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Weight Loss

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Posted by Carol (OKC, U. S. A.) on 04/15/2007

...Cayenne pepper is awesome! My husband used it to reduce his weight. 1 tspn cayenne pepper in a 1/2 cup of hot water, 3 times a day. It speeds up the metabolism.

Replied by Ani
(Redwood City, Ca)

Hi Carol,

You were saying that your husband was using cayenne pepper to lose weight. Did he succeed and is he still taking it?

Also I have a question for everybody: Does the cayenne pepper have to be a particular kind? I see someone wrote that he is taking 100000 heat, what does that mean? Thank you

P.S. I have been drinking apple cider vinegar and it has totally cured my arthritis. Miracle site, thank you everyone.

Replied by C
(Maize, Ks)

Usually STU is a form of measuring how hot the cayenne pepper is that you are taking, it is safe when you first start taking it to start with 30,000 - 50,000 STU You can buy Cayenne Fruit Pills really cheap :) Hope this helps

Where to Find - India

Posted by Shobha Charan (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) on 04/26/2009

Cayenne Pepper gargling sounds impressive. What is cayenne pepper? Is it available in India? If so, would anyone know how I should refer to it locally, to buy it? Am unable to relate it to any of the locally available hot peppers.

Replied by Monsoon
(Pune, India)

Hi, This is for Shobha from Chennai. Shobha, Cayenne pepper is our very Indian 'Lal Mirch'. Red Chillis :) and sure it works
God Bless

Where to Find: Uk

Posted by Jo (Surrey, England) on 03/11/2013

Hello, does anybody know of a good supplier of Cayenne Pepper in the UK?

I am currently using supermarket bought cayenne pepper which I don't suppose is the greatest quality. I take a teaspoonful in a cup of hot water mixed with the juice of half a lemon every morning. I'm hoping this might help clear any blockages around the heart. I don't know if I actually have any blockages but I guess that prevention is better than cure.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Hi Jo, store bought cayenne pepper is more superior than capsules. Or you can try to get it from an Indian grocery store. It will be labelled as CHILLI POWDER and comes in 100gm, 200gms packet. Will not be more than 1 pound.


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Posted by Mike (Hilton Head, Sc) on 08/26/2018 2 posts

Had a 3/4 inch gash in my palm where the fat cells were protruding. Cleaned with alcohol (only stung for about 4 seconds), then poured on Cayenne (which barely burned), then bandaged and it is no longer bleeding and seems to be in great shape. Thanks to all for saving me $1000+ at the ER.

Posted by Badwolf (Langley, Il) on 08/05/2013

Today I cut the tip of my index finger and a bit of my nail off while cutting a watermelon. The wound isn't that deep maybe about 1/4 inch at the very most. Anyways, after 30 minutes the bleeding was still flowing. So, I decided to hop on to Earthclinic to do some research!

I decided to try using Cayenne Pepper on my wound after hearing so many good reviews. So, I dumped a good amount on CP on my wound and waited 10-15 seconds. The bleeding stopped and sort of cauterized right before my eyes. It was pretty cool!!

I allowed the CP to "soak" into the wound for about 5 minutes and then I added a bit of organic raw honey on top. I then wrapped the finger with some gauze and tape.

Before using the CP I cleaned my wound with rubbing alcohol which stung and hurt way more then the CP. When I put the CP on the wound it did create a burning sensation but that slowly faded into a nice warm feeling.

I have read to leave the bandage on for 1-2 days. Depending on how my finger looks I might use the CP again. I did read that the cayenne pepper will help dry the wound out which allows for faster healing.

I love this website and I will definitely update again in the next few days or weeks.

Posted by Lisa (Vancouver, Wa) on 09/27/2012

Praise God 4 Cayenne Pepper... I accidently cut a 1/4"W x 1/2"L chunk out of my pinky... Without constriction it steadily Bled & wouldn't stop... Even 18 hours later.

I took 3 450mg 40,000HU CP capsules... Checked 1 hour later & It Stopped... Saved me $400 at urgent care!!

Now I just have to figure out how 2 get the bandage unstuck from the wound & find some "pixie Dust" to regrow my finger...

Posted by Taozen (Nyc, New York) on 12/30/2009

I had a gash on my palm and it was a bleeder. I knew of the Cayenne paste cure and tried it.I used aprox 3 tablespoons and made a paste after cleaning the wound with peroxide. I made a tight bandage of gauze and left it alone for at least two days before I checked the wound. I removed my bandage very slowly so as not to disturb the caked on cayenne powder. It was much better and I re-wrapped the wound after more cayenne. I added tape to the fresh gauze covering and went three more days and it was almost completely healed and the scar is almost non visible today.

Posted by Don (Southwest, Michigan, Usa) on 10/11/2009

Cayenne Pepper For Cuts

I had a piece of loose cuticle skin on the side of my left thumbnail. One evening while watching a movie I did a stupid thing and tore it off. I tore the top two or three layers of skin off the entire side of my thumbnail leaving raw skin. I cleaned it with peroxide, put on some ointment and a bandage and forgot about it. Three weeks went by and it did not heal. Usually if I keep it pulled away from the nail it will heal up ok. But three weeks went by and now my thumb was swollen and an ugly purple color and hurt bad. I had some antibiotic on hand and after taking that I began to feel better but the ulcer had formed under the cuticle. I knew the ulcer had to be removed before the skin would heal. I got a new razor blade and every thing I would new to clean it and moved to the bathroom sink to do the operation. The cuticle was still raw, ugly and painful but it had to be done. After removing the top half of the ulcer I let it bleed out to self cleanse the wound.

Before I did the operation I went to this site to see what others had used to heal cuts and I read the post by the women who was stuck on an outpost island for two days and put cayenne pepper on her husbands severe head wound. Up to this point everything I had used, ointment, iodine, peroxide, etc, had not worked. So I went to the cupboard and got the cayenne pepper and poured a generous amount over my raw and bleeding cuticle. It absorbed into the wound and stopped the bleeding immediately. I let it set for a couple minutes then shook off the excess and lightly put a bandage over it. Over the next few hours I could feel a slight stinging in the wound but I could also tell my thumb did not hurt as bad.

The next morning my thumb did not hurt at all so I removed the bandage and discovered my thumb was a nice healthy color and not swollen at all. I could not believe it!

The cayenne pepper had form a very healthy looking closure to the wound. When I washed my hands the pepper remained so I decided to let it stay a couple days to keep the wound clean. Two days later my thumb was completely healed so I washed off the pepper and everything look nice and healthy.

From now on when I get a cut or scratch I am NOT reaching for commercial ointments or salves, I am reaching for the Cayenne Pepper.

Best Wishes for a Peaceful World,

Posted by Bee (Mo, Usa) on 09/28/2009

Last nite I cut my foot on a nail sticking out of my carpet and came straight to this website. The cayenne had lots of Yeas so it caught my attention. I cleaned the wound which was bleeding profusely with some ACV, but it still bled. So I figured why not? Stuck some cayenne and it worked like styptic powder to stop the bleeding. It was impressive to watch and I was surprised that it did not hurt/burn like I expected. It stings a bit, but very tolerable. My only mistake was removing it too early. I would say make sure you keep it on even after the bleeding stops and bandage it.

Posted by Phyllis (Milton, FL.USA) on 02/18/2009

God Created Cayenne Pepper for our health, along with other herbs. I have been an avid user of CP for 20 years. I make my own tincture of 2 oz. cayenne pepper powder and one pint vodka. Mix on new moon and keep covered for 14 days. invert bottle twice a day to mix. Strain through cheese cloth. Keep in a dark glass bottle or out of direct light. Will keep for evvvver, it seems.

I put tincture on an incision after bladder surgery in 1995. I applied once daily with a Q tip. When I went to get my stitches removed 10 days later, the Dr. was astonished to see how well I healed. I have NO SCAR at all. He said he had NEVER seen anyone heal that well or fast.

I used to be a dog handler and have been bitten on my hands several times, some very deep and to the bone. You will find no scars, tho some of the bites were evtremely severe. I never had stitches once or even went to a Doctor for the bites.I let the wound bleed and did not wash it. The bleeding was the cleanser of the wound. I then applied cayenne powder directly to the open wound and held it in place with a butterfly tape or two. Bleeding stopped instantly, with absolutely no burning sensation. AND no scarring. Healed each time in days.

I firmly believe that all military should and must carry a supply of CP in their first aid kits. It would save many many lives due to traumatic open wounds of all kinds. Cayenne pepper should be administered both topically and internally, if possible, in severe bleeding cases. Internally will almost always prevent shockin those cases.

A tea of 1 tsp CP and a cup of hot water 3 times daily prevented a friend from having to undergo a second baloon surgery for his heart. His Drs. did not believe his "cure" but him and I know what cured him.

Posted by Rocky (Hayden Lake, Idaho) on 10/06/2008

A horse pushed me against my horse trailer a few years back & the aluminium sticking out cut me to the bone over the eye. I put cayenne in the wound & wraped a battle dressing around my head to keep it from dripping into my eye. From that moment there was no pain nor was there pain again through the healing...6 to 10 days.

As a point, a friend came to me with a cut deep into her knuckle. I have her cayenne & told her to change it every 3 days. Her pain went away during the healing (6 to 10 days) also there is no scar. The 1st year when her hand got cold you could see a blue mark. Now nothing. Rocky

Posted by Alice (Sierra Vista, Az) on 08/26/2008

I had just read about cayenne stopping bleeding. I had worked to remove a bad tooth from my mouth and did not expect what happened: blood gushing out so fast I was choking on it. I had no idea it would bleed like that. I panicked and dumped probably a half teaspoon of cayenne on the wound and the bleeding stopped almost instantly. I was amazed, but it worked. Like turning off a faucet. The bleeding stayed stopped too.

Posted by Sal DeFrancesco (East Haven, CT) on 07/10/2008

While mountain biking, I encountered hidden a rusty wire fence in which I ended and nearly got shreaded. After noticing a massive amount of blood on the seat of my bike, I discovered a severe laceration on my right elbow. I wrapped it up with handkerchief and the ride was over. Still bleeding, deciding whether to go to the clinic I recalled an Earth Clinic article about cayenne pepper so I poured some on the cut, it pretty much stopped the bleeding. I latter cleaned the cut and put a second application and bandaged it. The next day I was amazed that it was healed.

Posted by Paul (Brisbane, Australia) on 03/04/2008

I wanted to share the excellent result I got from using "organic" cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding on my foot.

Yesterday the 04.03.08, I got a cut on the top middle of my right foot about one inch long and all the way through the layers of my skin.

You could see inside my foot! It was very unsettling as I've never had such a deep cut before.

I'm a regular reader of Earth Clinic and have been familiar with the uses of cayenne pepper for a long time so my first instinct was to grab it and smear in about 1/3 of a teaspoon into the cut until it completely sealed the cut.

Let me say that reading others testimonials is one thing but seeing it personally in action was remarkable. The bleeding stopped instantly and only the slightest pain remained.

My family wanted to take me to the hospital to get stitched up but my intuition told me that it would be fine. After about ten minutes there was still no bleeding so I smeared a thin layer of manuka honey (Its rating was UHF 30 ) over the cut and covered it with a large bandaid.

The next day I checked the cut and it had rejoined and is healing nicely without any stitches required. I cleaned of the gunk from the previous day and applied a fresh thin layer of manuka honey over the cut and thin layer of organic cold pressed coconut oil to keep it free from infection.

Much Love and Gratitude to Earth Clinic and all the people who take the time to share their experiences so that the rest of us can be enlightened on the healing powers of Mother Nature! :)

Posted by Helen (NY, NY) on 01/08/2008

A year ago my husband had one too many drinks, and tripped and fell hard backwards onto a sharp edge of a railing, which split open the back of his head. The wound was three inches long, and so deep....I was afraid to look at first, for fear that he had cracked his skull and would slip into an unconscious state. We were living on a remote island in the Bahamas at this time with no emergency people on hand, certainly no doctors or health care providers. A helicopter typically took 45mins to get you to a hospital.( If the last emergency was anything to go by) So I pulled myself together and instructed my eight year old son to keep Daddy awake by talking to him, no matter what! I tore my kitchen cupboards apart looking for the magical pepper I had read so much about year or two earlier.

I finally found the small bottle of cayenne pepper. I figured the whole bottle should slow the bleeding in time to find help.

Well.... not only did it STOP the bleeding, but after holding the wound together and having my son tip the entire contents of the bottle onto my husbands head the wound looked as though it was starting to stick together like glue! We sat holding the wound together for a further few hours for good measure, Then used thin strips of tape across it to act like stitches.

My son and I took turns waking my husband through the night, about every half hour to check he was ok, and to make sure the wound hadn't started bleeding again. To our amazement not only was there no pain after the first hour, but the burning sensation was very mild considering the depth of the cut.

The following day no one on the island would believe how bad the wound had been, and certainly felt there was no need to rush to the hospital.

Two days later we took the tape off. The wound had sealed with no infection, only a big orange crust from the cayenne pepper!

A further five days later, my husband had a shower and washed off the crust to reveal a lond thin line that looked like an old cat scratch!

To this day no one understands my decision to trust the magic of cayenne pepper. All I can say is........ we had no choice!

What a blessing to discover something so powerful.

I know it will travel with me every where I go for the rest of my life! And people often ask why I take strange capsules filled with red stuff.. I just smile......if only they knew!