Maximize Your Health: Unveiling Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

Hair Loss
Posted by Tahiti (Baltimore, Maryland) on 03/12/2012


I started using DE about two months ago and really like the results! My hair is growing in where it had thinned out or was missing altogether. I take it two to three times a day (one heaping tablespoon in a full glass of water).

I use it in my shampoo for my hair. But you must drink a lot of water during the day or you can run the risk of severe constipation! This happened to me in the beginning and I won't let that happen again! I read that it takes up to three months to rid your body of parasites using DE. I'm anxious to find out! I also use it in the bath and in my facial cleanser as a mask. Thanks for opening up a page for it! I'm sure you'll get a lot of positive responses. I have neither heard nor read of any negative effects of using DE. I am anxious to hear of other people's experiences in using DE. Thanks again, EarthClinic.