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Posted by Pam (Cow Bay, Nth Queensland Australia) on 10/15/2008

does anyone out there know where food grade hydrogen peroxide can be purchased in Australia? Also of any doctors who provide hydrogen peroxide therapy please respond if you have any advice at all best regards to all Pam

Replied by Maxine
(Tiaro, Queensland, Australia)

I have brought 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide online at www.healthsolutionstechnology.com.au. Be aware they can only ship this product within Australia.

Replied by Bob
(Brisbane, Australia)

Yes, there are suppliers here but the smallest is a 25kg drum at consolidated which is $277.50 .

Quote "Can offer a 35% "Aseptic Packaging Grade" Hydrogen Peroxide in 25kg Jericans, which is suitable for use in Food preparation areas. Please advise if this pack size meets your requirements."

If A few locals are interested it might be worth pooling funds and buying a drum to split up. Note they don't claim it is "food grade "

Replied by Laww1949
(Grand Rapids, Mi, Usa)

You should be able to purchase Hydrogen peroxide in reduced percentages. I ordered half strength here in Michigan (17.5%). Lawrence

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Posted by Jim (Byron Bay, Australia) on 04/08/2008

You can get 25kg quantities of Food Grade H2O2 from Consolidated Chemicals In Brisbane (ph 07 3630 0066) for $11.50 p/kg.

Replied by Robert
(Brisbane, Australia)

Re Jim from Byron. This food grade h2o2 from the chemical company in brisbane is food grade for washing equipment used in food production. And most of the food grade sold by other suppliers in Australia is chemical company made . It is either bath grade or aseptic packageing grade used in food manufacturing. I produce clean food grade 35% h2o2 and sell it all over Australia. I have inquires every day from people all over the world wanting me to go to their country to produce this product. All h2o2 must be stablised if it is not stablised it will lose it intenseity very quickly .You stablise it with a every day comodity. I have been involved with the making of h2o2 since 1999 and of all the product we have sold 1 complaint.

Replied by Lily
(Alice Springs, Australia)

I would just like to ask for Robert of Brisbane for contact details to get food grade hydrogen peroxide here in Alice springs, NT,Australia. Pls write to me for details as to price, quantity and freight to Alice Springs (NT 0870). Thanks.

Replied by Casmat
(Sydney, Australia)

You can also get it from NTP Health Products in either 500ml (around $30 I Think??) or 25KG (for about $8.80/kg).

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Posted by Grant (Dunedin, New Zealand) on 03/19/2008

I am looking for the name of the Hydrogen peroxide manufacturer or supplier to CVS Pharmacy. Can anyone help.

EC: Please note: If you are a food grade hydrogen peroxide distributor in Australia or New Zealand, please let us know. We are receiving inquiries from both countries seeking food grade hydrogen peroxide.

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Posted by Dale (Auckland, NZ) on 11/27/2007

Jasol NZ sells Valsan 35% Peroxide Food Grade. Price is $120.79 for 20 litres ex GST & freight ex Auckland. Caution is advised as this is a class 5 oxidiser chemical.

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Posted by Robert (Brisbane, QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA) on 11/10/2007

I run a small clinic in Brisbane, I manufacture 35% food grade H202.the one big difference is the water used to make it. the big companies use straight town water.We use the purest water available.The formula used to make this was used by an 83y/o doctor,who made all the drops and sprays. And now i am carrying on his good work.the h202 bought from chemical co is not stable.

Replied by Gwen
(Brisbane, Queensland)

I am trying to get hold of Robert ([email protected]), but the email I sent was returned to me. I am trying find his physical address so I can order some 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Replied by Robert
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

I have posted in your forum under "Ailments" my email address for the supply of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. As your site seems to be a great resource for those who wish to try this therapy, I would like (if possible) to change the email address I give as it is no longer used. Would this be possible?

My website is www.healthsolutionstechnology.com.au

Many people have found my site, but I just wanted to update the email on your site so people looking for 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can make contact.


Replied by Rossie
(Sydney, Nsw Australia)

can I get the contact details of robert of brisbane who ships 35% hydrogen peroxide? I want to purchase some

Replied by Andrew
(Auckland New Zealand)

Would you please explain the following point a little bit more : When you stated "(Hydrogen Peroxide) h202 bought from chemical co is not stable" are you saying that your Hydrogen peroxide product includes stabilizers? The reason that I ask is that it's been reported on a number of platforms, including the youtube video "Making food grade peroxide" by a popular herbalist NOT to use Hydrogen Peroxide with stabilizers.

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Posted by John (Wellsford, New Zealand) on 10/05/2007

Jasol in Auckland sells 35% Hydrogen peroxide.

Replied by Diana
(Auckland, New Zealand)

I made an enquiry at Jasol's and the product they are selling is actually for cleaning and contains chemicals, arsenic and heavy metals (e.g. lead). I was told that they wouldn't recommend it for medicinal use.

Replied by Mick
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

Re Valson 35% H2O2: Check the MSDS sheets on this product Diana and you will find that it does NOT contain any heavy metals etc it is food grade Hydrogen peroxide and is even suitable for sterilising food containers etc.

South Pacific
Posted by Brenda Krieitz (Springville, Tennessee) on 09/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I am trying to help my friend Bert find a Doctor or Therapist that does HP therapy in New Zealand. Does anyone know if it is legal in New Zealand? We both use Bill Munro's inhalation method, but Bert wants to know is there someone in the South Pacific, particaly in New Zealand that does Intravenous HP Therapy?

Replied by Jody
(Texas, USA)

Did you find anyone in NZ that does the intravenous HP therapy?

I also have a friend there that would be interested.


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Posted by Aran (Sydney, Australia) on 09/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I see on your website that you get queries for food grade H2O2 in Aus and NZ. Our company can supply this we can also supply this with colloidal silver added.

Replied by Joel

Hello you stated you sold food grade H202 in Sydney. I happen to be in Sydney this week. Is there a location I could go to. To pick it up. Thanks,

Replied by C-jay
(Nsw Australia)

Hi Joel

I have purchased Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (35% and 3%) from Newtons Pharmacy, 119 York St, Sydney if you are looking for another supplier. Cheers!

Replied by Michael
(Sydney Mascot)

Hello, I am after 33% food grade hydrogen peroxide and some info on dilution for particular ailments.

South Pacific
Posted by Nigel Kirkwood (Yallingup, Western Australia) on 07/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all, I have done extensive searching for 35% food grade H202 in Australia. I found a company called Solvay Interox who manufacture large amounts of the various grades & strengths of H2O2. They only sell to suppliers who buy by the pallet load.

If you ring them (02)9316 8000 & tell them you need info about their 35% food grade H2O2 you will be directed to the relevant person & they should be able to give you someone they supply to in your state. Their product name for the food grade H2O2 is VALSAN.

For those in Western Austrlia I have found & contacted a company who carries the Solvay Interox H2O2.The companies name is Klen International, Ph:(08) 93024000. You can only purchase the H2O2 in 20 to 25 litre plastic drums.

For me I like to share a drum between several families as this keeps the cost down & there's plenty to go around. From memory I think the 35% H2O2 is about $75.00, which is very cheap! This gives you plenty for cleaning, gardening etc.

All the best, any extra help you need drop me an email, Kind Regards Nigel Kirkwood

Replied by Nigel
(Yallingup, Western Australia)

Hi all, I have now found a supplier in NSW who supplies 500ml bottles of food grade H2O2.They are NTP Health Products Ph:(02)49972530, website, www.ntphealthproducts.com. You cannot order from there website due to fact this stuff can only be shipped by road. All the best regards, Nigel Kirkwood

Replied by Teddy Long
(Bristol, United Kingdom)

Is by far the best place to get h2o2 I think they ship worldwide it was next day delivery in the uk and free shipping

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Posted by Adam (Mullumbimby, NSW Australia) on 06/04/2007
5 out of 5 stars

You asked if anyone knows of a place in Australia to buy 35% food grade H2O2. I almost bought a bottle today in the little town of Mullumbimby in New South Wales. The "Mullumbimby Healthcare" pharmacy there sells a litre for around $110 AUD.

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Posted by Gen (Wellington, New Zealand) on 05/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I bought 5 litres of "commercial grade h2o2 about 2 years ago. This is P, but has no other chemical additives. I believe I bought it from the company below.


I recently had it confiscated by the police because they thought I was using it for illegal purposes. I have been using it for Candida related symptoms with immense success and am in the process of trying to get it back. I highly recommend it for nail infections and athletes foot (externally). My partner also uses it for cleaning out his ear wax as he is profoundly deaf. I have also seen people sellingt this on trademe.co.nz. If you choose to get this in NZ, good luck and be sure to label it as medicine!!

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Posted by Charmian (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 05/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

You made a comment about H202 Food grade possibly being hard to get. I just went to the local pharmacy yesterday and asked for some 3% food grade H202. He made some up from his 35% solution. I have only tried it as a mouthwash so far and will do some more reading before trying it as a nasal spray.

South Pacific
Posted by Kathryn (Melbourne, Victoria) on 04/18/2007

Hello to you, I searched and searched on line for a supplier in Australia of food grade hydrogen peroxide 35%. I found one!! They are called NTP Health Products. Telehpone 02 4997 2530. By the way; William Douglass, author of Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle states, "There is nothing foody about 35 percent hydrogen peroxide. It is dangerous stuff and I think it is dangerously misleading to call it food, or imply that it is safe to take as you would food. The implication is that it is purer than other grades of hydrogen peroxide, but analysis has proven this not to be so. If you are going to take peroxide at all, I would simply buy the three percent at your local drug store. It is very cheap and no more contaminated than the 'food grade'." Interesting . . .

Replied by Ian
(Brisbane, Qld)

I read that the 3% hydrogen peroxide from drug stores is for external use only as it contains powerful stabalizer compounds which are toxic if taken internally.

EC: For more information about stabilizers, please read "CHECKING FOR STABILIZERS IN H202" in the introduction section here: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/hydrogen_peroxide.html

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Posted by Kevin Coffey (Auckland, New Zealand) on 03/28/2007

The only NZ supplier that I know of is the Ether Corporation Ltd based in Auckland. Their service and product is excellent! Tel: 64 9 479 5300

Replied by Raquelle
(Auckland, new zealand)
5 out of 5 stars

Yes they are fabulous, friendly and they sell in different sizes.. I got 200mls $24.89+ 5.33 for courier. Lady sent me invoice , I paid online and got sent next day. very good service..I tried Jasol but they only had 20ltrs. Good luck everyone I am looking forward to experiencing all on offer with hydro. x

South Pacific
Posted by Jay Mather (Queenstown, New Zealand) on 03/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Sirs: I write with regard to the comment on your web site: "Please note: If you are a food grade hydrogen peroxide distributor in Australia or New Zealand, please let us know. We are receiving inquiries from both countries seeking food grade hydrogen peroxide. Seems like it is a difficult thing to locate!" Try "impossible"! After much searching I gave up and had to bring it in in bulk myself. Having initially thought that I had a 10 year supply on my hands, for my own personal use, I have found it has only lasted 8 months! The benefits have been nothing short of miraculous. As a result, family and friends have depleted my supply in no time. I am just about to bring in some more, so if there are other people in New Zealand searching for this stuff, please feel free to direct them too me. Regards, Jay Mather