Where to Buy Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 03/29/2014
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You can get it from bobbyshealthyshop.co.uk They sell everything on EC love andrea c xxxxx

Posted by D (Manchester, England) on 07/31/2007
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Hello, I am wholly confused by the way I was treated in the pharmacy at the Burnley branch of Asda (Walmart)in the UK when purchasing hydrogen peroxide 6%, which I have bought for years. I can think of only two occasions ever where the pharmacist has asked me what I wanted it for, and they were both at Asda stores in the past two months. The assistant at the Burnley branch asked the pharmacist if she was allowed to sell me two bottles, resulting in the pharmacist asking me what I required it for. After saying that I used it for skin problems and other general uses, the pharmacist told me that no, I could not have two bottles, but I could have one. Am I to take it that my answer affected whether she could sell me two bottles? I enquired into why this is, and was told that people abuse this substance. I replied that if I needed two bottles, I would have to make two visits to the store which is ridiculous, to which her reply was that if I was seen to be buying it regularly, they could stop selling it to me.

Now, what I want to know is - is this the correct procedure for a pharmacist to judge whether I am buying too much of this substance, and to ask me what I intend to use it for? I am offended by such a question if it was to solicit whether I should be sold hydrogen peroxide on the basis of my answer. This puts the seller in the judge and jury position, and I am not prepared to be judged when I am purchasing something. The substance has been a legally saleable item to which there haven't been any restrictions in all the years I have been purchasing it. I have bought it in quantity in the past when I have been colouring my hair, and my friends' hair, even when I was a schoolboy. I like to put about a pint in my bath from time to time, rinse my mouth with it, bleach my teeth and disinfect the kitchen worktops and chopping board with it, even treat the aquarium and garden with it, but judging by tonight's experience in the pharmacy, I won't be able to purchase that amount.

Obviously, this all leads me to ask what are my rights on this issue? Does someone in a pharmacy have the right to judge whether I can buy a product that is on the shelf. If so, I am concerned that where I may be judged 'against', someone else my be judged 'for'. Shouldn't only a judge have those rights? Is this policy a matter of written law in the UK or anywhere else, or an Asda (Walmart) policy?

I emailed someone at Asda and got an away on holiday auto-response - I may have an answer sometime after 13th August 07.

Thanks for any comments.