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Faster Hair Growth

Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 03/09/2012

Right, well I have been experimenting with castor oil for a month now, and one of the things I've been doing with it is rubbing it into my scalp 2-3 evenings per week. I leave it on overnight (putting a towel on my pillow so it doesn't get it oily) and shampoo it out in the mornings and condition, etc as normal. I mix it with a little sweet almond oil as it's very thick and gloopy, but olive oil or any cold-pressed oil would be fine. You don't need much!

I've been doing this because my hair is very thin, especially at the crown, where my scalp can easily be seen. Apparently it's meant to thicken hair, promote new growth and grow hair faster after a couple of months' use.

So after 4 weeks.. There's been no new regrowth alas but it has made my hair feel a little thicker and stronger. The biggest thing has been the growth, which isn't really what I was after! I got my roots coloured blonde at the hairdresser the same day I started with the castor oil, which ended up being a complete waste of money because after two weeks of using the castor oil treatment I had regrowth of about an inch. Doh! :)

Faster Hair Growth
Posted by Cat (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 01/25/2012

Does anyone have any tried and true remedies for faster hair growth? I have fine, blonde hair that breaks off easily on the ends (due to some bleaching which I've now stopped) but my rate of hair growth is also very slow and wonder if there's anything that would speed it up and maybe thicken it. I'm 46 years old, consume a lot of organic foods, rarely ever eat processed, weight 55kg, very clear skin, drink alcohol only occasionally, don't smoke etc etc.

At the moment, I'm taking Folic Acid, Evening Primrose capsules, Fish Oil, Spirulina, Kelp and tissue salts. I have previously taken Biotin but found it did nothing except cost me money. I have also started using Castor Oil mixed with Organic Coconut Oil (which I use for pulling) and massaging it into my scalp... I'm yet to notice a difference... Any other answers would be appreciated. THANKS (great website)!!


Replied by Lina
(Fairfield, Iowa, Usa)

I too tried taking biotin for faster hair growth. Perhaps I saw some results, but not much. Now I am taking a vitamin B complex, coenzyme vitamin B's, to be exact, and this seems to be getting results. Plus, I like getting the full range of B's, not just biotin.

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nv)

I've had excellent results regrowing my hair using a laser therapy pen. The 660nm wavelength stimulates ATP withing the hair cells and scalp. NASA and Russian scientists have done a lot of research on hair growth and wound repair with lasers.

Replied by An
(Baltimore, Md)

I would recomend cut out all sugar, gluten, and red meat products for at least 60 days. Add raw vegetable juice, drink hot water with lemon and a pinch pf cayenne pepper in the morning. You will see your hair and skin will look good. If you are taking Biotin, remember it should be taking with regular Vit B complex and B12.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

An, I had heard of lemon juice in hot water to detox the liver and being great for the skin, never heard about the cayenne pepper though! I tried it but I got diarrhea and a coated tongue, maybe I should have stayed with half a lemon instead of a whole one? I only did it for maybe a week, first half a lemon and then a whole lemon but I didn't see any changes in my skin, maybe it was too short but I couldn't put up with the diarrhea anymore, it didn't seem right.... Maybe it was a detox sign, no idea!

Fenugreek Powder With Yogurt

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Posted by Palak (Delhi, India) on 09/03/2009

Use fenugreek powder mixed with curd/yoghurt before washing your hair .. acc to your hair length .. I must say , after washing my hair reflected like mirror .. itching on scalp reduced and my hair neva felt so soft .. I use this mask once a week due to time constraint .. but its sage enough to use everyday .. I hope you will try it and may it work for you the way it did for me !!! best of luck :)

Fenugreek Seeds

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Posted by Darwin (Chennai, India) on 05/27/2005

You can condition and nourish your hair through fenugreek seeds. Soak fenugreek seeds in water for about 1 hour and grind it to paste. Apply all over the head and leave it for 30 minutes and wash it with cold water, woww beautiful and glowing hair...

Replied by Edna
(Metairie, Louisiana)

This is the second time i've seen this for your hair, i saw this yesterday on another website. Where can i find fenugreek seeds? has the capsule, but where can i find the fenugreek seeds. Thank you for any information you can supply. God Bless

EC: Try an Indian grocery store!

Replied by Raniya
(Syracuse, NY)

if you live in the USA you can get fenugreek at any supermarket, wegmans, price chopper and sams club, or any chinse or indian stores

General Feedback

Posted by Kellie (Syracuse, Ny) on 01/16/2012

I was searching your site and found that coconut oil was good to use in your hair so I found a product in my grocery store called Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner. The ingredients in it are: petrolatum, coconut oil, and fragrance. I am a white woman and believe this product is supposed to be for a black woman's hair! It feels so disgusting and I was wondering if you could give me some tips on what might finally get this out of my color treated hair. Thank you in advance!

Replied by Susan
(Thomasville, North Carolina Usa)

Use baking soda mixed with water after you shampoo, run the baking soda mixture thru your hair then do a final rinse. This will remove any product from the hair leaving it clean.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - USA)

Kellie - Petroleum the same stuff they make gasoline out of if I am not mistaken.

The first ingredient in anything it what it contains the most of, and so on. The first two or three ingredients listed are are the most important. (They are all important, but the first few are the very most important! )

I would trash it. Yuck.


Replied by Kellie
(Syracuse, Ny)

Thanks guys! I tried the baking soda trick but it wasn't working. I appreciate your tip though. I finally got it out.. Along with some of my color, with dish soap and several shampoos. :( I also brought it back to the store and hopefully won't ever be making that mistake again!

Replied by Cryssyhoneylove
(Toms River Nj)

I had the same thing happen to me . It was horrible... Head and shoulders shampoo will strip the oil... Good luck... Also you could go to a salon and they can remove it with a special shampoo ;)

Replied by G
(Las Vegas, Nv)

I would not recommend Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner for African American or Caucasian hair.

General Feedback
Posted by Francisca (Zug, Switzerland) on 01/04/2012

I have shoulder length hair, dyed. I am trying to bring my hair into better condition. Although I have enough hair it is quite thin (has always been) and has no life! Right now I have a perm to give it a bit of volume. After using a herbal mix oil for a while it has stopped falling and it looks healthier so I decided to try to go without shampoo. I have now washed it twice with baking soda but it looks dry and it doesn't shine anymore. In between washes (I wash it twice a week) I rub my scalp with the herbal mix oil. Some people seem to have a very good result with the baking soda.

Maybe I could use the baking soda once a week and the other time only wash the scalp with my fingers as some people suggested here lately? I did use a bit of rinse aid because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to comb my hair after washing. Any suggestions? Does it get better after quitting the shampoo for a while? Or doesn't it work in dyed hair?

Hibiscus Leaves and Petals

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Posted by Kalpana (Bangalore,India)

Condition your hair the natural way.Grind some tender Hibiscus leaves & the petals of the flower together,apply all over the head,leave for 20-30 mins & shampoo thereafter. Do this regularly for best results.


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Posted by Sandra (USA) on 10/22/2006

Honey as a styling product: Frizzy or hard to manage hair? Try mixing 1/4 tsp of honey with a tsp of your styling product and dilute with about a tbs of warm water and comb through towel dried hair. I have long hair so ppl with short hair should use less. Style normally. The honey acts like a hair mousse and holds hair style all day, plus I found my hair had extra volume from the roots, which lasted until the next time day-- even after waking up (my hair is really heavey so it always went flat after 5 minutes of applying hair spray). Best styling product I have ever used its actually conditions your hair as you use it and smells great. Just becareful not to put too much honey in your hair other wise it'll go stiff.

Honey and Rosewater

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Posted by Donna D (Bangalore, India) on 10/01/2007

hi, i have naturally wavy hair, not curly, but slightly at the ends at times a bit frizzy...i tried this tonic for my hair and it worked great straightened my hair in one it is 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp rosewater add to this half a mug of water...once you are done shampooing n conditioning...pour over you hair this tonic..and do not rinse it off with water...leave it...u may find it sticky for an hour or so untill its dry completely....once its dry comb your hair...and see the results

Replied by Pavi
(Bangalore, India)

Hi dear , thank you for sharing such a wonderful tip but can you be more precise about the quantity of water that is to be mixed with rose water and honey. My hair is between straight and curly. I want STRAIGHT HAIR but without damage to my hair.. Please do reply.

Replied by Pavi
(Bangalore, India)

Hi. I just wanted to know whether applying honey on your hair is good becoz I have heard that applying honey turns your hair grey...

Jojoba Oil

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Posted by Maureen (Carrollton, GA) on 11/28/2006

After menopause my perfect hair became a nightmare. It is dry and stands straight up like something from a cartoon. I have tried many things - all of them natural - but the only success I have had is with straight jojoba oil. It takes very little and I occasionally put some on my dry hair if it needs a "touchup". It is cheap because you use so little at a time. I love it. The cure is cosmetic. If I go a few times without it, I am pretty much back where i began, however, rather than look like I just took my hand out of a socket, I'll settle until I can do better. (Yes, I do know about EFAs.)

Lavender Oil Spray for Detangling

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Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 01/26/2016

I found by putting a little bit of lavender oil in a spray bottle full of water to spray on hair to detangle hair gets knots out and make hair smell lovely, note best to use soluble oil

Mama's Curly Hair Remedies

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 10/09/2020


It turns out that I have curly hair and have been doing all of the wrong things for a long time.

My daugther has wavy hair and read a bunch to figure out how to best take care of her hair. She convinced me to read, "Curly Girl, " as she was convinced I had curly hair under my menopausal frizz.

I didn't finish the book but read enough to make changes that have really helped my hair.

My hair used to be very, very straight. I spent a lot of money in the 80's to achieve curly hair. But pregnancy and age changed my hair a surprising amount.

In the last 10 years my hair has gotten thinner and frizzier. Turns out I have been dehydrating it dreadfully by shampooing it every time I shower, which is once or twice a day. I have tried countless natural shampoos. I have tried borax and baking soda and all kinds of stuff but nothing helped my hair to look better.

I now shampoo my hair twice a week. I still shower every day. When I finish my shower I put conditioner in my hair (not on the scalp), carefully "comb" it with my fingers and leave it in. I gently towel dry it with a t-shirt. I don't comb it. I put another leave in conditioner for curly hair in it and scrunch my hair with my fingers. That's it. The two conditioners keep my hair hydrated (apparently.) No frizz. Its astonishing.

This isn't exactly a "natural" remedy. But it may be the answer to anyone else who is dealing with frizzy hair that is actually frustrated curly hair!

~Mama to Many~


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Posted by Molly (Austin, Tx) on 08/04/2009

I have very long, thick and dry and damaged hair. And until now the only way I could get my hair the least bit soft was with lots of Apple Cider Vinegar. However yesterday I covered my hair (dry) with lots of mayonnaise and kept it in there for about 15 minutes then washed it twice (to get the smell out) and conditioned as normal. It SERISOUSLY like I have a new head of hair, its so bouncy and soft and shiney, but not in a greasy way, I HIGHLY recommend this, especially to people like me that spent their teenages years dying their hair constantly!

Replied by Ida From Texas
(Somewhere In, Texas)

Could you please tell me which mayonaise you used?

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Virgodee60 (Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa) on 02/16/2011

Years ago I owned two Edgar Cayce books that I loved and cherished. The Sleeping Prophet and a very well known when whose title slips my memory right now. Does anyone know what it could be? Very famous book. Well anyway, I think I still have the Sleeping Prophet. It had a remarkable remedy for hair thickening in it which I used for years and worked every time.

This was suggested by Cayce as he was sleeping and gave out this cure. The first one was the crude oil. The one I used was a combo of castor oil, olive oil, I'm not sure if it was cod liver oil or mineral oil, that's what I would like to look up and confirm. Also you would use white iodine after the applications of the oils. Sectioning hair and dabbing on with a cotton ball. My aunt would apply it to my scalp every weekend, fri. , sat. and sun. dab on the white iodine after each application. Washed my hair sunday night. My hair not only got thicker and thicker, but grew very well. Kept this up for a full year until I just got tired of having it done. Has anyone ever read this? I'm trying to remember which book it was I read it in. Can anyone help me. I'm going to check my Sleeping Prophet today and it was chaptered thickening hair or something like that.

So if anyone knows or knows the combination please let me know. Thank you


Natural Hair Conditioner

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Posted by Oily Head (Europe) on 11/28/2017

This is a cure that I love, but I am also looking for advice if anyone has any regarding my excessively oily hair.

I have really fine, oily hair, which is also prone to dryness and a very dry scalp. I have found a cure for the dryness which is a Honey & Cinnamon mask.

  • 1/2 Cup Honey
  • 2 tbsp Cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp Coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp Castor Oil

I usually leave it on for 6-8 hours, once a week, and it has transformed my hair with just 3 applications.

Sadly, I am still prone to excess oil (and I mean excessive). Some men have issues with 5 o'clock shadow, and I get a 5 o'clock oil slick. I only wash my hair every 3 days, and by day 3 I can just about collect this oil and turn it into an alternate biofuel source. I have tried everything. No Poo (baking soda & ACV) method, not washing my hair at all for months, oil masks, special shampoos, only washing with conditioner, not using conditioner at all, you name it. Nothing has worked.

This is not new. I have had this problem since puberty, and hence have had a good 3 decades of trying every 'cure' under the sun.

I have a healthy diet (very rarely, if ever, eat junk food). I use ACV almost every day, coconut oil, and take make sure I get all the vits and minerals I need.

I've never had acne, or excema, or any other issues related to skin really. Just the oil slick that is the mop on my head. I'm either going to have to resort to washing my hair twice a day, or just try and make the wet look happen.

Has anyone else found anything that has worked for them with excessively oily hair?

Replied by Art
1960 posts

In reply to Oily Head (Europe),

Zinc is well noted for helping to reduce oily hair. It works by inhibiting production of catalase which in turn reduces production of dihydroxytestosterone which in turn limits sebum production by the sebaceous glands.

Zinc is normally taken orally or it can be applied topically and is also used in some shampoos so there are multiple options. Zinc has many other health benefits.


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