Natural Hair Conditioners

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Virgodee60 (Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa) on 02/16/2011

Years ago I owned two Edgar Cayce books that I loved and cherished. The Sleeping Prophet and a very well known when whose title slips my memory right now. Does anyone know what it could be? Very famous book. Well anyway, I think I still have the Sleeping Prophet. It had a remarkable remedy for hair thickening in it which I used for years and worked every time.

This was suggested by Cayce as he was sleeping and gave out this cure. The first one was the crude oil. The one I used was a combo of castor oil, olive oil, I'm not sure if it was cod liver oil or mineral oil, that's what I would like to look up and confirm. Also you would use white iodine after the applications of the oils. Sectioning hair and dabbing on with a cotton ball. My aunt would apply it to my scalp every weekend, fri. , sat. and sun. dab on the white iodine after each application. Washed my hair sunday night. My hair not only got thicker and thicker, but grew very well. Kept this up for a full year until I just got tired of having it done. Has anyone ever read this? I'm trying to remember which book it was I read it in. Can anyone help me. I'm going to check my Sleeping Prophet today and it was chaptered thickening hair or something like that.

So if anyone knows or knows the combination please let me know. Thank you