Where to Buy Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Brian (Bateau Bay, Australia) on 03/22/2007

Try my health shop, Organic Plus, at Erina, New South Wales, Australia who has the name of a supplier, I believe.
Their ph no is 612 4365 0978,


South Pacific: New Zealand

Posted by Lawrence (New Plymouth, Taranaki) on 09/13/2010

Able to purchase 1 litre bottles or more on sella.co.nz

South Pacific: New Zealand
Posted by Pompoon (Marlborough, New Zealand) on 08/08/2010

Hello, I buy food grade h2o2 via Trade Me. 35%, 3% etcetera. All is available.

South Pacific: New Zealand
Posted by Pushkin (Havelock, New Zealand) on 06/20/2010

I am making final investigations on importing the ABSOLUTE Purest 35% FG Hydrogen Peroxide (which is the ONLY kind that should be used for ingestion) into NZ. It is very likely that any existing sellers in New Zealand are knowingly or unknowingly (very likely the latter) advertising FG H202 for ingestion. For the item to be merely FG H202 is NOT enough. So far NO sellers in NZ Have been able to answer the question... is your H202 the purest form available for ingestion? Only one person has been honest saying he didn't know, saying only that his was FG. One has to be so VERY VERY careful about the purity of the product . The FG H202 MUST be NON stabilised for ingestion and this is notoriuosly difficult to track down as there are VERY few suppliers of the genuine article. The price reflects the purity of the product. Also be aware of 'snake oil' sales. So watch this space and I'll be back to post more details in the very near future. To contact me please leave your email here and I will reply to you.

Replied by Joseph T.

hi would like know of your further findings on FG HP and where to purchase if available.


Replied by Stonefieldsian

Go to TradeMe and search for "food grade hydrogen peroxide", there are lots of listing from 3% to 35%.

Replied by S
(N. Waikato)

Did you import this? I tried and could not as it is dangerous goods. Am keen to buy if you did!

Replied by Stonefieldsian

Try TradeMe.

South Pacific: New Zealand
Posted by Alvin Crosby (Auckland, NZ) on 09/16/2009

35% food grade peroxide

I have been distributing FG peroxide since the early 80s and provided info on behalf of Walter Groats, the father of this protocol.

we sell 200ml in legal labled bottles for personal use in1, 2, 5, 10, 20 litre containers for general use, ie bathing, agriculture.

please note plastic containers will contaminate this product if left at room temperature. the smaller 200ml bottle is stabile and can be put in the freezer. We also have info data packs containing the many uses, collected articles from acres magazine over many years. please contact Alvin direct on 006494445850 /mob 006421908513

South Pacific: Perth

Posted by KP (Perth, Australia) on 07/29/2009

Where can you buy Food Grade Hyrdogen Peroxide in Perth Australia??

Replied by Casmat
(Sydney, Nsw)

NTP Health Products Dot Com send it all over Australia

Replied by John
(Perth, Western Australia)

this info is for KP of perth western australia

I obtained 35% HP from ntp in nsw but since then I have found a place in perth that sells the product but its only available in 20 litre drums, if you know of any others who also who want to try this remedy it would be a cheap alternative: WA klen international 93024000


Replied by Peter
(Perth, Western Australia)

In reply to those in Perth seeking Food Grade H2O2 we would be very interested in sharing with anyone who has already bought a drum from Klen. We also have people interested in the product, so feel we could quickly share out this quantity if someone has a drum? We can be contacted on 9496 3455. Peter & Lynn

Replied by Casmat
(Sydney, Nsw)

Great idea for the drum to save $$$$. I now buy 25kg drums from NTP for only $220 and share with friends and family. THX for the suggestion.

Replied by Amanda J
(Sydney, Nsw)

Here's a useful link as I followed Casmat's suggestion but they have changed where they now sell it from. http://www.barringtonriverorganicfarm.com.au/products.html

Replied by Q
(Perth, Wa, Australia)

Hi all, I'm Q, I'm from, south of Perth. A couple of friends and I are about to purchase some 35% food grade - 25 Ltr drum.

If anyone wants to join us in the purchase let me know.



Posted by Alicia (Madrid, Spain) on 06/20/2009

Thank you everibody!

Do you know in Madrid (Spain) or where in my country could provide 35% h2o2? It would be of great help let me tell you. All kinds of ailments, so, if someone knows...

Love, Alicia

Replied by Ute
(Ronda, Malaga, Spain)

you can find food grade H2O2 in spain in every farmacia. ask for CU VE H2o2 from laboratorios Perezgimenez.

Replied by Alicia
(Madrid, Spain)

Thank you so much Ute, I didn't know if it was ok, so really I appreciate your help a lot. So fast, so nice. The best for you. P.S.: Are you actually taking h2o2? How do you feel? Love, Alicia

Replied by Yunia
(Badajoz, Badajoz/ Extremadura Spain)

Hi there,

After checking the suggested perioxide I have found no evidence of being food grade. these labs use the 3% dilution for external use. It is just the regular one sold at drugstores...

After checking with my farmacist we couldn't find any evidence of this particular brand being food grade.
How do you know is safe to ingest? I am missing something?

Any other source of reputable food grade hydrogen peroxide at 3% or 35% in Spain?
I want to start asap but I am worried about noy getting the right one. Thnx!

Replied by Stan
(Perth, Western Australia)

in Europa there call it aseptic 35%

Replied by Alicia
(Madrid, Spain)

The pharmacist told me that didn't have any other components, but, what can I say I'm not a chemist so it would be nice to have a friend that could analyze it and tell us. Let's hope for the best. If you find something out, please let us know I would appreciate it very much. Meanwhile enjoy the summer in Health! Alicia

Replied by Alicia
(Madrid, Spain)

The chemist told me it was food grade, we're talking about Pérez Giménez 3%, but from Australia the info is that in Europe we should ask for 'Aseptic 35%'. Let's give it a try and maybe will get through obtaining it. A por ello honey!

Replied by Linda

A few weeks ago I was doing a search to buy the peroxide food grade and I discovered a lab in Galicia, Ponte Vedra.

Unfortunately I did the search with my iPad and a little time after and I couldn't find it anymore. But this is real. Maybe you can find it too. I remember the name of this company was in English. Good Luck.


Replied by Nicole

just found a company that ship 35% HP to the UK.. they state it can be used for packaging food and so as I know it's now illegal to sell this to people in the U.K. Since 2016 I'm baffled. Could this be legit?



Posted by Greg (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/30/2015

Where in Bangkok can I purchase affordable amounts of H2O2 for mixing to get correct volume for drinking, sold in 1 litre or less, and where can I purchase food grade Potassium Bicarbonate in amounts of 1 kilo or less? Thanks.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Greg...Go to Rajadamnern Rd by the Palace in Bangkok. Get out at the large winged angel monument(Democracy Monument?) and there is a chemical shop there on the road, opposite the palace grounds, called Vittyasom Ltd. They will have lab grade potassium bicarbonate and should also have FG 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. Whenever I have the chance I always get my own personal supplies from there when I visit Bangkok.

Posted by John (Trang, Thailand) on 07/21/2013

For Bill Sanferando... As far as H2O2 & Lugols Iodine goes, I am living in the wrong place. Can't get it here. Bill, I am looking for a reliable source for both with the H2O2 being food grade and the source being a country where it can be posted, sent by air or by ship, I don't care - Do you know? Thanks John.

Replied by Nattakit
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Dear John:< HP 35% Food Grade is available at the following address:
Thai Peroxide Co. , Ltd.,
Ploenchit Rd. , Tel.02-2536745-54
email: [email protected]
Website: www.thaiperoxide.com

They manufacture all grades. I bought a one litre bottle from them. The problem is delivery as Thaipost did not accept. You may have to use other channel such as through Bangkok-Trang coach.

For Lugol's Iodine, I ask a pharmacist friend to mix about one litre for me. It should not be a problem since ingredients are readily available.


Posted by Lawrence (Chun, Thailand) on 02/15/2011

I have not been able to find any FG H2O2 in Thailand let alone 3. 0 to 35%. And I'm afraid trying to buy it outside of Thailand would never get through Thai customs. But the 3.0% FG just might? Can you help me with this? My Thanks.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Lawrence... You can purchase chemical grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Radjadamnern Rd(near the Palace) in Bangkok. Just get a taxi onto Radjadamnern Rd and when you come to the huge, angelic, winged monument, stop the taxi and get out. There you will find a chemical store called Viddyasom or Vittayasom. You can buy H2O2 and a whole bunch of other chemicals there. I bought most of my hard-to-get chemicals there -- including lugol's iodine (upstairs from the doctor's surgery drug dispensary) and even managed to take them out of Thailand to the Philippines where I now live without any problems.

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/10/2008 391 posts

Hydrogen peroxide in Thailand'is generally sold in laboratory grade by chemical supplier which is relatively free from additives and stabilizers. So this is generally close to food grade H2O2. Chemical suppliers are relatively easy to find in Bangkok and can be found by referring to the yellow pages. Ted

Replied by Robin
(Phuket, Thailand)

Hi Ted,

We have been experimenting with h202, MMS and CS for some time now and would welcome the oppertunity to share some info within Thailand, also after some medical grade h202 for IV so if you can please contact me at [email protected] many thanks

Replied by Robin
(Phuket, Thailand)

Hi Ted

I checked out the yellow pages, and without alot of calling around (my thai is good but chemical chat seems to get quite confusing quite quickly) could you just send me an email of a place that you use

would help alot.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)

In Thailand, normal selling of any chemicals they do not assigned them as a labeled food grade, but sometimes used another grade, a better one which is pharmaceutical grade. In Thailand they used the B.P. grade which means British Pharmaceutical grade product. In the U.S. the pharmaceutical grades goes under USP grade. In a typical products, sometimes they don't have labels assigned, in which case I asked them for their analysis sheets. Other suitable grades includes Laboratory grade and technical grade. For external purposes, they can have a product such as cosmetic grade. In any case, I would ask for analysis sheets. The sales people in Thailand often do not provide information when buying from them and is assumed that the buyer is knowledgeable in asking specific information rather than the seller to provide the information. This is rather different from U.S., but is often the case also when buying from some Chinese and other Asian suppliers. It should be noted that hydrogen peroxide is doped with stabilizers whenever these reaches the drug store shelf, with a possible exception of hydrogen peroxide that's used specifically for a mouthwash. An easy way to test whether stabilizers are added is easy. Drops of hydrogen peroxide is placed in the sunlight as it is poured slowly in a glass of water. A stabilizers will give you a yellow tinge. The yellow tinge is the stabilizers. A hydrogen without added stabilizers will not have any yellow tinge colors. Personally I don't see much stabilizing effects whenever any ammonia solutions are added and they breakdown rather quickly with hydrogen peroxide, and sometimes worse. In fact a good stabilizers is edta which prevents metal from reacting with heavy metals, a key component that causes hydrogen peroxide to be unstable. These stabilizer therefore do not add stabilizing effects after these metal and chemical tests, but they are cancer causing. It would be therefore more likely added to prevent consumer use more than anything else after all these tests I used to test them. Most hydrogen peroxide are sold in Bangkok, through such chemical suppliers are many and are located on Rajadamnern Road and is there on the yellow pages for you to choose.


Uae - Abu Dhabi

Posted by Daniel (Abu Dhabi, UAE) on 09/11/2009

I am looking for avilability of food grade 35% hydrgen peroxide in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Replied by Barbara
(Abu Dhabi, Uae)

Did anyone knows where to buy find grade hydrogen peroxide in UAE? Barb

Replied by Aamer
(Abu Dhabi, Uae)

Hi All searchers of 35% H2O2 in UAE,

I have just got some from a lady in Oman, Muscat. She is an agent for a company in the UK who suggested that I buy from her. She delivered it to me in ABu Dhabi for free out of her niceness. If you like to contact her, you can reach me on 00971-50-2636995 (Aamer Iqbal) and i will be glad to assist.

To your cure and wellbeing, Aamer

Replied by Jinu
(Dubai, Uae)

We supply food grade hydrogen peroxide with stabilizer which comes in 1-5 litre cans. Product is from belgium and stabilized with colloidal silver which is certified by NSF, CE, ISO and more than 36 countries approved.

Very high quality product. We are based in UAE

contact [email protected]

Uae - Al Ain

Posted by Dina (Al Ain, UAE) on 05/24/2009

Please help me how can I buy H2O2 online? I live in UAE and all what could I find is the regular 6% with stabilizor. Any suggestion?

Replied by Jinu
(Dubai, Uae)

We are UAE based company and we got 3%, 5%, 25% food grade hydrogen peroxide. For any requirements or further clarifications [email protected]

Uae - Dubai

Posted by Rena (Dubai, UAE) on 05/04/2009

Hi, I am living in Dubai and would like to purchase the pure HP 35 % food grade, I couldn't find here neither on the internet! Do you know any international delivery site for this product? Thank you

Replied by Bobbie
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Hi Rena.. I'm also looking for 35% Food Grade HP on the internet. Did you received any feedback? thank you, Bobbie

Replied by Rawan
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Please can anyone tell me where to buy Hydrogene Pyroxide (food grade) in UAE ? I couldn't find in Abu Dhabi neither in Dubai!! Is there chance to buy it online to this region? Thanks

Replied by Keef Layne
(Abudhabi, Uae)

Hi all..

did anybody get a place where we can get 35 % food grade here in abu dhabi or dubai.? Iam sure we should have it around here??

best wishes, Keeflayne.

Replied by Kumar
(Dubai, Uae)

Hi, just was going thru the yellow pages and got the supplier by name of Al Nahda Intl. On 04 3473688. they dont have small qty. the smallest packaging is 30kg/ltr..

pls contact them or if you have already sourced it in smaller qty pls give me details.

thanks & Bye


Called them and this is not a food grade, it's for industrial use only.

Replied by Eskander
(Sharjah, Uae)

I have found a company that supplies food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide. They charge Dhs 20 for a one litre bottle. However their minimum order is 20 bottles. If anyone is interested, we can get together and share the cost. My cell : 0505191969

Replied by Iris_flower2012
(Dubai, Uae)

Hi to UAE people, where you able to buy already? I've been looking for a long time. My number is 050 7118674.

Replied by Joe
(Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia)

Hi guys , so far I only manage to find 35% extra pure H2O2 in my area , according to the chemist it's consumerable as food. We need to dilute it accordingly to our requirement, interested can contact Mr Barkat of Somatco at 966 38494272 in Al Khobar S.A

Replied by Jinu
(Dubai, Uae)

we supply food grade hydrogen peroxide stabilized with colloidal silver. Come in 1-5 litre cans.

Concentrations available 3%, 5%, 10%, 25%.

Product of Belgium. Certified Globally.

contact [email protected] or 0566580985

Replied by Jorge
(Dubai, Uae)

Please contact Biotech Solutions, Belhasa for hydrogen peroxide.

Replied by Ron

Be aware guys H2O2 food grade 35% has to be without stabilizer to be consumed for internal use.

All the ones you mentioned above has stabilizers. Also you need to dilute it to consume it.

Replied by Aleks

Tried buying 35% food grade h2o2 at eBay but it turned out to be impossible to be delivered here in UAE. Did anyone bought a 35% food grade H2o2 and delivered on your place successfully? If yes, please share where to buy!

Thank you!

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton, Wa)

35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous substance therefore it often has shipping restrictions imposed on it. Now you can likely find a lesser potency such as 12% and get it no problem. Farmers use it very frequently so you might check farm supply stores.

Replied by Lana

Hi Aleks, any success so far? As have the same issue, would appreciate your kind feedback and information sharing, thank you and warm regards, Lana


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Posted by Bill (Croydon, Uk) on 03/27/2014

Hi, As you might notice that I new on here so not sure if I'm doing this correctly.?? I would like to find out where local to me that sells Hydrogen Peroxide and Lugosi lodine.? I live in Croydon in the UK I'll appreciate any help, thank-you.

Replied by Tina
(Princeton, New Jersey)

Hi Bill,

Regenerative Nutrition, a company based in UK, sells Lugul's iodine. You can check their website. I would check Amazon.UK for local sellers of hydrogen peroxide. Hope this helps!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Also, an Ag/Farm store or Pool Supply store may (but not likely) have FGH2O2 in stock or they may can order a qrt or gallon for you. Ask for "bleach or chlorine alternative".

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Bill...Boots the chemist has Hydrogen Peroxide but unfortunately you cannot obtain it unless you have a prescription from a doctor. Same story with Lugol's Iodine.

So you will have to be inventive.

There are three ways to get HP and Lugols Iodine in UK.

The first way is to get them from ebay.com. When you search on ebay type "Hydrogen Peroxide UK" or "Lugol's Iodine UK" and the first results in the ebay list will be from UK sources (cheaper and quicker than outside sources because of lower shipping costs).

The second method of obtaining them: try buying lugol's iodine or HP from a veterinarian or a pet shop. They still use lugol's iodine(aka Aqueous Iodine) in UK for pets.

The third method is just to type "Lugol's Iodine UK" or "Hydrogen Peroxide UK" in Google Search. The results, again, will show internet vendors from UK only in the list. An example of an internet vendor from Devon is given here for both lugol's iodine and an food grade HP source in UK:



Contact Details

Replied by Andrea C

You can get it from bobbyshealthyshop.co.uk They sell everything on EC love andrea c xxxxx

Replied by Rosina Lock
(London United Kingdom)

Hi all. Gosh I have been going back and forth trying to put my information on. I don't know if anyone is aware, but I have posted a few posts today and been on here since early this morning and it is almost 10am so literally hours. Can I say with great sadness I found loads of websites selling Hydrogen Peroxide 35 per cent food grade! I REGRET A LAW WAS PUT INTO FORCE IN MARCH 2016. YOU NEED A LICENCE TO PURCHASE 35 PER CENT FOOD GRADE, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW AND ILLEGAL SO THESE SITES ALL SAY? Sounds like the medical profession have been to work yet again! However, there is just one site that sell 3% and 12% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! This site I am positive is legitimate. I have just come off this site so it is very up to date. Try Healing Naturally website. address is 4-6 Belmore Road, Thorpe Street, St. Andrew Norwich NR7. OPT UNITED KINGDOM. They confirm this can be used as a nasal spray etc.etc. and is 3 per cent Food grade. Price is £10.20 for 500 mls. unaware of what postage is. Brand is Bobs Best! Now that rings a bell with me somewhere! This site also sells Gerson therapy stuff etc. so yes I think this site is legitimate. The problem is I tried about 10 websites all for the UK but all have a notice on the 35 per cent food grade stating it is now illegal to be sold to people like us! Unless of course you have a licence to purchase it! As it is now against the law, so anyone looking for food grade? This is one place you could get it, they aren't allowed now by law to sell any food grade hydrogen peroxide over 12 per cent! I didn't list all the uk websites because none of them will supply it to you. I do hope this is of help to someone as my self have been trying desperately to buy the 35 per cent food grade, you might be able to purchase it from abroad? But I don't want to do that, postage, costs etc. Good luck everyone, I am exhausted been out since 4.30pm Saturday and it is now Sunday 10.10 am 28th Jan, 2018 so a very up to date post, and for a 71 year old lady (looking 40 lol) I need to retire to get some sleep. Good luck all in your search for good health Rosina from East End of London x