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Mama's Curly Hair Remedies
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 10/09/2020


It turns out that I have curly hair and have been doing all of the wrong things for a long time.

My daugther has wavy hair and read a bunch to figure out how to best take care of her hair. She convinced me to read, "Curly Girl, " as she was convinced I had curly hair under my menopausal frizz.

I didn't finish the book but read enough to make changes that have really helped my hair.

My hair used to be very, very straight. I spent a lot of money in the 80's to achieve curly hair. But pregnancy and age changed my hair a surprising amount.

In the last 10 years my hair has gotten thinner and frizzier. Turns out I have been dehydrating it dreadfully by shampooing it every time I shower, which is once or twice a day. I have tried countless natural shampoos. I have tried borax and baking soda and all kinds of stuff but nothing helped my hair to look better.

I now shampoo my hair twice a week. I still shower every day. When I finish my shower I put conditioner in my hair (not on the scalp), carefully "comb" it with my fingers and leave it in. I gently towel dry it with a t-shirt. I don't comb it. I put another leave in conditioner for curly hair in it and scrunch my hair with my fingers. That's it. The two conditioners keep my hair hydrated (apparently.) No frizz. Its astonishing.

This isn't exactly a "natural" remedy. But it may be the answer to anyone else who is dealing with frizzy hair that is actually frustrated curly hair!

~Mama to Many~