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Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits: Unlocking Capsaicin's Power

Inner Ear Infection
Posted by T (Brooklyn, NY) on 03/09/2009

Cayenne Tamed Symptoms from Inner Ear Infection:

I have been suffering with an inner ear infection/disorder for the past six months - vestibular neuritis - and if you've ever had to deal with this or viral labyrinthitis then u know it is incredibly debilitating. I have brain fog, vertigo (my sense of movement/motion feels like I'm walking on a rocking boat all day), joint/muscle/nerve pain, weakened vision....and the list goes on. About 3 months ago, I started noticing how my heart was racing and that sometimes I'd experience this incredible head pressure (it felt like someone put a vice on my head!) - when I took my BP - my reading was 145/96! I'm only 30 and my pressure has never been this high. Well, I happened upon earthclinic one night and was amazed by all the testimonies from people praising how cayenne helped lower their pressure. Seeing as I've been trying everything under the clear blue sky to not only get rid of this devilish infection but bring my pressure back to normal - I tried the recommendation of 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water. Not knowing if it'd work - I was floored when I realized how immediate it did!! The head pressure went away almost instantly and my heart rate normalized! Before cayenne - BPM was 91 - after: BPM 73!! I will never stop this remedy!

Other benefits from drinking it initially at 2x/day - regular bowel movements, reduction in joint/muscle pain, ear congestion went away, vision got better (only slightly) and lymph node under my right jaw (right ear is infected) began to slowly shrink. Granted I take a lot of antioxidants so I don't know if the synergistic effect plays a role. Only thing now is - the infection is still there - I still suffer w/ the vertigo and am mainly managing my symptoms until I can get more conclusive answers. Last Ear doc I went to told me there was nothing he could do for me. How depressing.....any advice on how to get rid of this "thing"? A co-worker recommended colloidal silver. If I could just get my balance back........I'd be ecstatic!! Your thoughts are appreciated! Great site this is! :0)