Diatomaceous Earth: From Insect Control to Detox


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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 11/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Few years ago a small miserable looking cat was brought to me. She had been on death row but rescued in time.

Her coat was sparse semi long and neither grey nor brown, age unknown. Recently my interest in DE was aroused once again and hear what transpired.

I found she had mites badly so I applied Ted's mite treatment twice and with success. But winter approaching I lightly dusted her coat with DE. In a few weeks I noticed not only there were no more mites, but her coat was full and thick. Actually, it did not take that long. All my pets had been given DE mixed in their wet food for about two months and their coats look healthy and shining.

Next is me. Their testimony says it all. I will use it internally and externally for sure. Make sure it is food grade. I bought DE at an agricultural feed store. It is also online.

The testimonies on this item are awe inspiring. I am well pleased.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Beth (California) on 10/08/2013

I have a question about diatomaceous earth. I took 1 TB today in water, hoping to get rid of the mites/ parasites, that are under my skin. Driving me crazy... It's just the first day of using it, but do you know how long it takes before you notice a difference? I can't tell any difference today, but it's just the first day. It would be helpful for my state of mind, to have an idea of how long before I would feel a change in my body. (meaning less mites moving around, because they're dead) I was so hoping I'd see an improvement on day 1, but can't tell.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Beth!

You may find more noticable results with DE by dusting your skin with DE at bedtime in the areas where you feel the mites are active. Also, Ted's Borax solution for mites may also provide more immediate relief for you.

Read up here:


This is a *super effective* remedy for skin mites and many who suffer from mite related rosacea find rapid relief and resolution of their mite related condition after using this formula.

The basic formula is as follows and the ingredients can be easily obtained at the supermarket:

One 16 oz bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide

Borax - found in the laundry aisle, the plain one not the scented kind

1gallon distilled water [or filtered from home - just as long as its not chlorinated; you will only need 32 ounces of water]

Pour the brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide into a big jug; now use the empty bottle and fill it up twice with the filtered water and empty that into the jug; this gives you 48 ounces of a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Now add to this 1 cup of the borax. There will be undesolved grains of borax when you mix it up - this is what you want, as it means the liquid has dissolved the borax crystals to the point where it will hold no more borax, ie a 'saturated' solution. You can heat the solution [I put the jug in a tub of hot water to warm it up] and then pour it into a small dish tub and try soaking an arm in the solution, or use a wash cloth to absorb the solution and slop it onto an area and let the sopping wet wash cloth sit. You want the area you treat to be wet and soaking with the solution for at least 10 minutes, 30 minutes is better. After this allow the area to air dry, do NOT towel it off.

The borax is a miticide, and the hydrdogen peroxide is a penetrant which allows the borax to get into the dermis and folicles.

Some folks will purchase a 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and dilute it to the 1% solution in a bath tub and then add borax until the crystals stop dissolving and treat their entire body at one time. Please read up on Ted's Mange cure for more details on how to use the borax solution to your best benefit.

Posted by Angieb123 (Salem, OR ) on 06/27/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have been suffering with bird mites from coming into contact with infected birds. I have tried almost everything. I have tried Diatomaceous Earth and it seemed to work although I was tired of dust being in my hair and throat and I have these bugs all over me and the kids. Has anyone had any success killing bird mites?

Replied by Kay

Hi Angieb123,

my response is years behind, and I hope you have found relief!

My story: I petted my daughter's turkey and immediately felt something along my hairline. I used dry borax, added water in my hand, and applied as a shampoo to the scalp. Just once and it solved the issue. I read somewhere that Dr. Hulda Clarke recommends a citric acid rinse to keep the eyes free of the borax. I put like 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon to a quart of water, rinsed my hair and body, and voila, no more issue.

Posted by Pamela (Houston, Texas) on 12/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for Earth Clinic I was totally free from mites pick up from handling fire wood. My doctor had prescribed medication that I had read on Earth Clinic was very toxic and didn't work that well. I didn't want any part of this if I could avoid it. I also read someone on Earth Clinic recommended Diatomaceous Earth which I have used for years for internal parsites with great success. I decided to try the diatomaceous earth first. Wasn't real sure it would work because the mites are in my skin not inside of me. Since diatomaceous earth is non toxic I wanted to try it first. Have to interject I did try other topical remedies - different essential oils and others things with no relieve. I am amazed in 3 days of diatomaceous earth no mites. I took 1 heaping teaspoon in a half of glass of water a day. I did have trouble with the mites remaining in my hands. I read in the Young Living desk reference book that equal amounts of peppermint oil and oregano oil would kill chiggers or ticks. I mix these two together and experienced lots of itching for about 30 seconds and then they died. Thanks Earth Clinic and all of those who post here.

Posted by Deb (Oregon) on 11/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

i tried everything, permetherin, ivamex, tea tree oil, lavander oil, washing bedding, cloths, even tried animal remedies. have battled it for 5 months only with temporary relief. Diatomeceous earth is the one that worked. Its' a natural remedy that you can buy at a grange coop or garden store. i use it 3 times a day putting it on with a powder puff or big cosmetic makeup brush. careful not to get in eyes and don't use on face or breath in dust. i used it for one day and noticed a big improvement but i am going to use it for a few weeks to be darn certain they are gone. I washed bedding and vacumed floors, washed rugs all in hot water with soap and borax. I sprinkled mattresses, couches, car seats in vehicles carpets and bedding daily with this diatomecieous earth. Every day I washed used towels, bedding in hot water. the items you cant wash daily (like comforters, pillows) put in dryer for 20 minutes every day.

Replied by Girl
(Whittier, Ca)

Use a wax warmer with menthol crystals or camphor warming instead of wax. Close off room for a day or two.

Mixing and Store DE

Posted by Space Case (Madison WI) on 11/11/2021


For my cats, I have 2 and together they go through 1 lb of ground turkey meat every 2 days. Today I pre-mixed their DE into the meat as I prepared it, and then it will be in the fridge for 2 days, being taken out several times a day to put some in their bowls. My question is, will this degrade / reduce the effectiveness of the DE? Many, many thanks in advance!

Replied by Carol

This link tells you everything you need to know about DE.


DE does not degrade from sitting or even when wet because (DE) is a natural product made up of fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. Composed of the cell walls/shells of single cell diatoms, it easily crumbles to a fine powder.

In fact, the composition of the diatom cell walls are biogenic silica.

The substances used to make diatomaceous earth are safe and taken directly from the sea, since diatom silica deposits accumulate over time in the sediment of rivers, streams, lakes and oceans.

It usually comes in the form of a white powder and is also used in water filtering, food manufacturing, skin products and farming to naturally eliminate free radicals, viruses, insects, parasites and other harmful organisms by binding to them and drying them out.

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Posted by Mrs. Betty (Colorado) on 04/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

DE has really helped me very much in solving a few different issues with health. I leave a cup on the kitchen counter and add a little to food as I am cooking. It also made strong nails which I have never had before. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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Posted by Don (Ontario Canada) on 01/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I took DE for three months. I never missed a day, I don't know if it was the DE or not (I think it was a herxhiemer effect) but I got sick coughing up phlegm and mucus that lasted for weeks. After about three weeks I started seeing parasites in my stool. I swear I lost ten pounds of Candida. But the annoying cough wouldn't go away so I mixed my own borax mixture and started taking a tablespoon of the concentrate (1 teaspoon of borax dissolved in 1 liter of water) a day. Within a week I started dumping more parasites. Then something that I would say looked like a small scallop with thin white whisks coming off it like a sort a tail.( its hard to describe). I had some nuggets of yellowish waxy looking things come out as well My urine smelled weird. I started this initially as a candida flush but it did so much more.

1- it took away a sense of urgency to pee that I had for ten years.

2- I always was cold, now I'm comfortable.

3- I never get heartburn anymore.

At times I never felt better. I'm 58 and I really think this stuff has given me better health. Can anyone explain to me what all this was that came out of me? I am a cancer survivor and my gut tells me this was some sort of cancerous issue.

Good luck..... Don

Replied by Leah
(England United Kingdom)

I have the same thing coming out my skin and they are worm parasites I think hook worm or pine worm. They look like squid sometimes shiny and slimy. I have them In my hair too but they seem to burrow into my neck and back and feet. I'm using the DE now and it's making them come out more which is annoying but I know I need to get rid of them. Go see a dermatologist who can diagnose if you have parasites. What you described is exactly what I have.

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Posted by Mspat (Nw Fla) on 04/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I take DE myself, as well as my animals. The benefits are many, both to humans & animals.

I am now able to sleep through the night, after years of energy draining, up every 2 hours, sleep problems.

And the extreme swelling of my feet, ankles & legs, went away. This, & a bit of effortless weight loss, all happened within a few months. I started with half a teaspoon in a full glass of room temperature, filtered water, as soon as I got up each day. In 3 weeks, increased the DE to a tablespoon. I still take it every day & my bowels are normal again, also. Age 68.

Please, make sure that the Diatomaceous Earth is FOOD GRADE.

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Posted by Rodezmo (Westminster, Co) on 08/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been doing Diatomaceous Earth (DE) since May 14 2016. I have been doing Chlorella and Spirulina for years along with unrefined sea salt for a plethora of minerals and Vitamin C, Iodine, Vitamin D3, CoQ10, Resveratrol from Muscadine grapes, and Bromelain. I also take a strong Probiotic. I eat organically and Non-GMO primarily.

I was able to increase DE from 1 tsp to 1 TBS the 1st week and went to 2 TBS the second week. Because of my previous health regimen before starting DE I only experienced a slight headache near the end of the day for around 3 days and that quickly subsided.

I am experiencing dark hair growth in my beard and the hair on my head. Back pain is gone and nails are shiny with the North to South ridges dissipating. My skin has always shined from the previous regimen and there has been no change in that, which is great.

I sleep straight through now from DE and have experienced a bit more energy. Bowels will be a bit constipated if I fail on water consumption so I keep the hydration up and water is better than juices for that.

Initially I would wake up with a stiff neck because I would sleep so soundly that I would not move at night. That has passed.

I swear by DE. I am 66 years old and people say I pass for late 40s. I stay away from Doctors religiously. I would go for a broken bone or if I need a tooth pulled. They are good at killing you. I once worked at a Hospital in Dallas and would see several people going out the back each day in body bags. They never go out the front as it is bad for business. All those people I am sure had been treated by a doctor probably for years. The Hippocratic Oath, which they claim, to follow is nominally only with them. Hippocrates said, " Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine."

Replied by Chris T.
(Albuquerque, NM)

Yes, 3 weeks of taking it and my husband's hair has returned to being BLACK by 95%! Still can't believe it.

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Posted by Jean (Tx) on 07/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I use DE for my family and pets.

By the way, DE removes Fluoride and many of the other toxins in our tap water. Note my favorite vitamin supplement is Morringa Olifera leaves, Now I am growing it too. Plus, I also make it into a tea and add it to the regular tea. Morringa put all health products to shame, it is higher in vitamins, cholorphyll. I take two capsules a day. It is also a great detoxifier as well. Research it, it will blow you away. Oh, yea, Morringa Olifera seeds removes water born toxins and bacteria from all kinds of water. You will find tons of info on youtube on both DE and Morringa Olifera tree. We also take Reishi mushroom capsules. Note: DE and Collidal Silver was approve for Eboli but when these people came with the cure, they were refused for use. Take care of your health, preventive maintenance is the best cure.

Replied by Carly

Frequent consumption of Moringa seeds can cause cancer. The moringa leaves and roots are safer.

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Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 02/05/2016

After great, initial results from 3 months of consuming FOOD GRADE DE at a dosage of 1-2 Tablesp. daily, I now maintain a flat tsp. 1-2 times a week.

With DE, I passed a hook worm and "rice" type wormy things by the 3rd day.

My carpel tunnel syndrome disappeared.

My face became VERY clear and bright!

My eyes get white as day whenever I take the DE and my energy shoots through the roof!

I sleep better and earlier.

My nails grow and my hair grows faster (but not thicker- ACV does that better, including de-aging for me).

My upper right hip discomfort disappears.

The best part? My teeth! They thickened into corn kernel shapes rather than the thin, playing card shapes they were. I've seen improvement in my gums (pinkish) and my ongoing pockets look way healthier and closer to the gums. DE also firmly attached a loosened tooth I was worried about. With DE, my brain is more focused, clearer, more precise thinking -- my thoughts don't wander as much.

It is the best, natural teeth whitener! I brush with it once a week (any more would strip my enamel).

This is my Sunday formula:

Pre-wet soft toothbrush. Pile on DE, VCO, peppermint oil drop, Hydrogen Peroxide drops. Make sure the DE is thoroughly wet and not dusty. You want to avoid inhaling the dust, similar to talc, into your lungs.

I backed off to 1- 2 tsps weekly when I began having slight pains on my right side. (Drinking LOTS of water is VERY essential! )

Plus, others have shown that DE may, over time, bring your good cholesterol (HDL readings) too low even while providing fantastic blood pressure readings. "Moderation in all things" is the best advice my granny gave me. Learning through life... CAT!

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Posted by Sandy (Indiana) on 01/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I wondered, too, how DE could target bad bacteria, but not the good. Then I ran across the following article: http://diatomaceous.net/why-does-diatomaceous-earth-not-kill-the-good-bacteria-in-the-gut/

Diatomaceous Earth will not absorb beneficial bacteria simply due to the fact that DE has a negative charge and bad bacteria has a positive charge. DE will attract and absorb the bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc without harming anything good or beneficial.

I have been taking DE for 1 month, now! I love it! Overall, I didn't expect much, because I'm pretty healthy - I'm 70 years old and do not take any medications! So I was surprised to find that I had some aches and pains that were cured by the second day!

I started with 1 tsp. Since I was doing fine with it, I increased my dosage by 1 tsp. every 3-4 days. I was up to 1 TBSP within 10 days. About the 10th day and for several days afterwards, I felt like I was coming down with the flu. (I'm guessing it was a yeast die-off reaction. I would now recommend only increasing it by 1/2 tsp. every week, even if you're doing well with it.) I had flu-like symptoms, head cold, and I slept almost all day for several days.

It's hard to describe but amazingly, even during the time I had the "flu, " I still had a feeling of well-being! The aches and pains I'd had before were gone. And after I got past the "flu, " I've had more energy than I've had in years!

Just don't forget to drink lots of water while you're taking it.

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Posted by Ivonne (Ca, US) on 11/20/2014
5 out of 5 stars

3rd day on DE and so excited! 1st day had headaches, stomach made odd noises....yesterday felt a bit under the weather, light headache, and hot flashes....today I involuntarily woke up with immense energy a whole hour and a half early! And my face and skin looks oddly youthful. I have not gone to the bathroom but nervous what I might find when I do. :P I'm doing this because I believe I have parasites. Been suffering with leaky gut, ADD, and immune problems. Already feel the difference! Thank you!

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Posted by Ray (Vendome, France) on 09/29/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I bought Diatomaceous Earth on amazon.fr in France but it's from UK, name Diaguard which I think very good quality. You have much more choices in amazon.co.uk than in France.

I had a nagging pain at my lower back for about 3 weeks caused by my horse who did rodeo, the stirrups came off of my feet, then he rared, I pushed his neck down so he started to canter then suddenly stopped. I slid up to his neck and rolled down on the ground. And I had dry eye especially at night while I read a book in bed and sometimes cramps on my legs or feet for about 2 years.

As soon as DE was delivered from UK, I took 1 heaped tbls in water immediately.

The lower back pain disappeared almost in a few minutes! I thought may be it was placebo.

Then in the same day at night, I noticed that I didn't have to wipe my eyes with a tissue while I read in bed anymore, and since I started to take DE, no more cramps on my legs or feet.

These benefits started to happen in just 10 days. In a mean while I had to go through healing crisis no too bad as some other people had to go through in this site.

First 3 days I had almost too much energy so I stopped taking it at night, but just in mornings as I wake up. then I suddenly I started to have a cold or flu like symptoms, nose started to block, soar throat, chilling feeling. Totally different from the first 3 days of my experience with DE.

Then the 4th day, I saw about 7 tiny white worms in my stool! Then next got less, took about a week to clear the tiny white worms that I don't know what kind.

As soon as it was cleared my energy came back again and feel great now!

My dogs also passed some worms everyday for about a week and now they seem cleared of it. My Newfoundland dog has been having trouble with hormone after she was sterilized. She pees even while she sleeps, and cries for feeling bad. My vet told me to give her the hormonal medication everyday for a week, then cut back to half then just once a week then stop. He was reluctant to use it because he said hormonal treatment is risky. She has been on it twice a year for about 9 years (now she's 12, vet is amazed and happy that she's lived that long for her giant size). But the pills stopped working suddenly for almost 8 months. She pees everywhere, I took away all the small rugs and cover large rugs with table cloth covers.

My vet said may be caused by hypothyroid. She was on it for 6 months last year then stopped because the vet said it's not too good to continue too long after her hormonal level became normal. Now after blood test, her thyroid hormone was found extremely low level again. She's on the hormone now for about 2 months.

DE was started a month ago. Now her peeing problem is almost stopping, either because she's on thyroid hormone treatment or DE or both. I really can't tell, but she hardly pees in the house anymore, could hold it to the garden.

My horses are also taking it, but I can't tell exactly what's happening to them because they stay in a horse place. In any case, I can recommend to anyone this amazing product. At least I and my dogs are having a great result!

I'm hoping that DE will help my gilding for his emphysema and my mare's arthritis. I'm giving them natural ACV also for 2 years but it seems not very effective.

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