need to call him.

Replied by Deborah Manzano


I am Deborah, CCT owner of Maui Holistic Garden Center. Our Health Center is looking for 35% FG

1 gal. hydrogen Peroxide on BIG Island or Maui.

Please advise, Deborah R Manzano