Natural Hair Conditioners

Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 11/26/2021
5 out of 5 stars

your own urine is very lovely for hair fall and tangling issues. You catch a cup full before you are ready to shampoo. If you feel a need to use shampoo go ahead. After you finish getting done rinsing out the soap rinse with your urine and try to keep it on hair and scalp and put on any skin you would like rejuvenated. Urine is sterile and has your own hormones in it to reset your follicles and refresh skin. It has a nice oil in it to make it easy to comb. I have had many people thank me after they tried it . I read that most hair loss is due to water heaters not hot enough to kill mold and bacteria that get in our follicles. Also, Chlorine goes into iodine ports in our body and blocks them from taking up iodine that fuels our thyroid gland, our master hormone.

As with many parts of our body, we can think or say negative things to our parts and words do have power. Our minds create and our words have power. We release energies and chemicals into our realities with our thoughts. How do you respond when you get a thumbs up or compliment? I am calling my yard the garden of eden when I walk around it, and telling it how productive and beautiful it is.