Natural Hair Conditioners

Natural Hair Conditioner

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Posted by Oily Head (Europe) on 11/28/2017

This is a cure that I love, but I am also looking for advice if anyone has any regarding my excessively oily hair.

I have really fine, oily hair, which is also prone to dryness and a very dry scalp. I have found a cure for the dryness which is a Honey & Cinnamon mask.

  • 1/2 Cup Honey
  • 2 tbsp Cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp Coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp Castor Oil

I usually leave it on for 6-8 hours, once a week, and it has transformed my hair with just 3 applications.

Sadly, I am still prone to excess oil (and I mean excessive). Some men have issues with 5 o'clock shadow, and I get a 5 o'clock oil slick. I only wash my hair every 3 days, and by day 3 I can just about collect this oil and turn it into an alternate biofuel source. I have tried everything. No Poo (baking soda & ACV) method, not washing my hair at all for months, oil masks, special shampoos, only washing with conditioner, not using conditioner at all, you name it. Nothing has worked.

This is not new. I have had this problem since puberty, and hence have had a good 3 decades of trying every 'cure' under the sun.

I have a healthy diet (very rarely, if ever, eat junk food). I use ACV almost every day, coconut oil, and take make sure I get all the vits and minerals I need.

I've never had acne, or excema, or any other issues related to skin really. Just the oil slick that is the mop on my head. I'm either going to have to resort to washing my hair twice a day, or just try and make the wet look happen.

Has anyone else found anything that has worked for them with excessively oily hair?

Replied by Art
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In reply to Oily Head (Europe),

Zinc is well noted for helping to reduce oily hair. It works by inhibiting production of catalase which in turn reduces production of dihydroxytestosterone which in turn limits sebum production by the sebaceous glands.

Zinc is normally taken orally or it can be applied topically and is also used in some shampoos so there are multiple options. Zinc has many other health benefits.


Natural Hair Conditioner
Posted by Julie R (Phoenix, AZ) on 09/14/2014

Castor Oil and Coconut Oil

I have used this 3 times in the last two weeks as a pre-shampoo conditioner. The mix is 50-50 each oil. I add several drops of rosemary oil but I think that could be optional. The castor/coconut oil mix has no adverse scent, and you're going to wash it out anyway.

1-2 hours before shampoo, start with the ends, getting them well-saturated but not dripping. Work the oil up the shafts and finally onto - and into your scalp, adding more oil if necessary.

Gather hair and cover it with a plastic bag or shower cap, another covering on top for good measure if you like (I use a plastic bag + stocking cap).

You may want to shampoo twice depending on how sudsy your shampoo is. I shampoo twice.

Result? My hair went from extremely dried out, super thin, super frizzy (like pubic hair - yuk! ) to thicker, glossy, and smooth wavy hair. No lie. I am thrilled!

From what I have read, you can use straight castor oil but it is very thick and hard to wash out. The coconut oil thins it and is also good for your hair.

This is what I would recommend as an extremely effective, totally non-toxic hair conditioner - to anyone. Try once a week, then adjust, depending on your results.

I also follow my shampoos with a rinse made of 1 C ACV, 1 C green tea, and 2-3 capsules of nettle leaf. But I was using this prior to the castor/coconut oil and did not have these great results. Can't hurt, though!

Natural Hair Spray

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 12/23/2016

My daughter was out of hair spray so she found a recipe online and made her own.

  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

She put this in a little spray bottle and said it worked better than store bought stuff!

You could add a drop of your favorite essential oil if you like.

Not only is this cheaper than anything I could have bought, it has no harmful chemicals in it and is not harmful to the environment.

~Mama to Many~

Natural Hair Straightener Recipe

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Posted by Shine (Gabs, Botswana) on 08/05/2013


Use one can of Coconut Milk, two teaspoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of juice from a lime, and start with one tablespoon of cornstarch (add more as needed).

The mixture did not permanently straighten hair nor but it helps hair straighten better and it seems to help fight against humidity.

Apply to hair and let it sit for a few hours. Rinse with water and a little shampoo and then rinse with conditioner. Let hair air dry and then style as usual.

Nettle Tea

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Posted by Laurie (Sudbury, Ontario) on 01/09/2009

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of taking or using nettle tea for hair.

Long ago I went into the health food store and was told nettle tea in rinse water helped your hair thicken. I just used it a couple of times and hated it as it was like tea all over the shower and you and stuck in the hair and had to be rinsed well. It was a pain. Now I bought nettle tea again and was wondering if anyone at all has any stories about it.


Replied by Rosy
(Orlando, Fl)

Try a spay bottle, I used to use that with chamomile tea I put in my hair.

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

i've used nettle tea on my hair. both as a hair 'wash' and as a last rinse.

personally, i like other herbs better (lavender is my favorite) - but try straining the herbs out of the tea before you pour it on your hair - or you can buy (or make) a little muslim bag to keep all the herbs together in while brewing. to use a strainer simply put the strainer over a plastic bottle and pour the tea with the nettles into it. then you can add water as needed to the rinse.

djh/austin, tx

Replied by Dorotka
(Apopka, Florida)

For me the herb Fo-ti , or the other name is Ho-Shou-Wu ,worked much better then nettle tea.

Olive Oil for Split Ends

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Posted by Ashley (Nashville, TN) on 12/04/2006

Olive oil for split ends works. Also: 1. egg yolk, 2. real mayo.

Olive Oil for Split Ends
Posted by Melissa (Omaha, NE) on 10/24/2006

I have a tip for dry split ends. After shampooing and conditioning, use a dime size amount (more for long hair) of olive oil. Just put into hands, apply to hair but not the scalp b/c it will make it greasy and then comb through. It seals the split ends and makes hair soft. Bye Bye flyaways and money for expensive hair products.

Pure Crude Oil

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Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, TX) on 03/09/2008

I have been using Pure Crude Oil on my hair for 15 years now, followed by a vaseline rub. I put on the Oil and massage it into my scalp with a cupped massager, then I put on the vaseline and massage it with the cupped massager. It is an amazing conditioner and makes your hair grow quicker than usual. It stimulates growth when you don't have it also!! It is an amazing cure for all scalp issues!!

Replied by Laurie
(Sudbury, Ontario)

Hi there, please tell me what crude oil is and can you use any other oils like olive or coconut oil instead? As i am trying to go out and buy everything mentioned on here, its getting awfully expensive. So many as the saying goes, get three things done with one thing.

Not exactly as the saying goes but you know what I mean. I would appreciate any feed back. Thank you.

EC: Pure crude oil is motor oil, so she must mean another type of oil unless this is a joke! Don't put motor oil in your hair!

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

Sorry for not reading this before! Yes - it is NOT oil that is used for the car!! It is Pennsylvania Crude Oil, Google it and you can find out about it! It is an Edgar Cayce remedy that I have always used, however, for the past two months I have also supplemented with a formula that includes Lactated Pepsin, Black Snake Root Extract, Essence of Wild Ginseng, Atomic Iodine, Extract of Liver, and Grain Alcohol - ( you can Google that also) and it has healed all of my previous hair problems! I still do the Crude oil and Vaseline about 3x a month though, and I now also use a "violet ray" on my scalp to bring even more circulation. All three of those things though has turned my hair beautiful! I no longer take my Armour Thyroid pill that I have taken for years, because of the Iodine in the formula. I have never been able to grow my thin hair past my shoulders and now I have! I have no split ends, my hair is nice and smooth and it is so much thicker!

Replied by Michelle
(Cincinnati, Ohio, Usa)

Pennsylvania Crude Oil is "taken fresh from the oil wells in Pennsylvania. This is real crude oil with no refinement. " .... As stated on a website selling it. They also mention Edgar Cayce as having recommended it in and another place saying it was in his book, "Drugless Therapy. " Had to research it, sounded so strange. I wouldn't use it, but I believe sometimes instinct draws us to what we need. Supposed to be good for hair loss.

Replied by Doddie
(Lawrenceville, Georgia)

Over washing and blow drying also destroys the hair. Cut back on washing your hair every two weeks or just when you cannot stand it any more. Hair grows from the inside out.

Silicon Supplements

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 391 posts

Try taking some foods rich with silicon. Such as nuts, horsetails, oatmeal, etc. Or you can take some silicon supplements in the form of orthosilicic acid or silicic acid, which is a water soluble form of silicon. Taken vitamin C will help strengthen or thinken the epidermis. Taking some magnesium seems to helpful. Apple cider vinegar have some traces of silicon and will help. But you need to reduce your intake of vegetable oils (they seem to destroy the liver) and is seen not helpful to the circulation as liver once not functionally as efficiently will not provide nutrients throughout the body.

Takin silicon supplements 5-10 mg/day seems to cause thickening of nails and hair within weeks. (They also grow faster)

Taking some rutin rich foods, such as bee pollen will help develop capillaries, which hopefully will be helpful for the scalp also.

Soap Nuts

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Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 03/14/2009

i just noticed that you don't have soapnuts listed on your site.

soap nuts are actually berries, you can use them for laundry (yay! no perfumes, dyes, soap, etc.) and they work great for this. i even get good results from using them in cold water. also if you make the liquid you can use it for many uses around the house: dishwashing, counters and surfaces, spot treatments of very dirty clothes before washing with the whole soap nuts, carpet cleaning AND hair washing!

also if you use the liquid for washing your pets - fleas don't like it!

it makes your hair very shiny and soft and thick.

if you are interested - google soapnuts - there is a LOT of info out there.

btw - the 'brand' i have is maggies - which is sold at my food co-op. although they may seem expensive upon first inspection - $17.99 for about 50 berries - you can re-use them in the laundry up to 5 times! and then 20 of them will make 32 ounces of cleaning liquid - and you can even do this 2 or 3 times if you save the berries after cooking them.

so a box could work for like 50 loads of laundry! and we wash in cold water - if you use hot or warm water it takes even less of the soapnuts.

this is a wonderful find for anyone who is allergic to conventional detergents. they even clean my boyfriend's very dirty and greasy car working on clothes!

EC: Thanks, Dianna. We are going to cross-post this to the Earth Clinic Planet site as well!


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Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 11/26/2021

your own urine is very lovely for hair fall and tangling issues. You catch a cup full before you are ready to shampoo. If you feel a need to use shampoo go ahead. After you finish getting done rinsing out the soap rinse with your urine and try to keep it on hair and scalp and put on any skin you would like rejuvenated. Urine is sterile and has your own hormones in it to reset your follicles and refresh skin. It has a nice oil in it to make it easy to comb. I have had many people thank me after they tried it . I read that most hair loss is due to water heaters not hot enough to kill mold and bacteria that get in our follicles. Also, Chlorine goes into iodine ports in our body and blocks them from taking up iodine that fuels our thyroid gland, our master hormone.

As with many parts of our body, we can think or say negative things to our parts and words do have power. Our minds create and our words have power. We release energies and chemicals into our realities with our thoughts. How do you respond when you get a thumbs up or compliment? I am calling my yard the garden of eden when I walk around it, and telling it how productive and beautiful it is.

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